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We are revisiting this simple and effective DIY compact disc cover and packaging as it has proved to be one of our most popular DIY downloads of all time… But there must be so many of you newer brides to be who have not yet seen it… SO here it is…

Music is such a big part of your wedding day, and many of you are spending more and more time deciding what live music you’ll have, and also what your wedding playlist will be.

It’s common now to ask your guests for suggestions for the playlist on your Save The Dates. It’s a great idea as it makes your guests feel like part of the celebration from the word go and it helps to ensure a jam packed dance floor on the big day its self.

A nice touch for your favours would be to give guests a selection of tunes from your playlist on a home made mix cd… so why not build the whole thing into your table decor?

Today I am going to show you how to make place settings that double as a cd holder and all you need is one sheet of A4 paper for each place setting… you don’t even need a pair of scissors!


Here Is One I made Earlier…

First of all, to make life super easy for you lovely people, I have popped together a Word template for you to download (we love a free download at RMW). In the document you can see where all the text needs to be in order for it to all fold up correctly. Feel free to use my design and of course you can adapt it to suit your own colour scheme or theme.


Colours, fonts, images – even the paper you choose will have a huge impact on the final item. Think shiny elegant paper with a slender font for contemporary chic, or hand made papers and stamps for rustic DIY. Also, consider how you could personalise the place settings to reflect you, or even your guests – it would be immense to totally personalise the text, images and even the playlist on each place setting. How over the moon would your guests be if they each received a totally bespoke item?


How It’s Done.

Right then, I’m going to use a print-out from the free template download in order to show you how all the folding works. You will see that this place setting is for the fictitious marriage of Adam (me) and Kylie (Minogue), and of course a certain blog queen herself has been invited along to celebrate our big day.

I have used brown parcel paper – I love it and it is so cheap, especially if you buy it by the roll. I cut a sheet of A4 from the roll at an angle to get the lines of the paper running diagonally…


  1. Blank side up, place the centre of the cd hole over the centre point of the shorter side of the paper.
  2. Fold the top and bottom in so that the cd is fitted snugly in the centre.
  3. Carefully fold the cd over toward the centre (make sure the cd doesn’t move too much!)
  4. Fold the other side in so it’s snug against the exposed edge of the cd.
  5. Unfold again. (dead simple this stage)
  6. Fold the corners inline with the folds you did in stage 2.
  7. Tuck the folded edge in between the cd and the paper.
  8. Hey presto! 1 down… 124 to go (based on a wedding with 125 guests).

The Finished Article.

As you can see below, the text all lines up on the front and back to show off your wedding branding, the place setting name, and of course the playlist. If you are using our template you may have to tweak the positions of the text boxes a bit as all printers are a little different. Top tip hold down cmd on a mac or (I think) ctrl on a pc when moving text boxes around in Word – you have much more precision over your movements if you do this.


Simple As That.

So that really is all there is to it. Of course there are a million different uses for these cd covers, but If you are looking to engage your guests, if music is important to you and you are stuck on ideas for favours, I may well have just killed three birds with one stone!

Of course if you do decide to make your guests a mix cd, please make sure you pay for and clear royalties on all of the music you use!



Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

80 thoughts on “D.I.Y Mix C.D. Place Settings / Wedding Favours

  1. I love them so much and am 100% going to steal this idea and pass it off as my own.

    DIY Adam rocks.

    The hard bit is going to be picking the playlist!

    Laura x

  2. Awesome – this is exactly what the Mr and I were planning on doing for favours/name places, and now you have solved our dilemma of how to package them! This is genius and so budget friendly. Thank you RMW for coming to the resuce once again!

  3. Love these! We had CDs as our favours/place names!!

    Our table names were song titles (all of bands that The Boy and I have seen live), so we included them all on the CD, along with key music moments from the day – first dance, my entrance, signing of the register music, and the recessional!


  4. I <3 these!

    I have a slight sad that I'm married and can't steal this idea for my wedding.

    However, I have a cunning plan to adapt said idea for Chrimble pressies though 🙂

    Nice one DIY Adam! xx

  5. Having seen these CD beauties in the flesh I can honestly say that the quality is fantastic and the design lovingly executed. Look at all those typographies! I have to say that I think Adam might just be winning the DIY war. Doesn’t make you a van man yet though!

  6. One word: genius! I am afraid to show this post to Mr C in case he decides to re-theme the entire wedding around it.

    See you tomorrow at the National Wedding Show. Whoop!
    Beckie K x

  7. Hehe Kylie. Perhaps Dannii can be bridesmaid!

    These look really great, and I’m impressed by how expensive you can make a plain piece of paper look!

  8. Love this!

    We are having *this was a surprise but I like it too much* albums as our table names – the table plan will have discs which pull out of the sleeves and peoples names will be written on like songs… then…
    the Album on the table will have our faces imposed: Me as Gaga, Mike on the Thriller front cover, possibly Mikes head on the Nirvana baby 😉 The both of us on Free Wheeling Bob Dylan, I JUST HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS ON PHOTOSHOP!!

    Oh I have ideas, just not the ability to carry it off:)

    Anyway, just that this would be an AWESOME favour…

    CD or Vodka Jelly Shot? What would you prefer??

  9. Wow Adam these look great!!!

    Loving the increase in DIY recently!!!

    I do like brown paper and especially when it’s folded into a pretty package like this!!!

    More please!!!!!

  10. I LOVE DIY ADAM!!!

    Great idea, I’ve been looking for nice (& cheap) cd cases in Brown parcel type paper for so long – you have just solved my problem!

    Not sure mine will look as good as yours but never mind!

  11. Oh how I wish you’d done this post way back when we were choosing our favours/placenames. With less than two weeks to go I don’t think I have time for a rethink! lol Although I’m thinking maybe I could do something like this for my 30th in Jan.

    Great post 🙂


  12. @Amanda – It’s a single sheet of A4

    I have replaced the download file with a zip file that contains a .doc and a .docx of the template – hopefully this will get round the fact that the download is appearing corrupt for some people.

    Let me know how you get on…


  13. Thank you so much for this template and Idea, have adapted it for blank cd’s so guests can fill them with their pictures they have taken on our wedding day and can send them to us afterwards x

  14. Hi I totally love this idea but have hit one small hurdle, where do you stand legally with music copyright? Some of my friends at the wedding will actually be the musicians whose music it is so dont want to end up in an embarrassing situation if it’s not legal to copy and give away. Advice please…

  15. PERFECT!!!
    We have been looking for CD envelopes for awhile now as we want to do a mix CD as part of our thank you’s They will have our wedding music on (walking down isle song etc) as well as each guests individual choice of 3 songs they sent us on their RSVP’s.
    This is PERFECT for that! So thank you thank you thank you.

  16. This is great! Just wondering, what size the paper is… I dont believe I saw that mentioned. It looks like it could just be a standard 11×8.5 from pictures? …Let me know! Thanks!

  17. Absolutely love this idea and i have just finished my first CD’s, we have decided to go his and hers, so we can have a different disc for the ladies and a different disc for the men, I cant wait to see my guests reactions in a few weeks!!! Perfect and ideal for a budget!!!!

  18. Hi, how do you get around printing a label or something on the actual CD (eg. our names/wedding date) otherwise it will have the writing on it that comes on a blank CD when you purchase it? Thanks

  19. Absolutely love this as we wanted to do a favours CD but make it personal. But I cant seem to be able to use the template because it says it is encrypted and cannot be used. Can abyone offer any help pleeeease.

  20. This is such a brilliant idea. I have adapted it slightly as we are giving blank CDs for our guests to sent to us any digital photos they have taken of our wedding day! So budget friendly and looks beautiful!

  21. This is such a brilliant idea!
    I love that you can use standard paper and make it look so pretty. I like using those old fashioned luggage labels too – I saw them in an art project in the Tate once and now at Christmas I am obsessed with using brown parcel paper, lace and these tags.
    Thanks for another great idea 🙂

  22. Hello there!
    this is such a lovely idea, adam.
    How do we get the template? It says that the file is corrupt.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!

  23. Bookmarked this ages ago as it’s such a fab idea! We’re using it for ‘road trip’ CDs for the drive between our ceremony and reception.

    Only downside is the template link doesn’t work 🙁

  24. I’d like to use this for an upcoming event but I can’t seem to download the file for the template either. Can you maybe email it to me? Thanks 🙂

  25. Hello Adam, this idea is wonderful!! So into do it for my niece’s wedding next September, but can’t download the template…says “page not found”.
    Would you email it to me, please? Thanks a million!!

  26. Hi there, this is awesome and exactly what I’m looking for, but I can’t download the template either (says page not found… the dreaded 404!). Please could you email it to me or let me know where I can get it?

    Thanks 🙂

  27. Hi Adam!!

    This template looks so good. I’d love to use it but when i download the zip file it says it failed and there’s nothing there. Could you possibly email it to me pretty please? Thanks, Lauren x

  28. Hi,

    Could you possibly reupload the template to the page? I’m having the same issue as others, it fails to download when I click on the link.



  29. I still can’t access the file – sob! Is there any way you’re able to email this to me (I’ll love you forever!!)


  30. I can download the zip file, however, there’s an error in opening it, no matter what I do. Could you email the doc to me or make it available in any other way than a zip file?
    Thank you!

  31. Hello!
    I’ve tried all of the provided links for downloading the template – and it downloads – but the .zip file is empty / invalid. Any way you could please send the (valid) .zip file to my email? Thanks! 🙂

  32. I’m a total technophobe – I’ve got it downloaded fine, but how do I turn the text around for the guest’s name? Mine’s still vertical and can’t work out how to change it to horizontal.

  33. Any chance there’s a PDF version of this, or at least a version that is editable on my Mac? I can download the file, but not edit it.

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