Dolly Daydream.

Our final (and I’m guessing favourite for many of you) Dolly……. Madam Daydream. And as much as we can turn our hand to the Rock Star/Pop Star styling I think this is where Rock My Wedding excels – the PRETTY.

There’s no denying that this look has some gorgeous gowns but actually, what we really wanted to show you guys is how to accessorise on a teeny tiny budget. We realise not everyone has a W-day money tree growing in their back yard ( oh and if you do can we come over for tea?) and more often than not the “finishing touches” get left until well, exactly then……the finish. The point at which Mr bank account is flashing an angry shade of red and shouting at your subconscious NOT. TO. BUY. ANY. MORE. JEWELLERY.


Or maybe that’s just what happens to me.


Not just for rockers the William Chambers Camillia headpiece also comes in this more traditionally bridal shade of creamy ivory, perfect if the thought of real blooms in amongst your tresses doesn’t appeal.

The dramatically precious earrings from Glitzy Secrets are exactly the right mix of relaxed romanticism, a steal at £32.00 and the colour-pop coral bracelet is even more bargainous at just £3.00 from New Look.

Let’s talk knitwear. Cute yellow cardigan type knitwear. Perfection for the Spring bride who may want a little bit of a cover up to keep out the chill of the evening air or just to update her W-day look from day to night. Ours was from Oasis where there is a wide variety of other Dolly shades available, we also brought a little retro chic to the ensemble with badges from Rock N Rose which at £1 each, would make immense favours, place setting tags or fun hen-party outfit additions.

When I think of the bohemian bride I automatically think of a more groomed version of festival chic, a gown with multiple layers of soft floaty fabrics and a free flowing dancing-through-the-meadow shape.

This empire line frill number from Ugo Zaldi epitomises that vision for me and a pretty daisy crown ( just £24!!!!) from Rock N Rose is almost the only accessory you need. I say almost, we are a little bit in love with the leather and silver necklace by Samphire at Not On The Highstreet, simple natural materials that really make an impact, £24.00

Dolly Daydream’s bouquet was by far my favourite out of all three looks, and of course it would be, after all I used my own trends for 2011 inspiration piece as a basis for that whole informal and unstructured vibe of spiky foliage mixed with soft feminine blooms. Supplied by Robbie Honey as before.

Shoe Candy

I don’t know about you lovelies but when I think of Dolly Daydream I can’t help but imagine perfectly pedicured bare feet rather than a pair of glamorous skyscraper’s. However, if you would like something more substantial for W-day then the Carmen design (just seen) by Rachel Simpson might be what you’ve been looking for. Kind of retro, kind of strictly-come-dancing but mostly kind of fabulous.

Totally Dreamy

The Claire Pettibone Nightingale gown is on my “if I did it all again this is what I would wear” list. I love the delicate floral applique and the neckline is so feminine and dare I say it…..a little bit sexy. And no this may not be what you had in mind if you want to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge but my wouldn’t you look H.O.T.

For the “underneath the blossom tree” images we paired the Nightingale with a statement necklace, the Starlet Pearl by Glitzy Secrets, inspired by 1940’s old school Hollywood…. besides, who said Boho couldn’t also be glamourama?!

Dreamy Maids

The lovely Michelle at Twobirds Bridesmaid lent us a selection of their maids frocks and my weren’t they beautiful, sumptuous fabric and so easy to wear. Rebecca dressed our Model Serina in about 30 seconds flat, brilliant for the trials and tribulations of the W-day morning schedule…. and did you know at Twobirds one size fits all?

Yup. And they really do too.

Serina is wearing the “classic” design in butter yellow.

And as for our bride model Sylwia, she is rocking a hot pink shock of floral fancy and a cute “come rain or shine” umbrella necklace ( with a teeny “something blue” flower embellishment) both from Rock N Rose as before.

The Dreamy Dolly Beauty

Katy Messer At Make-up By Katy: Dolly Daydream – Not many people would consider wearing a yellow eyeshadow, however, when teamed with a matte white shadow, it totally brightens a look.

The key with a look like this is to clean up the skin and eye area to ensure that it looks as even and flawless as possible, especially taking care to take away any redness around the eyes. The yellow I used was a Models Own Loose Pigment in Neon Yellow, pressed over a matte white eyeshadow from Yaby. I kept the inner corners much whiter to brighten and blended the yellow right up towards the brow. I pressed a Black Cake liner inbetween the top lashes to deepen them and create a clean line. Mascara was kept a little clumpy, especially on the bottom lashes to create a slight ‘doll eye’ look.

The eyes were the main focus so I kept the lips warm and neutral with a Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bellini.

Cassandra Rizzuto at Love Your Hair: Sylwia was as dreamy as ever with her beautiful soft curls to work her Dolly Day Dream look!. With Sylwia I barrel curled her hair with a small and large curling Iron to make sure her curls looked more natural instead of really structured. I used alot of shine gloss and worked my fingers through her hair to soften the curls down and give a high sheen dreamy affect.

The Ultimate Dolly Daydream Style

For me Dolly Daydream is all about the informal, bohemian pretty however, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a glamorous headpiece or statement vintage necklace to your ensemble – mix it up and see what works for you.

Bright feminine hues such as raspberry, lemon and coral thrown together create a relaxed and summery vibe but if that’s a wee bit too much colour pop then perhaps choose one focus colour ( make it yellow PLEASE make it yellow!) and team it with a less showy neutral such as ivory, nude or cream.

I think the key here is to feel comfortable, beautiful and ultimately to feel like “you” – especially on W-day.

And if that’s skipping down the ailse barefoot then you know what?

So be it.

Dramatically Precious Earrings – Glitzy Secrets

Large Pink Flower and Daisy Chain Headpiece – Rock N Rose

Leather and Silver necklace – Samphire at NOTHS

Ivory Camillia Headpiece – William Chambers

Gowns – Frill Layer by Ugo Zaldi and Nightingale by Claire Pettibone both at Blackburn Bridal Couture

Bridesmaids Gown – Twobirds

Umbrella Necklace and “Dolly” Badges – Rock N Rose

Yellow Cardigan – Oasis

Hair – Cassandra Rizutto at Love Your Hair

Make-up – Katy Messer at Make-up By Katy

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Venue – Non Such Mansion

Bouquet – Robbie Honey

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Styling – Rock My Wedding

So lovelies, have you decided what Dolly you are yet?

And has it changed since you first saw the style sheets?

We would love to know 😉

Big I’m Still Daydream But Lusting After A bit of Rock/Pop Cool Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “Dolly Daydream.

  1. Now this is just the pick me up I need on a morning where the sun has decided to hide!

    Love the cardi.
    Love the bohemian, barefoot beauty of it all.
    (I want, I want, I want, reckon if i say it enough times, close my eyes and wish, it may just appear?!)

    Oh and also I have a new found, major love for daffodils this week!

    Perfectly dreamy and delightful.


  2. p.s. I am still a bit of all 3 dolly styles. A little dolly mixture! And having loved elements of all of the shoots I have no intention of trying to fit myself into one category! A little bit of what you fancy does you good! So that would be the grecian leaves headpiece, lime green shoes, LOTS OF FLOWERS, a guitar, the ugo zaldi frill dress, oh and the JP one for later and I wouldn’t say no to the feathery number….ummmm I may need a little help narrowing it down…. 😉 xox

  3. Oh this is so pretty! I am a bridesmaid for my friend in September and we are lucky enough to be wearing Twobirds dresses. They are so comfortable and seriously gorgeous.

    She also got her Wedding dress from Blackburn Bridal. I went with her to her appointment and I have to say they are so lovely in there. Plus they have sooooo many beautiful dresses.

    Loving this look!


  4. So so pretty love the styling
    Cardigan is very cute
    Flowers in hair very bohemian
    I love all the dresses The Ugo zaldi Empire line tier dress is my favorite

  5. I’m with Lynsey-Loo – I like different things from all of the dollies! I would have loved to go with the twobirds dresses but they were a tad out of my budget with five maids! I’m thinking honeymoon purchase…

    mrs x x x

    PS Now don’t take this the wrong way, but I am loving that today’s dolly actually has a proper set of jubblies! So nice to see actual curves for once!

  6. That Pettibone dress is amazing, demure and just the tiniest bit of slutty. Perfection. Is it wrong to order one just for wearing chez moi?

    Or will that make me Miss Havisham?

    I have loved this series, congratualtions to all who contributed. Brilliant.

    Also you can’t beat a good cardy, unless you are The Duchess of Cambridge, that cardy was not good.

  7. I loved all 3 looks but Dolly Pop was my favourite with these daydreamy daffodil ones as a very close second. What a fab day it was.

  8. Love the Nightingale dress and the Ugo was also really beautiful and floaty on. It’s weird but none of the pictures have done the dresses themselves justice in the flesh, if you’re even remotely interested I’d definitely go look at them.

    I was also borderline obsessed with the white camellia headpiece… If I did it all again…!

    On another note:
    20% OFF Code for French Connection for today!!

    Quote: GraziaHS11

  9. Man I love the two birds dresses… That Nightingale dress is an absolute stunner!

    I’m still not sure which Dolly I am, but this shoot is making me think of getting a cardi for the evening bit of my wedding. I wear one practically everyday and love a ballerina wrap style so why not on my W-day?


  10. I love the Nightingale dress, it’s gorgeous! And may I say how lovely it is to see a model with a bit of boob?!
    I think lots of dresses don’t look as good in pictures as in real life. There was a thread over on YAWY a while ago with brides laughing about how truly awful some of the internet photos of their gowns are.

  11. Esme – have you looked at DKNY? – they do this amazing wrap silk and cashmere cardigan in all colours of the rainbow that looks sooooo useful. It coverts much like the twobirds dresses into so many designs… and they have it in coral!


  12. WOW-love this Dolly too  Can’t decide which is my favourite as I love them all! (Not helped by the fact that I’m the most indecisive person in the world!!) I loved Dolly Rock and Dolly Pop but I think this dainty Dolly might have just edged into the lead! Love the dreamy pics-seriously loving the jewellery and the flowers-and especially the cardi! Super work ladies and gent-are there anymore delicious dolls in the pipeline? xx

  13. Wow! Utterly gorgeous. As you say, a HOT look. What a sexy bride! I’d love to look like this for my wedding day photographs – sigh…. alas…. my shape means that I’m more suited to 1950s style. Art-deco is my favourite, favourite but just as well that I like 1950s too!
    However . . ..I can’t wait to photograph a true vintage inspired wedding in our lovely Yorkshire.

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