Crazy In Love.

That is what I thought when the e-shoot of Jo and Jon landed in my inbox, these two are insanely, crazily, and meant-to-be-together-forever in love. And the images blew my mind. Like hold-your-breath blew my mind.

Think bluebell filled woodlands, think sunshine and stolen kisses, think a little slice of heaven.

No gimmicks, no fancy styling, just pure, raw and unadulterated L.O.V.E, Pen Mckinley-Rodgers has truly captured the intimacy between these two nearly-weds to perfection.

Oh, and they have one of the most moving “how we met” stories too.

Prepare to be completely enchanted lovelies.

Jo: Jon and I met a few years ago in India whilst volunteering in a beautiful orphanage called the Love Care Centre. I was out of my comfort zone, exhausted all the time, had no make up and was very unglamorous- so you can imagine that a yummy Australian walking through the door was very unexpected and I retreated into shyness to admire from afar (hence he thought he had met a cold, distant English girl…).

A few weeks and sleepless nights spent on the roof later, listening to Nick Cave and Elliott Smith, something kinda suprising was happening but we had to let it go (the geography being mind boggling). We met up a year later in the same place accidently on purpose and that sparked a lot of travel between England and Australia which culminated in a proposal last May, and next week… a wedding!

We are trying to tie in the travel aspect to the wedding, with antique suitcases and an abundance of luggage labels, especially as we will be moving to Australia after the wedding. I kind of think of it as an ‘Away We Go’ wedding, as we both fell in love with the movie too and I will be walking down the garden aisle to a song from the film. We really just hope it will be a relaxed garden picnic style wedding, with lots of painterly touches.

The pre-wedding shoot was a really special time for us, it was so lovely to spend a bit of time just us amidst all the prep work and meeting Pen and Cam was amazing! We LOVE the images they have produced and we felt like we were in the company of good friends. In fact, having met them, even if they weren’t our photographers we would still want them to be at our wedding because they are just THAT cool!

Can’t wait for next week! xxx

And you know the best bit?

You don’t have to wait until next week, only until tomorrow 😉

Jo and Jon’s Big Day, officially one of the most beautiful and inspiring weddings I have ever had the pleasure of featuring.

And yes. I have a brand new girl crush.

Big This Is Why I Love My Job Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

26 thoughts on “Crazy In Love.

  1. I adore Jo’s outfit! I need it hanging in my wardrobe… like NOW!!!! What a good looking couple!

    Oh and simply stunning photography! YAY for getting to see the wedding so soon! Can’t wait!


  2. These photos are gorgeous (the trees!) and she is beautiful. Can’t WAIT until tomorrow, bet their wedding is amazing.

  3. Love, love, love that we get to see the wedding tomorrow! 😀

    The pictures are beautiful, they look so in love x

  4. That is one cute Australian! I loves a good Love Story I do!
    I dont know what it is, but there is something about the shots (or any for that matter) of a guy holding a girls face between his hands and going in for a kissey. Makes me go all weak at the knees!


  5. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous story and the couple are too beautiful! This just made me feel all warm, fuzzy and loved up inside! Cannot wait for the wedding – I love a vintage luggage label i do!

    Rachie xo

  6. ohmygosh! Beautiful couple, beautiful photos! I’ve not long ago had my pre-wedding shoot with Pen and Cam – even more excited to see the photos now! 🙂

  7. I know this couple and they are just the loveliest pair you could ever wish to meet. the photos are stunning and the wedding even more so. i wish them every happiness.

  8. So beautiful!! I’m starting to get photographer envy, especially as Rodgers is my mum’s maiden name!! Our photographers are really nice and we get on with them fantastically, but sometimes I wish we’d pushed the boat out and gone for a style which is super beautiful and pretty like this…… and I can’t wait for tomorrow which is only going to make it worse! xxxx

  9. Beautiful! These 2 made me want to go grab my beloved, drag him into a flower filled meadow and roll about like crazy love loons…like now (even in the pretty strong winds we are currently having)!
    Cannot wait to see the wedding…that is some seriously glossy gorgeous hair right there!!! xx

  10. *sigh*

    Just. Stunning.

    Can’t wait for my own engagement shoot now. Wonder whether they have that many blue bells somewhere near us in the Peak District…

    Bring on tomorrow!

  11. aaah lovely and I really like having the engagement shoot and sharing the wedding the same week.
    ps hurrai for meeting up ‘a year later accidently on purpose.’

  12. The most beautiful engagement shot i’ve ever seen- there is somuch love going on. I am really excited about seeing the wedding tomorrow! x x x

  13. Thank you Charlotte for featuring this shoot. Crazy In Love is such an apt title, and Joey and Jon are an amazing couple. Aside from being a photographers dream, they are wonderful people, and I know they will appreciate each and every one of the comments here (as do we!)

  14. Eeek I loved this shoot when I saw it on Pen’s blog and it is so great to see her work on here! It’s just as beautiful the second, third and fourth time round of looking at the pics! Pen and Cam are our photographers and I can’t wait to have our engagement shoot at the end of June! Although I’ll never look as beautiful as Joey!

    Soooo looking forward to seeing Joey and Jon’s wedding now.


  15. Actually the images blew my mind too Charlotte – just realised saying I loved them wasn’t enough to describe how AMAZING they are!

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