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It’s a well known fact that Charlotte and I are big fans of informal photos at weddings and we both had a way of our own to document all our guests… I went for a Polaroid photo book and asked a trusted friend to go around and take a snapshot of each couple/family which they then held onto, to stick next to their message in our guest book. This was no mean feat however and certainly not very cost effective – we borrowed the camera but film for 80 guests still cost us more then £80. I now absolutely love looking at our guest book though and remembering what everyone was wearing, exactly how they were on the day.

Charlottes take on it was slightly different however and she provided a frame for her subjects, plus a ton of fun props to capture her guests having the wicked time that they did.

So when I saw this little DIY project over on Ruffled I was pretty excited! It’s got all the things I love, DIY, a cheap way to make a massive impact, prints and florals and that fun factor we all need. Plus, even better, it’s the perfect project to give your husband-to-be to get him involved and keep him busy in the run up to the big day!

For the Full how to, and loads more helpful pictures, makes sure you check out the full post on Ruffled. The project was actually submitted by a Ruffled reader in their annual DIY contest and I know there must be loads of DIY-tastic readers of our own out there, so if you have something fabulous you think other brides would like to read about and try their hand at, send us your how-to with step by step pictures and we can share it right here on Rock My Wedding!

Fancy giving this one a try? We’d sure love to see the results!

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Author: Becky Sappor
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17 thoughts on “DIY Devotee

  1. I was just going to use a frame originally….but now…..

    I have just sent this to my man AND my dad to see if I can get one of them to make it for me!

    However as i have already given both of them a lonnnnng list of other things that I ‘need’, I doubt it will be approved. I can always hope though….


  2. Happy Friday everyone!
    I love this idea, I can’t decide which to do at my wedding the prop & caption idea, a photobooth or (as Rebecca) instant camera by the guest book and some glue! My wedding is in South Africa next year and I rally want to do some DIY projects but am stuggling a little bit with logistics & baggage allowance! Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Oooh I love DIY fridays!

    Gemma, if you’re struggling for baggage space I would suggest you keep it simple and go with the book and photo option. HOw about getting a guest to go around and take the images of people (anyone you know with a good slr and a free photocard to dedicate to this?) and then tac photo sized pieces of paper into the book to mark where the images will go saying ‘Your photo here’ so people can write around them. Then go back and stick the image in later.

    It’s definitely the cheapest way to document the day.


  4. Thanks!!
    Both me & my sis-in-law to be has one, and she has a great eye for a good photo too! Its a done deal. (just need to find a lush guestbook now)
    (I just found out my official pics will take about 3months to arrive in the Uk so def need a photoguest book)
    Love DIY fridays 🙂
    This weeks post’s have all been amazing, so thanks muchly girls
    x x

  5. I had all these grand plans for a frame and props, which quickly got downgraded to an instant print digital camera (Fuji Instax I think) but due to my shocking disorganisation we ended up buying a photo frame with a wide mount and asked our guests to write their messages on the mount. We’ll then put a nice wedding photo in there. Best laid plans eh?

  6. I would love one of these! It would fit in really well with the wedding. Definitely speaking to the man about this later! (thinking ahead, we have left over wall paper in the loft, my brother will probably have some spare wood, just need a cheap frame – done!)

  7. love this idea-hhhmm wonder if i can make one that folds in two to transport it…!
    we’re doing the poloroid in guest book idea but found a cheaper way as i sold my poloroid on ebay a couple of years ago (dammit!!) we’re using our digital camera and then printing the pics on one of these:
    you can hook almost any digital camera up to it and the film works out pretty reasonable too (about £15 for 70 sheets) we’re just hoping my other half’s work mates don’t hook their cameras up to it or who knows what kind of photos will end up in our book…!

  8. Just to let you know Rebecca – your customised napkin post from a few weeks back….. I’ve ordered a stamp from the English Stamp company to personalise napkins for a friends big birthday which I’m helping to organise. Thank you!

  9. I saw this too and the H2B loved it! We bought the frame at a carboot sale on Sunday for £2 and he’s getting some wood from work, hopefully we’ll find some suitable wallpaper at B&Q! Love it!!

  10. Love this, I have seen one where a couple made this and they did severall open various frames of shapes and sizes on the wall so that you could get quite a few people in the picture with the heads, hands etc popping out the openings across and down the wallpapered board. 🙂

  11. Love it, brilliant! Its my friends 30th next year and so will send this to her for inspiration!

    We had a photobooth and some props at our wedding and it was the highlight of the evening, we had a queue for it all night and the pictures are fabulous!

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