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This week it’s a short but sweet collection of paper and lace DIY’s from around the interweb showing just how versatile these budget beauties can be 🙂

I’m totally in love with the lanterns as a slightly more modern take on poms – I can see these looking very contemporary with clean styling and a colour palettes of toning brights…

*Orange Yellow and Peach lanterns, Martha Stewart, Doily Bunting,, Doily Table Runners,

For a more rustic affair, I’ve picked out two different takes on doilies. First up, the traditional lace kind, sewn together to make runners – a really rustic vintage addition to tables, particularly long trestles, although I can totally see these re-worked for a round table set up too.

And for what must be the cheapset bunting ever, that still looks really sweet and could be made in any colour, how about using paper doilies strung together in this super simple DIY?

Are you DIY-ing this weekend folks?

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Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

15 thoughts on “DIY Devotee

  1. oooh first comment how exciting!!! I am DIYing, not this weekend but next week boo! Making pom poms to hang from the ceiling, but I’m so going to scope out the Martha lanterns to see if I can make those instead… loving the doilies too- so clever! xx

  2. I indeed diying this weekend. Finishing off our wedding signs (ceremony, parking, the loo etc) for around the farm. Will share how to make them on my next post. These lanterns and lace runners are so pretty!

    Happy Friday everybody!! Xxxx

  3. ok so its not wedding diy but I am planning hen related paper DIY for my bestie this weekend

    mmm paper goodies!

    have a spiffing weekend everyone

    mrs x x x

  4. love paper decor!

    I want to get some of the chinese lanterns for our reception, does anybody have any good recommendations as to where to get them from?

  5. I am indeed DIYing as the H2B is off getting wet at Isle of Wight Fest! Have so much to do and very little time left to do it in (2 months Monday).

    Here is my list:
    * Finish 6 day invites (these are ribbon adorned, linen card pocket fold creations with 6 page info booklet inside complete with yellow swirl that bleeds over each page)
    * Start, finish & post evening invites (a bit less involved than above)
    * Finish table centres. 13 big & 26 small string paper balls dunked in pva and corn flower then wrapped round a balloon and left to dry. Then pop balloon and voila! Then blue hydrangea petals being glue gunned on!
    * Make 39 pom poms (although decided on doing these so long ago and now everyone seems to be doing them, I kind of don’t want to!!)
    * Hamer tin can lanterns. Filled cans with water, frozen overnight, get nice heart, star shaped pattern and Hamer in holes in strategic places
    * Get twigs for table plan tree & design labels to hang. Also spray paint rafia balls (I love Hobbycraft) white to hang on tree. Come to think of it, need to spray the tin cans too.
    * Find that awesome necklace I saw in a wedding magazine & buy stuff to make my one.
    * Find cake inspiration – am making the deco to go on top.
    * Design chair decorations. Am thinking punched hearts threaded onto ribbon & just tied to chair

    I literally have no time left, I’ve got my hen do at Glastonbury in 2 weeks, have to go ooop north for my second hair trial as the 1st place I went literally doubled the quote after the trial & doing all manner of things in between!

    We also have to make favours at some point – was thinking Fudge or Truffles? Fudge seems easier? Also have to devise a wedding pub quiz and there was one stage where I was making the buttonholes on the wedding morning (I’m getting married at 11.30).

    Anyhoo…should get cracking really!!

    Rebecca, say hi to Pete, he told me about RMW when I got engaged & it took me at least 9 months to put two and two together – good job I went into media instead of medicine!!

  6. caroline – are you actual superwoman?!

    take one piece of advice from me and DO NOT make your button holes on the morning of the wedding. just don’t.

    they take way longer than you think and so does getting ready.

    mrs x x

  7. Hi Pete!! You big woman for reading a wedding blog!! Lol!

    @mrsrecyclenow, am not bothering anymore…a lovely florist is doing it for me and am having the most gorgeousest bouquet I can imagine – why must they die 🙁

    And no, I’m not superwoman…again, the flowers die so it seems a shame to spend so much on them. I wish I could have trees like Kate…dream. I just decided, I work in a creative job, I make cards and scrapbooks and at some stage must put all of my gran’s years of teaching me crafty things to good use…I’m pretty lazy, if I get 50% of it done this weekend, I’ll be lucky!

  8. Love these lanterns, they are so stylish I want them in my house as well as for my wedding! A nice take on something that is being seen a lot nowadays.

    Caroline, my DIY to-do list is as long as yours (and includes similar things) and we have about two months too! Just under actually which is uber scary! Wishing I’d started doing things earlier but it seemed so far away in March and April. How wrong I was. And now I have to add making amazing paper lanterns to the list, dam you Rebecca! 🙂

  9. Caroline, I want trees like Kate too but anyone I mention it to laughs and says that everyone will be doing it – like I’d made a joke! hmmmm.

    I’m doing my reception flowers the day before the wedding to save on costs, and because I want to. Fingers crossed I don’t live to regret it!

  10. I too want to make these lanterns and since reading the post have been researching it. Have 460 sheets of tissue paper sat under this computer waiting to be made into pompoms, except now I’m looking for a 5″ round punch (pretty sure they don’t exist) and really cheap 12″ paper lanterns – ditto! Cry.

    I have the headache of having to transport it all from Kent to Yorkshire too and I think the regular tissue paper pompoms are possibly the easier way to go…but damnit I’ll try my hardest to have these ones instead!!

    I thought of a smaller version that could be strung like a garland but couldn’t think of a small enough ball to create it around?? Ping pong balls are light but way too small!!

  11. PS, made my guest book in one weekend – black satin covered (padded) card with a 4 ribbon binding on the back. The pages are like scrapbook pages with our engagement shoot pictures in and punched, sewn, ribboned, glued, buttoned and embellished up!
    Still researching new lanterns – am like Violet Beauregarde!

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