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So, DIY Devotee has come back out of retirement! We hope you’ll give her a warm welcome back.

Truth be told I was getting a bit weary and losing the faith, wondering if in fact any of our dear readers actually used or liked DIY Devotee. However, with a recent barrage of DIY weddings, more than a few totally rocked up with DIY inspiration from these very pages, I decided it was time to bring her back. Here’s a little round up of things I’ve seen and liked, from me to you.

Making Magazine

Magazine Whore that I am, this was an exciting find to share with you all. Purchased in Charlotte’s local Tesco’s, Making Magazine is full of quirky little projects for the crafty amongst you, including sections on living (home decor), kitchen recipes and even clothing patterns. I was particularly taken by the origami lantern on the front cover, imagining it in all sorts of florals and patterns as hanging decor for a DIY affair.

One such project in this issue was a Truffle recipe perfect for DIY chocolate favours. Yum. I’d certainly recommend you keep a little eye out for it when you’re browsing the rails and have a flick through to see if there’s anything to inspire you for your wedding.

Martha Review

How could I return to DIY Devotee without Martha? In fact I’m not sure we’ve linked to one of her projects since featuring her DIY Poms tutorial, but she has some amazing little makes to share and here’s a round up of my favourites…

For a fresh take on the cupcake tower, plus a playful nod towards the traditional wedding cake, how about this cupcake stand?

Photo booths are staying popular but how about moving away from the vintage slant on the idea and taking the trend to a fresher, more whimsical level with this swirly backdrop. Super Sweet 🙂

Use your super cute Page boy or flower girls to run around with these gorgeous flags announcing various parts of the day. These designs include cake cutting and your arrival at the reception, but you could make your own messages… ‘Have you signed the guest book?’ or ‘Dessert Table now Open!’.

My favourite of the lot? This amazing little Save the Date DIY. Also a great prop for an engagement shoot or on your wedding day!

Vintage look-alikes

Lastly, I stumbled upon this little idea. For those of you who have fallen in love with all things vintage, there’s a few different ideas around using vintage hankys for printing invites onto, or even writing guest messages onto with fabric markers and making a pretty quilt afterwards. Of course all that depends on finding the hankies or splurging on Vintage look designs. How about using this little Hanky Love Letters downloadable from Eat Drink Chic for guests to write you a note, or with a little customisation, even save the dates or invites?

As always readers, let us know if you’ll be pinching any of these and I’ll look forward to seeing them on our pages in a few months time!

Yours Truly


PS We’d love to see your DIY ideas and triumphs! DIY contributions can also be submitted for featuring on the blog – send your ideas and emails to wedding related or otherwise!

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

23 thoughts on “DIY Devotee


    I’m not entirely sure I have the strength to sit and cut out 22.06.13 100 times. Maybe it would be easier if you were getting married on 1 January 2011 and you could do a bulk 1 set?

    Those Save The Date’s are some of the best I’ve seen yet.

  2. Glad your back im at the stage now where i want to get sticking and gluing and cutting and baking and everything else DIY to do with our wedding!!! Keep it coming i need all the inspiration i can get 🙂 xxx

  3. I must admit I am secretly quite proud of my DIY invites and I have had some lovely comment on them when they returned the RSVP. The other major DIY project is the flowers – my mum is growing pot plants for the tablecentres and I am doing the bouquets and buttonholes. I love the fact that they will be so personal and I am actually really looking forward to putting them together!!

    Only 98 days to go!!!!

    Donna x

  4. Oh yay! I am glad this is back too! And thanks Rebecca for linking to the Pom Pom post! I was googling just such a tutorial the other day and the ones I found weren’t as good as this! 😀

    Off to buy some tissue paper this weekend and get started on our garlands!


  5. Keep up the DIY posts Rebecca, they’re really inspirational! I have grand plans for DIY at our wedding…but with 4 months to go I’m yet to even get a pair of scissors out. Must.get.cracking. x

  6. Hooray! Glad you all like!

    Rebecca, you should so do the STD – they’re insanely good. Are you having 200 guests? Don’t forget you only need one STD per family (which can be several people less than expected) rather than per guest. Cuts the workload and or cost!

    Donna – Boy have we got a treat for you next week 😉


  7. You guys must be psychic – only last night did I think “I wish DIY devotee would come back on RMW” and here you are like two fairy godmums making my wish come true!!!
    Cheery Friday love 🙂

  8. Love diy post- inspiration for the weekend! Am already a fan of Martha Stewart, but seem to find myself spending more time looking at diy inspiration rather than actually doing any…..!
    Made STD’s, invites, a magpie vintage inspired bracelet and a customised headpiece. Going to make my cake topper people(easy?), ribbon wands for my little girls, confetti cones…..the list goes on!
    Might have to add flag to the list now too……………..!
    11 weeks to go! 🙂

  9. Rebecca. We have 180. So not far off!

    Because we’re getting married away from home (remember THAT post) we’re sending out all of our hotel / list information with the Save The Dates (and so I can have my simple letterpress invitations) so these probably wouldn’t work. I still REALLY like the idea though so might try and incorporate it somewhere.

    My local tesco is CRAP. I went to buy the magazine at lunch and it was missing. Boo hiss.

  10. are you kidding?! I love DIY devotee – even if i wouldn’t make the actual thing, its still great for inspriation!

    I’m loving the swirly backdrop, we REALLY wanted a photobooth but the budget just won’t streeeetch that far so I’m thinking swirly backdrop and some props…

    mr is officially stag this weekend so I have a whole 2 days of DIY and wedding prep ahead of me! x x x

  11. I wish I wasn’t rubbish at making things! I was stressing about writing out all the name cards and my mum phoned me up today and has found a calligrapher to do it for me. I’m still pressing ahead with a DIY table plan & order of service though!

  12. Yey! Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without so many diy elements. So much inspiration came from fabulous blogs like this x

  13. Yey, welcome back DIY Devotee! I totally love this, glad you’ve revived it.

    That lightshade is amazballs! I really love the save the date idea and the pageboy flags, although they will have to be flower girl flags for our wedding.

    Can’t wait for DIY flowers next week if in fact the rumours are true! 😉 I need instruction not inspiration for these!


  14. Yeyyyy DIY Devote is back! Thanks Rebecca. Have finally finished my invitations this morning so perfect timing for a new project. I’m defo pinching the flags idea, super super cute! Looking forward to more DIY loveliness.

    PS I want that lampshade! Not sure my efforts would turn out quite so well though

  15. How funny! I have literally just sent out my invites which I made using those hankie-inspired downloads. Loooove them! I am using them for my order of service covers too and my table numbers – beautiful!

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