D.I.Y. Friday – Rubber Stamp Stationery

I am about to show you a really simple and effective way of making your own totally bespoke and unique wedding stationery. All you need (in increasing quantities) is imagination, patience and time…

And the cost? Let’s just say you could be sending out 75 hand finished invitations with change in your pocket from £30.00.

I think your guests will go giddy for these hand crafted invitations. And of course it helps that the “home made” look is just so hot right now…


This the stamp (above). It was purchased from Stamps Direct, a company who’s main focus is to manufacture the sort of stamps that you might use at work. Stamps that say “private and confidential” or “URGENT” on them.

If you ask nicely though, these guys will create you a rubber stamp from any artwork you send them, and they also stock a good range of coloured ink pads. All you need to come up with is a design.

Choose A Font

We don’t all have access to Photoshop but for something like this Microsoft Word will work just as well. Get creative with your fonts, maybe mix two fonts together or go for a big accent on key letters. You can find loads of free fonts online and I think Dafont has a great selection.

If you are using Word, Use text boxes rather than just typing straight into the document. Use a new text box for each individual word – then you can easily rearrange and reposition to your hearts content, just keep tweaking until you are happy.

P.S If you don’t know what “text boxes” are then you might have to enlist the services of that annoying little paperclip chap who pops up! Is he still around?

Once you are happy you can create a PDF or alternatively print your stamp design out and then scan it back in so that it’s ready to send off to the stamp peeps.

Choose Some Stock

Of course if you want to go super crazy D.I.Y then you could buy sheets of card and get busy with the cutting and folding. But if that sounds like a little too much work then there are loads of craft companies out there like eco-craft where you can buy cards that are ready to fold with envelopes and inlays. Here we have 120mm square recycled stock because these invites are going to have a rustic recycled look and feel.



If rustic recycled isn’t your cup of tea then you can make some basic yet fundamental changes to your design to give the cards a different style.

Choice of colour, scale and stock will all have a massive impact on your final look. For example, if you go for a larger heavy card in a muted dark colour and place your stamp design centrally – you have a contemporary cool design that would suite a modern city wedding perfectly.


Adding A Final Touch

The more crafty amongst you may want to add some extra little flourishes to your design. If you have the skill and patience, adding little details here and there will take your stamp stationery to the next level. Let your imagination go and just do what you feel – It’s your day your way remember!

I’ll leave you with this idea. Let me introduce the smallest (and fiddliest!) bunting ever to grace these spotty pages. Details like this will really set your invitations apart from the crowd, your guests will want to keep them on display long after the last dance has been danced.


So there you have it, rubber stamp stationery on a shoe string – I hope this has inspired you all to get your craft boxes out this weekend.

One final top tip – now that you have your own stamp and your very own wedding logo, why not brand some other elements of your big day… you could even get a second smaller stamp made in your chosen style (maybe using just your initials) for use on favours, labels, name cards etc… the list is endless!

Have a great weekend folks, and don’t blame me if by Saturday afternoon you’ve managed to stick your fingers together.


P.S If you want to grab the fonts and the & sign that I used in this tutorial click here to download them.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

65 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Friday – Rubber Stamp Stationery

  1. Very cute! I actually did something similar for save the dates, but may borrow elements of this idea for the invites as I’ve been stressing about the budget recently and don’t mind spending the time.

  2. Adam you genius!! I love these and am determined to make my own! I love love love the modern looking one!!

    You have achieved legend status for posting a DIY post and one as achievable as this is!
    Heart. xx

  3. Love it!!! We’ve done something very similar for our place settings. We’ve got a heart shape stamp with our initials in the centre. It’s been used to print fuschia hearts onto luggage tags. The stamp came from not on the high street (my current obsession!!).

  4. Aw, I love the bunting! SO cute! I do all my own personalized client stationery using a custom stamp, and it’s so easy. Get yourself some embossing powder and an embossing gun, and you’ve taken it to a whooole other level.

  5. LOVE.

    The txt box for each word idea is probably your daily bread Adam but is something Ii would never have thought of! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Abby – thanks for sharing that top tip… I didn’t even know you could do D.I.Y embossing

    Alex – make sure you share your results with us!

    HelenHtobe – yep the great thing is you can make them as easy or as intricate as you like… but no matter what you’ll end up with a really nicely finished item.

  7. I got a stamp made with a design a made of our initials! So pleased with it and really easy and quick to do!

    Love stamping!


  8. The English Stamp Company will also do custom stamps- we got ours from there…I warn you though, once you’ve started stamping it’s addictive!!

  9. Hi guys – yes I should have mentioned that there are loads of stamp and blank stationery peeps out there on the world wide web. If any of you have your personal favourites, please feel free to share!

    I think one of the most important things with this tutorial is to not scrimp on the quality of the card you use, the thickness, texture and colour you choose will make or break the overall effect you achieve.

    Glad Friday D.I.Y is a hit today 🙂

  10. Oh, I love this idea. But I was just about to say that I ordered a stamp from The English Stamp Company and it was horrendous. Just my bad experience I guess… but these from Stamps Direct look amazing!

  11. You would think working for a Digital Media Agency I would have managed to talk one of the Designers into designing my invitations for me. Not so 🙁

    *best girly voice ever* Adam, you’re a Designer right?! 😛

  12. Caroline – I have had stamps made for company logo’s before now…

    for small companies and individuals it means that you can make your business cards as and when you need them! It’s a really effective idea for people in the creative industry particularly.

    I used to make business cards out of old takeaway menu’s and packaging… maybe a D.I.Y post for a different blog there?!?

    LynseyB – designer? Moi?….. you must have got me confused with the other Adam… I’m a wedding blogger 😉

  13. Love this. We used a personalised stamp at our wedding on luggage labels as placenames, labels on beer bottles etc.. It worked really well and was really cheap. I did lose the will to live stamping them all though!

  14. Adam I LOVE this!

    But unfortunately we’ve decided upon making our own letterpress invitations! Like a way more, involved and complicated version of this! But I can’t wait to print them, and even more share them with you guys!

    Also BIG LOVE for the tiny bunting!

  15. Re. Kelly’s bad experience with english stamp co. I would just say to anyone getting stamps made to check your design before the stamp is made and if you’re not happy to get the company to redo it. Our stamps also came on an opaque handle which made them harder to place on the page- these clear plastic versions would be much easier to use! I’m now trying to think of a way to incorporate mini bunting into our wedding somewhere…!

  16. Cor Adam, what a corker of a DIY post, I need to plan some sort of event to invite people to just so I can borrow your idea!

    Where were you when I was planning my invitations hmm? I could have saved myself a small fortune! Love these humdinger invites, well done you. Have a badge that says ‘DIY Dreamboat’
    Jenny x

  17. Adam, I love these and am definitely going to use this idea for our wedding invites. Can you let me know the text you used for the ampersand? I cannot find one I like as much as this one!

    Thank you 🙂 x

  18. Ok, this is a really sad question, but does anyone know what the font is that is used in the stamp in the blog? I really like the & sign for our little wedding logo and I have been through all the fonts on Microsoft word and they just don’t do it for me.

    And they say don’t stress over the little details…..?

  19. Future Mrs B and Emma –

    I knew someone would ask about the ampersand… i found the & a few months ago, i have a new laptop now and i can’t for the life of me find the same font or remember what it was called.

    HOWEVER – there are a few that are very very similar, one being Sorts Mill Goudy Italic so go download it…. it is pretty close 🙂

    Or Alternatively email me and i will send you a jpeg or a pdf of the exact & I used

  20. Hi Adam,

    Excellent post. Mr C would like to know which font you used for the other words. Since our friends sent excellent (but professional) invitations with cool lettering he’s become a font fiend.

    Also, my bunting mad sister is now obsessed with the mini bunting. Really obsessed. I worry that her cat might become entangled in all the twine and triangles she’s going to make!

    Thanking you muchly,
    Beckie K

  21. Beckie, the other font is called Kyselak, although I just searched google and found nothing for it.

    If you really want it email me and i’ll sen it over to you.

    I too am a font fiend… Mr C might be interested in The Free Font Index. Its a book full of fonts, and you get a CD with all the fonts on it stuck in the cover. It’s a Font Geeks dream, and there is a 2nd edition too now… Kyselak is most probably in one of them somewhere 😉

  22. Adam,

    I love love love this post. I am gearing up for making my own stamps for my save the date cards. I love the fonts you have used for your stamp – I’ve looked on dafont.com but am finding the hundreds of fonts quite bewildering! Please please could you send me the fonts you used.

    Thanking you muchly in advance!

    Soon to be Mrs S

  23. Love the stamp idea. Will you try and use this for any wedding favours.

    Are you even having wedding favours. I’m not sure what to do. Sugar almonds are naff. Have you got any ideas.

  24. Hi, I’m so pleased you love our stamps. We can manufacture just about any size with any design, just drop an email to our sales department (sales@stampsdirect.co.uk) with your design/thoughts and we’ll take care of the rest!!

    Colin Cousins
    Stamps Direct Ltd

  25. Ooh me too, me too!! Love this idea but can’t seem to make my design look as professional as yours Adam… please please send me your fonts/ template and I’ll be eternally grateful!
    Love this site x

  26. This post has been popular! – Stamps direct have set up their own page to handle enquiries – I knew I should have charged a finders fee 🙂

    Also, a lot of you have asked for my fonts and the & sign, so you can download the assets here

    Enjoy – and make sure you send us pictures of your rubber stamp stationery – I was tweeted one today and I have to say, it kicked my ass


    Adam x

  27. I love, love, love this idea and will be using this for our wedding invites when the Christmas madness is over. I think I’m all sorted for the front of the invite (fingers crossed and with a little help from my Mum) but just wondered how you attached the page inside, acutal invite wording, as I don’t think this is stuck down? Is it just one sheet on the right-hand side? Have you got an example of this I could have a look at too?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Holly xx

  28. @Holly – the insert is two sides. It’s just a slightly smaller piece of paper folded in half and I attached it by putting a single strip of double sided sticky tape near the spine so that the insert is stuck to the inside of the cover.

    It only needs one strip of tape on one side of the spine, otherwise you start to run into problems.

    Hope that helps,

    Adam x

  29. Thanks Holly for asking my question and Adam for answering! These are absolutely divine, and I can’t wait to start cutting out mini-triangles for that bunting. 😉

  30. I can’t thank you enough for this post – I saw it and totally fell for the idea. Had my stamp made up and delivered within a couple of days and I am not stamping everything and anything I see! Amazing 😀 x

  31. So glad I stumbled across this post 🙂 Have managed to get started on Photoshop but can’t work out how to get the ‘lines’ in between the text. Sure it’s something simple that I’m overlooking but would be really grateful if you could point me in the right direction… Thanks!

  32. Hi Adam,

    Fab, fab, fab idea and thanks ever so for sharing with us all.

    Is there any chance I could have a look at the wording inside the invitation?


  33. Fabulous idea. Our stamp has just arrived and it looks awesome. I have sampled on the back of the jiffy that it arrived in. I just had a question about the blue ish cards on the images above. Where did you get those from? I couldn’t find them on the Eco-craft website.

    Thanks very much 🙂


      1. Colin

        I actually dropped and email to yourselves last night looking for assistance as I was running out of places to look, so that is great news that you can help… & it was to your sales email addres so I got that right!!

        Thanks for the reply

  34. hi there, Adam i LOVE the idea! will definately be making for our wedding in August! planning to order my stamp today! 😉 can i just ask, what colour is the card you used from eco-craft? im stuck on two options.. ‘Hairy Manilla’ or ‘Ribbed Brown’ and i just dont know which one to go for! thanks lots! Ciara

  35. I LOVE the stamp exactly as you have done it. Is there any chance you could e-mail me your template and save myself the job?

    I’ve been hunting for inspiration for our wedding invitation – I just love this idea so thanks very much!!

  36. I’m in the process of making our invites! Got a super cute stamp and silver pad from Noolibird (www.noolibird.com) and have bought per-folded cards and paper inserts from a site called ‘wedding crafter’ – they also have templates for the inserts with the margins etc already set. No faff at all! Couldn’t be easier 🙂

  37. Hi I love these invitations….such an effective idea,

    Can you let me know what colour ink you used for your stamp please? Also, how did you attach the paper inside the invitation and where did you find the butting from?


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