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Danielle & Scott: The Final Stages

Hello RMW lovelies… FOUR MONTHS TO GO AND I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! AHHHHH. Now that it’s April, I feel like I am in the final stages of wedding planning.

Stage 1: initial excitement and frenzied bookings of all our wonderful suppliers
Stage 2: a bit of a lull, do nothing but think about everything
Stage 3: revisiting suppliers, nailing down the specifics, DIY projects and ALL OF THE WORK…

I already know it’s all go, go, go from here, so I am hoping that I manage to find the balance between enjoying wedding planning and taking some time out to just be a normal person with a normal life.

I know everyone always raves about the benefits of Pinterest when planning a wedding, and I have found it amazingly helpful, however, my most favourite resource has definitely been Etsy. I have always been a fan, favouring buying birthday and Christmas gifts from there for the past few years rather than large high street stores, but since wedding planning it has been a total goldmine. I love the favourite function as, like Pinterest, it allows you to create a mood-board of things that you love and could potentially work into your day, based on these favourites, Etsy also gives you suggestions of other shops that you might like – and they are normally spot on! I also love dealing directly with the artists/shops as they are just so creative and passionate about their offerings. Here are my favourite purchases:

Whilst writing this post I looked back at my to-do list back in August to see how much (or how little of it) we have achieved… Since then I have decided on hair and make-up artists (and had my trials!) and have of course put down a deposit (and started the bespoke process) on my dress – woo hoo! We also registered our intention to marry and have the license to say we can legally do so (!!!) Our registrar was absolutely bananas and I think wanted to marry Scott maybe more than I do (she kept telling him he looked more like a “sexy George” than a Scott, ha), so these are all excellent steps towards marrying…

Of course there is still a million and one things for us to think about, not least deciding on our food & wine menus and the fun things like reception drinks and canapes…

Also as you will know if you read my post back in January, we have also sent out our invitations, which were received with such delight from our guests. We have also received all bar a small few back with RSVPs in the affirmative (wooooo!) On the return postcard, we asked our guests to tell us two songs they love to hear at a wedding which have already found their way to our wonder DJ pals to help them put together their eclectic and awesome play lists for the day – everyone has taken their song choices very seriously and it has been so much fun receiving them back.

Scott is still finalising his and his groomsmen’s outfits and one piece of advice I would give you here is don’t let your husband-to-be make you think that this is going to be an easy task! He has purchased, tried on and returned more outfits than I care to talk about and that takes time – so factor it into your planning! He probably has it slightly harder because he’s not going down the bespoke/tailored route, but still…it has definitely taken a lot longer than expected to get sorted.

So, as the ultimate fan of to-do lists (it’s the most satisfying thing in the world being able to score things off), here’s what’s remaining on ours:

  • Scott to finalise his outfit, groomsmen outfits & Vinnie’s dapper attire
  • DIY projects: confetti + confetti bags, place name “favours”, general room décor (please let’s not talk about how we haven’t even started this…)
  • Decide on London bakery cakes (link back to cake table blog) to purchase for our cake table of joy (& sugar)
  • Wedding party thank you gifts. I’m leaving Scott entirely to his own devices for the boys, our incredible mums I am pretty stuck on (any suggestions?) but for my lovely gals, I have been scheming and have come up with something that I think is perfect! I can’t wait to give it to them (hiyaaaa ladies!)
  • Various dress fittings for my bespoke dress from Wilden Bridal.
  • Decide on accessories – hair, jewellery and shoes.
  • Hen & stag do’s! We’ve both left these completely to our respective guys and gals. I couldn’t be more excited for mine…one thing I have learnt though is that my friends will never be able to lie to me because they can’t keep a secret to save themselves HAHA.
  • Finalise song choices & vows for ceremony and send back to the registrar.
  • Buy Scott’s wedding ring (or get him inked, soz mums!)
  • Visit Grace & Thorn our florist to discuss flower ideas, colours etc.
  • Meet with the Londesborough to discuss & agree décor, timings, food & wine.
  • Playlists for our drinks reception & for during dinner.
  • Style our cake table, finalise décor, table plan & other various décor pieces.
  • Stationery from Ellie(ellieday_illustration on instagram): evening invites, order of service, place cards & menus.
  • Table plan (ha, that will be fun!) + finalise on the day headcount.
  • Final balance payments (this will be the very, very worst $$$ but hopefully also the very, very best!)

PLEASE tell me if I am missing something obvious?! There still seems to be an overwhelming amount of things to tackle and do…all whilst living life. I have to be completely honest, since having a wobbly over the fact we have to pay for something that is already where we need it to be (oh hi there unnecessary wedding expenses that people always tell you about!), I have done nothing wedding related for about eight weeks now…after a super organised start, I rather think I might be a last minute bride after all. Uh oh.

Until next time my lovelies,

Danielle xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

23 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Final Stages

  1. Sounds like you have most things sorted to me.
    I am on wedding countdown – my big day is a month today! I’m praying the weather is this good on the day – its beautiful sunny day here in Wales.
    I am also off on my hen party TODAY – I bet your girls will have organised you a great one.

    I’m like you and panicking that we have forgotten something but think I have all the major things covered. I’m fully expecting the day before the wedding to have an ‘uh oh’ moment when I realise something has slipped my mind but from reading RMW blog the comments from the brides are always ‘dont worry if its not perfect’ and thats what I intend on doing!

    1. Hi Carly! I know the weather is so beautiful here in London too today 🙂 fingers crossed it holds and lasts for you…and that you have a fun and stress-free final wedding planning month!

      How exciting that it is your hen do today!! Do you know where you are going?! I hope you have the best time.

      I agree, I fully intend to just let go and not care about the small details on the day…although I had my first wedding related nightmare last night (probably as a result of ignoring the fact we’re getting married recently) where on the morning of my mum and myself were basically running around with no make up, hair, dress or flowers, ha! x

  2. Sounds like you have most things sorted already 🙂 How about your photographer though? are you having a pre-wedding shoot?
    I’m going through a pretty similar panic at the moment, making a million lists, only 44 days to go!!

    Good luck with the rest of the planning!

    1. Hi Heather, glad you think so! I certainly don’t feel organised anymore…especially since I have been ignoring all things wedding for weeks now, eeek.

      Yes, we already had our pre wedding shoot – I posted about it a couple of months ago on here. We went to Paris with our photographer Claire Penn – lots of fun!

      Thanks – and to you! x

  3. Hi lovely! Your decorations look gorgeous, and that looks like a fairly satisfactory to-do list…just make sure it’s colour co-ordinated! For your cake table (I am a MASSIVE fan of these), just thinking for some added charm you could maybe contact Eat My Cake London? Contrary to their name, they focus namely on biscuits but they do some incredible designs, and I was just thinking it’d be something a bit different! Hope this final stage goes, I’m so excited for you!! xxx

    1. Hi Ellie, haha – I’ve got the coloured post it notes to make a start on table planning!

      Thanks so much for the recommendation, always appreciate them. I’m going to go check them out right now! The cake decision is proving so difficult to make! xx

  4. Hi Danielle! Phew I was glad to read your post today – we are at the 9 weeks to go mark (well, 9 weeks on Saturday) and I TOTALLY get the three stages of wedding planning! I’m glad that it’s normal to still have quite a bit on the to do list…!

    Your list looks great (might have added a few things from it to my own list…!) and I’m sure everything will come together perfectly in glorious stokey! Lots of love xxx

    1. Hey Pippa,

      I always get so frightened when I look at how many weeks it is to go, arghhhh. SO MUCH TO DO!

      9 weeks though, eeeek. How are you feeling about it all? Organised, or flat out?!


      1. Oh lord I know! Hitting the single-figure-number-of-weeks has been a bit scary! It’s a combination of sorted and flat-out – but we’re feeling surprisingly calm about everything, even the bumps in the road 🙂 We have some awesome people on team wedding though – my mum, my dad, our friends hosting our reception, our suppliers and my girls, so I think it will all come together! I’ve found the last three months seems to be all about ‘decision’, ‘action’, ‘decision’, so we are powering through – I’m sure you will too!! Xxx

        1. The bumps in the road sure are curveballs, right? I’ve been dealing with some other massive changes in my life, so wedding planning hasn’t been my priority lately (which adds to the stress) – I’m off to Barcelona next weekend and then my hen a couple of weeks later…I’ve given myself the deadline that after that I am BACK ON IT!!!

          Good luck with the next couple of months, sure you will rock it – and hurrah for great teams! I have one of those too, and so thankful for it! xx

  5. Congratulations on all you have planned so far! Can’t wait to read about your day!

    Have you considered personalised cups for the mothers depicting your names & the date of your wedding – Emma Bridgewater has some lovely designs – or maybe less well known designers on Etsy

    Or vintage brooches – I’m considering this over favours or button holes for the ladies in the bridal party

    1. Hi Laura, what a lovely idea! Thanks so much! I love giving gifts like that…an every day reminder of a lovely thing…off to have a browse on etsy now (I do also love Emma Bridgewater – so pretty!) x

  6. wow! I’m in a planning nightmare at the moment and have no idea what I’m meant to be doing… Have 5 months to go… I have my registrar, venue and food sorted, dress ordered, make up and hair booked ready for trials soon, have bridesmaids dresses, have photographer, sent all invites including evening, got our first dance song, booked the cake… What now?? Argh!

    1. You sound pretty on it Natalie! I think sometimes it just seems overwhelming because there actually is SO much to do. To do lists are my best friends…I also have an epic spreadsheet which I break down into tabs.

      I’ve started a weekend one putting in everything I have scheduled over weekends (because it’s the only time I have for wedding related stuff) and what tasks I should have completed by which weeks.

      It has really helped me stay on track and given me a visual reminder of how I am getting on. The problem with ignoring all things wedding lately though is that my tasks are building up and up and up and my weekends are going down and down down…not great for my sanity haha. x

  7. Completely agree on the point about underestimating how long groomy might need to sort his outfit haha! Ours was a long and drawn out process and ended when we least expected it at an outlet store on Mother’s Day.
    We are now 7 weeks away and I’m having the same ‘have I forgotten anything’ panic moment. In true project manager style (that is my day job!), I wrote a verrrrrry long list of every task and then sub-divided it into weeks, to give me an idea of what needs to be completed when. The aim is to keep the last week fairly free for any unexpected tasks and also some relaxing (this is definitely a pipe dream and will never happen but I am trying my best to fool myself into thinking it will be blissfully calm!). The idea for the relaxation days came from a blog (maybe this very blog…not sure) about a couple who kept three days before the wedding completely free and treated that as their cut off point- anything that wasn’t done by then just didn’t matter. BRAVE!
    This week-by-week task list also has all the things that need to be taken to the venue the day before the wedding and everything that needs to be set up on the day of, so hopefully nothing crucial will get missed.
    Sounds like you’ve got it pretty much covered, so good luck with the last few tasks!

    1. Haha India “long and drawn out process” is one way to describe our groomswear experience too…I cannot wait until that part is over!

      I’ve done exactly the same thing with a week by week task list. It’s a great visual reminder of what I need to do and by when. As I said though, considering I have been ignoring the fact I’m getting married later, the task list is increasing week by week whilst those go down, arghhhh!

      Maybe I should become a project manager…!?

      Good luck with the next 7 weeks – (the biggest wedding cliché of all time coming up!) – it will fly by! Enjoy every moment of the day xxx

  8. Sounds like you will both have a wonderful day!
    We are at 4 months to go too and we only started planning/booking 2 months ago. The only issue is that I haven’t found a dress yet! So hopefully will find that on my next London trip and then it’s just the little things that need finishing and paying for!

    All the best to you both and congratulations!

    1. Wow Frankie! I sometimes think wedding planning in a shorter space of time like you is the way to go…sort of like ripping off a plaster haha (can you tell I’m pretty disillusioned with it at the moment?!)

      But seriously, we had sorted most of our big stuff within the first 6 months and then had a massive lull of doing nothing but thinking about everything…sometimes I think that headspace time is more of a hindrance than a help…having less time would mean going with your gut more.

      I wouldn’t worry about the dress – you will get it all sorted! As I’m getting mine made for me, I still haven’t seen it in any sort of dress form and surprisingly I’m not panicking about it at all!

      Good luck with everything and enjoy it! xxx

  9. Oh my gosh, we are getting married on the same day as you and your blog always makes me realise how much I have to do!! You sound so organised!! You are right though, I have been thoroughly enjoying my second stage lull and now I am making lists of things I need to do but not actually doing anything!!! Will start as soon as I’ve finished this Easter egg!!xx

    1. Honestly not feeling it Amy!

      How exciting that we are date twins 🙂 like you, I’m enjoying the easter eggs and ignoring the to do lists. I figure we have everything in place to allow us to get legally married & somewhere to party in, so everything else is just “fluff”. Fun fluff, but fluff all the same!


  10. Blimey Danielle, you sound super organised…think you’re right on it. We’re getting married at the end of August and I am kacking myself about putting it all together!!!! I keep convincing myself, I have loooads of time but then I realise that this is a complete and utter lie and end up in a big flappy frenzy!!
    The stages really made me laugh. I have just been through the Stage 2 ‘meh’ phase where I couldn’t actually bring myself to do anything but then suddenly, this last couple of days I’m back on it. Heaps of DIY stuff to do which is giving me proper full-blown nightmares.
    We haven’t even sent out the invites yet (everyone had a save-the-date so that’s something I guess!)
    You look like you have everything pretty much in place…it will all come together, I’m sure!!
    I’m glad you’re a list-fiend too! Only way I can keep track (keep writing new ones though that only slightly update the last 10 that I wrote the day before..)
    Good luck with the rest of the planning. I keep swinging from ridiculously excited to frozen-stiff terror in a matter of moments but whatever happens it’s about you two and love and happiness and all the fluff won’t seem so important : )
    H x

    1. Hi Heidi!

      It’s reassuring that you think I sound organised because I really don’t feel it!!! I need to get my head out of the sand and back into planning mode. Life just keeps happening, however, and I have had so much on and to deal with, there just isn’t time for it.

      Still – 17 weeks to go (arrrrghhhhhhh!!!!)

      Good luck with the rest of yours! xx

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