DIY Devotee… A Verity Special

So this week we have a very special (as requested by lots of you in our impromptu Saturday Survey a few weeks back) Real Bride DIY Devotee. We would love to feature more like this, so I hope this encourages those of you hanging back to send us something in!

Without further ado… the how-to for Verity’s luscious lip and moustach props 🙂

What you need:

Fimo modelling clay – we used black, brown and grey for the moustaches and a sparkly pink for the lips. One pack will usually make two props.

Wooden chopsticks or kebab sticks

Some templates of different shapes

A smooth surface to work on

A knife or other implement with a sharp edge

A bit of creativity and lot of patience!
Get creative!

I used to be obsessed with Fimo when I was a kid. I’d make badges and ornaments for everyone I knew! During our wedding planning, Dean and I came across a few wedding shoots where moustaches had been used (to great effect) and I instantly thought of Fimo. You can actually buy readymade props like this on Etsy, but they cost a fortune compared to making your own and it’s heaps of fun, trust me! Fimo is so easy to work with, we even had Dean’s little boy Chester helping us – he did mini versions for the kids, which were so cute!

I downloaded a template from the Martha Stewart website just to give me an idea of the different shapes we could make. You could also draw your own, or use these photos to base yours on. It does help to have a guide next to you as you work.

For an Imperial style moustache:

Break each Fimo square into two pieces and then warm up one half by kneading it with your hands. You will get some residue on your hands so make sure you don’t have to stop halfway through or you could end up with black marks all over your house!

Once the Fimo is soft enough to model with, start by rolling it on your smooth surface into a sausage shape that’s fat in the middle.

Now lay it down on the surface and make a pinch the middle of the sausage, then turn the edges upwards. The depth of the curve will depend on the style you want to create. Use the back of a knife to smooth and enhance the ‘dip’ in the centre of the sausage. Use the tips of your finger to mould the edges into your desired shape. It might take a few attempts to get the shape right – if you go wrong just squish it back into a ball and start again.

There are a number of ways you can finish the look. Dean made one where he created a ‘hairy’ feel to the moustache using a sharp pin to create lots of hair lines down the sides. I liked using the back of a knife to create wide indents on straight moustaches to create a ‘curtain’ effect. And on the lips, once the shape was complete, I rubbed my finger across the whole surface to create a shiny look, and then used a knife to create vertical lines on the inside edge of the lips. Quite realistic looking I think you’ll agree!

Once you are happy with the shapes, use a chopstick to create a hole in each prop where the chopstick will be inserted. Again, it’s up to you where you put this. On some designs, like the lips, it works better to have the whole in the middle, on others you can put it on the side.

Lay your finished props in an ovenproof dish and bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They will become hard and may change colour slightly upon baking.

Once cooled, attach the chopsticks to the props, using superglue to secure them if required.

Get out a mirror and try them out. If you wind up laughing, job done!

One last tip: be prepared for these wonderful props to go ‘missing’ on the night of your wedding. Many of our friends sent us guilty texts a few days after the wedding saying they’d taken them home, they’d loved them so much. And I know for a fact that our props have been used for at least one hen night and one photo shoot since our wedding. Maybe we should take a few with us on honeymoon…!

Thanks so much to Verity and Dean for the amazing effort they put into this while they were packing for their honeymoon!

Will you be trying this one at home?!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

26 thoughts on “DIY Devotee… A Verity Special

  1. I LOVE fimo! I just made some Christmas shapes and threaded them onto some twine to make card hangers!

    Unfortunately fimo doesn’t love my hands (warming it in my hands leaves me with some very sore palms!) So I’ve learn’t to leave it to warm for a few minutes either by the radiator or on top of a covered hot water bottle, as it cuts down on hand warming time!

  2. I have confession to make. I was a complete Fimo geek as a kid. I used to make jewellery and dolls house food/kitchen items for my sylvanian families (!)

    Our oven was always cooking the ruddy stuff…….

    Love the lips, thanks for sharing Verity 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  3. Urrr….Charlotte! Do you know how collectable Sylvanian Families are now!?!

    I had the house, all the characters and I flogged it in a garage sale when I was about ten. Gutted now! It would have fetched a fortune!

  4. Sylvanian Families were the absolute best. Unfortunately the mice on my parent’s farm thought so too. It was like something out of a horror film, turning them over & discovering that a mouse had eaten their faces….shudder!

    And now they are SO expensive!

  5. Really? You know I swear I did actually read that somewhere, I wonder if my parents still have them in the loft (!). I had the mansion, bakery (?) school, gypsy caravan….

    And about 10 “families”.

    How expensive are they?!

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I spent some time in the Kendals kids department a few weeks ago… looking for my nieces xmas present and I’m sure they were for sale there, but I didn’t notice the price. Have some been discontinued or something?!

    I had some but my sister was the big collector – like you Charlotte she had the works.

    I love how this blog is so random that we’re talking Sylvanian families on a post about moustashes!

    Happy Friday one and all!


  7. Oh my god! First of all so excited about this post! My furry moustache kit just arrived from yesterday and I was planning on backing them with card and sticking on sticks! Now going to try fimo versions too, still remember all the stuff me and best friend Erica made!

    And I just had a huge load of stuff to go through from my parent’s attic in Sept and found my sylvannian families house! It’s now in my attic waiting for kids to play with it again! 🙂

  8. I made these for a wedding we did earlier this year. They went down a treat and now we use them for other shoots. so easy and such fun! I had the grey bear family of Sylvanian Families, even the grandparents, who had walking sticks. I love them!!! x

  9. These are so much cooler than the cardboard/furry versions. And I also LOVED fimo as a kid! I’d forgotten about it.

    Now off to try to sell my Sylvanian Families on ebay. Was looking at them in a toy shop the other week and I didn’t notice the price, but they’re not what they used to be…there definitely wasn’t an elephant family in my day!

  10. Oh my word Charlotte, the Sylvanian Families gypsy caravan!! That was so ace, I’d forgotten about it!! I wonder if mine’s still at my parents too…?

    Also ladies, not a criticism just trying to help, the link in the first paragraph to Verity’s wedding appears to be broken? Sorry if I’m being annoying and you already knew!

  11. Not sure how much the 1980’s ones fetch. They re-released them recently. I know it’s too depressing to look at. I sold mine for a tenner!

    The mcdonalds toy collections are worth a fair bit too.

    I spend a lot of time at antique fairs. My mum is a collector and I have a thing for furniture!

  12. Is it bad to still have Sylvanian Families on display?! I had loads as a kid which are still in the loft but more recently I’ve bought a few babies – including some sleeping sheep, a penguin with a dummy and even a monkey on a tricycle! They’re just so darn cute! 😀 x

  13. Just discovered this DIY section to your blog. I LOVE IT… already married however the makes are ideal for all sorts of celebrations so I’ll be sure to follow these posts with interest!

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