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In an age where video seems to be taking over, it’s difficult to remember that your TOV is still key. From your website to your social media, to the emails you send out, it all comes back to the written word, and it can truly take your business to the next level. 

Through having a voice that is specific to you, you become instantly recognisable. Your TOV can set you apart and allow you to connect on a deeper level to your audience. Tone of voice isn't necessarily about what you say, but more about the way you say it. Selecting a tone of voice that is relevant to you is very important - ensure you portray yourself in the way you wish to be perceived. Within the wedding industry, we can be fun, lighthearted, positive, and incredibly engaging, but we must also remember this can be a challenging time for couples so maintaining a professional approach is key for instilling confidence and authority. Consistency is key and your tone will grow and develop over time -  it is something that will become entirely second nature and synonymous with your brand.


The way in which you communicate can seriously impact how people interpret you. We all make mistakes, but those grammatical  and spelling errors will be noticed, potentially looking as though you don’t care enough about what you’re putting out there for future customers (or indeed existing) to see. Through a unique voice, you can demonstrate how competent you are in what you do, and also develop a sense of trust and familiarity between you and your potential customer. Instaling apps like Grammarly into your software can really help you if you don't feel 100% confident.

The written word is still as influential as ever, they say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, when you’re selling something, it can only say so much, and that’s where your actual words come in. Descriptive language is incredibly persuasive, and can entice a customer without any picture being needed; if you sound confident, knowledgable, and engaging, this in turn reflects on you, and your brand/business.

getting it right

Your tone of voice is key to how you would like to come across to your desired audience. It should be a complete reflection of your brand, what you stand for, and your values.


Brand guidelines are incredibly useful but they do not define your identity - colour palettes and fonts are not expressive in a way your tone is. Who are you? What are you trying to achieve? Who is your desired audience? What brands resonate with you and why? What is it about their tone that is engaging? 


Your website is where you can have a little fun! It is the perfect place to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you would like to come across. It should be a complete reflection of your brand, what you stand for, and your values. Your copy allows you to convey this message, whilst also being lighthearted (if that's you) and a perfect example of the person/people behind the site. Within the wedding industry, we spend a lot of time working directly with people, and so it is different to simply ordering a product, more often than not we are offering a service, and people want to know not only if that service is worth the monetary investment, but who is it they are going to be potentially spending a lot of their time with. Let your brand's personality shine through your copy. 

Did we mention consistency yet? Whether you're speaking on the phone, through your emails, or on Instagram stories, your customer should know it is your business they are speaking to. Test it out on yourself. Imagine you're the customer. Read your website copy, watch your stories, check back through emails you've sent. Is your tone consistent or do you have some gaps you need to fill? Are you enigmatic? Do you want your brand to sound enigmatic? Consistency doesn't have to mean bland. 

Your tone of voice can be a super fun thing to develop, and it’s never too late to change it up, or try a different style. It’s just about finding a balance between engaging your future clients, and remaining professional whilst ensuring you center the integrity of your brand and it remains recognisable throughout. If you stay true to who you are as a company, and how you wish to be seen, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect tone.  

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Written by Rock My Wedding

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