Dance Like No-One’s Watching….part 2

Victoria’s best girls choreographed a tribute to her favourite Uni song “Are You Ready For Love” by Elton John and performed the routine at the reception. I think that’s pretty spectacular, not to mention gutsy – especially in front of all the W-day guests.

I think sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the decor and the details where as usually, the really fun part is definitely the dancing.

And apart from the all important “I Do” that’s certainly the part I have the fondest memories of – as well as some of the best images.

Cake Love

The reception was all built around two things, my parents garden and our love of cake. The tables were all named after cakes, and a selection of wedding guests were asked to bake cakes. All of the cakes were then featured on a huge table and all of the recipes were submitted to be published in a wedding recipe book!

The main cake was made by my friend Bronia, who is an amazing baker and baked a three-tiered traditional style cake for family as a centrepiece to the cake table. It had white icing, and there were two tiers of fruit cake, and one tier of chocolate sponge, because it’s Gordon’s favourite.

Other cakes on the table, were peppermint creme, apple cake, chocolate fudge, whiskey cake, sour-cream cake frangipani, and far breton. Gordon’s mother bought two chocolate cakes from the Chocolate Tree in Bruntsfield and had them iced with Baby photos of Gordon and I on each cake. Unfortunately I never got to try the cakes (other than our first slice) as we were so busy, although we did have a cake picnic the next day, and some of it was still left…

Indie And Alternative

We had a mix of entertainment on the night, we had some indiepop DJ acquaintances play our first dance (Adam and Amy) and a few more tracks to dance to, before we handed over to our friends Kevin and Katie who did Ceilidh calling, partly as it’s common in Scottish Weddings, and partly as it was something a little bit different for Canadian and American relatives. Kevin and Katie were brilliant at getting everyone to the floor and teaching everyone the right moves (which is quite funny as Katie is from Montana, and Kevin is from the Faroe Islands, and when they first met they took dancing lessons together, so it was nice for us to have them pass on that part of their relationship to our celebration). Thankfully there were no major injuries…!

After that Amy and Adam DJ’d the night away with a mixture of some contemporary choices (a bit of Rihanna and Beyoncé…) and some more alternative choices (which is their expertise) like Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and the Fall. We spent our evening rushing back and forth between the dance floor and the reception area in the adjacent library greeting old friends that we hadn’t seen for a long time.

A Dramatic Entrance

We had some major deliberations on the choice, as neither of us have any formal dance skills, and having not been to many wedding ourselves, we sort of forgot the importance of the first dance until two weeks before, when we began frantically looking for something in a 3/4 time, and trying to lear to waltz off of youtube. Several songs were mooted, but as we weren’t sure on any of them, we didn’t commit, and so we spent some time just randomly looking at youtube videos of bands we liked, until we happened on Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, and despite being extremely kooky it seemed so right. Also she gives a few dance tips of her own in the video! We stepped on to the dance floor with our limited memory of waltz step, and just decided to be ourselves, ad lib, and go with the drama of the music and somehow it worked amazingly well.

Lots of people thought we’d rehearsed a miniature theatrical production but really we were just having fun, and slightly losing ourselves in the silliness. One tip we took away was not to get too carried away looking at over-choreographed wedding dances on youtube. It just makes you feel inadequate, and really it’s just about enjoying your first dance, and not what anyone else thinks. It was definitely fun to choose such a memorable song, though…

Sugar Sweet Favours

We had cake from the cake table, which guest could take away in little boxes, as well as homemade jam that my parents made at their home (and put in little jars with random liberty print fabrics on top) Gordon’s parents brought little bottles of Maple Syrup from Canada, as our wedding was slightly coincidentally on Canada day.

Me and my bridesmaid Rachel, put together a wedding cake recipe book with all the cakes on the cake table. The books had photographs of friends and quotes about food and they were all tied with ribbon

A Canadian Vintage

As it was Canada Day the caterers managed to find a special limited edition Canada Day brew of Gordon’s favourite beer, Innis and Gunn.

As we’re vegetarian, and used to going to weddings with generally quite uninspiring Vegetarian options, we had a tasting with our caterers (Heritage Portfolio) of three vegetarian choices for each course, and were able to give our guests a choice of two vegetarian starters, mains, and desserts. There were lots of comments about how it had been the best vegetarian meal they’d ever had. We also had individually named paper windmills on the table, printed menu cards (so that everyone would remember what they’d ordered!) and had our champagne toasts in vintage tea cups (as well as having the food served on vintage plates)

Unique Chic

The drinks reception area at the Royal College of Physicians was also very special because I have a love of Libraries and Librarianship and it was in old-fashioned library setting, surrounded by books.

There were also lots of beautiful side rooms to take wedding photos in, and we had the whole college to ourselves.

After the speeches, the Bridesmaids did a self-choreographed tribute to me with ‘are you read for love’ by Elton John (a song I loved from my uni days). It was wonderful.

We made sure to take breaks away from everyone, just the two of us, to calm ourselves down, and to make sure we were seeing as much of we could of each other, despite the wild demands of Wedding hosting!

The day was over amazingly quickly and a bit of a blur, so we were lucky to have so many wonderful photos to look back on.

Chocolate Cake – Chocolate Tree

DJ’s – Adam and Amy

Photography – Craig McBeath

Anyone else choosing a quirky first dance song?

How about a whole in-front-of-everyone dance routine with your best girls? (!)

I would so do a bit of Shakira…..

Big With A Leotard And Leg -Warmers Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

16 thoughts on “Dance Like No-One’s Watching….part 2

  1. Oh! do we know where the parasols are from?! I have not seen any this pretty and I would really love some for my photo booth Sx

  2. LOVE the idea of a cake table. Being a big fan of cake myself, I struggle with the idea of trying to choose just one wedding cake – especially when the man seems dead set on a croque en bouche! (Any thoughts on those btw?) Lots of different cakes = my idea of heaven!

  3. The parasols were ‘found’. One previously owned and one from a charity shop. It’s difficult to find them without holes in, and one of them actually got over-extended and broke on the day. Shame, but at least charity shops tend to mean not too much of an outlay.

  4. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. I have to say it was a real team effort!
    With the cake table.. I chose my bridesmaid Rachel (Pale Blue Dress) as at the time she was living in Germany and I knew it was a task easily done via email. I gave Rachel a list of ten friends who I knew could bake and would be coming to the wedding and she did the rest.
    The bakers brought their wares to the reception before the wedding and the catering team put them on the table. I let them all choose their own recipes apart from my friend Anke (blue and gold dress) who I asked to make a Victoria Sponge for the top table. The idea that each cake corresponded with the names on the cake table.
    Rachel added labels and paper animals last minute when the guests went in for the reception. The recipe book we had printed on A4 paper with pictures of some of the bakers and vintage advertisements of baking from the 40’s and 50’s, quotes and a thank you message from Gordon and myself. They were tied together with red ribbon. It was about £70 to have 50 printed in a copy shop in Glasgow. I’m sure you could print them yourself for cheaper, we just ran out of time!

  5. Loving the quirky first dance!
    And as for the girls doing a dance that is so cool – I was going to do that with my 2 best friends as a surprise for my husband at our reception (we practised a routine to ‘Proud Mary’ for ages) but in the end I chickened out!!!!!!!!!
    Wishing I hadn’t now hey look like they had the best fun x

  6. 10+ cakes??!!

    le sigh, i am in wedding heaven!

    mrs x x x

    PS I am totally with you on the old choreographed routine thing, me and my sisters have about ten of these to different songs (what? we lived in the country and had to make our own entertainment!!), at the wedding, two of them cracked out their fake, dubbed fight scene instead – classic

  7. Oh I love this! We do get quite a few interesting song requests come through the office and I love it when a couple has a specific dance!
    At the weekend we had a gorgeous couple have ‘Dont Worry’ by Bob Marley and all of the guests started singing as the danced…it was so so beautiful!

  8. Wait.
    A wedding with a zillion cakes, funky dancing (I heart Elton John!), quirky dresses and book? All of my favourite things? WHERE WAS MY INVITE GUYS?
    Absolutely love the cake cutting shot, and the black and white one underneath – beautiful.

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