Fancy Investors and Big Love Brands.

The other day we mentioned that we have been working on a project behind the scenes for some months now. It’s been an interesting time of late, not least because it’s all been somewhat unexpected, as in you think you have some kind of plan only for everything to turn out differently, and I’m glad to say that sometimes the weird way that fate plays out is definitely for the best.

Way back when in the summer of 2009 Adam and I were scribbling down various branding designs for RMW and I was trying to explain to him what a W-day blog actually was….

Adam: “I don’t get it, a website all about weddings?! how can you write about weddings all day?!”

Well lovelies – how things have changed eh? I now have Adam in my ear on a regular basis telling me about some awesome stationery he’s seen or an amazing Groom get-up or some unique favour idea or another…

I’d go as far as to say some days he is even more enthusiastic than me – yes sometimes even about flowers*.

The thing is, although I don’t see how anyone would ever be able to tell how successful their business was going to be – especially when it is something relatively new and especially when you don’t have any experience of actually um….running a business, everyone who embarks on actually doing it in the first place must have some sort of vision/desire/great big ruddy dream.

And we’d be fibbing if we said we didn’t. Because we did.

And it wasn’t necessarily some kind of all encompassing business “plan” or a certain goal set out in black and white, it was more a vision we had to create an on-line space that was well…joyful. Where people could escape to and it would just make them feel a whole lot better. And eventually we wanted to build on the initial idea of Rock My Wedding and advance into other areas and build a really really great brand.

We want to run a company full of enthusiastic employees, a company that encourages creativity and ambition and overall greatness.

Adam and I want everyone that is a part of the RMW team to get up in the morning and say “I am so looking forward to going to work today”.

Are our dreams a bit far-fetched? I’m sure some folk may think so, we definitely don’t though.

Thing is being a small business such as we are, there is no way on earth a bank is going to lend us any capital to invest in the future – in fact they would probably laugh us right out of the door.

Picture the scene:

“Rock My what?”

“What assets do you have?” (um….we have some quite nice chairs from Ikea called “Jeff”…)

“What guarantees can you make?” (….We can promise you that we will both love weddings forever.)

So we didn’t even bother.

Instead we approached some investors – much like Dragons Den off of the telly, only we didn’t have to go on the actual… telly.

It’s a bit like saying “Excuse me Fancy Investor types with very successful companies all over the world, please give us some of your money risk free so we can grow this amazing company! we can’t give you any guarantees but we believe in it and we’ll work our butts off to make it happen!”

Of course it wasn’t as simple as that. We did have to have a “plan” and goals and a pretty clear vision. We could show how crazily Rock My Wedding has grown since it began and we could talk about all the opportunities we’ve had so far and the opportunities currently in the pipeline. To be honest, it made us stop and assess everything we have achieved and it made us realise just how far we’d come. Granted I’m not sure anyone was going to invest in a pair of divs who manage to get themselves stranded in London overnight because they didn’t check the timetable properly (so we missed facts like that out of our pitch…) but we did have to put together details – lots and lots of detail. It was a bit like therapy – we put everything we’d got out there and waited for the verdict.

And then much like the man from Del Monte they said…..yes.

I don’t think Adam or I could speak for a week.

And then we went and quit our day jobs. I think we may have survived on adrenalin and caffeine for a fortnight before it actually sank in.

In other news, whilst all this investment pitching was going on we got a call from Coast – yep the Coast (one of my favourite destinations for bridesmaids dresses and W-day guest attire) so we went off to the Head Office of Aurora Fashions (they of Coast, Warehouse and Oasis fame) to talk new collections, writing for the Coast website and doing some RMW type styling in the future.

It was all a bit surreal.

Let’s face it – it’s all gone a bit mental hasn’t it?

And we can’t handle this thing on our own for much longer, let alone grow at the pace we intend.

So in the very near future we plan to get some super cool offices and we’ll be recruiting some full time Rock My team members. And in the not too distant future we hope to be recruiting a whole lot more.

Thanks for being the most awesome community on the planet, we couldn’t have done this without you.

And that just leaves me to say….

The futures bright but it’s definitely not orange…’s blue polka dotted 😉

(have always wanted to say that!!)

Big Who Wants To Jump On Board This On-Line Rollercoaster Love

Charlotte and Adam xxx

*Adam has now taken to pointing out various blooms and telling me the name of them in a very proud fashion much like when you learn new vocabularly at the age of two….

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

150 thoughts on “Fancy Investors and Big Love Brands.

  1. Oh my actual Gosh!!! RMW is taking over the world!

    Congratulations guys – you deserve it! The amount of work you clearly put in, and the professionalism that comes across the site is immense, and it couldn’t happen to a better blog!

    I LOVE checking in every day, and it is a secret wish of mine to a) one day have my big day feature on these polka-dot pages; and b) join the team. You’ve brought b) one step closer…

    Go team RMW!

    C xx

  2. Wow this is great news for you guys!! Congrats! I got married last year, but still come on here daily! I love the prettiness! xx

  3. Wow, this is such fantastic news! Massive congratulations to you both – it is well deserved!
    Having married last Sept I’m still quite addicted to the daily pretty and chat! x

  4. Oh my actual God. Congratulations the pair of you! What an incredible achievement! What a reward after the black summer to start coming into a fantastic spring. Cannot think of a more deserved reward for your hard work and dedication.

    Will be sending this to a copywriting friend who I reckon would LOVE being part of your team- any news on where Rock My HQ will be based? xxxxxxxx

    SO chuffed x

  5. Please can I work at RMW Towers too 🙂 I’ll do anything! (plus, I bake a lot and am always bringing cakes to work if that helps my chances?!)


    p.s. MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! So exciting to see it going so well for you! It’s the best thing on the internet ever 😀

  6. This is so so exciting.

    I don’t usually comment – I just drink it all in – but I had to say massive congratulations and well deserved virtual hugs.

    Your website has been my daily (lies…thrice daily) go-to for all things wedding and I love everything about it. You’ve done an amazing job, and now so business savvy too.

    Super-excited about the “Rock My” future, maybe we could all grow up together. Rock my zimmerframe anyone?

    If you want a wedding-obsessed media lawyer for anything let me know!

  7. Blinkin eck!! That is truly amazing news!

    Congratulations to the both of you, you are two very clever wedding bloggers! I think that would be my actual dream job!

    Can’t wait for RMW to get even bigger and better (if that’s possible!)


    P.S. Apologise for all the exclamation marks (I’ve been told I use them too much) but this is very good news!!!

  8. That’s amazing 🙂 massive congratulations!

    I truly hope you guys always Look forward to goin to work in the morning – i imagine (haha!) that it must really help on dark, chilly mornings when getting out of bed is a struggle!

    I look forward to all the future wedding gossip and prettiness 🙂 xoxo

  9. Oh. my. life!! How blooming exciting, congratulations guys that IS the amazing news that you promised!!!

    When you mentioned that you want people to wake up in the morning and think ‘I am looking forward to going to work today’ that definitely hit a nerve with me because I know that’s def what we are all looking for (but sadly not always finding) from our jobs….RMW definitely sounds like the kind of job that would make you WANT to go to work 🙂

    Good luck with it all guys and cannot wait to hear more about it! xx

  10. GASP. I would love to work for RMW!

    Well done both!! After getting married last summer, I still check back here daily for the dose of pretty…I’ve been fascinated with how you built the blog from the start Charlotte; (and Adam) you’re one of very few doing it well in the UK !


  11. Charlotte, this is incredible news. Well done to you and Adam. So much hard work paid off. Daydreaming about coming to work for you now! Ha ha xx

  12. Wow!! Congratulations to you it’s so exciting to see a blog that so many of us have followed from the beginning turn into a real-life grown up company!

    Also, if you’re going to be based Birmingham way I will be begging for a job, there will be cake type gifts galore! 🙂


  13. Fantastic news and HUGE congratulations. You have both done an incredible job and make many of us ladies (and I’m sure a few men!) very happy with your daily dose of beautiful!

  14. PS. I love Ikea Jeffs…we have 4…and have very “in” jokes about them…that is very sad isn’t it?

    My going cold turkey might have just ended in bad form…

  15. *SCREAM* this is HUGELY exciting news – well done to both of you!! Your hard work (and getting stranded!) has paid off!!

    Can’t wait to hear more news soon….! XXX

    P.S. as a recently married bride, I can happily say I still check in with you guys almost every day – still loving it all 🙂

  16. Well done guys, thoroughly deserved and without doubt the most inspiring UK wedding blog around! If you were a tinned chopped pork and ham product then you would without doubt be Spam Premier {spammier than hammier than ham Spam} 🙂

    Ps if you need a tea girl then I’m all yours, I only brew with Twinings Tea bags and always a tea pot.

  17. Congratulations guys! Brilliant news and very well done to you all! I’ve been an avid reader since day one so it’s lovely to see just how far you’ve come! Big Up The RMW Massive 😉 xx

  18. Big congratulations! What an exciting time! I love seeing success for people like you two! Can’t wait to see where it goes!

    I’ve only recently stumbled upon RMW and I absolutely love it! You’ve quickly become my favorite wedding site! Although I’m marrying a Brit, we won’t be getting married in England but I still love to come along every day for new ideas and loveliness! xx

  19. I have been waiting for you two to give up the day jobs! What an exciting achievement – you should be very, very proud of yourselves.

    I visit at least six times a day and love all the ideas and inspiration. The themes are so varied that there really is something for everyone!


  20. Amazing – Super congrats – Surely everyone wants to work for the super pretty! If you’re in the market for a commercial manager – (all commercial modelling and business cases – working out your EBIT-do’s from your EBIT – don’ts) then let me know!

  21. Absolutely amazing news! Congrats all – Live the dream. You will have folk queuing up to be part of this ridonculously successful team! (Might try and push my way in the queue somehow!)

    Congrats again!


  22. Wow! That’s amazing news. Congratulations. If your NWS stand is anything to go by, your offices will be super-stylish!!

    P.S. I want to work there too. 😉 Good luck!

  23. Er, and how EXACTLY do I bag myself a space at RMW Towers when it opens?! Big congrats guys, you’ll be taking over the world in no time 😉 x

  24. I wish you all the best. I am a grumpy old man and not prone to nice comments. I can usually find ‘things’ to moan about on a daily indeed hourly basis. BUT your site is first class.
    OK little moan 🙂
    No mention of Red Bike Telegrams.
    Could you mention them please. Thank you X
    Good discounts for all from RMW!

  25. Oh my goodness this is so so exciting! I read your very honest and slightly sadder post about the ‘Black Summer’ the other day and thought, ‘that’s it, I want them to know how much I love RMW and how much I love reading the posts everyday’ so here it is, I’m being brave and trying to put myself out there into the RMW community and not just be anonymous the other side of these beautiful blue polka dot pages just because I think I’m too young or my budget is not large enough or my wedding is not going to ‘blog worthy’. But instead encourage you and join in this fun ride that yes celebrates weddings but also love and excitement and all kinds of pretty things that can infiltrate into my everyday life and more often than not put a huge smile on my face!
    Thanks so much Team RMW, I’m excited for your expansion (or world take over plan – whatever you’d prefer to refer to it as!) Harrietx

  26. This is so ruddy exciting beyond belief!!! How have you managed to keep this to yourselves for so long?!!! Eeeeeek!!

    I for one cannot wait to see how you grow RMW over the coming weeks/months/years. I might have to plan to renew my vows so I have a legitimate reason why RMW is always at the top of my internet history… I think my husband thinks I’m a little bit mental for still looking at wedding stuff!

    Any chance of some sneaky work experience…? haha


  27. I got married two years ago and I still visit your site several times a day – although this is my first post.
    I am about to venture into the exciting/nerve racking world of setting up my own business and your posts of late have been a real inspiration to me.
    Good work RMW I am so pleased for you!

  28. Oh my god mother of all things holy!! A RMW office!
    How amazing! You two are awesome (and obvs the rest of the current RMW team) and deserve every bit of success that comes your way!

    I can’t believe how far all this has come and that it started by a little lassy writing about her big day on a wedding forum! Totally mind blowing!

    I will defo be sticking around post wedding to see all the super exciting stuff you have going on!

    And erm…I may have also started being a bit of a flower geek so Adam I challenge you to a round of “name that flower”!

    If you say needed an on site nurse for any you know, ailments or the likes I am there!!!! Or even just to keep asking Charlotte what lipstick she is wearing or how she gets her eyeshadow to look super awesome when I HAVE the same and mine looks nowhere near as striking! (I’m totally getting there with that by the way and am as of today rocking some pretty awesome eyelash extensions that I can’t wait for you to see on the wedding report!!)

    Lots of luck and love and huge congrats!!!!


  29. Can I just say that I love Harriet’s post above! If you like pretty things and RMW I’m sure your wedding is gonna be a beaut!

    And massive congratulations Charlotte and Adam- very, very pleased for you and SO excited to see what’s around the corner and just generally in awe!


  30. Congratulationssss!!! I dont really comment much usually but would love to say well done to Team RMW 🙂
    I have to say I absolutely Ruddy LOVE Rock my Wedding – i check it twice daily (Slightly more now with the lunchtime posts – bit obsessive i know!) And I am not even engaged!!
    I cannot resist the daily dose of Pretty and dream of one day getting involved with these amazing events 🙂
    Keep Rocking it!! xx

  31. Wow!!! Congratulations, this is fantastic news! I can’t wait to hear more, and I especially can’t wait to hear more about how we can get jobs at RMW towers!
    Since planning my wedding, I have been seriously thinking that maybe this is what I want to do forever, I don’t want the planning to end. I think it might be partly down to RMW that I am now so obsessed with weddings and everything pretty.
    Well done guys, you truly deserve it! xxx

  32. Holy Smokes you gorgeous lot!!! There was me checking in thinking “I’ll just reply to a few comments”…..

    Thanks so SO much, we so appreciate you taking the time to say congratulations and wishing us well.

    Big Rock My World Love

    Charlotte xxx


    I am so happy to hear that RMW is moving on and up, I don’t post often normally because it is difficult to not get a little more then excited at the office while looking at pages of pretty!

    I had to make a few calls to spread the Joy!

    It is like when you go shoe shopping …. and you see the most perfect pair of ‘beauties’ in the window, you go and ask the assistant for you size and while the go check you say to yourself

    “I bet the don’t have my size, they never have my size”

    And after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, the assistant returns with a box of ‘Shoe Candy’ In Your Size! amazing!

    My dream job would be to work for RMW, I have been a reader since day one and i would just like to thank you for all the amazing posts and tips!

    I am currently planning 2 weddings for friends (on the side of my everyday mundane 9 – 5) and have had a few e-mails in regards to future weddings for others, and most of the brides send me links to RMW for ideas the have seen and want for their day! (don’t worry I am an event planner, new to the network but here I am) so I want to thank you again for inspiring W-Day ideas and for making my side job a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable!


  34. Congratulations what fabulous news and very well deserved. You truly have created a wonderful and massively JOYFUL community here which is so rare on the internet which so often becomes a dark place of anonymous bitching…

    Just this morning I was thinking how refreshing it is to go and read comments online and just be bowled over by the enthusiasm, optimism and support that all the RMW contributors have! And huge credit has to go to the two of you for creating that environment in the first place. Hats off to you – and don’t go changing… X

  35. Incredible news!! You two deserve it for all the hard work you put in and for keeping it always so fresh and exciting!!

    Love RMW xxx

  36. …and here was me thinking you were going to announce you were pregnant….. 😉

    This is great news guys – so chuffed for you. Who’d have thought a YAYW Wedding Report would lead to all this!

    Again, Amaze-balls!

  37. I have just got back from a meeting where I have, of all things, been arguing about the placement of hoardings on a building site…it kind of ending with me saying to a bunch of men, “If a girl that works in the PR team has to tell you it’s ruddy stupid to put a hoarding up there you’re in serious trouble…”. I then stomped across a car park, got my heel caught in my shoe and literally fell head first into my car…thank god I was wearing knickers today…

    Anyhow, on my three hour drive home, that had to be done without a can of Diet Coke (I drink nine – ten cans a day) because I’d left my purse in my other handbag, the only thing that kept me going was, “You’ll be home soon, on the sofa, in the Big C’s dressing gown, with a can of DC and RMW.”

    And here I am…and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how exciting is this! (I make the eeeee noise a lot and it is usually accompanied with a double handed squeeze of the arm of whoever happens to be sat next to me but there is nobody here!)

    I’m sure I speak for everyone on here when I say that RMW is like totally crucial to our day to day existence. Nothing else to say is there…when you have something that becomes totally crucial to the world (a la toilet paper, Cadbury’s Wispa, fake tan, Touche Eclat, and magazines with lots of pictures of Nicole Ritchie in) you have a total success!

    Be really, really proud of everything you have achieved because it’s immense.

    Quick word from my mum (who is a teacher at an all girls secondary school): “Ooooooooo I do hope there will be some kind of RMW carrier bag. The girls in year ten are always very impressed when I go in with their books in one of your fancy designer carrier bags. There was practically a scrum over the Versace for H&M one – imagine what this would do! Granted they are probably too young to be thinking about weddings but how ‘on-trend’ will I look knowing about blogs and girls with purple hair?!”


  38. Wow oh wow oh wow! Congratulations you two!!! Fab news. I would die and go to heaven if I could call RMW my job, (and i promise to love weddings forever and ever)

    Have been an avid follower since the early days and saw the yayw report and love love love all you guys keep doing 🙂 so pleased the rmw dream is coming true for you both, you work so hard for us and you really are making our weddings special and unique, really can’t thank you both enough.

    Big well done to you both!

    PS like Adam, since wedding planning I also feel quite proud learning the names of new flowers, the mother in law is very impressed 🙂

  39. AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!! Huge congratulations to you both!!! And if you ever need someone to help out in those super cool offices then please let me know where I apply!! Those wedding magazines that I’ve been buying since the age of 8 have got to come in useful one day haven’t they??! ;o)

    Very, very happy for you both! xxxxx

  40. oh wow… I’m the silent reader who would read your posts first thing in the morning and would feel out of sorts if I don’t. you have brought so much inspiration for my up and coming wedding and I doubt I would stop reading your posts even after I’m married this coming Sept. So I’m so chuffed and pleased for you guys. Well done!! xx

  41. WoWzErS!!!!!!

    WhOoP wHoOp!!!!!


    Now that is exciting and long deserved!!!! You two are AWESOME and deserve all the success you have coming!

    And boy oh boy do you deserve just to be doing ONE MASSIVE job instead of two!!!!

    I too would LOVE to come and work at RMW HQ but fear there will be WAY to much competition! But I will hopefully find a career in something wedding or blog related once I have popped out a few sprogs first!

    Seriously guys, a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  42. Oh my actual GOD.

    So happy for you all and can’t wait to see what happens in the future for this online haven of lovely! I know for sure I will be hanging around long after my wedding has been and gone, and will be rooting for you the whole time.

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Right, my turn then I guess.

    Bloody hell.

    Thanks everyone, i’ve just sat here and read each and every comment… then refreshed the page and had to read a few more…then refreshed the page and had to read a few more etc…

    We have got some great things planned for RMW, so we hope you all hang on for the journey – even after you all get yourselves married (glad to hear that many of you newly weds have stuck around!)

    It would be great to welcome some of you to RMW Towers one day. I imagine it being like a cross between Willy Wonka’s Factory and Narnia.

    Adam x

  44. Hmmmmm nothing i can say really, as……well…….everyone else beat me to it!

    I dont know you, Ive only been reading the blog about a month but I am thoroughly hooked and I am VERY JEALOUS of the fact you are receiving recognition for doing something that you thoroughly LOVE doing.

    Dream job territory there you know!!

    Big Congratumalations, exciting times ahead and we all look forward to sharing those times across the miles and across these polka dot pages!!

    P.S. I make a very good cup of tea if your after a tea girl ;o)

    P.P.S. Pamela you crack me up!!

  45. Congratulations! So well deserved. I love Rock My Wedding, am hooked, and it has been invaluable in allowing me to plan a London wedding from Argentina. I’m so pleased you can give up your day jobs and dream even bigger – so exciting!

  46. RMW towers will be “a cross between Willy Wonka’s Factory and Narnia”… um PICK ME!!!! Could there be a better combination of places ? I think not.

    I have just sent out a group text alerting my friends of this exciting news…


  47. Wow, congratulations guys you’re amazing!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your highs and lows too, it’s so inspiring hearing your story.

    I’ve been reading your blog since I got engaged in April 2010, then I got married in August 2011 and am still reading today.

    Looking forward to the future of ‘Rock My….’. If the past couple of years are anything to go by, it will be HUGE!!

    Cracking job Charlotte and Adam 🙂 xxxx

  48. Congratulations!!! Could RMW go global?? If so then can I head up the Latin American and Carribean office??? Please, please, pretty please!! (I woould send you lovely presents regularly, like llamas and ponchos and a super cool mexican wrestling outfit for Adam)

  49. Whoop, this is awesome! I want to work for RMW! Couldn’t be further away from my job, but I just imagine it would be the best job in the world!

    Well done guys, very well deserved.

  50. As someone who is sitting at their desk in the world of those fancy investors & longing to make the break into a bloggy world full of prettiness…I salute you….thanks for the inspiration,,,,I’m inching closer to realising the dream and you’ve just given me another little nudge in the right direction….scary but ex-cit-ing! Well done you crazy kids 🙂

  51. O M G! Haha fantastic news and very well deserved. I have been considering setting up my own business recently and find everything you write very inspriring!
    Where can I send my CV haha!
    Really great news and wish you all the luck in the world! GO RMW!!

  52. Congratulations Charlotte and Adam!!! That’s really fabulous and you guys deserve all this success after all the hard work you’ve put in!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the RMW office, especially if it’s somewhere in between Narnia and Willy Wonka’s factory. Sounds like heaven to me!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventures!

  53. Great news. I’m sure you will be getting some of the prettiest stationery cv’s ever produced as the hoards clamour to join the dream team x

  54. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!! That is sooooo exciting and massively well deserved!!! Its amazing to see how much you have grown since the beginning and I’m thrilled that I’ve been here since then (even though ahem i wasn’t even engaged then 😉 I plan to be around after the wedding too (Only 5 months to go!!)

  55. Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
    Will there be rock my baby, rock my home, rock my outfit, rock my dinner, rock my make up etc?

  56. That is such amazing news!!! Congratulations to both of you (or does that sound like Charlotte and Adam are going to have a baby? oops….) Well done for getting such recognition for all your hard work, but as we all love RMW as it is it’s going to be great for all us readers to see even more pretty and fun discussions, and to watch your site grow and grow.
    I hope you keep RMW Towers in the Midlands, and pick me, pick me, pick me (ahem…) for a job!!
    Here’s to the future,
    love Belinda xx

  57. Lordy-just got home and read this-my prediction that team RMW is going to take over the world is actually happening!

    I have been addicted to these amazing pale blue polka dot pages for more than 2 years now and even though I got married in September I am still addicted and log on everyday for my daily dose of pretty 

    RMW has always been so unbelievably inspiring and I am genuinly so excited for you both-and the rest of the team. An actual RMW office-can you imagine how amazing that would look!

    Life is funny and things happen when you least expect it. I became a Mrs almost 6 months ago and since then my hubby and I have done some serious soul searching.

    We are currently contemplating quitting our jobs, selling our house and moving somewhere new for a fresh start. Sometimes change is the best thing.

    I have to say that the recent ‘life’ posts on here have really inspired me to set myself some new goals in life and I am really excited about the future and cannot wait to see where it takes us.

    If you guys would be interested in employing an RMW addict (who is a PR junkie, loves grey nail polish and blue hydrangeas and who is a little bit too obsessed with weddings!) let me know!! I will be queung up at the door along with everyone else 

    I cannot wait to see RMW conquer the world…xx

  58. Holy poop! This is SERIOUSLY amazing news lovelies, and hugely deserved after all you hard work! There’d better be a bottle of bubbly on the go RIGHT NOW guys!

    Amazing how a ‘black summer’ can blossom into a sunny, polka dotted, downright amazing winter! 😉

    Biggest hugs x

  59. Well isn’t this just the most amazing news? Congratulations for investing so much time and so much energy into doing what you love and watching it pay off. You absolutely deserve every success. x

  60. WOW WEEEEEE!!!! Congratulations guys, you deserve it soooooo much, really happy for you 🙂

    The future is defo polka dotted.

    Do you have room on your team for a PE teacher from Devon?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  61. Huge congrats – I am another married who still checks in daily, just shows how amazing your blog is. Love it when people make their dreams a reality, so pleased for all at team RMW xxxxxx

  62. This is all kinds of immense and awesome!!! seriously guys – your comments are ace.

    Loving Adam’s description of Willy Wonka crossed with Narnia – he forgot to mention there will be a ladies powder room area that will be much like the interior of a very fancy boutique hotel.

    And there will be make-up in it. Lots and lots of make-up.


    Charlotte xxx

  63. Aww, to see you go from a wedding report on You and Your Wedding bride forum and now to a proper business in two and a half years is fabarooney! It has been captivating watching you flourish over the years.

    Well Done!!

    Teresa xx

  64. Congratulations!!!! 😀

    I only found your page about a month ago, I have to say you have become my obsession!! I <3 RMW….I think that is a t-shirt idea right there!!

  65. Bloomin heck! Job well done guys. @Adam I’m unsure if quitting the day job means you’ll have more… or maybe less time to do my wedding invites. Yes i’m still peddling that idea! God loves a trier.

  66. Flippin eck, that is amazing news!! You should be very proud of all your hard work.
    It’s lovely to come to these polka pages for a little pick me up everyday and I’m glad it’s all working out so nicely for you too!


  67. Oh my gosh……big big congratulations RMW!! This is AMAZING news and so deserved by the team.

    Like so many others who have posted above I’ve never commented before but log in daily for my dose of wedding pretty and I’m sure I will continue to do so even after our big day in April!

    You guys have literally inspired every element of our wedding day and given me the confidence to “stick to my guns” and do things our way! We even sourced our photographer from these polka dot pages.

    Big big thanks to everyone in the RMW team and to the new investors who have made your dreams possible!! Xxx

  68. Amazing!!

    I am very happy to offer my services as the nice powder room attendant, all I ask in return is a special uniform and to get to play with the make up all day – thoughts?


  69. Very awesomely brilliant and much deserved. Am thinking of quitting life (and I don’t mean throwing myself off Beachy Head, I just mean the trappings of 13 hour work days and aggro) and embarking upon something new and exciting, so this has given me a little confidence pep talk. I want to take writing seriously so am looking at sending off my collection of short stories to small-house publishers and seeing what happens. Life is too short not to throw everything you have at everything you want.

    Well done you lot. Long may your success continue.


  70. I think this is my favourite post so far. Congratulations guys, you deserve it all & I for one certainly hope that RMW does take over the world. Just imagine what that world would be like… Backless dresses, exquisite stationary and general prettiness every where you go!! It’d be perfect!

    This was such an inspiring post & you’re all so lucky to do something that you love so much for a living. I only hope that one day I will be in the same position as you. I would love to research, look at pictures of & talk about weddings all day every day!! Looking forward to watching your lovely business develop & grow and I will most definitely be sticking around after my wedding (29th December!! Whoop!). Good luck to you all!! Lots of

  71. Eeek! So excited for you both! Your dedication has certainly paid off and i bloooomin love RMW! Even h2b has a cheeky peak every now and again. Good luck in the future…whatever it might hold! Whoop! Xxx

  72. Wowsers guys! Big fat congratulations!! This is so exciting, and just reward for all the hard work that has clearly gone in to making your vision a reality. I know I’ll be sticking with your blog for the next 13 months until my own W-Day, and for many years to come! xxx

  73. A.Mazing!!!

    I loooove RMW even though I’ve been married 2 years in April!!!

    I’ve just planned my little boys first b’day party and looked everywhere for blue and white spotted accessories with no luck…….please start doing everything a girl and err a baby may need in your gorgeous spottyness………..


  74. I am so thrilled for you guys as this is such an amazing, giant step. But can I just clarify, when you say, “And then we went and quit our day jobs” do you mean that Adam will no longer be modelling for the Next catalogue? If so, I am GUTTED.

  75. Sooooooooooooo proud of our little (or perhaps we should say mega famous!) blue polka dot blogging client…at last the news is out. Couldn’t be happier for you both as you know and it’s been a joy working with you. You’ve achieved a huge amount through hard work and dedication and can now reap the rewards 🙂 xxx

  76. This is super exciting – I love RMW and this is just fabulous. Can’t wait to find out more. What kind of staff will you be recruiting? I’m a freelance writer, editor and general wordy person so will be watching like a hawk!

  77. I have absolutely no right to be, but I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! 🙂 I feel like an over excited parent at a nativity! This is so brilliant for you and more so because you absolutely deserve it. Sod the black summer, on to the blue polka dotted spring!
    If there’s going to be loads of make up in your office loos, I’ll be the toilet attendant!!

  78. I’ve been reading for two years and love the direction, love the blue polka dots and love the all round pretty – so much so I decided to blog myself. Aaaand I would LOVE even more to be on the team… maybe one day…!


    F xoxo

  79. @Cloggins – you don’t even realise what you’ve started seriously, Adam will be wanting a whole collection of RMW merchandise, T-shirts, mugs, ruddy mouse mats…. and he will want to model them ALL himself, either in the style of Tyra Banks or Zoolander.

    It will be like working with Naomi Campbell on a bad day.


    Charlotte xxx

  80. Oh wow congratulations!! So well deserved after all the hard work 😀

    A cross between Willy Wonka’s factory and Narnia? Count me in.

    Loving it guys, you’re all super-awesome. xxx

  81. @LynseyB – you might actually be starting to wear me down 😉

    @Cloggins and Mrs-A-to-be – I never got paid for my Next Catalogue modelling anyway so It will continue. I do it because the world deserves to see my lovely facial poses. (and have a laugh).

    @Lizzie – No encouragement from you please. There isn’t much Charlotte won’t do for cake.

    @everyone else – Thanks guys your support has totally blown RMW away today.

    @Sarah – snapdragons are my favourite 😉

    Big “Blue Steel” Love

    Adam x

  82. Congratulations Charlotte and Adam. You are both wonderful and an inspiration. You blog is fabulous (I’ve been an avid follower for far longer than I’ve been engaged!) and I couldn’t be happier for you both.

  83. This made me smile. Massive congratulations! … this is amazing news. You massively deserve it, I love everything RMW is about! And even once I’m hitched, I won’t be able to stop myself getting my fix of pretty! I’ll still be hanging around.
    You should definitely post any jobs on site that you guys need filling! I’m sure there are plenty of creative types that would be interested.. Ahem!! 😉


  84. I just went on to do my ‘what went on in RMW land while I was sleeping?’ check and was smacked in the face with this bad boy!

    Obvs, I had a bit of insider knowledge about this, what with being part of The Team and that (still buzzin’ about this), but what a response!!

    My heart swells with love for all you folks and for Charlotte and Adam for being so brave and brilliant.

    Now I’m 25 mins late for my day job and what am I going to tell them? “I’m sorry, I was just basking in the ambiance of the love at my other job… which by the way is a cross between Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Narnia don’t you know?” I fear I could be shot on site.

    And I’m with Jenny… I look forward to seeing my desk and Jeff chair on my return!

    My mind is going insane with all of the RMW Office interior design possibilities! We could have ceiling swings in the ‘inspiration room’, vertical garden partitions and the worlds BEST stationary room!!!

    I’m way too excited.

  85. Hi Guys, this is amazing news! So happy for you both, can wait to see whats round the corner, Im still checking RMW every day too even though im now married!
    Ive been struggling for a while with the decision to give up my day job to do what i love, you guys have given me the inspiration to give it a go! Whats the worst that can happen????

  86. This is fantastic news I love these blue polka dot pages they are my escapism into a world of pretty. Congratulations to Charlotte and Adam and all the team!

    I would love love a job but I expect there is going to be a long line! Xxx

  87. Massive congratulations all round, I was having a proper dreary old day today and this news has inspired me to remember that things usually work out for the best if you keep the faith! I bet your offices will be rather much fabulous!x

  88. Brilliant post, how exciting for you!!!

    This site is massive and it sounds like you still have room to grow, and so much more to look forward to!

    Congratulations on a truly fantastic post, and well done on on all the hard work 🙂 I for one will keep posted! <3

  89. Just wanted to add my huge congratulations to you both. How incredibly exciting and totally inspired by your ability to dream big – look forward to your polka dot blue future xxxx

  90. Ahhh congratz!! Thats amazing news!

    Love reading your pages – it’s my first stop for lunchtime entertainment 🙂 I must admit, I’m not even engaged or married, just love weddings, the dresses and the photography!

    If you ever need an events person type, I’m your girl 🙂


  91. This is amazing. I remember reading your very first blog post, and you’ve just got better and better. If you’re looking for someone in London, I would love to work for RMW! xxx

  92. I work at Aurora head office and would’ve been VERY curious if I had seen you both! Maybe I’ll see you in the next coming months!

  93. Wow amazing congratulations. It just goes to show hard work really does pay off. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Good luck for the very exciting future


  94. Congratualtions! That is amazing news. RMW is renowned between myself and friends; and I must say since following you guys, I have gained so much inspiration on those little touches! I work in events and publishing at the moment; however, it is my dream to work in the wedding industry; so I will be keeping my eyes peeled incase you guys decide to recruit! xxx

  95. Oh my. Oh my actual my.

    For a start how awesome that you have got to give up your day jobs (although I feel for your Meatloaf fearing boss – what will he do without you two?).

    Secondly, how fantastic that you have investors. I imagine you walking in to a dragon’s den style loft apartment and presenting to a steely eyed money-toting man with cake, flowers and a well-designed business plan. Well, it would certainly have won me over.

    And thirdly, Narnia crossed with Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – whaaaaaat! When I was little I amassed a series of coats and lined them up religiously in the hope to discover Narnia. I’m pretty sure that’s where my love of vintage started. And then, when I was an even smaller child I wanted sooooo much to a) ride a hoverboard and b) drink that syrup thing that Charlie and Grandpa Joe drink that allows them to float to the ceiling and that they have to burp out to get back down again. Now, I’m not suggesting the burping but if you need anyone with these sorts of credentials to be a RMW staffer, then I’m your gal!

    Oh and also, I LOVE Coast (but generally can’t afford their amazing frocks unless they are in the sale – which I look at a lot, although not as much as RMW).

    The two of you have worked hard and played hard to make this happen and I salute your ability to take your dreams and cling to them.

    Here’s to the Rock My Wedding world.

  96. WOW! – that’s fab news! ……you both absolutely deserve it – as you truly put so much love & effort into everything you do.

    Here’s to jumping aboard your blue polka-dotted rollercoaster ride…. with my hands up in the air screaming with excitement and looking forward to where it goes next 🙂

    Love & Hugs – Benny xxx

  97. Great to hear a bit about what you guys are up to, to make this fantastic blog happen. We are looking forward to being a little part of it. Good luck with the next chapter. And what incredible feedback from so many people who are still hooked even after they are married!
    love us at From The Hip x

  98. WOW!!!! Congratulations RMW! I too am a recently married bride (almost coming up to our first anniversary…) and check the blog Little bit addicted!

    Cannot wait to see what happens next 😀 xxx

  99. Congratulations guys, that’s amazing news! I love RMW, you always have the most amazing ideas and utterly beautiful things (I’m squirrelling them all away for the future!)

    And of course, if you need a tea girl/junior writer/Twitter manager-type when RMW Towers opens it doors, I would love to be a part of that 🙂

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