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Danielle & Scott: The Confetti & Glitter Debate.

Hello ladies (& gents) of RMW! I cannot believe in just two short months I will be able to say “I get married THIS year!” This month I also get the pleasure of heading off to Paris to relive our engagement weekend and consume rather a lot of wine and cheese (that wedding diet sure is going well…) any Paris fans out there, please leave me tips of your favourite places to go, eat, drink and shop in the city.

As you might remember, Scott & I are quite frequent visitors but nothing beats personal recommendations of places to check out – so much better than some by-the-numbers guidebook. In return, I am more than happy to share some of my favourite spots to rest, play, drink, stroll and eat. I personally think Paris makes the most perfect pre-wedding break, elopement city, or honeymoon destination, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, get in touch.

So wedding plans…are not really happening at the moment! In the beginning I totally attacked them with gusto, but now, deep in the middle stages of planning, I’m on a bit of a go slow. I don’t really feel like there is much for me to do at the moment, although considering I am now 9 months out, I should probably get on with sorting out a dress for myself (more on that at a later date). I really do need to start thinking about any DIY projects that we might take on. I can’t tell you how many real wedding reports I have read that recommend starting on the DIY early, as it always takes much longer than you think.

As you might remember, the key to our day is a laid back party with all of our favourites, so we don’t want to go over the top on décor or details, however, I do love pretty…so there will be our little touches strewn throughout the day. I am also the world’s biggest magpie, I was delirious with joy when I read this post on RMW on how to bring the bling to your wedding and now I am desperately trying to convince Scott that a glittery (“Scottish”) stag is definitely going to form the centre point of our (glittery) cake table (for a cake that we may or may not have…)

I also want ALL OF THE CONFETTI. All of it. In glittery bags. Can anyone help me out with a realistic time frame for making this myself? I was thinking of creating enough so that we have one bag of confetti per attendee (so around 85…is that enough, or totally outrageously too much?!) What should I use to make the confetti? Or maybe it’s not worth my time & I should just buy the confetti and make the bags?! Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated – especially if you have tackled something similar yourself and can tell me when I should be beginning this project (bearing in mind that I have a mischievous dog who thinks any crafting project is a great new game, so add approximately 27272827 hours for that).

This month actually marks Scott & I’s four year anniversary, and charmingly, he is off on a stag do for the weekend, so I am having a girly sleepover with my favourite London-based ladies. I’m thinking this could be the perfect time to start off on some wedding projects and hopefully get the ball rolling on all sorts of creative joy.

Also…I don’t have a colour scheme! Should I?! I don’t want matchy matchy at all, but I do want some sort of cohesion. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about what my colour scheme is, and I still don’t honestly know. My interior designer bridesmaid, Lisa, told me that this will become clear to me as we go along, but if it has already, I haven’t realised (I wish she lived down here & not in Scotland!)…I really need to make decisions on decoration for the Londesborough, so having a colour palette to play with would be a helpful starting point. Honestly, if I was throwing a party just for myself, the room would look like a glitter monster had vomited all over it and then rolled in flowers, however, Scott might not be down for this, so a little more thought is required!

If anyone has favourite Etsy, eBay or other suppliers that they can recommend for wedding décor and ideas then I would be forever grateful for your personal recommendations (yet again!) I really am beyond excited to get on with this part of the planning now, but working out where to start is proving a little difficult, and if anything is going to turn me into a stressy bride, I predict this will be it! I bet this is the stage in the planning process when many brides realise that a wedding planner is the most wonderful thing…

In order to give ourselves a bit of a break, Scott, Vinnie & I recently took ourselves off home to Scotland which was AMAZING! Being able to catch up with far away friends & family is the best thing ever, the only down side being that 9 short days is never enough time. Vinnie thoroughly enjoyed being pampered by my Mum and Dad (he got fed mince and tatties as a meal supplement for 3 days in a row, spoilt pooch), and is now sulking slightly at being back to normality in London. Being at home really reminded me that I would like to tie in as many subtle Scottish influences to our day as possible, because it really is the most beautiful.

This is also an area where I can’t seem to find any inspiration, maybe because I’m too close to it, any interesting or unusual suggestions for how I can tie in my lovely motherland without too much of the cheese factor?

Until next time my lovelies,

Danielle xxx

Photography by Claire Penn
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

48 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Confetti & Glitter Debate.

  1. My other half is from the Isle of Man and I’m a super proud Yorkshire lass, we didn’t want to do anything too cheesy either. We’ve decided that for our favours we’re giving a Yorkshire Tea bag with a biscuit with a Manx (Isle of Man) flag on it. Mixes our love for tea and biscuits with our backgrounds. Maybe there’s a way you could do something like that?

    1. Hey Chessy, thanks for the idea! I think it’s great…Scott is from Surrey – I’ll need to start grilling him for what Surrey is known for because I have no clue! Definitely hoping to go down the whisky bottles on the table as a centre piece route, and maybe a small Scottish favour in the form of tablet!

  2. Totally un-wedding related – but why is Scott jumping into a pond in a wetsuit?!

    Also ideas for some subtle Scottish-ness – ribbons in greens & heather colours (I’m guessing tartan ribbon might be too much), thistles in the flowers, thistle and stag prints for stationery, shortbread/tablet for favours (if you have tablet – you have to send me some because it’s the most delicious thing on the planet), tweed for the boys, tartan ties/bowties, menu choices could be Scottish themed, tartan blankets for guests, toast with Scotch rather than champagne?!? Do a Burns night style toast to the cake (instead of the haggis?!?)

    Fern x

    1. Haha Fern…we were on Tiree which is far off the west coast of Scotland (the most beautiful island in the world!) and were heading to the beach to go do some watersports. It was Scott’s first time visiting (& being in a wetsuit!) so he was rather excited! That idea he was standing on is actually my friend’s dad’s yoga garden – it is the most peaceful place in the world (& Scott was ruining it!)

      Those are all amazing suggestions, thanks so much. Definitely having thistles in the flowers, and Ellie who is designing our stationery also has thistles in there, but lots more to think about, so thank you! x

      1. ps. I say “watersports” but I realise that is such a lie – we have kayaks and a paddle board, but “splashing around” in the sea is a more accurate description of what we do there x

      2. I need a yoga garden!!!

        Hehe, he does look rather hyperactive! Sounds like you had such fun. I bet Vinnie loved his escape to the country!

        Fern x

        1. I think everyone does, so relaxing! We had the best time, nothing makes you appreciate home more than being away from it! Vinnie loved his time away so much, he’s a diva and likes nothing better than being centre of everyone’s attention! x

  3. Hello Danielle,
    My favourite place in Paris to eat is Au Bougnat just near the Notre Dame…it’s a little bistro in the back hidden behind a very small bar. Great menu and wine list and not too pricey.
    I was thinking a nice way of getting glitter confetti on a DIY budget would be to buy a couple of little shape cutters and some foil paper, I’ve done this with crepe paper for non-glittery confetti before…might be an easy slumber party (with wine!) task. Also to get some bang for your buck a couple of cannons will provide some height of glitter for photos 🙂
    I also love your glittery stag idea…very cool.

    1. Hi Sharelle, thanks so much for the rec. I will check it out, I seem to always end up in that area and there are some real hidden gems off the main stretches.
      Glitter cannons?! I didn’t even consider this as a “bang for my buck” option…is it?! because if it is, I am SO there!!! love the foil idea, thank you! xx

  4. Hi Danielle,
    I “made” my own confetti for my wedding last year by buying some clear cone shaped plastic bags from eBay (advertised as for making cones of sweets for kids parties) and filling them with dried rose petals from Amazon and tied with ribbon also from Amazon. I then put them in a wicker basket for an usher to hand out. Sounds naff but they looked great!! It worked out WAY cheaper than the real petal confetti suppliers you find online, plus they smelled amazing and the photos looked gorgeous! We had 85 guests at our ceremony and I made 50 confetti cones which was too much! My advice would be allow enough for each female guest to have some. If you want to incorporate glitter you could source that on Amazon/eBay but check with your venue first as ours insisted any confetti was biodegradable. Let me know if you want me to send a photo (somehow?) of the confetti cones I as think my description didn’t do them justice!
    Good luck with all your planning and enjoy Paris!!
    Emma xx

    1. Hi Emma, that’s so kind of you (& so helpful too!) – I would love to see some pics! If you have twitter or instagram, you can find me on there (@danihighfive) – send me a DM and I’ll give you my email 🙂

      It’s really useful to know that 50 was too much for you – I always make too much over too little, but I want to limit the work I make for myself, so aiming for one for every lady in attendance is an excellent tip, thank you! xx

      1. I’ve saved 5 pics in a dropbox which hopefully you can access at this link:
        Worried they do look naff in the photos actually but they definitely did the job on the day! There was soooo much confetti and lots of the dried rose petals left over which I used to make pot purri for my mum and aunties. Just checked back in my (eeek) wedding spreadsheet and the confettit, plastic cones and ribbon came to £30!
        Looks like you’ve had tons and tons of fab advice from fellow RMW readers 🙂
        Emma xx

        1. Hi Emma, thank you so much, so lovely of you! It doesn’t look naff at all, it looks great and I bet the smell was amazing! You and your husband both look amazing in the picture of you together (& the confetti looks great, too!)
          £30 is a steal, that has really fired up my DIY mojo. The advice from everyone has been amazing, so grateful for it all 🙂 xx

  5. Not sure if your food is already decided but if not we had kedgeree as our starter, as a nod to my Scottish grandmother who always made it for family occasions. It went down very well! I can recommended glittery decorations for good impact but also a nightmare to store and transport! I’m still finding glitter in our kitchen and my car 6 months after our wedding! Good luck!!

    1. Hi Steph, I would love to do something with food (& kedgeree, yuuuuum!) but I think the Londesborough has a summer wedding menu (it has lots of choices on there but nothing Scottish unfortunately) – I will talk to them though because I would love that. On the other hand though, I suppose 50% of our guests are Scottish, so maybe they’d prefer something more traditionally “English summer wedding!”

      I LOVE a glitter reminder of good times (Scott might not enjoy it so much though!)

      Thanks so much for your recs, really appreciate it! x

  6. Hi Danielle,

    I get married next July and, as my fiancé is Scottish, we are having a lot of Scottish elements in our wedding. He is wearing his kilt so we are a having a navy colour scheme to match with snippets of tartan here and there (definitely not too much though!) We are naming our tables after Scottish whiskies and using empty bottles of those whiskies as the table name with tasting notes for that particular whisky tied around the bottle. Our table plan will also be bottles of the whiskies on a lovely vintage plant stand we have managed to find. As favours, I am making my own traditional Scottish fudge and we managed to source a gorgeous print from Etsy which reads ‘You be my glass of wine, I’ll be your dram of whisky!’ To display on our cake table. We have also found an amazing whisky barrel planter which we are using to hold our cards. I love having things that are unique and no one will have seen before and Etsy and EBay have been perfect for that. Finally, we are having a huge bow to Scotland by having a Celidh as our evening entertainment and have chosen a lovely version of The Proclaimers’ song ‘Five Hundred Miles’ (standard Scottish anthem!) as our first dance- it’s a beautiful version by an American band called Sleeping At Last and is completely unrecognisable; we loved how apt the lyrics actually are for a wedding when you really listen to it.

    Hope this helps with the inspiration!x

    1. Hi Natalie, firstly wow, thank you so much – your suggestions are so good! I had thought about whisky bottles as centre pieces for each table and have tasked my mum and her friends to work their way through 10 different types by next August so that I have the empty bottles (at a predominantly Scottish wedding in England, I couldn’t take the risk of putting full bottles on the table – not with my friends and family anyway ha). This is made super fun by the fact my mum is from Speyside and our family history is deeply tied into the distilleries in the region, so we can have some really special bottles there. I also loved the idea of naming tables after distilleries, but Scott would prefer if we have something which meant something to us both, so I don’t think we will go for that.

      Your whisky barrel planter will be amazing, and you are right, so unique! The ceilidh will be incredible – I would have definitely had one if we had the space, but there isn’t a dance floor big enough for a rowdy Scottish ceilidh in our venue. They are so great though, even non dancers end up getting involved as they are just SO much fun!!!

      Finally, I listened to your first dance song – it’s absolutely beautiful! What a lovely choice…I would love to be a guest at your wedding – it sounds ace! x

      1. I had the sleeping at last cover as first dance at my wedding last weekend! (Slightly peeved about it appearing on xfactor a few weeks back, doesn’t feel as special somehow!)

        We also had tablet served with coffee, which went down really well with our mostly english guests (venue was also in England) who hadn’t heard of it.

        We had tartan pocket squares in my husband’s tartan as I didn’t want too much tartan taking over but this was nice and subtle. You can see a photo here:

        1. Hi Kirsty, haha I bet…I’ve had that happen to me before with special songs that really mean a lot to me, and then x factor comes along and does their own (less good!) versions and over play it so much on the radio I can’t even listen to it anymore (looking at Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah mainly, but Biffy also feature!) – I hate when artists on these shows pass covers off as their own versions!!

          I love the idea of tartan pocket squares, thank you! And finally, congratulations!!!! You look absolutely beautiful and so happy – thanks so much for sharing your pictures 🙂 x

        2. Congratulations- your photos are amazing and I love the vintage look you had.

          The tartan pockets are a great idea- we’re dojng this for our bridal party too but my fiancé is wearing his kilt.

          Did you make your own tablet? I really want to make my own as think it adds that personal touch, but haven’t practised yet am worried it’s going to be hard work!

          We first heard the song on the Commonwealth Games and loved it- we were struggling for a first dance as don’t really have ‘a song’. I also loved that most people wouldn’t have heard it and it wasn’t overused like so many first dance songs are but, like you said, that’s been tainted a little bit now by X Factor!

          Natalie x

          1. I have never successfully made my own tablet! It always, ALWAYS goes wrong! I had also already decided to make my own marshmallows as favours and one mass confectionary making session seemed more than enough! I ordered it online in the end, from a place called Border Tablet. If you ask nicely they send samples in the post!

            I love that 500 miles is such an iconic Scottish song, but the cover is so unexpected and I don’t think I’d ever really listened to the words properly until I heard the Sleeping at Last version as in its original form it feels like more of a drunken anthem than a love song. Our (not scottish!) groomsman revealed on our wedding day that he has also chosen it for his wedding because it was on greys anatomy and I’m trying to be a good friend but I just want to yell “nooooooooo you can’t have it it’s mine!!” as if I somehow have Scottish rights to it haha!

            1. You TOTALLY have Scottish rights to it! 500 miles is as Scottish as tartan!

              Tablet is so simple, yet so hard to master. My mum’s best friend (& my second “mother”) makes the best I’ve ever tasted. I would ask her nicely if she could make some as wedding favours for me, but right before our wedding she is due to become a granny for the first time THREE TIMES! Her daughter is pregnant, and so is her daughter in law, with twins! So she has enough on her plate…I’m going to check out Border Tablets – thanks (again!) for the recommendation! x

      2. Hi Danielle,

        Thanks so much for all your nice comments. It has taken a lot of thinking, creativity and time on Pinterest to come up with all the ideas, but I’m so pleased I spent the time looking for unique ideas. Definitely get yourself on Pinterest if you’re not already- it’s a Bride-to-be’s best friend!

        If you’re looking for a nice tartan that isn’t soecific to a clan, look at Black Watch. We are using ribbon in it around our bridesmaid bouquets and on our favour boxes as it is really nice and simple. Alternatively, you could always have the tartan that is your maiden name, or even your married name if it exists!

        Our whisky planter was from Amazon and was reasonably cheap- search for ‘whisky barrel planter’. I’ve then bought a ‘cards’ garland to hang from it.

        Oh, and don’t worry- we’re using empty whisky bottles on our tables too! It just means my fiancé now as an extra excuse to buy, and drink, his way through several bottles of whisky! We need extra as we’re going to also decorate our extra tables for the evening do with a range of different shape and size bottles with rustic flowers in.

        On another note, I also saw your comment about confetti. If you’re going down the book theme elsewhere, how about using pages from old books (you could pick them up for pennies at charity shops, car boots etc) and using a heart shape hole punch to make your own. You could even pick specifically love stories, or your favourite books. I’m an English teacher so really want to do something like this on my tables, but not sure if it will be too much of a theme clash with the whisky elements.

        Natalie x

        1. I agree about pinterest, it’s so useful to have a virtual mood board. I love it!

          I love the ribbon tied around bouquets – I was thinking about doing similar with gold sequin ribbon (do you see a theme emerging here? Our wedding is either going to be the most tacky horrific wedding OF ALL TIME literally covered in gold and glitter, or I’m somehow going to be able to pull it off!)

          I studied English Lit at uni & I really, REALLY love books. They are my absolute favourite! I’ve already got a list as long as my arm for our wedding readings…and then yesterday (whilst talking books with my friend) I came up with another one which is so wonderful (it’s from the ending of the Amber Spyglass, if you’ve ever read it) – I don’t think our guests will even see the theme in the way that we do, so I don’t think you need to worry about anything clashing – as long as they get the association with you and your husband to be, it’s special!

          When do you get married? I hope I get to hear more about it, and maybe even see it featured on here eventually?! x

          1. That’s very true- it’s easy to get too focused on what other people will think sometimes. All that matters to me is that both of our personalities and our love shine through on the day. Think I’m definitely going to do the book page confetti on my tables as that extra bit of my personality- thanks for the reassurance I needed!

            We get married on July 24th. Been engaged for over a year now so feel like we’ve been waiting for ages, but at the same time it’s going very quickly! I would LOVE my wedding to be featured on here, it’s like my dream!! I was desperate to be featured as a Real Bride like you are, but was 6 days too early with my wedding date!!

            It would be great to be able to follow each other’s planning process- do you have a Pinterest account I could follow or Instagram? My Pinterest name is @nat17uk and I have all sorts of Scottish inspired ideas on there!

            Natalie x

            1. Definitely, I keep reminding myself whenever I get overwhelmed in thinking “I could do this, or I could do that” that even if I did absolutely NOTHING from now until the wedding, we have all the elements that we need to get married and it’s going to be absolutely incredible, meaningful and so much fun for everyone anyway, even if we don’t have a glittery stag head (best excuse I’ve ever had to buy one though!)

              Yes definitely, I’d love to. You can find me pinterest & instagram under danihighfive (it was a joke myspace name which stuck, ha…not so funny now!) x

    1. Oooh, tartan with glitter, maybe?!! (i think gold is probably definitely going to feature!) that’s a great idea – I’m thinking of second hand books as paper wrapped in string and tartan ribbon so maybe if I find a tartan I love, I can also carry that through to the confetti. Great suggestion, thanks!

  7. OK

    a) I must get up to Scotland again soon, it IS the most beautiful country… and

    b) confetti…. the canons are great and I would definitely consider getting maybe 4 or 5 for some killer shots (I have a link I will send you!) but I think for the actual ‘confetti moment’ you want stuff people can throw… the bigger the better too so it really shows up in the photos. Bright colours always look good in my opinion. One of my other brides just bought lots of different brightly coloured tissue paper and cut it into rectangular pieces, then put handfuls into little sweetie bags. Was lovely! She did get her maids to do a lot of the cutting to be fair… excellent delegation.

    Loving the whisky bottles idea and how tied in to your family that is… also how drunk your family are going to be for the next 8 months!

    Could Vinnie LOOK any cuter??? Argh. Badger had ice cream for the first time last week. Needless to say it was a big hit.

    Finally… I have never had tablet…. and I feel I’m missing out. So please can you save me a square?!

    Paris…. well…. that sounds like a lovely idea. 🙂

    Catch up with you both sooooon. xxxx

    1. Morning Claire!

      I really didn’t even consider glitter canons as being a real possibility for me…send me the links please!! I need to make this happen! Tissue paper is a great shout…I love the stuff anyway, I always have a thousand sheets in my cupboard as it’s just so bloody handy (& all my presents get wrapped in it…I think it’s way prettier and much more delicate than wrapping paper!)

      I totally need to work on my delegation skills! Maybe I could make it a Friday afternoon in the office job?! Everyone pitches in when it hits beer o’clock – we’d probably be done in an hour, how efficient…!

      Ha, whisky is in the blood in Scotland (well round my parts anyway), it will be a tough job for them, but they’re certainly not going to let anyone else go through the hardship of drinking the bottles down to empty 😉

      The ice cream was hilarious – he couldn’t believe his luck! He did get so overexcited after that he ran around like a maniac and threw a bit of it up, but that’s not talk about that.

      I will source some tablet, just for you, even if we don’t have it as favours at the wedding! Everyone needs to try that sugary treat at least once!

      Finally, Paris is always a good idea!!!! xxxx

  8. Hi Danielle,

    Apologies if some of my suggestions have been mentioned before but half way down the comments I was already up to three things to say so thought that was probably enough or you’d never shut me up! 😉

    1 – Confetti – For our wedding in 2012, I got little tracing paper envelopes and this really nice bio degradable confetti from ebay and filled an envelope for every guest (about 85) I know some people didn’t use theirs though as they wanted to keep a souvenir! Our confetti shot is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself)

    2 – Colours – I was the same as you, I didn’t want a ‘scheme’ but I didn’t want it to look messy either. In the end we chose neutral base colours and then pretty much every colour in the rainbow was used as accents which worked well. I wasn’t strict on the actual shade of the colourful elements so it didn’t look too forced. I reckon the colours could be somewhere you could bring the Scottish-ness in subtly too (I’m sure someone else has said that!)

    3 – Someone used to work with has a scottish husband (Clare actually shot her wedding in Scotland and did an amazing job!) and I think they went with shortbread as part of their favours too…

    4 – I love the glittery stag idea!!

    And enjoy Paris!!

    1. Hi Laura! No apologies needed, I am loving all the suggestions, and could listen to them for days!!!

      It’s really helpful to hear about your colour scheme. The only big choice I’ve made in terms of colours so far is the bridesmaids dresses, and they are all neutral so we will very much be able to play with colours. This post has been really useful though because I think I have cemented in my head that I definitely want accents of gold glitter, so I’ll play with that, and add in colours as I see fit. Eeeeek!

      Ahhh I love Claire’s Scottish weddings <3 shortbread is another great idea – my mum worked at the Walkers shortbread factory as her first job. On her first day the guy told her that if she broke any of the meringues she'd get into trouble and get the money docked out of her wages, so they told her the best thing to do is to cram it in her mouth and eat it if she broke any. Of course, they broke all the time (& she totally wouldn't have got into trouble at all)! To this day, she hates the sight of them…might get those as favours 😉 x

      1. You can’t go wrong with gold glitter in my professional opinion 😉

        Neutrals, golds, with Scottish-y colours would look really beautiful!

        That’s so funny about the meringues, those kind of personal stories and touches are what will make you guests remember your wedding… you should do a special one for your mum to spare her! Haha!

        Good luck with it all and I’ll echo the ‘you can never start too early’ on the DIY… it took me a year! But I was pretty obsessed 😉 x

  9. Hi Danielle,

    You should pop in to paperchase, they have some seriously fun glitter wrapping paper at this time of year, you could use the heart cutter on them for your confetti. I think they usually have glitter card in the paper section too! ALL the glitter!

    Best of luck!!


    1. Hi Jill…paperchase is my kryptonite. I try to avoid it at all costs for the sake of my bank balance, however….a wedding is an excellent excuse, and I shall go wherever all the glitter is. Thanks for reminding me!! xx

  10. Picking up on your love of books…I am making confetti cones using pages of one of my favourite books. My fiance and I both love Iain Banks so want to use one of his books to make our cones. And I also really want gold glittery ribbon on my bouquets!!

    1. Iain Banks, great choice! That’s a lovely idea. I’m so in love with old books though, that I’m not sure that I could bear to tear them apart! My attachment to books is a bit OTT! Gold glittery ribbons look so great on bouquets, right? I think one of the first images ever pinned after getting engaged was of that! x

    1. I think by the time the wedding rolls around, I will hate confetti and be seeing it in my sleep as the confetti project has begun and I now realise how much work DIY’ing it is!!

      Vinnie is the cutest frenchie in the world…but I am incredibly biased, so you can’t take my word for it!

    1. Hi Felicity – I need to go watch your wedding video! I love watching Papertwin videos so that I can get excited for ours 🙂

      I started making our confetti bags last weekend – I love the tutorial that you linked to, so pretty and what a clever idea. Here is the one that I am following:

      There is glitter EVERYWHERE and I am going to be punching out confetti for months!!! So glad I have started now 🙂 x

      1. Papertwin are awesome. I’ve no doubt they will capture all the little details (dog and glitter included!)
        The glitter bags look gorgeous but I’d definitely recommend doing any wedding DIY away from animals! xx

        1. Hi Felicity, ain’t that the truth. Luckily I have an upstairs which he rarely goes, so that’s where all DIY will be carried out! x

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