Doing What You Love.

I’m not entirely sure when it was that I realised I loved to write.

It sort of happened one day, I was bored at work (mundane office job), and got into some email banter with one of my big clients, and it was mentioned then that I should do something with what I have to say about life.

Then I met Mr O. We shared a few emails, and he was drawn to how my personality came through in my words. He is one of these internet/computer boffins, and although I hadn’t heard of such thing as a ‘blog’ he had, and he encouraged me to start one.

So one day I just bit the bullet, and blogged. I had just gone through the bankruptcy process, and so used that as my subject matter. Then I introduced some true tales, funny things that had happened to me that I felt compelled to write about. Then it sort of evolved into an autobiographical tale of my life.

I never imagined my writing would actually get me anywhere in life, my blog is my hobby, my creative outlet if you will, I don’t earn money from it (nor would I want to) it is true to what I always wanted it to be, and that’s just somewhere for me to let off steam. Now here I am, blogging for Rock My Wedding again, having received praise and encouragement from complete strangers, I am doing a job that I love – not many people can say that about their jobs these days!

The reason I wanted to write about my blog today, isn’t because I am desperately seeking followers, but because I have such a love of the written word, and the main reason I write is because of my Mum. You can tell my Mum and I had an amazing relationship, because I speak of her so often in my pieces. The woman was everything to me.  When growing up she would often tell me she was going to write her book one day, and I would roll my eyes, because I had heard that a million times, and she still hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it!

Mum loved that I blogged. She used to share the web link with her friends, and I honestly felt I made her so proud with my writing. It’s a nice feeling when you make your Mum proud.

I used to blog pretty much everything in my life, and when Mum became quite ill, with what ended up being terminal lung and bone cancer, I continued to blog.

I blogged through the distress of caring for her.

I blogged through the grief of losing her.

I took a break from blogging because as you can gather, it was quite a dark place in blog land. I knew no one had been reading, so I had been venting freely. It was what I needed to get me through. I have said it before but writing is so cathartic.

Then I gradually found my voice, and carried on writing from my Mums PC.

And do you know what I found whilst saving my word doc?

A folder, entitled ‘Book’.

And it was password protected.

And I couldn’t guess the password for toffee.

So Mum had started her book after all!

I emailed it to my computer boffin big bro (the Chap who kindly walked me up the aisle) and he cracked it open for us.

And she had written one chapter, which was a story loosely based on her life and it finished just before my big sister was born. No juicy gossip.  Hmmm, slightly disappointed. I think we were all hoping for more skeletons to come out the closet!

Looking back over the 4 and a half years of my blogging existence, it reads very honestly, and true to who I am, and as I said earlier it is autobiographical. I look back through it occasionally, and remember moments I ordinarily would have forgotten.  I have almost every milestone in my life recorded forever, and when William is old enough I can sit with him and show him just how excited Mummy and Daddy were to be getting married with him growing in my tummy, and look back at the memories of him growing up.

My blog always reminds me to cherish the memories and live life to the full. And that’s not a bad thing to be reminded of on a daily basis.


Jen x

Author: Jenny

15 thoughts on “Doing What You Love.

  1. Jenny i <3 your blog! I have been reading it since I found your wedding day on RMW. i am having a purple wedding too and was so excited to read about your big day. i have gone right back to the beginning of your blog and read it the whole way through, you are an amazing writer! you made me laugh cry and get excited for you as big events came along in your life! and i've never been so broody since reading about your pregnancy and seeing pictures of beautiful william, and with only 6 weeks until my wedding who knows what will happen afterwards 😉

    i already do and will continue to tell my friends to read your blog, it always brightens my day!

  2. Cor look at my Jenny Doll! First time I’ve seen her – well done Adam!

    Thank you for all the blog love, I think everyone should have one! Now I’d better go, Wilfred is blowing milky raspberries and has had a poo-splosion (messy) xx

  3. hahaha, a poo-splosion!

    whoever said wedding blogging wasn’t glamorous!?!

    mrs x x x

    PS the jenny doll is supercute as is the real jenny xxx

  4. Commenting whilst on honeymoon… what would The Boy say?!

    I just had to Jenny. I love your writing and I followed you throughout your journey here and I read your blog now.

    I love your honesty and down to earth observations – so refreshing.

    I also love to write, I feel like I can escape through it, but also be oh-so honest… its a bit like therapy really!


  5. I used to keep a diary. All the way through school – I have no idea what happened to them though and that’s a shame, would’ve loved to be able to remember what 15 year old was thinking (!)

    It’s like remembering to get photo’s printed and put in albums rather than “on a disk” somewhere, I love looking through old photo albums, at all the happy memories and celebrations.

    Note To Self: Must make an effort to preserve the memories…

    Charlotte xxx

  6. A really lovely post – you are a very grounded and open person and this does come through in your writing, you have a very warm personality and I am sure that is what makes you a great mum – plus it sounds like you had a fab role model in your own mum. xx

  7. What a truly inspirational and touching piece of writing! Your genuine love and passion is very much visible throughout the whole article! Thanks for sharing, and for being so honest!

  8. Jenny I love your blog! It’s one of the few daily sites I look at when I get a min. It also inspired me to do my own, though mine is a lot of rambling mostly.

    I kept diaries too Charlotte and still love looking back on them, they start when I was 13. I can remember showing Mr M them one night and I felt like he really got to see how I was growing up. It’s funny what you thought were really big issues at the time you can barely remember. One entry is me saying I am only eating pot noodles until I am a size 8!!!! Didn’t happen!

    I read all your blog Jen in a couple of days and it’s so easy to feel like we know you!!
    I am so happy your writing on here too! Espesh with the HK chapter about to start! Willie will love looking back on the stories of your life when he is older.

    Thank you Charlotte and Adam for bringing Jenny back! xx

  9. I love your Jenny doll. My hair’s that colour too so can I steal it?!
    I’ve read your blog since reading your wedding report on here, glad to see you back!

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