Dolly Rock.

On Your Marks. Ready. Set. Go!

Dolly Rock

Our edgy, glamorous and subtly sexy take on Bridal 2011. And when we say Bridal don’t forget – the styling can be used for maids, wedding guests, MOB or for whomever you fancy. We bring the pretty so you can fall in love with it, we don’t necessarily want to dictate what you do with it.

Glam Rock

Some time ago we featured the gorgeousness that is William Chambers Millinery and as as result of his popularity on RMW we asked him very nicely if we might borrow a few of his headpieces for the Julia Boggio shoot.

This is my favourite – the Patent Leather Camillias (yes I know – patent leather on your head! and GREY!….. I die)

The earrings are Vintage Heiress by Glitzy Secrets.

Firstly I should mention the carpet – this is made of Adam’s (yes Adam RMW!) record collection. And then I should mention the dress. THE dress.

Jenny Packham’s Lucetta.

It rocks my world.

Available from Blackburn Bridal Couture.

Now I love a cuff, so when I had the opportunity to obtain not one, not two but three fancy varieties I pushed them all together to make what is almost a complete sleeve of sparkle. Strictly no other jewellery required. We used the Forties Extravagance cuff, the Enchanting Rose cuff and the Vine of beauty bangle, all by Glitzy Secrets.

I know. It’s the swishy layers of chiffon combined with the be-jewelled belt detail, my idea of rock/glam perfection.

And if you really want to make a statement with your headpiece and lobe candy then these Tresured Heirloom bobby dazzlers combined with the Rose Extravagance band will do just that. Both Glitzy Secrets as before.

Let’s talk shoes.

Rachel Simpson Sabine from the Noir collection shoes. Because if you want to add a splash of black lace to your Big Day ensemble then these have both the WOW and the dare-to-be-different factor.

Our second dress du jour was Claire Pettibone’s Ginseng, fast becoming a RMW favourite for it’s delicate embroidery, figure flattering fishtail shape, plunging back detail and you-do-not-need-a-veil layer of sheer organza train.

Onto Blooms. How exactly do you make florals rock n roll?

You make them slightly unusual, striking and sexy, that’s how.

Our Dolly Rock bouquet was a combination of tightly packed carnations in a rich rouge noir shade surrounded by lush velvety greens. Delicious. And supplied by floristry superstar Robbie Honey.

And if you are wondering what beautiful location this is then it’s Non Such Mansion in Surrey. The team at Non Such kindly let us have the use of several of their reception rooms as well as the bridal suite for the day and it was spectacular, both in terms of interior decor and outside space. The Non Such Mansion website has a really detailed gallery for you to take a peek at and is sure to become top of your list if you are still searching for an appropriate W-day venue in the area.

Soft Rock

If it’s a softer more sophisticated rock-goddess inspired style you’re after then the Beaded Grecian Leaves worn pushed forward slightly covering the forehead is both pretty and princess-esque.

From William Chambers as before.

When researching for a slightly less look-at-me take on W-day rock jewels I stumbled across the slightly spiky caterpillar range by Stella and Stokes. We used both the earrings and bracelet (there is a necklace also available in the range) and I fell so in love with them I was very very tempted not to send them back…..

The Amethyst cocktail ring is by Sharon Mills via Not On The High Street. In a variety of semi-precious stone shades these would make lovely gifts for your maids.

Dolly Rock Beauty

Katy Messer of Make-up by Katy created a feminine show-stopping look for our model which you can create at home:

Katy Messer: The key to this look was to keep it simple and clean and all about the liner. So I kept her base nice and neutral, just a soft contour and flush of peach on the cheeks. On the eye I contrasted the sharpness of the line with a soft, white based matte lilac that I pressed on over a base to intensify it. This faded up towards the brow and blended into a caramel highlight. The line was achieved by mapping out the shape first in black kohl and then sealing it with a Sleek Black Gel liner. Thick spiky false lashes were added and volumising mascara for extra drama.

The lips were pared down with concealer for a slightly 60’s feel and then modernised with a sheer pink gloss.

Dolly Rock Hair

Cassandra Rizzuto of Love Your Hair created a style that was contemporary and chic for our model Serina:

Cassandra Rizzuto: Charlotte and Rebecca gave me some great ideas to work with and I loved how all of the looks were so different from each other. Serina rocked her Dolly Rock look with a high beehive that I pinned into place with a light bit of back combing to give her all the height in the crown and to show off her Violet toned hair.

Dolly Rock Styling

If you have realised your inner (Dolly) Rock chick then here are RMW’s top styling tips:

Accessories: Make them stylish and make them statement. If you are hesitant when it comes to look-at-me glitz and glam jewellery for daytime wear, perhaps change your more “subtle” ceremony pieces for full-on evening glamour in time for the reception. You can also have a lot of fun with shoes, we chose a monochrome lace look but a studded leather sandal or a round toed metallic court would work just as well.

Colour Scheme And Decor: Anything rich, decadent or daring such as a black/red, purple or bright electric blue. We used a selection of original vinyl LP’s, various instruments and even a retro telephone to dress the room. These can easily be borrowed from friends and family (or Adam!) or found at your local antique/vintage store…. And they would be great fun used in a we-are-in-a-rock-band D.I.Y photobooth scenario.

The RMW Team particularly like Pedlars or The Old Cinema for funky old-school finds.

Make-up and Hair: Whatever you want. Literally. If you wouldn’t be caught dead without a feline flick of liquid liner then do it. Same goes for hair, be it a brightly violet-hued beehive like our model Serina or tousled back-combed “bedhead” …… anything goes. Oh and if you’re a fan of body art then wear it with pride, our design was inspired by the recent Chanel runway shows.

If Rock My Wedding Was A Magazine

Just for the craic…..

The Suppliers We Want To Give A Huge Shout Out To Are:

Glamorous Jewels – Glitzy Secrets

Caterpillar Spiky Earrings and Bracelet – Stella and Stokes

Cocktail Ring – Sharon Mills at NOTHS

Patent and Grecian Headpieces – William Chambers

Gowns – Lucetta by Jenny Packham and Ginseng by Claire Pettibone both at Blackburn Bridal Couture

Hair – Cassandra Rizutto at Love Your Hair

Make-up – Katy Messer at Make-up By Katy

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Venue – Non Such Mansion

Bouquet – Robbie Honey

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Styling – Rock My Wedding

So tell us lovelies, are you the epitome of Dolly Rock?

Would you like to be?

I would.

Especially if I get to wear that patent grey leather headpiece……


Big Rocking It Dolly Style Love

Charlotte xxx

38 thoughts on “Dolly Rock.

  1. I am loving the grey patent flower headband and the Beaded Grecian leaves.

    I don’t have a wedding to buy them for 🙁

    But maybe I will just get them anyway and turn a few heads walking down the street! xxx

  2. Wow I seriously love this! The headpieces are amazing. Beautiful photography by Julia goes without saying! Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  3. Umm so I hate to lower the tone but I have to say that if I were to lie on a bed of records, in a sexy JP number, lacy shoes on display with a guitar in hand…. my boy would want to skip the reception and head right on to “rocking” the wedding night! 😉 Hehehe!



  4. Sexy-licious!! The JP is very swoon worthy and I now really want to wear that leather headress! I also need that right now!!
    Can’t wait to see the others! Great styling once again girls!

  5. Lottie – you could totally rock the patent grey as a guest. J’adore! The sheen on the flowers makes the model look actually like a doll, crazy.

    And you guys weren’t lying when you teased about brides with guitars – amazing (although you neglected to mention heel-on-amp stance, extra rock bonus!)

    Love it!


  6. I <3 Nonsuch mansion – Sharon and I are getting married there in August as we live just down the road.

    Such an awesome venue, and it was nice to see it being used for such a cool shoot – loved the dresses.

  7. ok, so I could totally wear that patent headpiece to work right?


    loving dolly rock, esp the liner and false lashes, and the lace shoes (mmmm lace shoes)

    mrs x x x

  8. Lynsey-Loo – Thanks…. I think it’s probably best described as eclectic…

    There is something very hot about the combination of girls and guitars 🙂

    …The other dolly’s have got a lot to live up to 😉

  9. Is it wrong to want all the accessories and both dresses?!

    I too would like a guitar at my wedding!!! X

  10. Oh that leafy headpiece is just soooo pretty! If I didn’t have sticky outie ears I would love to wear this.

    Miss R now – congrats on being married (saw this from comments from previous post- not a stalker I promise!) Hope you had an amazing day and REEEEAAAAALLLY hope we get to see your wedding on here…

    x x x x

  11. Oh this is too fabulous! Love it! It also made me fall in love with Robbie Honey as a florist – so much inspiration! I adore those headpieces too.

    On a side note – Nonsuch is near where i live – you could have popped in for tea!

    Rachie xo

  12. Just love this piece I wore Lucetta at my wedding last year it is such a beautiful dress! 🙂

  13. I reckon I’ll be totally going Dolly Rock for my look. A part of me will always yearn to look as groomed and glorious as our newest Duchess, but give me a smokey eye & a bit of black lace & I’m a very happy girl. I’m thinking wild curls, a mauvish lip & plenty of decadence. And if I can fit in that grey rose headpiece, so much the better!

  14. Oh what a beautiful, beautiful model!! She looks absolutley flawless and stuning in every single shot – possible the most dolly-rocking beauty to grace the dotted pages of RMW!! Great styling, love it all!

  15. Love it, love it, love it! You’ve done an amazing job on this – it’s the most original concept / shoot I’ve come across and the whole Dolly thing works brilliantly. I so thought I was 50% dreamy, 50% pop dolly, but seeing Rock Dolly, I might have had a change of heart! Can’t wait for the next dolly. xx

  16. This is brilliant! Cant wait for the others!!! Love the JP dress and head piece….and the Claire Pettibourne – good to see some rockin’ lace, x

  17. Hey ladies!

    Glad you like 🙂

    I feel the need to point out to any brides lusting after (the new) Duchess of Cambridges’s evening wedding gown that Jenny Packhams Lucette is a dead ringer 😉

    However, for me the Pettibone has it, – I love the Goth rock feel and that awesome back veil/jewels. What a statement.

    And please don’t even get me started on the William Chambers headpieces.

    I Die.


    PS – Just wait until you see tomorrow’s Dolly… 😉

  18. WOW!! Loving both dresses, shoes, hair pieces, the lot really 🙂

    The Jenny Packham dress is absolutely stunning though, very Princessy 😉


  19. Love all the detail on the second dress, and the headpieces are amazing, got major chanel tattoo envy too-i’ve wanted them for so so long!
    Looking forward to the next dolly post.
    And i thought i was original doing the doll look for my own wedding-how wrong i was! x

  20. This dolly is certainly rocking the look! Loving all the little details-guitar, records, the bling, the shoes. What a fab style shoot-can’t wait to see what the next Dolly brings… X

  21. I thought Beauty was much more like the evening gown because of the big skirt!

    Wasn’t sure about the Angora though Kate? Not sure anyone over age four should try that?

  22. I bought that ginseng dress at a sample sale a week into my engagement (one day only, and I didn’t dare walk away)– I didn’t know what I had until I got home, but oooo it’s so pretty, and feels so silky and sweetly-sexy on. 🙂 August 18, 2012!

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