Divine Deco and Floral Fantasy.

We love Debbie Carlisle at DC Bouquets. Not only does she design some really beautiful and unique accessories for your W-day, she takes meticulous care and the utmost pride in every element of her work.

And she’s like a ray of sunshine when she walks into RMW HQ, arms loaded with pretty stuff with us to play with….and that’s why we chose Debbie to collaborate with us on the new RMW exclusive boutique (coming soon!)

Debbie’s new 2013 collectionDivine Deco and Floral Fantasy” is exactly what you would expect, delicious headpieces, cuffs and sashes in a range of styles from the subtle and delicate to the statement and decadent, she really does endeavour to cater for every type of bride and their individual requirements.

Oh and there is a garter – a shimmering, sophisticated and ever-so sexy one. Feel free to purchase and wear at every available opportunity.

Debbie Carlisle: I’m really proud of the new 2013 collection and the way my style has developed since the 2012 collection. While there are definite similarities in texture, style and tone you can also really see how my style has moved one – with some bigger statement jewellery pieces, more emphasis on floral fabrics and texture, and my first use of flashes of warm colour and some pretty ice cream parlour tones.

Working on my own collection is one of the best parts of my job – it’s a real chance to flex your creative muscles and really express yourself, as well as being a bit of an exciting but slightly nerve-wracking gamble!

You never know for sure if your collection will work with the new 2013 gown designs or even if your vision fits with the way brides see their on-the-day look – but I’d rather push a few boundaries than keep my collection ‘safe’ or predictable.

When it comes to my own personal style I love delicate feminine fabrics and beading but I’m also a bit of rock chick at heart with a real thing for sparkle and drama – and I think my new collection reflects that. There’s a very definite divide between the sparkle and shine of the Divine Deco pieces and the more ethereal style of the Floral Fantasy pieces.

On top of my own personal style the collection was also influenced by Lana Del Ray – the floral designs were partly inspired by her delicate yet dramatic look while the sparkling Deco pieces were inspired by the distinctive old school glamour you can hear in her voice.

While I was working on my own collection I was also invited by Rock My Wedding to collaborate with them on some exclusive accessory designs for their new online boutique. I was so proud to have been asked to work with Charlotte, Adam and Lauren – and really excited to be designing for Rock My Wedding brides who share my love for gorgeous accessories with a fashion-forward edge!

During my brainstorming design meetings with team Rock My Wedding we discovered I wasn’t the only one with a bit of Lana Del Ray obsession – which also helped to inspire two very different, but very Rock My Wedding, headpiece and cuff designs. Just like my own collection, the RMW collection features some floral fabric elements as well as some super-sparkly options – and I can’t wait until we can share our collaborations properly with everyone!

Debbie’s new range starts at a very reasonable £25 for the Violet Cuff to a more luxe £215 for the Hattie headpiece with everything in between, you can be sure to find something lovely to suit every budget.

To see even more images go visit the DC Bouquet website (NB: We won’t be held responsible for any effect this may have on your bank balance.)

Big Floral Fantasy Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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