Dolly Pop… Part 1

Well, Hello Dolly 😉

We said we wanted to inspire you… and by that we mean ALL of you, so we weren’t messing around when we said we wanted to play with some different themes. And the one I was most excited about? Dolly Pop.

You see, I’m a sucker for colour. Bold, bright, juicy, punchy, every-colour-of-the-rainbow hues. Think candy colours, sorbet shades and beautiful brights. I love it all and if you do too, then Dolly Pop is for you.

We compined Pop-Art, Pop-Culture, Eye popping brights and fun fashion.

I hope you like.

Doll Face

As I said, Dolly Pop was all about colour, and we wanted to show that doesn’t have to stop at the accessories for W-day. After Charlotte’s Spring time beauty Queen with a fresh green eye went down a treat we thought, why not rock green for bridal, and charged Katy with creating a wearable green bridal eye. A pop of coral on the lip finished off a modern face for a youthful and fun bride…

It’s over to the talented and super-lovely Katy Messer (Make Up By Katy) to share more Dolly beauty secrets…

My brief here was to keep it fresh but vibrant and I loved showing that a sheer wash of a bright colour can be so wearable and flattering! I circled the eye with a mid-toned green that I pressed on denser at the lashes and then buffed out towards the brow bone. This was lifted with a slightly lighter shade of green at the inner corners and I placed individual lashes from Ardell all along the lashline to add volume but at the same time keeping it fluttery and natural.

Whilst the eyes were very soft and sheer, I wanted to inject some real colour on the lip. I started by lining the lips with a Laura Mercier lip pencil in Petunia, keeping the edge clean and sharp and filling in the whole lip (this increases longevity and helps lipstick wear evenly) and then I layered 2 thin coats of OCC Lip Tar in Memento all over and blotted.


I won’t lie, this is an idea I have been dying to use since we shared The Soho-Sexy with you… but taking it one step further, part tongue in cheek, part full on fun, we wanted to reference Minnie Mouse with a stand out bow style, right on top of Chara’s head.

It might seem a little comical for W-day and as with everything on these pages, it’s about finding something that’s you, but this Dolly is fun-loving, quirky and individually stylish. The bow makes a perfect base for adding a short veil for more retro styling and continues the theme working with such a fabulously feminine yet flirty dress.

Cassandra did a wonderful job of putting the brief into action and here’s how she went about it!

Chara surely Popped her Dolly Pop look with a Disney Minnie Mouse inspired Massive Bow and a large Bun. I neatly combed her hair into a sleek high ponytail which was split into two sections and pinned to create the Bow effect. With Chara’s second look I back combed her hair as Big as possible but kept it in the high ponytail to create the bun. I then smoothed her hair out and pinned it in place to give the bun a sleek apperance. (More on this look later…)

Let’s Play Dolly Dress-Up

There was only one choice for Dolly Pop when it came to frocks and that was short. However that’s not to say all short dresses have to be big-skirted… but more on that later. 😉

The very first dress that popped into my head? This lace and tulle, swinging skirted creating by Morgan Davies Bridal’s own label. The very lovely Annaliza at Morgan Davies Bridal was kind enough to loan us this one (and as a matter of fact the other version of the same dress with a more solid, silk taffeta skirt). We loved the vintage look lace and neckline, retro skirt, feminine layers tulle and the adaptable nature of this dress. It would work just as well in a much more restrained theme but worked perfectly with the fun factor we wanted to inject here.

Of course, there are some absolute must have’s when you’re wearing such a fun outfit, killer colour-pop heels, the shorter retro-look veil we mentioned above (also from Morgan Davies) and some serious swishing!

We chose some lime green suede skyscrapers from Dorothy Perkins to subtly pick up on the make-up, (very kindly loaned by my friend Jess.) They’re last Summers collection, but lucky for you guys, you can find similar in any high street store currently while colour-blocking remains a huge trend.

Accessories were of the juicy but plastic-fantastic variety, picking up on the pop art theme and props we used. The Button Bracelet was by Blue Pebble from NOTHS and also had a matching necklace.

The scrabble rings (you can choose any letter combination you fancy!) were from Rock N Rose.

Dolly Pop was also an exercise in how to have fun with your decor. More and more, Brides are turning their attention to really ‘styling’ the venue, with tables laden with photos, vintage trinkets and cakes. But it doesn’t have to be all about pearls and cake-stands! Particularly if that’s not your style. We used retro style kitchen memorabilia and edibles (Fluff from Selfridges and a Mason Jar filled with Love Hearts) along with single flower heads scattered on the table top and a stylish clock. The important thing is to pick out your co-hesive colours and work them together, candy pink, sky blue on a background of mixed pastels – this little arrangement was almost leaning towards a 50’s American Diner feel, but whatever portrays your personal style will work just as well.

Sorbet Scoops

Charlotte and I don’t pretend to have a structured approach to planning these shoots… more often than not they’re the product of brainstorming madly and bouncing ideas around like ping pong balls, while flashes of inspiration hit us like a virtual light bulb switching on above our heads. So here’s a little peep inside my mind…

…Pop – Colour Pop – Spots – Round – Dots – Balls – Brights – Buttons – Bouquet – Ranunculas…

…I told you it was a little bit random!

So for Dolly Pop’s bouquet and their perfect little swirly rounded scoops of sorbet shaded petals, we couldn’t beat a packed dome of ranunculas in shades of mango, peach, coral, lemon, cream and pale green tinges. I’m a little bit in love with this bouquet, this colour scheme.

I’m a little bit in love with this Dolly.

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Bouquet – Robbie Honey

Hair – Cassandra Rizzuto (Love Your Hair)

Make Up – Katy Messer (Make Up By Katy)

Venue – Nonsuch Mansion, Cheame, Surry.

Dress – Morgan Davies at Morgan Davies Bridal

Veil – Morgan Davies Bridal

Shoes – High Street

Button Bracelet – Blue Pebble at NOTHS

Dolly Pop Letters – Alphabet at Pedlars

Pink Lady Art Work – Jasper Goodall

Scrabble Rings – Rock N Rose

Fluff – Selfridges

Mug – Find similar at Pedlars

Styling – Rock My Wedding

And you know what? We’re not done yet. Dolly Pop was so cool we’ve got a whole other look to share with you all, coming right up later. Pop Chic meets Pop Art and oodles more colour.

Yours (I’m Dolly Pop) Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

19 thoughts on “Dolly Pop… Part 1

  1. When dolly was first mentioned this is what automatically came to mind. It is so perfect.

    Things I want right now:
    – ranunculus in every colour possible
    – Minnie mouse hair
    – my make up to look THAT good
    – jar of marshmallow fluff

    Once again awesome styling!

    I am so loving this week!


  2. Rebecca, this is SO how I imagined you’d be!

    It’s not me at all (whiiiiiite) but I love touches. The mug. The HAIR. Omfg I want Minnie Mouse hair SO badly. The dress swoushyness. Laaaace.

    Bring it on Part II

  3. Love this shoot, definitely my favourite dolly styling so far(and I could have sworn I would love dolly rock the most!) For all I appreciate the effort that goes into the gorgeous vintage styling of so many weddings at the moment… All the teacups and vases and old lady whimsical pretty…. It’s never really been my style. So its refreshing to see quirky done in a different way- bright, cute and original. Good and timely inspiration for me… I only hope our candy coloured detailing looks as good!


  4. Oh how could I forget to mention the shoes.

    Lime green shoes would make me happy all day long! I’d love to be trotting about in them; though more realistically I’d be tripping about in them as I would be gazing in admiration at my feet and not paying attention at all to what is going on around me!


  5. Me stood in Selfridges:

    “James I’m just going to buy this Fluff for the Dolly Shoot – I have a vision!”

    James ” A vision? You are going to cover the models in Marshmallow?!!……. Cool!!”

    Me: ” What? No you berk, I’m using the jar as a prop!”

    Honestly men!

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Even though its only 8.56am, is it wrong to want a jar of fluff to eat at my desk?

    Yday’s Dolly was uber cool and fashion forward, today’s Dolly is all about the colour and i L-O-V-E it. So much. Also the hair. And the shoes. Pretty much all of it.


  7. @ Charlotte – that is sooooo like something mr would have said!! what are they like?!

    I am IN LOVE with the minnie mouse hair and am wondering if I could possibly get away with it at work (maybe on a friday!)…


    mrs x x x

  8. I love how these shoots are about being YOU on your wedding day. Normally wear liquid eyeliner and sexy shoes on a night out? Dolly Rock. Love bright eyeshadow and funky accessories? Dolly Pop. This is what wedding inspiration should be like! Well done RMW xx

  9. I just have to say, this was most definitely my most fun shoot to date. I’ve been dying to show people for years how colour can be used in your wedding make-up. LOVED IT!!!

  10. Totally loved yesterday’s Dolly-but today’s Dolly might have just edged into the lead! Loving all the pops of colour, the uber cool make up, the amazingly quirky hair and the retro props. Not to mention the Fluff! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next  xx

  11. I am a million times Dolly Pop!
    This is brilliant, I love it. Well done you guys, another RMW wowzer-wonderland of amazingness


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