Danielle & Scott: The Moment It All Felt Real.


Hi friends! So first things first…we are now officially on the t-minus one year countdown!!! Something about that just makes the wedding feel so real, like it’s actually going to happen and isn’t just a crazy dream! Whenever people talk to me now they tell me how the time will fly by before I know it. Simultaneously terrifying and exciting all at the same time! Scott & I are really trying to just fully embrace the wedding planning journey and not get swept up (& away!) with all the things we could be doing.

That being said, it’s probably easy for me to feel relaxed about the whole thing as I’m a raaaather organised gal. As I’m sure many of you have spied, we have our photographer sorted – the amazingly talented Claire Penn (the first decision we made, and we’re absolutely sure it’s going to be our best one!) We also have a very special engagement shoot planned with her and despite not being naturals in front of the camera we absolutely cannot wait – it’s going to be epic and I can’t wait to share it with you all on these here pages.

danielleandscott 1danielleandscott 2danielleandscott 3
A couple of months ago we also had a family outing (Mum, Dad, Bridesmaids, dog, Scott…the whole brady bunch!) to see two of my favourite florists and decide which one to pick for our wedding flowers. Flowers are one of my favourite things in life so I was super excited to choose the ridiculously incredible Grace & Thorn to help us realise our florally vision (big, wild, colourful, thistly). Every time she posts a new picture on instagram I need to have calming words with myself – her creations are just stunning. She is also a fellow dog lover, and whilst that totally didn’t impact on our decision (I swear), I can’t help but feel the love.

We have also done all of the following:

· Booked the registrar

· Decided on guest list

· Proposed to our Bridal party (on my side there were many tears! I personally think I had it harder than Scott as I had to propose four times!)

· Hired out the whole boutique B&B across the road from the town hall (easiest wedding morning ever…drink champagne, get pampered, walk across the pelican crossing, marry the love of my life)

· Decided on wedding favours (something we hadn’t planned on having due to budget constraints but the other day I thought of two of the greatest, not-at-all costly ideas and I am running WILD with them!)

· Trying on and purchasing (!!!!) beautiful Bridesmaids’ dresses

· Booked our evening entertainment – a photo booth, of course. (I’m quite concerned I am going to spend all night in there pulling funny faces and ignoring my guests…)

· Decided on our wedding readings (as a massive, massive book lover with years worth of scribbled quotes, this one was so easy for me)

· Sent out our amazing Saves The Dates to far away friends & family, designed and printed by our beautiful friends Ellie & Craig (they are seriously talented and I plan to share more about our stationery at a later date) as well as planning our whole stationery suite with them. We are so thankful to so many talented friends who are pulling out all the stops to be the best, most helpful (& involved) people ever. We love them!

· Made a wedding website (which is yet to be shared, but it is there, and ready with lots of helpful information!)

· Thinking, dreaming and trying on of all the beautiful wedding dresses…what a beautifully surreal life experience.

danielleandscott 4danielleandscott 5danielleandscott 6

So whilst we are pretty organised, and on track, there is still an awful lot for us to consider and do.

· Decide on hair and make-up artist (help a girl out here?! Any personal recommendations?)

· Put my deposit down on my wedding dress!!!!!

· Help Scott decide on Grooms, Best Man and Ushers-wear (and most importantly, Vinnie’s choice of bow tie…)

· Pick our wedding menu – The Londesborough is great in that we get to offer our guests a choice of 3 starters and 3 mains courses on the day, but Scott & I still have to make the decision which 3 starters and 3 mains we are going to offer from a rather large selection (it’s a hard life, but someone has got to do it!)

· To cake or not? We are toying with the idea of having a dessert bar with contributions from friends and family, but since so many are coming from afar (we have a truly international wedding party arriving from Scotland, France, Canada, Austria, Qatar & the Bahamas as well as well as the slightly more neighbourly locales of Basildon, Birmingham, Cardiff, Farncombe and Redhill…men of the Bridal party, I hope you are taking notes for your speech!), it might not be practical for them to bake us something sweet, so we may pick a big delicious cake from one of our favourite London bakeries…or just have no cake?! Any attending guests out there reading and want to help a sista out?! Holla!

· Wedding rings (I suppose? Am I the only Bride that is really not bothered by this? Surely my engagement ring is the star of the show? Scott has thought about getting his finger tattooed, which I know isn’t for everyone, but as a tattooed guy anyway, it could really work – and be super romantic in my eyes. I should probably stop saying to him “but what will your second wife think?!” though…)

· MUSIC. Obviously very important for both of us considering our passion for it. Our choices have to be perfect.

· Décor & DIY projects: bunting, paper lanterns, fairy lights, balloons, origami, everything covered in glitter?! There are so many options!!! Luckily for me one of my Bridesmaids is an interior designer and another works for a company which do beautiful window and other displays for many major department stores and brands, so I feel like I have won the Bridesmaids lottery (and I shall state for the record right now, the reason I picked them is because I love them, not for their talent…honest!)

· Send out our actual invitations (and cross our fingers that we are able to invite everyone that we really couldn’t imagine getting married without)

· Figure out how to record our day without hiring a videographer (as much as we would absolutely love to, our budget will just not stretch that far, boo!)

· And then we have all sorts of wedding admin to tackle nearer the time like giving our notice of intention, seating plans, cleaning my engagement ring, thinking about whether I need to have a beauty regime (do I?! I’m a hopeless girl sometimes!), buying the sparkliest wedding shoes that I can find, and hopefully having a super fun hen and stag do (although we both intend to leave that in the very capable hands of our Bridal pals)

So there we have it – I think we’re on track (as long as we start tackling the DIY elements of the day now!) Am I missing anything extremely obvious or important? Please shout at me if so!

We’ve been having so much fun doing it all, with my personal highlights being Bridesmaid dress shopping with my lovely ladies, dreaming about stationery with Ellie & Craig (it makes Scott & I feel incredible to have such involvement and enthusiasm from our friends & family), and finally, FINALLY getting to try on wedding dresses with my Mum (there were tears!) <3 such a lucky lady. Until next time my lovelies, Danielle xxx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

42 thoughts on “Danielle & Scott: The Moment It All Felt Real.

  1. Oooh! All sounds awesome, love your save the dates!
    I have wedding ring advice…. Initially I was not bothered abut then realised it was the only part of the wedding I would wear every day for ever and ever……We went with the brilliantly named ‘Goldfinger’ ring makers. The chap brings all his stuff to your house after work and we chose what we wanted over gin and tonics. He makes them just for you so they are 100% individual and although he used to be a Hatton Garden jeweller, because he doesn’t pay rent for a shop anymore the rings are cheaper! Bloomin marvellous. x

  2. Love the post, Danielle. And my oh my, you are SO organised, very different to my ‘errrr, what?!’ approach! That is soooo much stuff done and organised, as well as planning on what else you have left to do! Slightly scary considering we are getting married on the same day…! You’ve already picked bridesmaids dresses too, so well planned, we haven’t even decided on a colour scheme!

    Have to say I agree with you on the cake. It’s the main thing I’m 1. Not really fussed about and 2. Can’t bear the thought of spending loads of money on.

    1. Hi Lauren! I bloody love lists!!!! People always tell me how laid back I am about everything…but the only reason that’s the case is because I can’t handle being stressed so I am a total planner haha. I basically plan to get to January and then need to do absolutely nothing regarding our wedding apart from drink bubbles at every opportunity and perhaps have a facial or two!

      I’m so excited about the bridesmaids dresses, they are AAAAAAMAAAAZING.

      To make you feel better…I don’t actually have a colour scheme or decor plan yet either…I’m planning to wing that one! xx

  3. Woop! You’re storming ahead. Can’t wait to hear about your stationary – I’m a complete stationary nut!

    The wedding ring point is interesting, I get what you mean about your engagement ring being the star – nobody says you have to have one, and I reckon you should do whatever makes you happy. It’s a bit different for me as I can’t wear my engagement ring to work (infection control), so I want a wedding ring I can wear there.

    I also totally get the tattoo idea. It your marriage – do what you want!

    1. Me too Victoria! I could spent hours (& all my money) in paper chase! Feels so special that we have a friend making ours though – so lovely!

      Wow yes I would definitely want a wedding band if I couldn’t wear the engagement ring on the day to day, but for me since I have my engagement ring, the wedding band is really just a formality . Nice, but with all the other expenses involved in a wedding, an unnecessary financial burden to add to the budget! Maybe we can sort it a few years down the line 🙂

      I think the tattoo is so sweet I think but I know it definitely wouldn’t be for everyone (& I can already picture my mum’s reaction ha!) x

  4. Arw, I love the post. Having got married 2 weeks ago I am now reliving all the lovely planning through the weekly updates on here. As someone super organised myself who did lots of DIY projects I’m loving how much you have done already. We planned ours in 7 months, so now it’s the what am I going to do with all my time stage! (But I probably should finish making the thank you card before I worry about that! 🙂
    On the cake side, we went for cheese, went down sooooo much better than wedding cake!

    1. Hey Emma, congrats on your wedding! How does it feel to be married?! We have thought about going down the cheese route (as someone who is definitely more savoury than sweet, this really appeals to me!)

      What DIY did you do? I am always looking for ideas and inspiration! x

      1. It feels exactly the same, which I suppose is a good thing after 8 years! The cheese went down really well, and personally I found the tasting far more fun than wedding cake tasting! I made invites, salt dough wedding favours, napkin rings, place cards, centre pieces (there was a fish theme so centre pieces were mini fishing rods with wooden fish) and hopefully soon thank you cards. Felt so good seeing everything all come together on the day, knowing it was all really unique! X

        1. Wow Emma, that all sounds amazing, and so unique! It must have felt so satisying seeing it all together coming on the day.

          You make a good point about wedding cake and cheese cake tasting…obviously I should do that for “research” purposes, even if we don’t have them in the end! It will be excellent for the wedding diet…(that is nonexistent) x

  5. Just popped onto the RMW website and saw your faces! Haha I forgot you guys were doing this.
    Blog looks great and Vinnie is safe and well hanging out with Hector as we speak 😉 xxx

    1. Hi Freya! The Vinnie & Hector friendship is my favourite thing!!! I think I’ll be picking him up from you next Wednesday so hopefully I will get to see you then! xxx

    1. Hi Ellie, aww thank you! I really hope it all comes together how I imagine it in my head! Thanks very much for the recommendation – it’s appreciated! x

  6. As a lover of lists too I’m loving this post 🙂 sounds like you’re very organised! I’m so intrigued about your favours…. Any clues to what you are doing please?? I’ve been going mad on Pinterest looking for diy/ not costing an arm and a leg favours! Also we had the same issue about videoing our day – we have found websites where you can actually just rent videocameras and between you are your guests shoot the say yourself (I have a very responsible uncle that can take care of the ceremony and speeches and first dance) just as an idea 🙂

    1. Hey Kirstin, I am an utter wedding blab…I think I have told everyone EVERYTHING I am planning so far, so there is going to be no surprises on the day (apart from the dress…I am going to try very hard to keep that one quiet).

      I’m going to keep one of the favours very very secret but the other one that we are planning on doing is books as favours. I studied english at uni and love books (& pretty words!) so very much, so collecting second hand books is such a fun task to have in the lead up to the wedding. Especially since I have been collecting ones for specific people – so much fun! We’re probably going to wrap them in tartan and twine, for a little nod to Scotland.

      Great idea about the shoot it yourself. We’re so lucky in that our friends and family are keen to be involved, so I’m sure one of them would be happy to take on that role. I’ll put the feelers out!

      When is your wedding? x

      1. Ha yeah I am the same – far to excited about all the different parts of the wedding, resulting in me telling everyone everything! Our wedding is 27th of May next year…. https://www.jasonandkirstin.co.uk you can check out our wedding website, it may ask for a password its wedding2010 😀

        1. Kirstin, you did not tell me you are getting married in Scotland…(& are potentially a fellow Scot?!) – and in the kingdom too! It looks amazing…loving your saves the dates idea and your own seal too. Amazing! Might just RSVP for my place now 😉 x

          1. Oops Danielle I wasnt even thinking about details of my wedding more oozing over yours!! Yes I am a fellow Scot indeed! And getting married in the beautiful Balbirnie House in Fife. Oh thank you we are just about to send out our save the dates and I am ridiculously excited. So where about in Scotland are you from then? x

            1. Hoorah for Scottish lovelies! I loved sending out our saves the dates – it made it feel so official (plus sorting out the guest list, as difficult as it is, was such a relief!)

              Where amn’t I from in Scotland?! Born in Elgin, lived in Aberlour when I was wee, went to school in Aberdeen, moved to Edinburgh for uni, and spent a loooooot of my time through in Glasgow for gigs (where all my aunty & uncles live too!) before finally moving to London! Whenever people ask i gauge whether they are actually interested before giving them the long answer – normally I just say Edinburgh because it’s where I chose to live and call home and I really love it so. How about you? x

              1. My job today is posting off the last of the save the dates!! Soo exciting 😀 and yes such a relief finalising the guest list! Oh that’s crazy… One of my really good friends lives in Aberlour and I have been up a few times! Love it up there. Well yeah I’m the same, from a small town, Auchterarder. Went to uni in Dundee then moved to Edinburgh for a few year and now living just over the bridge but still working in Edinburgh – which I love! Wow small world eh!

                1. No way Kirstin – whenever I tell people about Aberlour they’re normally like “oh Aberdour?” it’s amazing up there. Wish I could go more often but it is so far away from London, especially when you don’t drive!

                  It’s a very small world indeed. I bet we even know some of the same people – Edinburgh is so small, I feel like I know everyone within a 10 year age range of me haha.

                  1. Yeah I love it up in Aberlour too! My really good friend thats from there also lives down south tho so dont get to visit up there that often!

                    Haha yeah I bet we do have friends in common! x

  7. I love lists too. Somehow even though I love lists I’m still not mega organised though, or maybe I am just not up to own high standards.

    The only thing I love more than a lists blog post is a whats in my bag post. Ultimate voyeurism! Are you going to have a bag on the day? I’m on the fence about it. But lipstick/lipbalm is essential…..

    1. Ahhh Summer, that is a GOOD question. I feel really weird whenever I go somewhere without my bag…I don’t know how I will cope not having one. Definitely on the fence about it too (I guess our bridesmaids can be bribed into carrying the essentials…or we could always buy a wedding dress with pockets ha!)

  8. Hi Danielle,

    First of all Congratulations! I’m having my Fri afternoon, bored at work, so let’s hit RMW session and love some of the ideas flowing here! I’m getting married in Feb 2015 and people keep telling me I’m being too organised, but I prefer it that way (hyper-organised, lists to keep track of lists etc)- I want to be able to sit and breathe and just soak up the pre-wedding atmosphere in the months leading up to it! We also share the wonderful Claire Penn and I can’t wait to see what she does with the photos- hopefully having some vintage style polaroids as well, and photo props and a photo ‘I Spy’. Not sure if I’ve become a bit obsessed with photos but as a lasting memory I want as many photos of everyone as possible! Cake-wise we’re going with the ‘bake off’ idea- mainly because I love baking and like the idea of multiple options! Anyway, lovely to get some ideas and feel excited alongside other brides- we’re off bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend, I have no colour scheme (venue too full of colours to have just one) and no style preferences so we’ll see what happens! x

    1. Hi Julia, how exciting! I can’t wait to see your photos from Claire…she is such a dream. That’s exactly what I want too – to be able to enjoy the run up to the wedding with as little stress as possible.

      I love the bake off idea…it’s so fun & personal. Good luck with the bridesmaid dress shopping – I loved doing it with my girls! I was like you with no colour or style preference, I just wanted them all to feel awesome! x

  9. Got completely distracted by the sewing machine – is that yours? gorgeous!

    I haven’t got to the point where I can get the BMs together yet, they’re all over the country and one is having a little person very soon so not sure how I’ll be able to get it sorted, more to consider though!

    Beauty regime is also an interesting one – where to start?

    so pleased that the plans are all coming together! xx

    1. Hi Debs…it isn’t, it’s the very wonderful Charlotte’s at Wilden Bridal! Her studio is what dreams are made of!

      Yeah, the bridesmaids thing is difficult…mine are split, 2 in London and 2 in Scotland (but one in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh), so it isn’t the easiest. Luckily my Scottish contingent are wonder pals and do visit quite often.

      A beauty regime gives me a total headache. All I know is that I am absolutely, 100% not going on a wedding diet…I’ve never understood wanting to achieve something that isn’t attainable for the rest of your life (without super human determination and willpower…I like crisps and wine far too much for that!) x

  10. Hi Debs…it isn’t, it’s the very wonderful Charlotte’s at Wilden Bridal! Her studio is what dreams are made of!

    Yeah, the bridesmaids thing is difficult…mine are split, 2 in London and 2 in Scotland (but one in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh), so it isn’t the easiest. Luckily my Scottish contingent are wonder pals and do visit quite often.

    A beauty regime gives me a total headache. All I know is that I am absolutely, 100% not going on a wedding diet…I’ve never understood wanting to achieve something that isn’t attainable for the rest of your life (without super human determination and willpower…I like crisps and wine far too much for that!) x

  11. Wow lady… organised MUCH? Impressed! Loving Grace & Thorn and planning to stalk their instagram for daily oohs and aahs. The Save The Dates are just perfect – Ellie is a talented gal. Rings… yeah I see your point. Doesn’t have to be expensive though – Mr P chose his and it was exactly what he wanted, a thick titanium band which cost him all of £20 from Elizabeth Duke and it STILL looks brand new almost 7 years on. It’s indestructable! Personally I love the tattoo idea for Scott, I think that’s perfect. Well, lord only knows what you’ll have done by the next instalment… world domination I suspect… 🙂 Absolutely beyond excited for the engagement shoot and cannot wait to meet you both finally! xxxx

    1. Haha Claire, I really truly do intend to spend from January next year onwards with my feet up drinking champagne to celebrate our upcoming nuptials…and maybe a little bit of glittery DIY. I can’t do stress…it turns me into a maniac!

      Grace & Thorn are so incredible – I cannot wait to see what they do with the space. You need to help me decide whether my girls should wear floral crowns or have bouquets!!! They love the idea of floral crowns…but equally they love pretty bouquets, so the decision probably won’t be made by any of the 5 of us, ha!

      Ellie is incredible…we are so lucky to have her! She spends her time illustrating in between jet setting around the world (she is cabin crew for a glamorous transatlantic airliner!), so meeting up with her to chat stationery and exotic destinations is AMAZING fun!

      Mr Penn has it sorted…I kinda feel like that’s what I’ll be doing with my ring! Although the tip from Tash at the top of this entry is excellent – I’ve already had a look at Mr Goldfinger’s website, and it looks wonderful. Any man that brings sparkly things and drinks gin is welcome in my house.

      I feel sick with excitement when I think about November <3 xxxx

  12. Being just an outside observer, I really love reading your blog 🙂 Been looking forward to this instalment!
    I agree, Claire is a perfect choice! I can’t trumpet enough about her. She’s not only talented, she’s also awesomely lovely lady!
    All your passion for your planning really pours out of the page here. I don’t think I detected any notes of stress (at least not yet) and as you’re well organised (I wish I was!) and well ahead in all your planning and prep, I don’t think there will be any huge stress 🙂 Sounds like you’re going to have an amazing day!! Enjoy your exciting time, don’t forget to kiss and hug a lot and maybe, just maybe the time doesn’t go too quickly!

    1. Ah Marika, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It has made my day 🙂

      I have not had a single moment of stress so far, I have just completely surprised myself by how much I have thrown myself into wedding planning. I have always loved planning parties, and travel and other fun things, so I suppose it’s not a huge departure from that!

      Most of all though, I am super stoked on marrying Scott (with everyone that we love with us), so even if everything all ends up going wrong, it will still be amazing, I am sure (I’ve never had a truly horrendous night in a pub ;))

      When is your wedding? I bet your planning will all come together soon! x

  13. I know i’ve told you already but I enjoyed this post so much! Your organisational skills make me feel like less of a freak, us hyper organised types need to stick together!

    I love the idea of a tattoo for Scott, it seems so “him” – a natural choice!

    As you know I’ve already pledged my willingness to bake some treats if you do go down the dessert table route – I think we could put together a super cute arrangement if a few of us London guests pull together and bring a few things each. Cheese and biscuits/savoury snacks are always an absolute winner though to soak up the bubbles 🙂

    As always i’m super excited for the big day and the rest of the planning process <3 x

    1. YES HANNAH!

      Plus with your dresses, you can eat all the food & it will not a problem (but perhaps wear a bib…me and you both!). I’m so excited about the thought of putting together a dessert table…it’s such a fun option – if we do a dessert table home made, then perhaps Scott & I can find some money in the budget to buy a ridiculous good cake of cheese. I know a man in cheese (& he is a wedding guest too, hoorah!)

      You have been our number 1 cheerleader from day one, hoorah for you! <3

  14. omg reading this makes me feel ill i’m all like “yeah its a whole year away” but you are so organised I’m starting to panic

    1. Haha don’t worry, I’m abnormal when it comes to planning. I hate feeling stressed, so I just do things as and when I think about them so that I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. I’m pretty decisive too, and I have strong ideas about what I want and don’t want, so that makes it easier. Everyone plans differently! I’m currently on a go-slow and not doing much of anything apart from eating copious burgers and thinking about whether I should start a wedding diet (I’m not going to). x

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