I LOVE this.


It makes me want to wear some kind of spangly turquoise eyeliner whilst languishing idly in a field strewn with daisies.

Sarah at Leafy Couture has created some inspirational florals for your viewing pleasure, and I might be biased, but there is nothing like a bride with a fresh bloom or two to decorate her barnet if you want to evoke the whole bohemian chic vibe.

And there is ombre. Oh yes. Dippy hippy waves with purple bits on the end – I definitely want me some of those.

Combine all of these luscious locks with Jodie Smith’s make-up skills and James Melia’s photography and we’ve got ourselves a Pintrest phenomenon.

Enjoy folks.

Sarah from Leafy Couture: The flower girl Shoot- a rocking, hippy flower girl shoot- the concept was to play with flowers and hair to move to a more deconstructed  relaxed look, to inspire brides and to showcase different looks with hair styles and flowers.

The floral concept of the shoot was to show brides and their maids how to wear flowers in their hair whether to go for a full on floral crown, a daisy hippy boho vibe or to add a delicate ethereal feel.

The first flower look for the model was a full on floral crown of Heaven roses, wax flower and green hydrangea, it was complimented by the delicate waves Jodie had created. This look was all about big, bold drama lots of romance. It has a feel of pre Raphaelite women with the models flowing hair but with the modern strong make up it nods to a more modern Lana Del Ray too.

The next floral look we wanted to go really delicate, a fragrant circlet of rosemary, bright blue cornflowers, rosemary and ruscus. The feel was more boho, more floaty and hippy. It would suit a barefoot bride or a festival inspired bride.

We then added florets of white hydrangea to the models hair to go really floaty ethereal and delicate, very sophisticated and elegant. It added a touch of romance to the funky hair bow Jodie created.

The floral corsage created with vibrant lilac scabious, green hydrangea and foliage is a great idea for brides who want to wear flowers but want to incorporate them in to a more dramatic hairstyle, it was teamed with a relaxed textured bouquet.

The epitome of floaty, flowers in your hair relaxed vibe is the daisy chain, we updated this idea by using chamomile, scabious buds, rosemary and pittosporum.  The models hair was combed out with floaty waves, tiny plaits and little daisy heads weaved in. Perfect for the hippy 1970’s inspired bride with flowers in her hair and bare feet…..

The last look we created was for a festival rock inspired bride, Jodie added purple hair extensions and an amazing waterfall plait, we brought our the colour with a floral necklace of scabious and clematis.

I love this for a real rocky festival feel, showing that you can be yourself on your wedding day and bring your personality through.

Written and styled by by Sarah from Leafy Couture

Hair and Make-up – Jodie A Smith

Photography – James Melia

I can’t decide which one I like best to be honest.

Loving the chunky plait with delicate hydrangea bundles…but then I am also partial to the tumbling surfer chick plaits and flower crowns.

Any take your fancy?

Big Deconstructed Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

22 thoughts on “Deconstructed.

  1. I sooooooooooooooooo want long hair again!!

    I am in love with the bow and tumbling waves!! And the eye make up!
    And the purple hair tips. And I just want it all on long hair.


  2. Hold the press……I think I’ve found my wedding hair style!!!! I simply must have the big hair bow! It is perfect -I love it! 😀
    Thank you for reminding me why I am growing my hair & why when I go to the hairdresser’s next Tuesday I should not just get it all chopped off!!!

  3. Oh I want my blonde hair back!!! Boohoo!! Plaits and waves never look as impressive without gorgeous highlights! I love the plait that swoops from left to right across the back of the head, so simple yet so pretty. Also loving the side fishtail style plait with the blousy pink flowers. I wish I was the kind of person who could pull of the hippy look. I just look like I’ve regressed back to the dressing up box…or maybe it’s all about the confidence?

  4. ps. am loving all the boho/hippy flowers in the hair and the cute dipdye ends but not quite sure they fit with old hollywood glamour/Art Deco decadence/cocktail party feel I’m going for!! 😉 xx

  5. Look at her beautiful beautiful eyes people! Piercing I tell you.

    There’s just so many gorgeous hairstyles here that my heart is pounding ten to the dozen trying to take it all in. Flower necklaces, daisies threaded through teeny plaits, ombre shading and hair bows. EEEK!

    If I really really really had to choose – then it’s the backcombed hair bow do with the white hydrangea.

    Utterly divine.

  6. eyes! eyes! eyes! eyes! eyes!


    @Rebecca – loved it too but I look like a fat Lady Gaga enough as it is without a hair bow. You must rock it though!!! xx

  7. @Karen – ha ha, you do not look like a fat Gaga!!!
    Fingers crossed I can rock it! although not quite sure my thin hair can make the bow….hmmmm….the hunt for a natural light blonde hair bow begins……..!

  8. I WANT that hair bow in my hair! Also like the purple endy bits – did anyone see this month’s Marie Claire for an alternative version of how to do that effect? Apparently at one of the fashion shows (can’t remember which designer) they used chalk on the ends – it looked really effective, I was surprised!x

  9. @Karen – what mirror have you been looking in?! don’t be ridiculous! You would be a gorgeous gaga!

    @Lou – I saw the chalk thing in Marie Claire, was very tempted to have a go (!)

    Seriously, I would LOVE to see a bride rock a dip-dyed do.

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Pretty please can we have a breakdown of the eye make up products used in these shots?! Her eyes are STUNNING!

    Also? I want hair like that every day.

    I’m not too demanding. Sometimes I’ll do it myself.

  11. I loooooooooooove the plait with the hydrangea!
    But I am biased as I had something very similar but with hot pink Gerbera when I got married in July.

    I wish I could have my hair like that everyday!
    x x

  12. Ooooooooo how lovely is this, I also love the make up. My hair seems to dry like this if I leave it then just spray a bit of fudge spray in it sort of messy wavyness, so I am going for a more polished version of my usual hair for wedding day I think.

    Ive eyed and eyed the flower crowns as I love them but after seeing this I love the white flower’s dotted through the hair its beautiful and I think I may need to pinch it 😉

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