Dolly Pop… Part 2

Oh La La… this Dolly is a whole lot chic with a good measure of Pop…

See her feathered short and chic number? Is that a stylish bow? A nod to the sixties with the mother of all buns and an ever so slightly flirtacious whisp of a birdcage veil across her eyes?

This Dolly knows what she wants.

For more flirtacious fun, we couldn’t resist this Ugo Zaldi feather skirted dress from Blackburn Bridal Couture. With more than a hint of vintage little-white-dress glamour and out-right cheek, this was this Dolly Pop’s perfect dress.

When it came to the styling we kept the make-up look the same, but changed the accessories to accentuate the chic and statement aspect of this dress. Chanelling a city civil with attitude, this Dolly wore another of William Chambers stunning bow head bands. William can make birdcage veils to compliment his pieces but for this look I used some Russian Veiling from John Lewis and fashioned the birdcage with the aid of some well placed kirby grips and nifty trimming. Et Voila for a bit of french style…

Of course, bows were by now becoming a bit of a theme (a bit like my plait obcession during the last shoot,) and now we had changed the hair to an oversized, piled high bun, we could add my very favourite bow. A complete showstopper and another of William’s fabulous pieces, this bow is covered in russian veiling and sports a large cream silk flower in its centre. A statement piece for when you want to be the very center of attention.

Add some chunky accessories (Coral bead bracelet from New Look) and colour pop shoes (these bow and peeptoed patent coral lovelies are actually the ones my Bridemaids wore, also from New Look) and tie the whole look together with the same bouquet for an inimitably stylish look.

I think we should re-name her Dolly-fabulous.

Style it Up

A lot of what we’ve shown with Dolly Pop is all about the fashion and accesories, but it wouldn’t be like us not to use a dolly-good prop…

Pinks featured heavily in Dolly Pop’s looks, be they Candy, Coral, or Raspberry, she worked them all without a hint of Barbie in sight. Punchy, juicy and bright, they work really well with the gown as a backdrop, so whether you choose it for shoes (New Look, as before) jewels or to keep warm in a cute cardi, it looks fabulous in photos and makes your look really stand out.

And the afore mentioned prop? A Kate Martin lips print available from 55 Max. Because props for your wedding don’t have to be letters spelling out L.O.V.E.


Photographer – Julia Boggio

Bouquet – Robbie Honey

Hair – Cassandra Rizzuto (Love Your Hair)

Make Up – Katy Messer (Make Up By Katy)

Venue – Nonsuch Mansion, Cheame, Surry.

Short fifties style lace and tulle skirt dress – Morgan Davies at Morgan Davies Bridal

Feather Skirted Dress – Ugo Zaldi at Blackburn Bridal Couture

Bow Headpieces – William Chambers

Short Veil – Morgan Davies Bridal

Birdcage veil – DIY by Rebecca

Shoes – High Street

Coral bead bracelet – New Look

Kate Martin lips print available from 55 Max

Button Bracelet – Blue Pebble at NOTHS

Styling – Rock My Wedding

Yours Make-It-All-About-You Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

31 thoughts on “Dolly Pop… Part 2

  1. Feathers! Feathers! FEATHERS!!!!!!!! I freakin love it!

    Bows, buns, sexy pouts and pinks galore.

    This, ladies, is something rather fabulous!!!

    I stand back in awe of your styling greatness!


  2. No way! The feather dress?? Basically my wedding dress!!! Mine is from Whistles and the top is slightly different but the shape, length and skirt is identical. Guess I am a Dolly Pop bride after all….! (Now wondering if I should have gone for a bow instead of a bubble veil….LOVE the bow, love it love it love it)


  3. Penny – you’d better be sending it in?! We would die!

    Alioco – hair and make up are the same as in part 1 🙂

    Lou and Lynsey-Lou – thank you *blush*


  4. So glad to see the images and styling are going down well. I had no doubt! These are my fave set of images too. Somebody just said to me: “Did you shoot these all in one day?!” Yes, and more 😉 Also, just been chatting with a very excited bride whose wedding I am shooting at Nonsuch Mansion in August. Such a fabulous venue. Anyway, keep enjoying…there is still more to come! Jx

  5. That last line about letters spelling out LOVE made me laugh! Definitely agree we need some more original props!

    The shoot is fabulous, I adore the feathers and coral has just soared to the top of my favourite colours list…

  6. Absolutely love the feathered dress and normally anything with feathers would have me running a mile (slight phobia…) love the hair styling too…and the bright shoes…i want another wedding now just to dress up!

  7. I have a 55 max print like that with a dolly mixture in the teeth spelling out “you’re gorgeous”- soooo yummy! Love the coral shoes.

  8. That first image literally knocked my socks. Well it would have done if I were wearing any!
    Also, I see that feather dress and alls I can think is ooo la la. No idea why but there you go!


  9. My favourite. Oh it’s so beautiful. What a genius idea – it’s all come together so perfectly. Girls and boy, please style my life.

  10. Pink cardi = gorgeous
    Massive bun = amazing
    Giant bow headpieces = uber cool and chic
    Love hearts projection = awesome

    Loving the colours and the styling today Rebecca! My wedding is all about the colours so you’re getting me so excited with these shoots. Great to see some bold colours for once! Dolly-fabulous indeed!

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s shoot!


  11. Ooohhh Mr Ugo “my models put their hands on their bits” Zaldi.

    We salute you.

    And you Julia. And Rebecca. And Charlotte. And Adam. And Katy. And the hair lady.

    Big salutes all round.

  12. Ladies-and gent-I salute you! The styling is fab-loving every little tiny detail.

    I think RMW is taking over the wedding styling world! Every wedding magazine I have read lately features you lovely ladies (Wedding Ideas/Wedding Flowers etc) and then there was Charlotte’s appearance on national TV on Friday.

    RMW is the best thing since sliced bread and features like this show why.

    Can’t wait for what else is to come 

  13. Thanks for all the great feedback peeps 🙂

    The RMW collective team head may not fit through the door this evening 😉


  14. Hey ladies… I work at Blackburn Bridal and have been looking forward to seeing this shoot….. flippin’ awesome!! Really great styling. Penny, I love the fact you’ve gone for a short, feathery number- you’ll look fab I’m sure xx

  15. Want want WANT that bow headband/veil! Anyone able to clue me in on how much they retail for? Loving this!

  16. Totally loving that bow headpiece – like really love it, and the styling is fab, adore the candy coloured pop jewellery and the shoes!


    Rachie xo

  17. Just checked in for the night, and wow!

    First of all I was all a bit “…Julia Boggio has commented on our blog!!…” (I know, I need to grow up a bit…)

    Then I counted 17 usages of the word love (or derivatives thereof). I know that’s what our blog is all about(!) But it is so very cool to feel the love coming from you guys.

    We have a great community here and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

    That is all.

    I am now off for a man cry.

  18. Loving the ranunculus and I’ve decided I need a pink cardie just like this to go with my pink shoes. Where is it from please?

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