Drowning In The Sea….. Of Dresses.

You may or may not of noticed that our little menu bar has changed a wee bit, we now have a new shiny section called “Ask The Experts” where from time to time we’ll invite an industry specialist to come share their experience and knowledge with you gorgeous lot, assist you in on your (often daunting) journey through weddingville.

Today we would like to welcome Love Lust List member Lauren Williamson from Adamo Bridal in Essex who spends her day not only surrounded by beautiful frocks but is also planning her own big day. And yes I asked the same question that I bet you gorgeous lot are probably thinking….how the hell do you pick a gown when you literally have so many pieces of pretty at your bridal fingertips?!

The answer is Lauren hasn’t quite chosen yet, but she does have a few tips, tricks and suggestions should you be stuck in a “I can’t find the one” style rut.

Over to you Madam Williamson:

My advice to brides so often is to keep an open mind. But what do you do when that really is the case and you just don’t know where to begin? To illustrate my eyes-wide-open dilemma, as a bridal shop owner I visit 2-3 trade shows per year. At the most recent British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate (BBEH) there were over One Hundred And Forty (!) bridal wear collections, each with minimum of around ten dresses and some with much, much more. One thing our brides say that they like about our boutique is that they can actually SEE the dresses, because it literally isn’t a SEA of dresses! But a heck of a lot of foot slogging, um-ing and ah-ing (and I admit the occasional champagne sipping) goes into wading through that sea of pretty to pick the cream of the crop and bring them back for you. So is it true that there really can be too much of a good thing? How can you possibly find “the one” amidst hundreds, if not thousands, of dresses?

Although obviously being a tad bias, I can honestly say that I love all of the dresses that we stock at Adamo and when asked I have never been able to pick a favourite…

Clockwise from top left: From the simplicity of Ugo Zaldi To the quirkiness of Rembo Styling, the delicate draping of Cymbeline…and the classic couture cuts of Alan Hannah… what’s a girl to do?!

The pressure I feel about choosing between them is like picking a favourite child (or in my case, having to pick which of my beloved beagles Henry and Molly I love the most). It is unthinkable!!! But, unfortunately as I am no Kim Kardashian, I just can’t have them all. Admittedly I do see some dresses that make me cringe or at least raise an eyebrow. But that seems to be a common problem – it’s so much easier to pick out what you don’t like than narrow down what you do like.

After many sleepless nights and three days of perusing countless dresses at BBEH I came to a simple conclusion….the only possible way to narrow it down was by what will suit my body shape the best. It may sound basic, and it is, but it is so very easy to get carried away which is why you may need someone else to bring you back down to earth, which in my case is my very straight-talking mum. And that is my ultimate advice – if in doubt, ask for a second opinion and listen to the experts. Someone else can stand back and tell you that dress X is much more flattering to your shape than dress Y, even though you may have fallen head over heels in love with dress Y. Yes, the fitted fishtail gown or the slinky lace number may be stunning, but the point is that you are supposed to look stunning in it and dressing to compliment your figure is the only way to achieve that.

So if like me you have an hourglass figure (i.e your bust and hips are pretty much the same measurements and your waist is significantly smaller) then here are some of my top picks from Rembo Styling which we stock here at Adamo… (top right and bottom left for the hourglass, the other two are pretty cool too…) and you might just be seeing little old me in one of them next year!!

*All gowns by Rembo Styling at Adamo Bridal.

So then lovelies, question time…

Have you been drowning in a sea of dresses?

Did you buy one to “suit your shape” or just because you bloody loved it?

Have you chosen something completely unexpected because on the hanger it looked “blah” but on you it looked fabulous?

Do tell.

Big Thanks To Lauren Love

Charlotte xxx

56 thoughts on “Drowning In The Sea….. Of Dresses.

  1. I’m having a dress dilemma. I’m a size 16-18 at the moment (still losing weight) and am struggling to find The One. It’s so annoying that there’s some gorgeous dresses, but I can’t even try them on because I can’t get them over my boobs! I’ve had bossy bridal shop owners forcing me into dresses covered in diamante, when I really want something lacy. Not really enjoying the experience at the moment, and so worried that I’m not going to find the perfect dress for me. Just need to keep looking I guess.

  2. Have never heard of Rembo styling before?!

    There are about 50 dresses I like at the moment, don’t even know where to start… 🙁

  3. I tried on loads of dresses, I thought I knew what I wanted – ish, I’ve ended up with something completely different that I may not have gone for if I wasn’t starting to get fed up with looking. I always thought I wanted lace but then Kate M had lace and I didn’t want people to say – oh the lace is lovely, very in now due to Kate M.

    Now I’m finding the need to try on the dress to make sure there was a good reason for chosing it, as it’s hanging in my bedroom at my parents but I’m trying to resist so that I don’t spoil it (it’s French silk).

    I’m thinking of having it modified thogh after seeing the wonderful alterations Anna (of Anna and Tony on 31st October) made to her strapless number.

    Dress shopping is tricky and not once was I offered champagne!

    Ah well, the fun is in the wearing.

  4. I didn’t try one wedding dress on before my wedding! I had a very tight budget and didn’t want a strapless dress and those two things narrowed my dress pool down by too much. Instead I looked through dress patterns and found one I loved from vogue and got my dress made from scratch. This way it was fitted to me and I could alter it any way I wanted. However, when we exhibit at wedding fayres now, I find myself looking at the pretty dresses, going ‘all girly’ and wishing I’d tried at least some on just for the experience.

  5. @Jenny – So, I don’t know as much as Lauren (or Charlotte) knows about dresses… but what I do know is this – You don’t have to put up with a bossy boutique!

    Don’t give up – move to a different shop and if you don’t get the right “vibe” from the owner/assistant then you aren’t going to feel comfortable in anything you try on so move on until you click with the person you are dealing with. It really is that important.

    Once you click, you’ll start to enjoy yourself, and then you’re in the right frame of mind to find ‘the one’.

    good luck!


  6. I tried on 68 dresses, in boutiques from Sheffield to York, from Elie Saabs to Hollywoods!!
    And i made my poor mother take a photo of each and every one so i could reflect upon it over coffee with a more rational (non bridezilla) brain!!
    Some shops wouldnt let us take a photo saying it would end up on the internet, then telling us we could view it on the website if we wanted to see it again – i see the logic in that?! We went to shops that had nothing i liked and it all started to feel a bit of a chore.

    So finally after 7 months of hunting, it came down to an Enzoani and an Ian Stuart.
    Both completely different dresses, fitted mermaid and full lace and the other dupion silk and massive!

    It was making me lose my mind trying to choose between the 2, when i decided that neither were perfect and it had to be perfect, i wanted a dress that made me do a Disney Princess swirl and swoon!!

    It was going to have to be couture.
    So i did a little research and found the most lovely and insanely talented designer, James Steward, who’s style I immediately connected with, so we went to visit him at his gorgeous little studio and the rest is and will be history, i cannot wait, the whole process is so very exciting!!

  7. I do think you have to buy a dress to suit your body shape. For me, that ruled out a lot of styles that I love, like backless dresses because I have to wear a bra.

    However, there are so many beautiful dresses out there that everyone can find a dress they love. My advice would be to keep an open mind though – sometimes someone else can see you in something that you wouldn’t try, and it can turn out to pay off.

    I knew I had to have a Jenny Packham, and tried on quite few of her dresses which were lovely but not quite right for me because of my bra requirements. At one shop, the assistant suggested a JP dress which I immediately discounted (for reasons now entirely unknown to me!). She and my mum ganged up and made me try it on, and I knew instantly it was the one.

    I got married four and a half weeks ago in the Jenny Packham Eden gown, and from the minute I decided on it I never had a single dress wobble! It was beyond perfect and all our guests seemed to love it too. I’m now mourning the fact that I will probably never have the opportunity to give it another outing… 🙁 x

  8. I didn’t try any on before buying mine…I’m on a very tight budget, and saw that Peacocks (of all places!!) were bringing out a limited edition wedding dress for the ridiculous price of £60. It looked like everything I wanted – tea-length, lace bodice, elbow-length sleeves (why are 99.9% of wedding dresses strapless?!) so I took the risk and ordered it.

    I expected it to either look or feel (or both) cheap, but it’s stunning! Gorgeous satin circle skirt, fully lined, lovely lace and nice detailing. Coupled with a fuchsia 50’s style net petticoat it truly is the dress of my dreams. I have since visited a bridal store and tried on some “proper” dresses but I can honestly say that none of them compare with my wonderful bargain beauty. Can’t wait to wear it 🙂

  9. @Jenny – goodness Adam beat me to it (!) but yes – lordy don’t put up with bossy bridal boutique owners.. now I don’t think there is anything wrong with being made suggestions to (they are the experts after all) but if you don’t like diamante then you don’t like it – simple as. And they should listen to you when you say that’s the case. I am jealous of your curves pet (would very much like some please) but I can appreciate it must be disheartening if the dress samples are not in the appropriate size for girls with boobs. If you drop me an email then I may be able to recommend a few places you should try – where I promise the boutique owners will be lovely!

    @Laura – Have you tried any on yet? you may find a certain shape or style you fall in love with which may narrow the serch down a wee bit.

    @Naomi – Well I thought Anna’s was beautiful, especially the straps and the back, what details are you thinking of adding?

    @Kelly – I think it’s being in the industry, I see LOTS of dresses I want to try on 😉

    @Amy B – lucky you! very exciting indeed

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Charlotte, exactly -the straps and the V at the back, gorgeous. Also I would never have known that she added them on after buying, clever girl. Think I might just be stealing the exact straps!

  11. I am finding searching for the perfect wedding dress very overwhelming. It’s such an important decision and they are all so lovely!

    I’ve tried lot’s on and been to all the shops in my area. Found some of the shop assistants really nice but some others quite rude. I’ve never been offered champagne! Most have let me take pictures which is really helpful when trying to remember which ones you tried on afterwards. The ones that didn’t let me take pictures I forgot about as I didn’t have the picture in my wedding file! Pictures are VERY helpful when drowning in a sea of wedding dresses 🙂

    My body shape ruled out quite a lot of the more fitted, fishtail styles. I’m quite small at the waist and quite big on the bottom. Ball gown styles suit me best. I’ve whittled it down to 2 Justin Alexander dresses so far but can’t make my mind up! Nightmare! xx

  12. Having read RMW religiously since it began, this is my first post!
    Had to comment as I drove myself mad with my dress choice. I put so much pressure on myself to have the most perfect dress; its the most important dress of your whole life, right?! I was set on a lace Elie Saab that I originally saw 2 years before I even got engaged. Made an appt at Harrods, tried it on (as well as at least 10 others!) and was in love with it. My Mum and friend had gushed over every other dress except this one. Was still in love with it despite their lack of enthusiasm. Typically for me, it was also hugely expensive! Was all set to order it and the guilt of spending such a huge amount on a dress for one day just kept niggling at me, it didn’t feel right. I’m all for spending whatever you want if you can afford it but I just didn’t feel good about it. Made lots more appointments at other places to see if I could love anything else more than the Elie Saab and the first dress I tried on after it was ‘The One’. Completely the opposite, Enzoani Finley. The moment I put it on that was it and it suited my body shape sooo much more too rather than just being beautiful. Going for something that enhances your figure rather than something that you just plain love is such good advice. On the day its about a dress that makes you feel fantastic :)I’ve been married for 5 weeks now and the dress is sitting at home looking sad…

  13. I only recently discovered Rembo but i Love it so look forward to trying some on. I have only tried on a handful of dresses so far but I do have a long list of likes, and my Pinterest board is full of gorgeous lace back numbers that i don’t think will suit me!

    Keeping an open mind i think is the best advice, and to try on all different styles. Can’t wait to hit a few more shops.

    I am also having 2 dresses…. one ridiculously highly unpractical dress for the day time, and a fun & gorgeous night time dancing 50s effort (already chosen!) and something to show off the shoes.

  14. I thought I would really struggle with dresses (think my best bud trying on 60+ dresses for her wedding maybe scared me slightly)

    I went to the NWS and was forced into trying on 2 dresses by my mum and auntie – one I chose, the other they did… and well what do you know I loved the dress they picked!

    Bit too big for me (skirt wise) but made me realise I definitely want some bling, whereas before I thought I wanted something really plain.

    Have now tried on about 10 dresses – found one that I love! and have another apointment saturday to try on an Ian Stuart Dress similar to the one I love just to see if I prefer that (although at £1k more expensive, I am sincerely hoping I prefer the current number 1!!)

    My worry is that I don’t want to choose yet – I’m getting married in Dec 2012 and feel like I can’t make a decision yet in case I find something I like even more between now and then??

    Should I just accept that I love a dress now and that’s that? Or should I carry on looking?

    Advice please!! How far in adnvance of your wedding did you start trying on dresses? And how long before your big day did you make a decision?

    Thanks ladies!!

  15. @Naomi – so happy you were inspired pet, it makes all our late nights of posting worth while. Maybe drop Anna a comment on her wedding if you get a sec to say about her dress – I know she would appreciate it.

    @Sarah – Oh. My. Good . Lord – that is IMMENSE!!!!!!!

    @Lauren – we love long comments! so glad you found such a gorgeous dress in the end, thanks so much for sharing your experience 🙂

    @OJG – two? jealous!!! And have you already bought the shoes?!

    @Beccie – I’ll go on FB and ask girls to advise, hold on a wee sec! oh and I started about 12 months before..

    Charlotte xxx

  16. I only went to one shop (a 2nd hand wedding dress shop) and I tried on about 10. I loved the first and last dress but the last dress won because it was more fitting to the style of day that I’m having. I went into the shop saying I didn’t want strapless, I want asymetric, I didn’t want anything big, or overly detailed etc etc etc. Because I’m petite and skinny, I think I could have probably chosen many dresses, but the tighter fitting ones (mermaid etc) made my bum look enormous (and its really not!), the huge skirted ones drowned me and I ended up with a slim fitting A line dress which is a nice balance between the 2. Interestingly, it IS strapless which I didn’t want, and it DOES have tons of detail on it which I also didn’t want.

    I think you just have to try at least one in every shape on to figure out what basic dress shape suits you and then go from there. Also your skin colouring plays a bit part – not many fair skinned brides can get away with stark white but there really aren’t many proper cream coloured dresses out there!

    @Beccie – if you love a dress then get it now even if your wedding isn’t for ages! I bought mine about 4 weeks after we were engaged and by the time we get married it will have been hanging in the wardrobe for 13 months!

  17. Beckie – I bought chose my dress about 14 months before our wedding – I didn’t intend to choose so early, it just sort of happened!

    I’d tried on lots of other dresses before, but with that one, I just kind of knew it was right. Sure, I could have carried on looking, but in my heart I knew that I would most likely go back to the original dress. So, I bit the bullet and ordered it. And then just had to stop looking!

    Go with your heart – if you can’t get it out of your head and if it feels right, then it probably is!

    Hope that helps xoxo

  18. I was absolutely dreading dress shopping. And quite rightly too in my opinion – standing in your undies with a random woman shoving you into dresses? No ta.

    I walked out of a few shops purely down to the service: one only let me try 5 on even though there were clearly others worth trying, one would only refer to me as too young and therefore a bridesmaid.

    Anyway, I found a boutique and owner I loved and I found my dress straight away. Not only was I in comfortable surroundings I was able to relax and see each dress for its merits, and have the time and space to think about each one.

    All I would say is keep an open mind, dresses are made to look amazing on, so don’t disregard it if its looks odd on the hanger. Also, I didn’t get emotional etc and think ‘this is the one’. Instead I did a little dance, cracked a massive grin and didn’t want to take it off. That’s good enough for me!

  19. Tried: 1, Bought: 1 !! And a full 14 months before the big day. I had done loads of research beforehand and had a folder on my desktop with hundreds of photos of different bits I liked (length, neckline, sleeves, colour etc), but I didn’t imagine I’d walk in and find the dream combination hanging right there.

    The icing on the cake was the divine Isabel (www.bridalstyling.co.uk) who made me feel so at home and has become a friend since. To anyone putting up with bossy or unhelpful suppliers in any aspect of the wedding process, just don’t!! It may take a little more research or time, but finding people who are as excited about your day as you are IS possible and makes it all so much more enjoyable.


  20. p.s. @LauraC -same here. I had my mum and sister with me and there were no tears, just excited giggles, beaming smiles and shrieks so high-pitched that probably only dogs could hear!!

  21. @ Beccie – i tried on around 10 dresses all in my Mum’s friends bridal shop & didn’t like any of them, as i had something really specific in my mind. I continued looking for a couple of months, engaged, but the wedding wasn’t booked, as we had abit of a struggle finding the right venue too! Then my friend invited me along to a shop she’d seen a sale on at, so i went with her, her mum & my mum, my mum spotted a dress very similar to what i’d described, i tried it on & loved it immediately, but still tried on another 2 very different dresses to make sure. I bought it there & then @ an amazing £600 from £1500, 12months before my wedding. I’ve had massive doubts about it since & with less than 6 months to go until my big day i’ve been to try it on again & it’s still perfect. It’s very easy to forget exactly what they look like, but i say if you’ve found what you think is the one, go for it! I’d of regretted it if i hadn’t bought mine when i did. Good luck! x

  22. @Beccie…
    my advice, take your time, dont feel you need to rush into buying a dress.
    It’s so easy when you’re in the dress, in the shop with everyone telling you you look beautiful to get swept away with a dress that you feel ‘meh’ about.
    The dresses you’re looking at now will still be available next year, but something equally or more fabulous may arrive in the next 2 collections before your wedding and you’ll kick yourself for settling, i know i would!

    I was petrified of making the decision, it gave me sleepless nights, although i was lucky enough to be able to eventually go couture, i think had my Papa not agreed to carte blanche then i would still be looking!! Just keep looking till something makes you swoon and try on as many dresses as you can, i think it helps to figure out what it is that you really want and dont want!!

    But that’s just my advice, every girl is different, sometimes you just know it’s THE dress!! xxx

    Good luck. xxx

  23. my wedding is in July 2013 and think I may have found the one!
    i dont think it matters WHEN you find your dress as if its the one its the one. i am the same, thinking ‘oo what if i buy this then find a better one?’
    but on the other hand, if you have found one you love it may not be around when the day comes to actually buy your dress.
    The only reason i havent bought my dress yet is the price!!!! i need to save big! orrr win some competitions haha XD xx

  24. Right ladies…this is a long one….

    We all know there are some *coughs* questionable boutiques out there, but NO CHAMPAGNE? What is that about?!? Champagne is a must and we always offer our brides a bit of bubbly to help with the nerves, even if they have booked at 9am appointment! (no judgements here!!)

    I know bridal shops can be terrifying so if you don’t get a good vibe, don’t feel pressured to do anything or try on anything you don’t want. I let our brides take their time, have a look up close at all the dresses and pick which ones they want to try. Then, once I’ve got an idea of what they’re looking for I may suggest something which I think would look great, but it is 100% your decision so no letting sales assistants, mothers or friends making you feel like a little girl!

    About sample sizes – I am a size 16 myself and I completely understand that it can be very stressful trying to squeeze into smaller samples. But as a small boutique owner, it is unfortunately impossible to keep a range of sizes in each gown! We always try our best to show off the dresses to all our brides and have found dresses for brides from a size 6 to a size 20.

    And finally, there is no time too soon to buy a wedding dress. Once you’ve fallen in love with one, stop looking and buy it! You run the very high risk of it being discontinued or the style being changed slightly.

    If anyone has any other questions, just ask! xxxx

  25. I am so excited as I ordered my dress just a few weeks ago. I first saw my dress on a hotel website about 18 months ago and knew it was the one for me. But, after finding out where it was from and a rough idea of how much it would be I knew I should try to put it out my mind – just a wee bit too much for one day’s wear I thought.

    So I set up a wedding dress shopping weekend, went to three shops and set about trying on dresses. I quickly figured out what suited me and found an Ian Stewart one that my mum loved and I really liked – very bridey…but I wasn’t 100% convinced. I went back a few weeks later to try it again and I loved it but I still didn’t get that buzzy ‘this is the one’ feeling I was hoping for. Truth be told I knew deep down that I needed to go and try on the one I’d seen online a year before to ‘get it out of my system’. So I made an appointment almost hoping that when I put it on I would realise that it wasn’t for me after it all….but it was. 100%. I loved it so much I even cried (not very me). And although it was more than I was intending to spend on my W-day dress, I know it will be amazing and beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it.

    Now I just need to find the shoes….

  26. Sarah, you have made my day I am off to order that dress tonight for my special dress for the day after/ evening of wedding? Whatever, I just know I NEED it.

    I didn’t really enjoy dress shopping having a similar situation to Jenny and being curvy. I am size 14/16 and still stuggled to get a lot of the dresses I thought I wanted over my hips/boobs. Big pain when it’s the most important frock your gonna wear!

    I did however conclude that I wasn’t going to find the “one”, because I did like so many. I still have dress wobbles now, and worry I am not going to feel as special as if it was “the one” feeling but I think on the day I could wear my PJ’s and still be over the moon so I am trying not to fret.

    Good luck girls in your search, loved reading your comments! Most shops told me that 6 months is as late as you should leave it ideally which is when I started looking, but we had only been engaged 6 months so didn’t have long to shop anyway. If your lucky enough to get in one off the rack then it’s probably not such a time issue.


  27. I tried on 30 dresses and the one I did love I changed beyond all recognition 🙂 If I could change one thing about my day it would be my dress. I LOVED it and I couldn’t say what I’d change, but I would.

    Maybe because I’ve fallen in love with Cymbeline shown here and would actually get married again just to wear it.


  28. And er, would it be wrong to buy that dress from Peacocks to wear to my as yet unborn child’s Christening?


  29. Thanks for the lovely comments about my dress, everyone – good to know it’s not just me that loves it 🙂

    Sadly it sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale, so it’s no longer available (although maybe try eBay as some might be on there). Apparently they’re bringing out a small range of wedding dresses next year as this one was so well received! xx

  30. @Beccie – I got engaged in the December 2010 and had found my dress by the end of february (we’re getting married June 2012), It wasnt exactly what I had imagined, much more ‘bridal’ but I felt so special wearing it, I couldnt stop ‘swishing’ and it made me feel really good (fab internal bra and corset!)

    But, I left it because 1) I couldnt afford 2) it felt a bit early and 3) it was NOTHING LIKE what I had planned to wear…

    cue another few months of trying on a 101 dresses

    I finally bought the dress I orginally loved so yeah I would probably say go for it, I was lucky in that I was able to buy this dress for much less dough as I got a sample
    BUT if you are concerned that you might find something else you like, why not ask the shop how long you could have to decide?

  31. I found my dress about 4 months ago (about 9 months before the wedding) and love love love it! I am really glad I went away and thought about it though- not happily I may add! I went back the next day and tried it on again- was visiting my parents down south and wanted to show my sister! Anyway she suggested I look for a stockist nearer home. Was really gutted as I knew it was the one I wanted and didn’t want to walk away! Anyway really glad I did as there is a stockist literally 5 mins down the road with a LOVELY shop owner and same dress £400 cheaper 😀 and she does all alterations herself included in price. Added bonus I got to try the dress on again! I’m making a few changes to it to make it mine but I think whilst its fine to oggle over other peoples dresses if you are worried of wobbles stop looking for yours! Good luck xxx

  32. Ugh dress shopping!! Well, not so much the shopping- that was fun- but the choosing! I bought a beautiful lace dress about 3 months after engagement (& 2 years pre-wedding). Had it in my bedroom and kept trying it on for the next year and a half and still loved it but then a close friend got engaged and seeing the photos of her trying on dresses gave me doubts about mine! Long story short I bought another more Grecian style and it was the best decision. Now to sell the other one…!

  33. I have only been engaged 2 months and we haven’t even passed our engagement doo yet but i’m 99.9% sure I’ve found my perfect dress! The 0.01% of doubt is because Were not getting married until July 2013. Is it to early to have found the one?
    I planned and booked a few dress shops to find my perfect boho lace dress but as soon as I tried on the 2nd dress at my first appointment I fell for a Grecian number! I had tears from my gran and cheif bridesmaid and wanted to walk out wearing it. Has anyone else ever bought their dress as early? Do I buy, stop looking and instead start looking for my dream gladiator sandles and head wear?!!

  34. We got engaged at the beginnning of March and I started looking in July. Wedding is July 2012. On my second try on I found the most lovely dress (on my own I might add) then did a few more try ons with sister and mum. Nothing else came close! I finally paid the deposit a couple of weeks ago and I’m so happy with my choice! It was actually one I saw in on the Pronovias website and I hope it looked as nice on me as the model! Luckily (i think!) it does!

    I know H2B will love it – Cant wait to wear it!
    Rachie xo

  35. I have a scrap-book full of cut outs of fish tail style wedding dresses and, when it came to dress shopping, that was all I picked out. None of them looked good on. Not one.

    I got quite depressed thinking maybe I just didn’t suit wedding dresses, so when my Mum walked in the changing room with a dress that really looked nothing-y on the hanger I thought ‘sod it’. Oh my lord, I looked AMAZING. I didn’t want to take the dress off.

    even the shop owner said she never recommends that dress to anyone because it doesn’t look nice on the hanger, she is going to now!

    just shows – what you think it going to look nice is completely different to reality. Oh, and that Mum’s know best 🙂

    Luckily, it looks good on the website, so I can swoon before it gets delivered 🙂 https://www.benjaminroberts.co.uk/2151-p-295.html

  36. I was soooooooooooo looking forward to the dress shop experience but after 4 boutiques, where only one offered us so much as a glass of water let alone champayne (and these were nice, ‘posh’ boutiques) and 40+ dresses, I was getting very disheartened and felt like I was drowning in a sea of ‘just another ivory dress!’
    I had looked on the internet and thought I knew what I wanted, straps as I have a large low bust, something to flatter the love handles (I’m a tall size 12 with no booty to mention as I think it was all placed on my back!) and plain and sophisticated. The dress I’ve bought I went past a hundred times on Pronovias website as I thought I wasn’t ‘thin’ enough and it just wasn’t me.
    In a lovely boutique in Derby, with an equally lovely assistant I had the joy of trying on anything and threw caution to the wind.
    There were no tears but by gum were there grins, bit cheesey stilton grins! I bounced around that shop like there was no tomorrow!
    So my advice is…..
    Don’t get bogged down and saddened if you don’t fnd your dress in the first shop and 5 dresses.
    Don’t get fixed on internet images, try on everything to begin with to find a style that suits you.
    Also, once I found my dress, I stepped away from the mirror and walked around without looking at my image. I wanted to feel how I’d feel on the day, “did i feel slim?” (very important to me! ha ha), “did i feel comfortable?” etc etc
    So after the mine field of shops and dresses I’ve ended up with no straps, very figure hugging and very different.
    I can’t wait until February when my dress arrives and I get to try it on again 🙂
    Good luck to all the ladies that are still hunting, enjoy it! xx

  37. I found my wedding dress thanks to RMW. I did the usual traipsing around wedding shops and found that most shops has nothing that I liked but I tried to remain open minded. I tried on different dresses in different styles but nothing really seemed to work. One wedding dress shop put me off when my bridesmaid was having a conversation about hunter wedding wellies with one of the assistants and they immediately proclaimed that i wouldn’t dream of wearing wellies on my wedding day… err of course I would if it rains!! Anyway needless to say I wasn’t going to be buying a dress from them.

    RMW introduced me to the wedding dress collection by BHLDN in america and i fell in love with a dress on the website and after umming and ahhing decided I may as well just buy it. Thankfully it fits fairly perfectly (import tax and sending the dress back to america would not have been fun!) and i love it and it has been in my spare room for the past few months with me avoiding trying it on too many times unnecessarily.

    My advice: if you love it, buy it or you may regret it x

  38. We’re getting married in February and I thought I was all sorted when I found my dress back in July. Admittedly it was a bit of a compromise, since lots of the ones I tried on were just too expensive for my very tight budget, but I was really happy with it at the time. BUT having been back to the store at the weekend for a fitting I realised like it so much less than I remembered and I’m a wee bit disappointed. It still looks fine but it doesn’t feel very much like ‘me’. And obviously the dress is by no means the most important part of the day and I’m so excited to be marrying my lovely man regardless of anything else. But I feel like I need a bit of a mope and thought who would understand wedding mopes better than you lovely ladies on here!

  39. Ahhhhhhhhhhh The Dress…. I’ll be talking about my experience at some point soon (though I feel like Lauren has provided us with some very wise words so not sure what I can add to it now!)….

    I have to say, there is definitely something as trying on too many dresses! After about 50 they definitely start merging all into one, so beware!

    I suffer from over-researching/ over-thinking everything, which means I had to visit basically every wedding-dress shop in London (right, that was realistic). I actually had a good sense of what would fit me from the beginning and I did get side-tracked for a short while but eventually the lovely ladies at Sassi Holford gave me invaluable advice on what they thought made me shine more and I trusted them (I should say that I was hesitating between two of their dresses so they weren’t biased in their advice).

    The one thing I would advise brides on too is to first book the venue / get of the sense of the overall look of the wedding before choosing the dress. To me, this all sounded very vague and conceptual until I actually started wedding dress searching. But once I had booked the venue, I realised that actually a slinky, sexy hollywood number for example (like Jenny Packham) was beautiful but wouldn’t quite fit the country-garden look all that well and I should look for styles that would go in harmony with the rest of the look.

    Good luck to all you lovely ladies looking!! And remember to enjoy it too!

  40. Hmmmm that was way longer than I thought it would be!! On that note, I’m off to my pilates class (in a vain attempt to be healthy and fit….)

  41. I found my dream dress today!!!!! 🙂 sooo didn’t expect to find it so quickly. I’ve been putting off trying on dresses as I’ve recently had a baby and i’m still carrying some baby weight but I took the plunge and went today with my mum and my best friend. I only tried on three dresses and the third was ‘The One’. I really thought it would be so much harder (i’m VERY short) but hey… there you go x x x happy days x x x

  42. I’ve been to visit Lauren at Adamo and loved the fact that there weren’t tonnes of dresses to choose from. The range is varied enough with a slight edge from the ordinary (especially the Rembo Styling dresses) which makes you feel like you are getting something unique….that said I still can’t make a decision, they’re all far too pretty!!

  43. I hated my first two experiences, both in the same boutique; I just felt like I was playing dress-up and that I looked ridiculous in everything. They were all perfectly nice dresses but none of them made me feel amazing, which is what I though is meant to happen when you find the one, so even after that short an experience, I had resigned myself to just trying to find one I liked ok. In the second boutique, my mum and the owner persuaded me to try on a taffeta Sottero-Midgley (“no way, I really don’t like taffeta”), and there I was, big goony grin on my face, stroking the dress and saying in a goofy voice “I want this one!” So that was it, job done! I even persuaded the owner to sell me the sample dress as our budget is weeny, so I got my £1200 dress for £450 😀 I now thoroughly believe in ‘the one’! Oh, and our wedding isn’t until 9th September 2012, so ladies, I reckon when you’ve found it, just go for it! xx

  44. i went in wanting not big and with straps…. i fell in love with diana by enzoani- it was my dream dress- the 1st shop i tried it in was not good therefore i didnt want it- i have ended up with opposite to what i wanted strapless and big- i still come back to that dress i loved and worry have i made a msitake??? who knows but i went with what others said over gut…. i will see how i fell when i get the dress…. time will say.. guess saying who knows- but on the day im hoping if i made a mistake my boy will love me no matter what xxx

  45. I loved the whole dress shopping experience, though I have to admit the first shop was a bit daunting, as although I had an idea in my head of what I was looking for, I also had an open mind, and so was willing to try anything (within reason). Racks and racks of dresses presented themselves to me, with an assistant who looked like she should have been at school, and whose opinion I found it hard to trust.

    Once I had discovered that A-line dresses did nothing for me, I quickly deduced that a fit-and-flare was the best shape for me. I did struggle to find a dress with the right shape, sparkle, and train, but eventually I found her.

    Listen carefully to the opinion of others, but at the end of the day, go for what makes you feel like a princess xx

  46. I tried my dress on ‘for a laugh’! It was the biggest one right in the middle of the shop. I was with a friend and she nagged me to get it on! I did and fell in love (we both cried a little! With happiness obvs!) and after making sure (trying on every style going) I came back to my big, fluffy dress! And I absolutely can’t wait to wear it in 6 months time!! Yay!

  47. I had my heart set on a pronovias dress that I saw in the first wedding magazine I ever bought after becoming engaged. After calling/emailing nearly every stockist i found only 1 boutique in London was the only shop in the UK!! Living in the north west it was the perfect excuse for a trip to the big smoke with my mum, mum in law and one of my maids (also sister in law to be) – so off we went for a weekend. When I finally got in the dress I loved it but my mum and mum in law weren’t overly keen! And as much as I tried to ignore I had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind so I carried on looking. Then when I went on a make or break trip to two boutiques owned by the same people in southport and Warrington I found a couple of dresses I liked ALOT but it was a lusan mondongus dress (I’d never heard of him before either) along with a JP head dress and veil that lead all
    5 of us – me, mum, mum in law and two of my maids – to burst into tears for me to realise it was the one! I’ve been very sceptical when hearing the ‘you know when it’s the one’
    stories of others but after having one of the most pathetic yet heartwarming memories of my life you just have to go with your heart and what your happy with! I happily couldve skipped out of the shop there and then and got married to my lovely mr
    A and felt a million dollars – and I know that’s exactly how I’ll feel on the big day! And my lovely sis in law to be cemented this when she pointed out that I won’t look back in 20 years and feel like I looked like a giant ostrich in my wedding pics – anyone who’s seen the pronovias farandula will get this!! x

  48. I have been looking for my dress for ages, not really knowing what I wanted. Last weekend I visited a fab new bridal boutique Froufrou in Tunbridge Wells, the service and advice I got was amazing and have defiantly got a clearer idea of what I want, and what looks good on me! I would defiantly recommend any one wanting beautiful dresses and great service and advice to pay them a visit. I think I am going for a backless David Fielden number x

  49. Hi, I’m a D cup and a size 14.(the dress that I tried on was a size 8). I picked a Jenny Packham Eden and at the time I thought it was the right dress. Then looking at the photos from my trying it on I am regretting my decision. But the order is in. Do you have any thoughts on a larger bust in the Eden dress. They told me it would drape nicely when in my size. Also, I’m starting to feel it is too night/evening giant and not weddingy enough. I’m nervous that I’ll feel under dressed. Any thoughts? I’m having second thoughts about it. I suppose this is normal but I talked to a friend of mine and she said she knew when she tried on “the one” and never doubted it. At the time I felt that way but ever since choosing I’ve doubted.

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