Everything We Wanted.


Emily and Adam kept their wedding simple, local and personal. Unusually they opted to go without bridesmaids and groomsmen but involved their friends and family in other ways, I especially like Emily and Adam’s idea of allowing their guests to book themselves in for slot as DJ at the reception party.

This London wedding started with a ceremony at Orleans House Gallery and then moved to The Kew Inn.


A Stones Throw

Emily The Bride: The dress was from a tiny little shop just round the corner from our house in Kew. The shop belonged to Angela Stone who designed the dress. She is a fantastic lady! Very friendly and lovely. I decided not to have and jewellery or accessories – just a flower in my hair… And I can’t remember where it was from!


Shoe Struggle

I struggled with buying shoes and went through about three pairs. In the end I decided on some dusty golden peep toes from Dune. My fabulous aunty did my hair and make-up. I knew I wanted a plait as Adam loves my hair plaited and swept to one side to keep it out the way!


Budget Blooms

I went to Covent Garden Flower market two days before the wedding to buy all the flowers. It was a very early morning trip! I had fun chatting to the chaps who ran the stalls. Ridiculously I had no idea what I wanted before I went and just bought what I fancied! I did know that I wanted hydrangeas for my bouquet (beautiful, simple and easy!) I’m really happy with all the flowers that I ended up with and did it at a snip of the price that they would have cost from a florist. I did end up buying the buttonholes from a florist though as I just ran out of time to do everything.


The Wedding Party

There were no grooms men or bridesmaids. Just my little cousin who was flower girl. She had the same bouquet as me and wore a cute little dress from Marks and Spencer.


A Baker Boy

We had no colour scheme. After the wedding I laughed at a comment we received on how great our attention to detail was as we had matched Adam’s shoelaces to the flowers… this was purely unintentional! Ad’s suit was from Ted Baker – he wanted something that he could wear again. His shoes were also from Ted Baker. We got them all from the Ted Baker in Covent Garden where the staff were fantastic, really helpful and friendly.


When I got to Orleans House Gallery and was waiting outside, the lovely lady from the venue, Ayomi, told me that Ad was looking particularly nervous – this is what nearly set me off! I felt so sorry for him waiting inside at the front, in front of everyone. (Even though they are obviously all lovely!)


Relaxed & Laid Back

For our photography we picked Dasha Caffery and she was fantastic. I saw her photos of a friend’s wedding and she captured exactly the style and tone that we wanted. We met her just before the wedding and her relaxed, laid-back and fun attitude was exactly what we wanted. 


Pick Up A Penguin

My Grandma made the cake. It was a coffee and chocolate fudge cake. It was inspired by our little home in Kew that we call ‘Penguin Cottage’. I was not expecting it at all, my Grandma had been very secretive about it all and only revealed it to me on the evening before the wedding. Needless to say, I had a tear in my eye as the towel was whipped off. It was truly amazing and the little penguin toppers survive in my kitchen until this day!


That’s Entertainment

We were slightly cheeky and called in lots of favours from friends. Two of my lovely teacher friends conducted a quiz for everyone. We also had a giant blackboard that we wrote times on and friends and family signed up for DJ slots in the evening. We also had board games and props for people to pose with in a giant gold frame.


We had a secret, unplanned first dance! We weren’t going to have one but just before dinner, when guests were mingling, a song we both love (that we now can’t remember) came on. We thought we’d have a little moment then!


Bespoke Bunting

A friend works for a decorations company and managed to help us out with a lot of the bunting etc. I’m a teacher and my class also made me some bunting with sweet, personal messages.

Overall we kept our wedding simple,local and personal. I’m so pleased we did. It was our wedding and it was everything we wanted.


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Venue: Orleans House Gallery and The Kew Inn
Dress: Angela Stone
Shoes: Dune
Blooms: Covent Garden Flower market
Groom: Ted Baker
Photographer: Dasha Caffery

No colour scheme, no florist, no bridesmaids, no groomsmen… But a wedding still completely RMW worthy. Emily and Adam’s personal and simple shindig is living proof that you don’t need to tick every box on the traditional wedding checklist in order to provide a day that you and your guests will remember forever.

So, here’s your new simplified wedding checklist – Make it fun. Make it personal. Engage your guests.

Job done.

Oh, and get your granny to bake a cake. Everyone loves cake.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

12 thoughts on “Everything We Wanted.

  1. What a totally perfect day.

    Wow what a grandma! She’s ace at cake baking!!

    I’ve been having an internal breakdown this week about how much we’ve ‘got to do’ this just confirms what I’ve been thinking, we don’t ‘have’ to do anything? Do we need paper pom poms? No. Do we need bunting? No.

    I feel a wedding revolution coming on!

    Congratulations Emily and Adam 🙂 x

  2. Guess who? LOVE that game! What a brilliant way to keep guests entertained – both young and old alike! And that’s not the only thing…. I love Emily’s dress – so gorgeously simple yet a style statement at the same time and I’ve not even started on the sweetest bunting from Emily’s class.

    All together now….ahhhhhhhhh

  3. Such a beautiful wedding :). Made me almost want to change my flowers p hydrangeas are lovely. Was thinking about doing something similar with a picture frame – hope you don’t mind me asking but what size is the one in your pics and where did you get it from? Thanks Annabel xx

  4. Love this wedding, really beautiful and simple. That said, where did you get your gold frame? I need one (yes, need. Not want! Maybe I should take a leaf out of Emily & Adam’s book…) Congratulations x

  5. Hi guys! It Andrei and Olga from Russia! We lived in a neighboring bungalow in the Maldives on their honeymoon! Do you remember?
    (translated by Google)

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