Danielle & Scott: The Beauty Regime.


Hello RMW lovelies!

I’m having slight palpitations that it is OCTOBER and 2014 is almost over…since we’ve sorted out quite a lot of the ‘big ticket items’ (ie the ones that will actually allow us to get married at the end of the day), we’re on a bit of a relaxed, go-slow at the moment, which is nice.

I have to admit though, I am itching to get into some DIY projects (and if it can involve all the glitter, I will be all the happier for it. I am quite the glitter fiend – in fact, one happy night I covered an entire very popular club in the stuff. I’m sure I was everyone’s favourite person the next day when they woke up with it on their sheets…and clothes…and curtains…and, well, everywhere. Sorry Glasgow!)

That being said, I have sourced my hair and make-up artists! I spent SO long looking through different portfolios, facebook accounts, instagrams and poring over blogs that they had been featured in to work out which ones seemed most ‘me’, and I’m really excited to have found Carol-Anne Armstrong and Sharon Roberts.

They have both worked together countless times (Sharon even did Carol-Anne’s wedding, featured right here on RMW), and have the exact relaxed but beautiful style that I am looking for. I can’t wait to meet up with them for my trials and talk hair and beauty.

I am by no means a super girly, girl. I wear the same make-up every day and don’t even switch it up for a night out (ok, sometimes I might slather on some red lips, but that’s about as far as I go!), and most days you will find me with my hair swept up in a messy top knot but maybe to others I come across like I am…

For one thing, I only ever wear dresses (like really, my Bridesmaid Laura once had a nightmare that I was wearing ‘mom jeans’ and had to text me to tell me never EVER to do it) I really, really like dresses…and spend rather a lot of my disposable income on them. So for my wedding day I will actually be giddy that I get to wear the most beautiful of dresses, and get two lovely ladies to come and make me up so that I am the best version of me that I can be.

The photos below are a mixture of Carolanne and Sharon’s work, and a bit of a mood board of the style I’m aiming for. I think you might guess I am a little obsessed with curls (lucky for me I grow those naturally!) and masses of flowers. Swoon.


Booking Carol-Anne and Sharon has really got me thinking about a ‘beauty regime’ and whether as a bride-to-be, I am obliged to have one. I mean, it’s not like I am just going to wake up on wedding morning looking like a goddess so maybe I should put some effort in there!

Luckily (or unluckily) for me, I work in the hospitality industry for a really rather deeeeeelicious company so I get to tuck into my fair share of wonderful food (and let’s not even get started on ‘competitor research’ which is a phrase I fling around like it’s going out of fashion) so for me I should probably put a focus on less of the good stuff, more of the greens. I like to think I’m a fairly healthy eater, but improvements can always be made, and perhaps limiting my burger/alcohol intake would be sensible (I don’t know who I am kidding…this will probably never happen!)

I’m also a swimmer, and most weekday mornings you will find me swimming in the medium lane at the pool opposite my work, trying not to get angry at the one or two regulars who have no pool etiquette whatsoever. I absolutely love swimming, not only do you get to feel like the little mermaid, but it is an excellent opportunity for thinking and planning.

Scott laughed his head off at me the other night because I told him that I split my pool time up into sections…the first 10 lengths I thought about the state of the world, the second I thought about my wedding dress, the third I thought about how to stay healthy, the fourth I thought about my plans for the week ahead and then the last 10 I thought about how much I love Vinnie. He thinks hilarious, I think efficient!

Other than that, my loose thoughts on a beauty regime involve starting to exfoliate on a more regular basis (or at least more often that the night before my twice yearly fake-tan-for-a-wedding session), making sure I am religious at removing my make-up at night time (currently purchasing all the pure white bed sheets to make me more motivated to do this), moisturising daily and increasing my already ridiculous consumption of greens (a spinach addict right here!). I’m also thinking of really pushing the boat out and starting on a weekly face mask and hair treatment regime too. Any recommendations for good ones to try out?! I would really appreciate any and all suggestions as to be honest, I’m quite clueless.

Combined with my already monumental intake of water, I think if I do all these things, I should be ok. No personal trainer, or expensive gym membership for me…I just want to be the girl I’m always going to be on the big day. I’m never going to turn into a gym bunny, or a total health nut, and I’m not putting down that burger or glass(es) of wine without a fight, so I don’t see the point of completely depriving myself for the next 10 months in order to look different for one day of my life.

I really, really don’t want to look back at my wedding day pictures and think “I’ll never look that good again”. How depressing! Instead I want to look at the photos and think ‘wow, look how bloody happy we look, and look how bloody happy everyone else looks too!’, and if I also look at them and think I look pretty and healthy, or even beautiful, then that is a really rather wonderful bonus!

I’m like most girls that I know…I have a lot of self-confidence issues, and I don’t look in a mirror and like what I see very regularly so I’m not saying this with the confidence of someone who is content with their looks – I’m saying this as a girl who just wants to be herself – for me, but also for everyone else that loves me exactly as I am.


I went to a big London wedding exhibition shortly after Scott and I got engaged and the goodie bag they were handing out for brides-to-be made me want to cry. It was literally filled to the brim with weight-loss products and femfresh (yes, really) and nothing else. It made me despair for an industry that makes girls feel like their every day is not good enough. It IS good enough, you ARE beautiful as you are, and you don’t need to conform to any expectations, except your own.

I think that is one of the things that I love the most about a community like Rock My Wedding – conformity isn’t the norm, beauty is everywhere, and who you already are, is already more than good enough. I think we should all embrace it. I know I for one am not going to be looking back on my life when I’m 80 wishing I’d spent more time in the gym, or saying no to the latest street food pop up because I’m trying to watch what I eat – I plan to make many happy memories over the next 10 months (eeek) – no way is this lady going to look back on her 28th year and have nothing to show for it. All the fun, and all the joy please with a healthy dose of cardio and greens!

Have you given any thoughts to your ‘beauty regimes’, and do you have any advice for me on this particular subject? I’m genuinely interested to hear your views on this as I know you won’t all share mine!

Until next time my lovelies,

Danielle xxx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.