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Destination Wedding Inspiration

I am currently sat shivering in a cosy cardigan with the heating on full blast. Brrr. It’s got me dreaming of sunnier climes, beautiful olive groves and crashing waves. Basically anywhere that isn’t not so sunny England at the moment.

I am extremely excited that next year I get to attend not one, but two, foreign weddings. One beautiful forest wedding outside Berlin and one amazingly fun Spanish Fiesta outside Madrid. I cannot wait. There is something so wonderfully exciting about boarding a plane to watch your nearest and dearest get married.

The possibilities for stunning locations and delicious outdoor decor are endless so today we are bringing you a little bit of destination wedding inspiration. Think lake side ceremonies and beautiful vineyard dinners. Enjoy.

Author: Lottie Manns
Cake baker (and cake eater!) extraordinaire. Drawn to all things girly and glittery.

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