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If experienced an (entirely common) miniature meltdown at some point about all the things you’ve still got to do before the big day arrives and panicked ever so slightly at just how much everything costs… Well have no fear. If you’re still unsure about how best to ‘number’ your tables from a decor perspective then we have a beautiful and budget-friendly but oh so fun DIY project for you this afternoon. Enter glitter table numbers.

Actually it’s quite possibly the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…

Let’s get crafting!

What You Will Need:


Cardboard number/s, strong all-purpose glue such as UHU, glitter in colour of your choice, wipeable work surface, wooden spatula or glue spreader.

Step 1 – What’s Your Number?

The first step really, even before you collect all your ‘essentials’ together is to buy your cardboard shapes. I say ‘shapes’ because it really is up to you to choose what would best fit your overall wedding theme. Team RMW opted for numbers for this DIY but you can quite easily get hold of cardboard letters and even shapes (think hearts and stars) too.

We purchased our number ‘1’ from eBay but Hobbycraft provide 8 inch versions from £2.00. Yep folks completely cheap as chips!

How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0001

Step 2 – Now It Gets Messy…

This is where the ‘wipeable work surface’ comes in handy because things are about to become very messy folks. Very messy indeed.

Taking your chosen cardboard shape, you’ll need to apply your super-strong all-purpose glue. I’m a fan of UHU because blinkin’ everything sticks to it and it dries clear but if you find that you’re a Copydex kinda gal or a PVA chappie then use whatever floats your boat.

It’s also worth applying said glue with a glue spreader or in my case an extra large lollipop stick so that you can be sure that the sticky stuff is evenly distributed and to prevent you missing a spot or two.

Top Tip: Only apply glue to one side or ‘face’ of your cardboard shape at a time to prevent the whole thing becoming one giant glue-encrusted nightmare!

How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0002

Step 3 – Get Glitterific…

Now it’s the fun part! Time to get glittery folks!

I opted for golden glitter in this DIY project but of course it really is up to you to choose what colour/s you go for. Gold is always fun and looks uber kitsch when paired with hot pinks and candy colours. Silvers look super sophisticated next to icy blues and midnight shades and I can never say no to emerald green glitzy glamour.

Again we purchased our glitter from eBay but you can pick up bags and even giant tubs in a shade of your choice at any crafting store.

Sprinkle the glitter liberally over your gluey surface; the greater the volume of glitter, the better in my opinion as it prevents any bald spots appearing. Press the glitter lightly into the glue to ensure that it sticks.

Leave to dry.

Once dry shake the number gently to remove any additional glitter.

Top Tip: It’s worth choosing glitter that is composed of different sizes of glitter pieces to create extra impact. If you look closely at our glittery mess you can see that there are both large and small pieces of glitter in the same mix.

How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0003

Step 3 – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.


You guessed it.

Basically repeat steps one and two on each separate surface of your cardboard number…apart from the base that is as you’ll need that to be clean and dry to ensure that it stands up safely.

Top Tip: You’ll need to leave about 5 minutes between repeating the steps above for each side to allow the glue to dry properly. It’s also worth washing your hands to remove any extra glue from them which can pull off the glitter you’ve already applied to the cardboard shape.

How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0004

Step 4 – And then you’re done!

Yep. That’s literally all there is to it.

You’re done.

All you need to do now is to style your glitzy number with the necessary accompaniments on your reception tables. We opted for a neutral candlestick, some blooms and a spotty plate.

Totally lush.

Just make sure that your shapes are visible for your guests to see on your big day. It’s always worth propping them up on a few books or even some sawn logs for example to give them a bit of extra height to make them stand out.

How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0005How to create a golden glittery table number for your wedding table settings and table plans._0006

So just how easy peasy was that?


Will you be trying this at home? Perhaps you’ll spell out the names of you and your beau for your top table? Or perhaps even use it as ginormous cake toppers for a special birthday…

We want to see pictures of your efforts folks!!!

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

32 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Table Numbers

  1. I ordered numbers from Hobbycraft this weekend to do exactly this! We also ordered letters to spell out the word “Sweets” for our sweet bar! Looking forward to getting the glitter out soon to finish the job 🙂

    1. Ellie it certainly sounds like you have got it all under control – your big day will be shiny and glitzy and FABULOUS! Be prepared to find glitter everywhere for the next year…and I mean EVERYWHERE…

  2. We did this last week! A cardboard ‘E & S’ have now been lovingly covered in the most beautiful gold glitter by my long-suffering fiance, ready to sit by our cake table. Great minds clearly think alike! x

  3. Hi Lolly! I don’t suppose you have the ebay link for the glitter do you? I’m wanting to decorate some jars and candles with gold glitter but can i find the right glitter? Nope! Either too reddy gold or too fine! Fingers crossed 🙂 x

  4. I did this for our initials. I used Mod Podge as that not only stuck the glitter down, but you can use it as a sealant as well as using it to add texture. Hello my name is Liz and I have a gold glitter addiction….

    1. Hahahah!

      Oh Liz, you’re a girl after my own heart. Have you ever watched New Girl? There’s this one scene where Jess is having an argument with another girl and she says ‘And YES, I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours’ and that my dear sounds like us all over!

      Thanks for the tip on Mod Podge by the way!

  5. Or you can buy from my shop if you dont want to cover the house in glitter ; )

    But for you lovely DIY’ers (that is how I started my little shop – making my own glitter numbers for my wedding!), these are the fantastic suppliers that I use for my business:

    Chunky glitter –

    Wooden numbers (really nice font) –

    And the same number seller does larger, 20cm versions (and letters too). All highly recommended as they are super fast for delivery and great to deal with.

    Happy glittering!

    1. Forgot to say – click on my name and it will link through to my shop for a world of lovely glittery wedding things! Or if you have any DIY glitter queries give me a shout, happy to help fellow brides on their quest to cover as much of their wedding in glitter as possible : )

  6. I did exactly this a couple of weeks ago too! I had a bridesmaids craft day where we guzzled prosecco and covered everything we could in gold glitter. I used modge podge too and just painted it on like paint! Got totally over excited and also painted my phone case, bedroom mirror and some glasses… You can never have too much glitter in your life, right?

    1. LOVE this Lulu!! Sounds like the best day ever.

      And yes, you can never have enough glitter in your life.

      Fern x

  7. My top tip (as a primary school teacher) is to do the glittering in a tray, keeps everywhere reasonably glitter free. And you can re-use and re-use the glitter.
    I have just ordered some gold glitter to do this for my tables. The only bit of glitter I’m allowed! It’s supposed to be a classy affair!

    1. Excellent tip Clare – I only wish I’d thought of this when I was pulling this DIY together!

      P.S. Glitter can totally be classy!

  8. I made a silver glitter “Mr & Mrs” a couple of weeks ago to decorate our reception venue. An awesome way to spend a quiet wet weekend! I’ve sprayed the finished letters in extra strong hairspray to try and stop all the glitter falling off before my wedding in July.

  9. Hi,
    Can you tell me how much of the 40g you used to do one number? Should I get a bag a number?
    It’s very difficult to estimate how much glitter to buy 🙂

    1. I find one 40g bag lasts about 2-3 numbers, based on a number that is 14.5cm tall covering all sides with glitter. If you are using a tray to catch the glitter in, push the excess that has fallen off into a corner, use a teaspoon to scoop it up and put it back in the bag – makes your glitter last a lot longer!

  10. Love these! We used smaller 99p ones from Hobbycraft at our wedding, and used gold spray paint as I couldn’t find the right colour antique-y gold glitter.
    Just need to find a reason to make some more now…

    1. Ann-Marie there’s always a reason to make some more! Anyone’s birthday coming up? Perhaps you could do some supersized cake toppers to celebrate???

  11. Hi I’m Helen and I have a glitter addition! I cannot wait to do these – we have been really stuck on how to make our diy table numbers and these are perfect (even managed to get the husband to be on board). I have already have glitter shoes so is a great way to get some extra glitter in.

      1. I just bought thin, very small wooden bases at Michael’s and glued the numbers to them to give them a little weight and keep them from falling over. Turned out super cute and stopped getting knocked over, which kept happening for me pre-bases!

  12. Just been having an amazing afternoon making my table numbers. We used some gold heart confetti in the mix – and the comment about using a tray to collect the glitter was inspired. I am so excited to see these on our tables in 3 weeks time! 🙂

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