There was once a time when dahlias were just never used in wedding flowers. I know - what dark days they must have been. But luckily for us, as the wedding industry has become much more open, stylish and creative, wedding flowers have followed suit too. They are such a versatile flower, coming in all sorts of gorgeous shades and sizes - meaning dahlias can take centre stage, or be used to flesh out a bouquet or arrangement. We're bang in the middle of dahlia season here in the UK, so they are a great flower to use for Autumn/Winter weddings, providing a much needed pop of colour. If you've fallen for the bloom, but aren't sure how to incorporate dahlias into your big day, then here's a little inspiration for you...
Bright & Beautiful Sunset Shades
Fully embrace the colours available to you and opt for orangey tones - these can be paired down with creams and pinks, and blended with darker flowers like chocolate cosmos. Don't worry if the final result feels bright, this photographs beautifully and actually sometimes a pop of colour is really needed in a bouquet. Orange & Coral Dahlia Wedding Flowers // Using Dahlias For Your Wedding Flowers
Dark & Sumptuous
This look is all the rage at the moment, as it allows you to incorporate the flower of the moment - the protea. Think plum and sage green - opt for lots of foliage and purple hydrangea to really fill out your bouquet and arrangements. I'm swooning over the ribbon and pampas grass detail in the bouquet below. And at RMW we firmly believe that wreathes are for life and not just Christmas, so if you want one for your wedding day - then please by all means, go ahead! Deep Purple Dahlia Wedding Bouquet // Using Dahlias For Your Wedding Flowers
Statement Stems
Dahlias are a super pretty bloom with real character - their round little heads or fluffy manes are stunning and should definitely be utilised for creating some gorgeous floral arrangements on the tables. We know how many of you love to fill vases and jam jars with blooms for your tables - make sure you add some dahlias for instant texture. Single Stem Dahlias In Bud Vases // Using Dahlias For Your Wedding Flowers
Golden Glow
Embrace golden tones for your wedding bouquet and it will really shine in your golden hour portraits. Generally I steer away from yellows when it comes to the big day, but this soft golden shade is just too lovely to resist. Golden Dahlia Wedding Bouquets // Using Dahlias For Your Wedding Flowers Are you a dahlia lover? Will you be filling your wedding bouquets and arrangements with this gorgeous bloom? As always, we'd love to know!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Additional Imagery : Ross Talling | Bouquet: 3acre Bloom | Ed Godden | Wreathe: The Little Violet | Installation: Floret
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