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Easy Wedding Hairstyles – Stay-In-All-Day Beachy Boho Waves

We’re often asked for easy wedding hairstyles here at Rock My Wedding. Wearing your barnet in some sexy waves is nothing new, I mean – who doesn’t want to look like one of those bohemian surfer chicks who seemingly dry their hair naturally in the sun only to emerge all golden-skinned and perfectly coiffed after a day spent on the beach? 

Personally I find my waves don’t often last – and if I get them to the point where they do I find I’ve used so much salt spray that my hair is kind of….crunchy.

So the question is, how do you achieve that soft yet glamorous tousled look that is perfect for a relaxed W-day… A version that is not going to turn into a limp straggly mess by the first dance?

Well, you’re in for a treat, Jodie Hazlewood is going to show you how to become a sunshine goddess and includes all of her favourite products to enable you to achieve full-on boho beauty in just a few easy steps.

Easy Wedding Hairstyles


Jodie Hazelwood: Firstly Prep the hair with something that will protect it from the heat and give it a little bit of shape and body. I spritzed Bumble & Bumble Prep through Lolly’s hair.

Section the hair from behind the ears straight across and fastion with a sectioning clip.

Boho Waves

On Lolly’s hair I used the Babyliss Waving Wand. This is by far my favourite. EVER heated tool in my kit. It creates a whole range of modern type waves and is so so easy to use.

Starting nearest your face take 1.5 inch sections and wind the hair around the wand pointing it vertically to the floor leaving the ends free.


Hold for 15-20 secs and release. Repeat around the head alternating the direction you wind each section so it’s not too uniform.

Spritz with hairspray- I’m loving James Brown’s Effortless Hold at the moment.


Release the top section and repeat. I always try and make sure the two front sections are curling away from the face as I think it’s more flattering.


Using your fingers as a wide toothed comb drag through the curls to completely soften and dishevel them.


Spray VO5 Give me texture spray (this is a genius product – a cross between a salt spray and dry shampoo) through the lengths to give your hair shape and texture.


If you fancy a slightly more “done” look you can pull a little section away from your face and pin with kirby grips as I did with Lolly.


We would very much like it if you WOULD try this at home.

Is it a look you wear often? Are you considering a more casual hairdo for your wedding? Do you have any “must-have” tips/products you can recommend?

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below you wavy haired beauties.

Big Boho Love

Charlotte xxx


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Photography by WE ARE // THE CLARKES
Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

31 thoughts on “Easy Wedding Hairstyles – Stay-In-All-Day Beachy Boho Waves

  1. I do love having waves in my hair but I have ridiculously fine, thin hair!
    Ultimately it means that the curls will last all of 1 hour if I am lucky! 🙁

    I am hoping one of the problems is me not managing to get a good angle with my straighteners
    I am praying it is this – because I am desperately hoping to have some waves in my hair for the big day (that will hopefully see me through to 1am!!!!! ha!) Eeek!

    Lolly – looking fabulous as always 🙂
    Jodie – fab work 🙂

    1. Me too,except my hair is so wild (and wavy) that any style with barely last an hour and if um it does it looks extremely messy.

  2. Looking good Lolly! This is the look I strive for all the time and never really achieve! I don’t think I’m patient enough with my curling!

    Anyway, I’m going to try it like this from now on, I usually just use my GHD’s but I may have to invest in a wand. I’m thinking for our engagement shoot maybe??


  3. I really want waves for my wedding day too but like Rebecca, I have really fine hair – waves usually last 45 mins at most! I’ve heard good things about the Remington Pearl curling wand and also the much more expensive, Jose Eber wand. Has anyone tried these and have a preference? Thanks for the tutorial RMW. I will get my chief bridesmaid/hair stylist/make up artist to try it out tout suite! xxx

  4. @Becca @Tabitha thanks girls! Can I just say that my hair is actually pretty fine too and this stayed in all day no problem. If you curl the hair properly and add plenty of spray you should be ok.

    FYI that Bumble and Bumble spray smells amazing. Totally investing in some of that!

  5. @Lolly first off, you look HOT (like fire) with boho waves!

    @Becca – Totally agree with Lolly, B&B stuff is brilliant. Tres expensive though.

    My hair is the opposite to you girls, I have a lot of it. The masses of peroxide I pile on it tends to help it keep a curl which is good, but you could just try putting mousse on each individual section, then spraying as soon as you’re done. You end up with a head FULL of product but it aint budging!

    @Tab @Kate – I’m a GHD girl and am always twiddling it into loose curls (I’m hiding them under a hat in my avatar just there <— ), but maybe a wand is a great idea for a birthday prezzie! I'd be interested to hear any recommendations too!!

    I heart curly hair!!! xxx

  6. Oh fab work! I love this look and do it any day if I have time, but I found that I get bored half way as I have so much hair. I have learned that doing lager chuncks or hair at a time makes the most gorgeous waves which save on time and effort. I am most certainly investing in some of that V05 texure spray! Just what I have been looking for as I have a lot of hair but it goes quite fine when styled with heat.

    @Lolly I still cannot get over your eyes/lashes do tell us your secrets! Please tell me they are cheat make up secrets I can copy!

  7. @Karen I should probably mention that my hair is naturally curly – I straighten it because I look like Worzel Gummidge else. That said I’m quite liking the controlled beachhead look…one to think about anyway.

    @Stef you know some girls have totally amazing legs or a cracking figure (FYI I didn’t get either of those when they were handed out!) well I ended up with some seriously long eyelashes – my sister Tom has even longer ones would you believe it – so I can’t really offer any tips. That said I swear by Lancome Defincils which both my sisters wear also. I never leave the house without it…might be worth a purchase..?

  8. Lolly, you look gorgeous- I’m jealous of how photogenic you are!

    This is exactly what I’m attempting on my hair for my wedding in July so this was incredibly helpful so thank you!


  9. I have my first hair consultation on Thursday. This is going with me!

    I have just about nearly but not quite shoulder length ish hair at the minute (this actually means its not as long as I want/thinking it is!) so I’m hoping it’ll be possible by the time August comes round!

    Incidentally, I have dead straight hair, it doesn’t hold a style, and I never have it wavy, I just fancy it or W-day!!!x

  10. I love the simplicity of it but at the same time I would wear this to my formal! Speaking of formals (prom)
    I was hoping that you would have something similar to this but spruced up a little? My hair is about the same length and colour and I’m really struggling to find something perfect for my formal. I really hate the hard hair sprayed look and right curls but everything I like is too casual. My dress is strapless so I was really hoping to have it down. I just don’t want to be like every other girl 🙁 please help me! Thanks so much 🙂

  11. That looks amazing!!!! Lolly you look gorgeous 🙂 I wanted to know what other products could you use in place of the VO5 Give Me Texture Spray? I’m from australia and we don’t have it 🙁 Thanks :)))

  12. To the comments above me, I am not sure where you can purchase the VO5, but Bumble and Bumble as (in my opinion) the God of all beach waves products. I use prep to start. Then I use Surf Spray and Grooming Cream (both by BB).. I dry my hair with that in there.. Then curl it with a wand. Then I have my own curly texture, mixed in with the fabulous wand waves. I top it off with my favorite product of all, “Dryspun Finish”.. It’s like a hairspray/hair powder hybrid. Those are my faves!!

    This was a great tutorial!!

  13. Gosh I loved my look after Charlotte Kilby put curls in my hair, the look lasted for days after and everyone commented, cheers guys I’ll b coming back soon ️xx thanks Charlotte

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