D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.


Afternoon folks! And how are you after that damn fine piece of weather yesterday? Rested? Perhaps slightly sunburnt? Or are you feeling slightly despondent with a case of the Monday blues?

Allow me to attempt to cheer you up with another glorious glitzy DIY project for your big day as a way of whiling away the hours until the going home bell rings. It’s probably the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…aside from the Glitterific Table Numbers that is.

Hell to the yes! It’s time to get your glitter on!

What You Will Need:


Clean jars (all shapes and sizes), strong all-purpose glue such as UHU, glitter in colour of your choice, wipeable work surface, wooden spatular or glue spreader and masking tape.

Step 1 – Take One Small Jar…

This is where those of you who are either avid recycling mavens or addicts to jam will excel because you’ll be needing a whole heap of jars to create this DIY project. Big ones, little ones and others in between. We… ahem…cheated and purchased a row of the sweetest milk bottles for the purposes of this post from eBay but I have to say that I love the eclectic mismatched look too so select whichever jars float your boat.

Now it’s time to start taping up your bottles and jars with the masking tape. This effectively will form a barrier and protect the jars from the glitter you’ll be applying in later steps.

It’s completely up to you as to how much glitter you want to add to your jars; you might opt for a uniform appearance by only applying the glitzy stuff half way up each bottle or alternatively why not follow the mismatched trend and vary the heights from jar to jar.

Essentially though, you’ll need to completely tape over those areas that you don’t want your glitter to adhere to. Trust me all will become clear in Step 2.

How to create a golden glittery jar bud vase for your wedding table settings and floral centrepieces._0001

Step 2 – Now It Gets Messy…

This is where the ‘wipeable work surface’ comes in handy because things are about to become very messy folks. Very messy indeed.

Taking your chosen jar, you’ll need to apply your super-strong all-purpose glue. We used White Glu from Bostik so that we could see exactly where we’d applied the adhesive without missing a spot but if you find that you’re a Copydex kinda gal or a PVA chappie then use whatever floats your boat.

Slather on the glue up to the edge of your previously applied masking tape. Don’t worry if you go over onto the taped up areas as you’ll be peeling this off later. The beauty of taping up the jars just means you’ll be left with a clean line and finish when you’re done.

It’s also worth applying said glue with a glue spreader or in my case an extra large lollipop stick so that you can be sure that the sticky stuff is evenly distributed; after all you don’t want to be smearing it all over with your fingers do you.

How to create a golden glittery jar bud vase for your wedding table settings and floral centrepieces._0002

Step 3 – Get Your Glitter On

Now it’s the fun part! Time to get glittery folks!

I opted for a mix of gold and pink glitter in this DIY project but of course it really is up to you to choose what colour/s you go for. Gold is always fun and looks uber kitsch when paired with hot pinks and candy colours and frankly girls I can never say no to pink.

Again we purchased our glitter from eBay but you can pick up bags and even giant tubs in a shade of your choice at any crafting store.

Sprinkle the glitter liberally over your gluey surface; the greater the volume of glitter, the better in my opinion; after all the patchy look is not really what we’re aiming for.

Leave to dry.

Once dry shake the number gently to remove any additional glitter.

How to create a golden glittery jar bud vase for your wedding table settings and floral centrepieces._0003

Step 4 – Rip and Strip.


You guessed it.

You’ve added the glitter, now it’s time to rip and strip and no I’m not talking about ‘do it at home waxing’; no folks it’s time to remove the masking tape that you so lovingly applied in step 1.

It might be worth learning from my mistakes here and removing the masking tape whilst the glue is still tacky as opposed to bone dry. This will prevent you from ripping half of your carefully applied glitter off and exposing a tirade of expletives to those around you. Not pretty on either count!

How to create a golden glittery jar bud vase for your wedding table settings and floral centrepieces._0004

Step 5 – Style To Your Hearts Content!

Yep. That’s literally all there is to it.

You’re done.

All you need to do now is to style your glitzy jars with the necessary accompaniments on your reception tables or actually wherever you darn well feel like placing them. We opted for some brightly coloured tulips and freesias to make the sparkle pop. Just remember to pop some water in the jars first so as not to let your blooms wilt.

Totally lush.

How to create a golden glittery jar bud vase for your wedding table settings and floral centrepieces._0005

So just how easy peasy was that?


Will you be trying this at home? Oh and a top tip for you lovelies, it’s worth filling your jars up with water from a jug rather than a running tap – we don’t want your glitter to run off now do we.

We want to see pictures of your efforts folks!!!

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

5 thoughts on “D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.

  1. Hahaha Lolly I love your use of the word ‘glitterific’ – I’ve been toying with the idea of making something like this for my own wedding but didn’t quite know where to start. But you’ve given me the nudge so I’ll try my hand at them this weekend. The colour combo of pink and gold is pretty awesome too!

  2. totes love these lolly!!!!! i bloody loves a good glitter project, I do!!

    Sadly, we lost our glitter letters that I D-I-Y’d for our engagement party in the move from Sydney to NYC, i am thinking i need to re-do..


  3. Love this idea!
    Where did you get the light gold glitter from with the bigger bits of glitter in? I’ve been scouring eBay and can’t find a similar one! Could you possibly let me know the link to the one you bought please? Thank you!

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