DIY Friday – Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.


I have two DIY projects for you lucky folks today. They are ridiculously simple to create and are quite possibly the most striking and iconic of all the wedding decor that I’ve knocked together in RMW history!

When we released our ballet inspired shoot earlier in the week you lot got yourselves in a right old spin (or should that be a “Pirouette”) about the MAHOOOSIVE golden picture frame and THAT golden garden swing…


King Of The Swingers

So, so, so simple… All you need is a plank of wood for the bench, a drill with a wide attachment (Ooh er missus) some spray paint to tie the swing in with your colour scheme and the secret ingredient… Sash cord.


Why sash cord? well… it’s a bit more dainty than rope and is still very strong – but best of all you can get it from your hardware store of choice and its cheap. I found some in Homebase for £6.00 and FYI similar strength rope in the right quantity was 3 times this price and a little bit… Well… Ugly.


All you need to do is drill two holes. Find a drill bit that is as similar in width to your cord as possible so that when you thread the sash cord and knot it there is no chance of the knot pulling through the whole… You don’t want the swing giving whilst Aunty Maggie ‘taking the weight off’ at your reception.


For our shoot we then made the sash cord even prettier with the addition of florals and ribbon. It really is that easy.

Although I must state at this point that this swing is meant to be entirely ornamental and is not suitable for regular use… No load bearing calculations were done prior to this shoot so please bear that in mind. (You might want to mention it to Aunty Maggie too).

There is only one problem with this swing and that is that once you have created it all work stops while everyone queues up to have a go… Here you can see a fairly exasperated Lolly, hand on hips as the blog queen hogs the swing.


I Was Framed

We love the idea of using frames at your wedding in your outdoor space… but for the ballet shoot we wanted to go one step further and get hold of a single huge golden frame to show how one could be used in your portrait shots or small group photographs.

The trouble is, big frames are generally pretty expensive – so I set about creating one on a shoestring.


I actually created this golden monster out of skirting board, about twenty quids worth – the golden spray paint was only about eight pounds and everything else you need for this DIY demon can be found in your dads shed. Although I’m not sure how many dad’s have a pretty pink set square like me.

Here Is How You Do It

1. measure out how big you want your frame to be and simply use your right angle set square to mark up the corners and cut them carefully with a saw. You don’t have to be massively accurate, as any lines that don’t quite meet we are going to fill and make good.


2. Assemble the frame on the floor upside down and then use some scraps of wood and some super strong adhesive to stick all the corners together. Once stuck flip the frame over check it all over. You can see on my frame that there are some gaps that need filling.


3. Fill the gaps, sand down and then you are ready to spray your frame gold… Ok, I know I had already sprayed my frame gold but do as I say not as I do!!


There you have it… A massive golden frame which is light enough to carry around and will look ace in your portrait shots. I made things really easy by sticking the frame together with glue – of course if you see your self as a bit of a carpenter you can have a go with a hammer and nails but I found the results to be a bit more rickety (if you know what I mean).

I am more of a stick-it-and-go kinda guy.


The frame looked great in our shoot especially when I got myself in the picture…


So there you have it… Are any of you thinking of having some interactive props and decor for your outside space?

I’d love to hear your ideas and if any of you are thinking about recreating this DIY for your big day WE NEED PICTURES!!

Have a great weekend folks.

Adam x

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

14 thoughts on “DIY Friday – Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

  1. Love the swing. I have a DIY related question… do you have any ideas what to do with wedding cards after the wedding.. I don’t want to throw them away nor do I want to put them in a box in the loft…

  2. @Karen you and me both love….one of the reasons I’ve decided to move. Adam can make me a swing as a house-warming present!

    @Victoria – I’ve kept mine in my wedding box but there’s a couple that I really love and so I’ve framed them. I used some of our frames in our online shop RMB which are plain glass so you can see the card from the front and the back. Here’s the link – – hope that helps!!

  3. @Victoria @Lolly – I’ve literally JUST sorted out what to do with our wedding cards…

    I’ve cut a heart out of a particularly pretty section of the front of each one and strung them together with brown string. Wedding card bunting! They look super cute and they’re not hidden away. The messages in each one will be stuck into a scrap book.


  4. I love the swing its such a cute idea… we have a few tree’s at our venue…ummmm I wonder!! Cute picture too, so nice to see the team xx

  5. DIY swings, amazing for photos although I have a feeling we might be seeing some RMW readers feature on ‘You’ve Been Framed’ as a result! haha

  6. @Katy – It’s called Cascade and it’s part of the new collection by Suzanne Neville – it’s so beautiful, make sure you make an appointment to try it on!

    Charlotte xxx

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