Danielle & Scott: The Bridesmaids.


Hello friends! So here we are, one month closer…time is flying and writing it all down here is not slowing it down in the slightest! Today I am beyond excited to talk to you about my lovely bridesmaids dresses, and my even lovelier bridesmaids.

Am I completely weird for finding the bridesmaid shopping experience fun?! Granted, we actually only visited one place, but still…IT WAS SO EASY (thank you, thank you, wonder pals!) Originally I had thought to have the girls in beautiful high street dresses, since I love a good Topshop or Zara purchase, but after ONE visit to twobirds (for inspiration!) that idea went right out the window…

I’ve no doubt that part of this is down to the fact that twobirds dresses are an absolute dream, and universally flattering – the girls looked like knockouts in their dresses (I think they might steal the show!) and it was just so much fun being shown how to tie them (there are so many options) by the lovely Gill at the showroom in Covent Garden.


Choosing the colours was SO difficult. We had two visits to get that one nailed…the girls did not complain at getting to swish around in their dresses more than once and I came the closest I think I will ever come to having a nervous breakdown over having to make the final choice. I’m so happy with them though & cannot wait to see them in action.

In the meantime, the twobirds showroom hosts tying parties once a month (normally on a Monday) where you can drink wine and learn how to tie your dress in a million different ways (demure for the day, daring for the evening!)

This sounds to me like the ultimate way to spend a Monday in the run up to the wedding…I just need to convince my two Scottish-based maids to come down for an extended weekend or two between now & then…or failing that bribe Gill to be there on the morning of our wedding to give a helping hand (i.e. beautifully tie everyone and make sure there is no flashing) – I’ll let you know how that one works out!

And here, without further ado are my lovely ladies:



Carrin & I have known each other since we were tiny four year olds at primary school. We had a brief 10 year separation when her parents whisked her off to sunnier climes in Tenerife, but when I started the long-distance thing with Scott we were stoked to realise we had both gravitated towards London. We rekindled our friendship & from there it was exactly the same as it always was. Our first friend-date involved all the beers, all the zoo animals & all the rain. I love this girl. She is hilarious, has an amazing sense of style and is always up for our next adventure (especially if it’s gin related!). I really can’t get my head around how long we have known each other. Here’s to our next 20 years together being as fun as the first, lovely lady.



Hannah was originally Scott’s friend, but now she is MINE (only kidding Scott, we can share…maybe). She helped Scott to pick my engagement ring, they snuck around together for weeks & I didn’t suspect a thing! We have only known each other for just over 2 years, but in that time we have grown super close. I’ve had so many fulfilling chats with her about life, the future & everything in between. As a fellow adopted Londoner, we have so much fun exploring all the joyful things that this city brings (and escaping it on occasion too!) She has been so enthusiastic & helpful since the very beginning and I really believe that if there is such a thing as an ideal bridesmaid (& friend!) – Hannah is it. I’m very thankful that this beauty is in my life.



The joy that Laura brings me is unreal. Together with her now husband, we’ve been around. From kayaking on Tiree (the most beautiful place in the world…), to a grotty motel on the side of a freeway in New Jersey; from exploring in London, to seeing one of our favourite bands play in a ballroom on the beach in New Hampshire; from gigs in Glasgow to boating in Central Park, NYC, we’ve have some incredible times together. She cried when Scott & I got engaged, and I cried the entire way through her wedding, so I know she will probably be responsible for a few shed tears at mine, but I couldn’t be happier to have her standing by my side, as she is the smiliest, loveliest human I know (and thankfully it’s not all sweetness and light as she has the greatest level of inappropriate chat to balance all that goodness out and make me laugh until my face hurts).



Lisa, my wonder pal. We have been friends for a long, long time now (& coincidentally she is also friends with past RMW real bride, Naomi!) We started out knowing lots of the same people, frequenting the same late night parties & (grubby) rock clubs, but we only became super close when we realised our mutual love of cats, wine, staying up all night listening to amazing music, and dreaming of existing in an ocean of crisps. From then on out we spent almost all of our spare time together, and shared many, many fun music related roadtrips. Moving to London, and away from Lisa, is actually one of the hardest parts of living down here – I am just so far away from my Scottish favourites! I still dream of the day she realises her interior designer skills are sorely needed in London and she moves down to be with me (pleeeeease?!) because I miss her so very much.

Choosing my bridesmaids was both the most difficult thing in the world and the easiest. I am super lucky to have many wonder pals who I could have picked (including my guy pals…Allan would look wondrous in a dress) but I had to give into boring sensibleness which makes me reign in the “I love everyone! I want everything” voice in my head. In the end, it came down to who I couldn’t imagine spending my morning and my day without, the girls who mean so much to me, I’ve found it very difficult to explain it in words. But oh, they do.

So, to Carrin, Hannah, Laura & Lisa: I’m beyond excited you guys are by my side for this, I have loved every moment of it so far, every girly catch up, every glass of celebratory bubbles, every dress shopping experience (even the tears, I’m looking at you Hannah!), every time you tell me how excited you are for the big day. I’m so thankful for your enthusiasm, help, advice & laid back attitudes (ok Lisa, maybe I can’t include you in the last one, but you are still a true joy!) I can’t wait to have you all by my side on the big day. I know you’re going to make it that bit more fun, that bit more smiley, that bit more beautiful, and that bit more special!

Now…please put aside all that niceness and remember that any misbehaviour results in you forfeiting your twobirds dress, and me wearing it in front of you at every available opportunity for the rest of time…(the misbehaviour rules only involve being a mentalist over bridesmaids duties, organising a stripper at my hen do and plastic penises of any form. I strongly encourage you to drink all the tequila/wine and have a riot at the wedding, obvs). Also, anytime you would like to get started on the glittery DIY projects, please hollaaaaaaa. I AM READY!

So brides-to-be, how did you or are you choosing your bridesmaids? Has it been plain sailing so far, or are there any horror stories to share?!

Bridesmaids-of-the-past-and-present, do you have any words of wisdom to share with me to make sure I don’t turn into the devil bridezilla?! Tell me aaaaaaall your stories and give me all your tips, pretty please!

Until next time my lovelies,

Danielle xxx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

11 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Bridesmaids.

  1. Currently at my desk trying to hide my teary eyes haha! This is so lovely, I can’t even find the words! You are an absolute dream and the whole experience has been nothing but fun, i’m so happy to be part of such a fabulous group of ladies and be on the journey with you to the big day. I don’t think i’ll ever forget how happy I was when you proposed to me!

    Bring on the crafting (and bubbles, obviously) – i’m so ready! And the tying parties! And hen party joy.. with minimal mischief, of course..

    I can’t wait for the adventures we have ahead of us both with the wedding and beyond. You and Scott are the ultimate pals and we love you so much!


    1. Ahhh you little bugger you made me cry! I’m so glad you are enjoying the experience as much as I am and I bloody can’t wait for all the fun + joy we all have ahead of us. What a dream group of pals! Love you too x

  2. Danielle, Danielle… I’m here in sunny Barca after finally finding wifi and the tears just won’t stop!! I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and it’s been the best having you move to London.

    Thank you so so much to you and Scott for asking me to be one of your bridesmaids- I couldn’t be more thrilled and am so excited for the big day. Dress shopping was like a princess, fairytale, mermaid day of joy!! I’m equally as excited to be a part of an amazing group of absolute darling ladies. Here’s to the next 20 years of fun with even more awesome people. Love you!!!xxxx

    1. Awwww haha those poor people near you – they must have been so concerned for you! I think without you being in London I wouldn’t have been half as excited for moving down – I’m so glad you are here!

      I couldn’t imagine getting married without you. Wedding morning is going to be so much fun (potentially more fun than actually marrying Scott? Discuss…(Scott I am joking!))

      I’m so glad you guys love your dresses. You look like ultra babes in them and I’m so excited to get them so that we can try them on (with gloves on ha) and get even more excited. Love you too!! Maybe see you this weekend xx

  3. Given that this blog post has turned all the bridesmaids into teary wrecks I am genuinely fearful for what we’re all going to be like on the day! People won’t be able to hear the ceremony because all the bridesmaids will be holding each other whilst sobbing our hearts out! BRING IT ON!

    I am so lucky to have a wonder pal like you Danielle and I could not be more excited to be standing up there with you on your big day along with three other fabulous girls – you have excellent taste in bridesmaids!

    It’s only going to get more exciting from here – From hen party joy (minus strippers and willys) to learning how to actually work our beautiful bridesmaids dresses (Exposing a boob during the ceremony is now a genuine fear…)

    We love you. We love Scott. We love Vinnie more. Soz.

    Lots of love,

    1. Hahaha I truly hope you are all wailing your hearts out like noisy elephants! My sis-in-law will join you 😉

      Boob exposure could be a problem…don’t worry, I reckon we’ll get the dresses next month at some point, so we have plenty of time to practice!

      I love you, I love Gordon…but I love Vinnie more too (we all do!). Soz world, Vinnie is better than anyone and anything ever! x

    2. ps. will you be able to cope knowing that the dresses are at my house in London and you are at home in Glasgow? So sooooo far away!

  4. Hi Danielle,

    I cannot express how much I love this post. I was thinking of doing a very similar post a little further down the line! Your bridesmaid dress experience sounds so fun, can’t wait to do it with my girls too. Also love that you’ve taken the time to introduce them all so we can get to know them, they are such a huge part of the day so it’s good to meet them all!

    I knew my bridemaids before I even got engaged, they’re the ones who I love, have been through all highs and lows with, and I know will 100% be there for me.

    P.s. GORGEOUS dresses.

    1. Ah Lauren, you must introduce your girls – I’d love to read about them! It was so much fun – I’ve enjoyed it even more than trying on dresses myself…and we’re so happy with the twobirds choices.

      Yes! That completely sums up my bridesmaids too. I feel so very lucky!

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