Destination Ooh la la.

Destination ooh la la

Rosie and Ben married in September 2012 in the South of France near Thermes Magnoac.

She wore a simple yet detailed gown and he opted for traditional tails. The sun shone down as the guests listened to what has to be the coolest looking band ever…

Destination ooh la la

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Rosie The Bride: I loved the wedding dress in The Time Traveler’s Wife, so I gasped when I tried my Lea-Ann Belter dress on. Although the one in the film may have had more layers I was thrilled with my dress.

Destination ooh la la

Pearls And Roses

I found it really difficult to find a hairband that wasn’t covered in diamantes. I wanted something softer, more gentle to match my dress. I ended up having one bespokely made with pearls and small roses. I also wore my Grandma’s antique watch.

Destination ooh la la

So Comfortable

I bought some nude wedges from Russell and Bromley. Having an outdoor wedding I thought wedges would be the sensible option to avoid any sinking in the grass. They are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn! I didn’t even have to change out of them on the evening.

Destination ooh la la

Gentle Waves

The aim for my hair was to have gentle cascading waves but I seemed to end up super curly. As the day went on it dropped some which looked lovely and almost like two different looks!

Destination ooh la la

Bizarre Blues

Choosing my flowers was more of a pointing exercise as my flower choosing French is not the best! My florist did a great job with the bouques and table centres and needed no instruction. My bouquet was cream roses and lizianthas. The bridesmaids had yellow and bizarre blue roses with Gipsophiilia. The buttonholes were cream roses. For the church flowers and marquee flowers Ben’s mother grew hundreds of yellow, white and blue flowers in the garden especially for the occasion which my mother and our army of brilliant helpers arranged in copper urns and little hanging buckets the day before.

Destination ooh la la

Blue Maids

The outfits for the groomsmen were largely bought and all tied in with colour scheme. My bridesmaids wore beautiful full length blue strapless gowns which looked amazing next to the flowers. They wore their hair in lose side twists and a single white rose for decoration.

My handsome groom wore second hand tails from Old Hat in Fulham, a beige waistcoat, striped trousers from M&S, and a fantistically flowery tie from Liberty!

Destination ooh la la

Good Looking People

We chose Emilie from looking at her previous back catalogue. Not only does she capture the moments and light perfectly, but everyone seemed to appear very good looking in her photos so we hoped for the same! She really managed to capture the relaxed feel of our wedding and we love the images of our guests enjoying themselves.

Destination ooh la la

A Grand Entrance

For the cake, we went the traditional French route of croqumbouche. Lots of profiteroles with chocolate, coffee and custard cream fillings, layered in a thick caramel crust. It got a grand entrance on the evening with massive sparklers and to the music of “Rise of the Valkeryie”!

Destination ooh la la


Entertainment during the day consisted of various garden games like croquet and boules. A firm favourite was Viking which involves throwing wooden blocks at other wooden blocks! Incredibly fun. At night we got the band we’d met on a ski trip to Val d’Isere – The Cheerleaders. Both there and at the wedding, everyone went nuts for them (and wanted to leave their husbands for them!).

Our first dance/sway was to Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine. Perfect combination of nice slow music and beautiful lyrics, as well as the right amount of cheese.

Destination ooh la la

Bunting Bunting Bunting

When considering the decor the main focus was that it should work for an outdoor wedding. We chose navy blue, light blue, yellow and cream as our colour theme. Bunting was a big feature. 300m of bunting was handmade and according to the colour theme, plus additional lace bunting that hung down the drive. We had pom poms and fairy lights in the marquee and lanterns everywhere which set a wonderful atmosphere when the sun went down.

Destination ooh la la

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Photographer: Emilie White
Brides Dress: Lea-ann Belter
Shoes: Russell and Bromley
Groom:Old Hat

Now THAT is a cake! And cutest bride in a sailors hat award goes to Rosie.

I love a blue wedding and the combination of different hues of blue have worked a treat when decorating their venue and the 300 meters of handmade bunting looked spectacular draped from the old oak tree.

Also, excellent tip on getting wedges if you’re to be an outdoor bride! Make sure you check out the gallery, there’s a cheeky bum squeeze photo and starry starry night gorgeousness.

Any body else planning an outdoors wedding this year?


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

20 thoughts on “Destination Ooh la la.

  1. This post has reignited my long extinguished appreciation of bunting. I think it’s the sophisticated hues and appropriate setting – it just works. And Rosie’s hair looks fab – sorry girls I’ve a new muse in this bride. No return to the ways of the ginge for me.

    These are the best photos I’ve seen for a while. That shot from the back of Rosie in the doorway is exquisite. I chose my photographer based on the fact she manages to make everyone look like models too. And the croquembouche! Camp, Overblown AWESOMENESS. Super wedding.

  2. Where are the bridesmaids dresses from? I’ve ordered some almost the same from Debenhams for mine…. but just wondered where these are from as they are lovely.

  3. I’ve admired Emilie’s work for a while and her glorious photos of Rosie and Ben’s wedding are a brilliant testament to the way she captures all that gorgeous light.

    Feasting outside in the sunshine under the trees is one of the best ideas I’ve seen for a while – only in the South of France eh? And that band is one of the coolest, most relaxed groups I’ve seen…ever.

  4. What a gorgeous dress, I love the detail at the back.

    I am also considering using blue in my colour scheme and really like the different shades used with the yellow…might have to steal 🙂

  5. Oh that dress! I gasped when I saw those photos as she is going through the door. even from the back it looks stunning! Oh how envious I am of that south of Frnace sunshine! The portrait shots with the sun coming through the trees are divine! The whole wedding looks so much fun and so relaxed, I would love to dine uner those trees.

    Philippa! Ginge is the way togo I tell you.

  6. @Philippa – I know I should have been admiring the outdoorsy decor (which I was by the way…..) but I too have been somewhat distracted by Rosie’s arms and back. She chose the PERFECT dress to show those luscious limbs off.

    Charlotte xxx

  7. Oh and where did she gether headband made? I fear I may struggle to find something to work and Rosie’s looks gorgeous!

    haha! Triceps! As much as I coulc mock you for picking that one muscle out, I would kill for arms like that…

  8. Yes, Rosie’s arms and back are incredible! what a beauty!

    @Sophia – I will try and find out about the bridesmaid dresses for you.

    @Stef – I’ll also see if I can get some info on the hairband for you 🙂 Very pretty isn’t it!

  9. Utterly gorgeous wedding! I adore ALL of it, especially the wedding dress and photography. I’d love to know where the bridesmaid dresses are from too! x

  10. Rosie – your hair is beautiful! I’d love mine curled but last time I did so the curls were way too tight. Reading this has made me think it could work if the curls loosen up like yours 🙂

  11. The sash on the dress is gorgeous!! Does anyone know of any websites that sell similar sashes as i’m looking for one just like it??

    Thanks xx

  12. I absolutely love your wedding dress. My daughter is looking for something very similar. Could you possibly tell me where you bought your dress from. We won’t copy I promise but something similar would be wonderful. Her wedding is in Mallorca and the dress would be absolutely perfect. Hoping to hear from you. Eileen Madden

  13. I absolutely love the style of this wedding. We are searching for a venue just like this ourselves in the South of France – is this a property that can be rented?

  14. What a beautiful wedding! We are just looking for a venue just like this, relaxed and beautiful! Where is it and what is it called!

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