Crowning Glory.

Crowning Glory

There’s something about this time of year that makes me seek out a whole new look – a kind of spring clean on the fashion and beauty front so to speak.

Be it a wardrobe sort-out, a spree at the Chanel make-up counter or a new haircut, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be participating in a full on hair and beauty make-over as soon as the clocks have gone forward.

And so with the return of blue skies and sunshine and the feeling of warmth on your face (I know folks, Spring might actually be here!) I have no greater pleasure in sharing the latest (and hottest!) round of glorious inspiration for your big day bonce.

Hell, why even wait? Why not try out some of these chic looks in the run-up to your nuptials – at your hen for example or even down the pub with friends.

Which one will be your favourite?

Chic Chignons

Much like the popular return to more traditional wedding dress shapes and styles à la K-Mid,we’re seeing more and more brides revisiting classic hairstyles for their big day too…albeit with a 21st century twist.

Top knots were huge last year and whilst they’re still in vogue, the lower simplistic chignon is the updo making waves right now.

Chic Chignons Wedding Hair Inspiration

The key to such a sophisticated hairstyle is to keep things sleek and smooth with the chignon finishing at the same level as the nape of the neck. Avoid integrating a parting into the styling of this look for a truly modern feel – if you find you need to include one however keeping it to one side still looks utterly chic.

Remember to keep things soft rather than pulling it back into something restricting and I promise you’ll look like a modern day ballerina. Lastly, for added interest try braiding your hair before pinning it into the chignon style – this is particularly flattering for those of you with finer hair as it adds the illusion of thickness.

Hang Loose

I was a bride who hung loose. Ummm…although the reality isn’t as rude as that statement sounds…

No ladies, we’re talking about locks left to cascade down your back as nature intended. Granted this particular look is more suited to those with longer hair but there’s no reason why those of you with mid-length or short hair can’t emulate this look either.

There’s something truly feminine about a bride with her hair down, like a medieval maiden or Robin Hood and his Marian. If anything though, this particular style is really very accommodating – providing your hair is in good condition. Make sure you get your mane snipped regularly in the run up to your big day so you can be sure that it’s in tip-top shape.

Hang Loose Wedding Hair Long Inspiration

Essentially it’s worth working with your natural hair state rather than against it – I finally accepted my curly headed state on my big day albeit brushed out slightly for a sense of volume.

If you’re nervous about your bonce appearing too flat then I’d recommend creating volume at the crown – if you’re blessed with thick luscious locks I envy you completely. Lastly if you’re keen to add a bit of interest to your flowing locks, why not add a simple headband or loosely braid your hair into a fishtail plait. Either way you can add or remove throughout the day for a different look.

Short And Sweet

A platinum pixie-cropped bride to be visited our pop-up shop in London recently and Team RMW promptly fell in love with her. She looked absolutely exquisite in our Boudica Double Headband and I was secretly more than a little bit envious that she didn’t feel the pressure to grow her hair for her wedding day.

And so I just had to include some short-haired inspiration for all of you cropped beauties.

Short and Sweet Wedding Hair Inspiration

Statement headpieces look brilliant on brides with cropped locks. Intricate headbands, floral crowns and carefully placed side combs are given the space to do their thing without interruption. Think about wearing something that reflects either the tones or material of your dress to bring the whole of your outfit together.

If you’re an edgier bride who’s keen to avoid looking overly ‘pretty’ why not punk it up instead. I love the editorial vibe that this model at the top is emanating here fresh straight off the catwalks yet it’s completely translatable to bridal too.

There’s no reason why you can’t have the illusion of an updo either unless you’re sporting a super short do that is. Pin and twist shorter sections in on themselves like in some of these pictures here for a more delicate ethereal look. Finish the look off with a beautiful necklace or two – after all you wouldn’t want your neck to get cold would you.


This last collection of inspiration is all about embellishing your bonce.

We’re talking florals, precious headpieces, ribbons, grips and strategically placed pieces of jewellery. This is for the bride who isn’t afraid to shy away from the drama.

For 2013, floral crowns have given way slightly to different floral arrangements in hair – from small clusters of blooms around a half topknot like this peony and rose combination near the bottom here or swathes of flowers scattered across the back of the crown.

We’re also seeing floral inspiration in headpieces too – in a more concrete form. Be it delicate garlands of gold or supersized glitzy blooms, I just love a bride that integrates the natural element into her wider wedding outfit aside from her bouquet. If you’re going down this route then I’d suggest that you choose pieces that compliment your dress i.e glitzy pieces for sparkly dresses and more sedate headbands for simpler gowns.

Embellished Wedding Hairpiece Inspiration

Perhaps my favourite embellishment is the pinned lace caressing the head of this model at the top here. Elegant yet fashion forward at the same time, I mean just how perfect is this look – particularly for those of you wearing lace on your wedding day. I just wish I’d had the forethought to do this at my own nuptials.

If you’ve fallen in love with this look too then it’s worth asking your dress designer for a piece of material from which your gown is made to pin into your chignon. This brings a whole new meaning to the word dressed from head to toe in lace. Utterly gorgeous!

So which of the ‘do’s’ will you be choosing for your big day?

I so would have opted for the low chignon if I wasn’t the owner of an oddly shaped head – capuchin monkey anyone…

That said I particularly love the layered kirby grip look…it’s like art deco and fashionista all rolled into one. In fact I might just try this down the pub tonight…who’s with me?

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

21 thoughts on “Crowning Glory.

  1. I totally agree with the “working with your natural hair state rather than against it” statement! I’d love a low, loose chignon but never ever wear my hair like this. I think it’s important to look yourself on your wedding day. I’m gonna wear mine loose and down – spending a lot of enjoyable time agonising about hair embellishment! The flower in the hair picture from Sulliven Owen has just made this decision even harder!

  2. Some beautiful images here… really love the embellished styles. I’m fancying a beautiful headband for my big day a bit like the 6th image. My problem is knowing what hair style to go with – I have bobbed length hair and finding inspiration is really difficult. Most styles tend to be long or “up-do’s”! Help!

  3. If our plans work out, we’ll be getting married on a beach in Ibiza so down, loose and wavy (I have long hair) or if it’s too hot, swept up and tucked into a embellished boho hairband. Well in my head it looks nice! xxx

  4. Oh my…which one to choose?!

    I am quite partial to the quiff top right under “short and sweet” feminine yet so edgy!

    Can’t beat a bit of a wave though, especially for long hair and a bohemian vibe.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. So so pretty Lolly, as always! I love the second one down on the right in the ‘Short and Sweet’ bit. I wonder if I could do something similar with slightly longer hair.

    I’m having a right mare with my wedding hair at the moment. I had a trial ages ago and liked it but I’ve got more and more nervous about, that it wasn’t very ‘me’ and now I don’t know what to do :S xxx

  6. @Vics I’m with you – I have short hair too (a bit shorter than yours by the sounds of things), and never find any inspiration. @Lolly – help please! Your pictures are lovely (and useful for bridesmaid ideas – thank you!) but, aside from two, none are suitable for actual short hair!! I know they are hard to find, but always good to know how others have tackled styling short hair for their wedding…

  7. @Melissa I feel your pain. I bought THREE, yes three different hairpieces for my big day because I just couldn’t decide which piece to go with on my big day. I had everything from a pearl and diamante headband to a golden wreath of feathers to another glitzy side comb. My mother was beyond exasperated with me so good luck with your decision making doll x

    @Vics have you thought about having it kinked 30s style for a bit of interest.

    @Rachel so jealous! Ibiza! You lucky thing!

  8. @Tabitha if it isn’t you then don’t do it! I had a trial where I felt the end result made me look like someone’s mum – not so hot! Did you take photos of your do? Why not ask your mum what she thinks or your besties and go from there. There’s still time to try something new.

    @ajk hi lovely lady. Honestly it is so so hard to find pictures of brides with short hair – it seems that everyone feels the need to grow their hair for their wedding day with the shortest of these styles being a bob at the least. Just how cropped is your mane?

  9. Oooooo fabulous timing Lolly!
    I have my hair trial this Saturday! 😀

    So currently I have the following bits!!…..
    A bow of hair clip in piece –
    And then there is my veil 😀
    Don’t really want to give too much away but I can tell you it involves feathers!!

    I was planning on a half up do as Dave really likes it when I wear my hair down – but I have hair so fine/thin that a full on down do would just end up flat!
    But there are so many up dos I want from this post – particularly like chignons 1 & 2 and the blonde hair in the second row of short section………….sooooooooooo pretty!

    Oooo & while we’re on the subject of hair – anyone have any good recommendations for hair extensions?!
    Recently told about the Halo bands – which look ace, but not sure I can fork out for them…..unless you lovely lot think they really are worth it!!! 😉

    ps. I am a little sad at the lack of fringe though! :-p

  10. @Lolly I am aware of how hard it is finding images of short hair for brides, I have looked everywhere!! My hair is longer than the lovely lady in the third row of “Short and Sweet” but shorter than a “normal” bob (mine is between say 2 inches and 4 inches all over). Not that I am planning on doing anything particularly different to my hair for my wedding, I have enlisted my normal hairdresser to ensure I will look like me (albeit a slightly more styled version!), but it is always interesting to see how those with shorter hair have incorporated accessories (particularly veils and other hair pieces – don’t know about others with short hair but they just look odd on me!). Great post though, definitely stealing one or two ideas for my bridesmaids! x

  11. Cheers Lolly! Matching a veil up to something nice to wear in your hair is really tricky. May do veil first, then hairpiece after. Actually…as I type I’ve come round to the idea that changing from flowers in my hair during the day to a glitzy hair piece might be a smart way to update the look for the evening. That’s me sorted! Just need to choose which ones now argh!

  12. Great post Lolly. I’m still totally addicted to RMW 2 years post wedding!! The picture third row and on the right in ‘short and sweet’ is actually me 🙂 Thank you for using this image, i’m currently about to have my 1st baby at any time & feeling a bit frumpy so it’s lovely to be transported back to my wedding day!
    @ajk I found the Jenny Packham accessories shop in London to be an absolute god send when deciding what to have in my hair. So much inspiration. Also I don’t know if you’ve looked at the flo & percy headpieces, lots of lovely things. I also saw a bride with a short bob and birdcage viel, which looked HOT!! With short hair I think the best thing you can do is just use a hairdresser you completely trust to make you feel your most beautiful on the day. Good luck Xxx

  13. @Melissa That is a fab idea, I love the idea of something like a small crown of flowers, like this –

    And then something a little boho glam for the evening? A glitzy headpiece perhaps like –


    1. Oh fantastic finds! Thank you! Just what I was imagining. There are some really lovely pieces by that seller on Etsy. x

  14. @Jenna thanks for the suggestions! You looked lovely on your wedding day, and really rocked the shorter hair look. I will have another look at the Jenny Packham and Flo and Percy things online, I am going for a birdcage veil during the day (or at least I will be once I have placed the order later this week!) but I was wondering about changing it up in the evening. It is lovely seeing other ladies with short hair making it work for them on their wedding day, although it seems we are in the minority. Good luck with the baby too! x

  15. I have no idea what to do with mine! I started growing my hair out last year as I wanted to wear it up for the wedding but it really doesn’t suit me long (it’s very thick, poker straight and flat so it just hangs like a lifeless curtain) so in frustration I walked into my usual salon one lunchtime on impulse and had it all chopped off into my usual bob. Which means I feel much more like ‘me’ again, but now I need to find something to do with it for the wedding. My hair resists any attempt to put a curl or wave through it, and there’s not quite enough to put up properly – but I it want to look slightly more special than my usual look.

    I like the pic in the top left of the short hair photos above – maybe pinning the ends up and adding a comb to distract people from the fact there’s not really enough hair for a proper up-do is the way forward! And incorporating lace from the dress is a great idea – I will ask the shop to save some lace when they take my hem up and see if I can get it made into a comb/headpiece! Thanks for that piece of inspiration, Lolly!

  16. @ajk I’ve also enlisted the help of my own hairdresser to deal with my own short crop, with some advice from another one at the salon who does bridal hair (and will be transforming my sister’s long hair). We’ve decided that I’m growing my hair out a bit at the back so I actually have some hair to anchor my veil into. Then I dressing up the rest with some form of side headpiece – not sure what yet, so @Jenna thank you for your suggestions as well. As soon as I’ve finished writing this I’m hot footing it over to those websites to see what I can find.

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