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Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

I’ve been reliably informed that men look good in suits, so… I’m going to be wearing one when I get married next year.

What!!! You didn’t know I was getting married… You need to follow our instagram account if you want to stay 100% informed of all RMW developments!

The full story will be shared on RMW in due course but this post is all about the groom, current fashion, style and suit trends for groomsmen and for grooms getting married in 2015 and 2016

With 6 years of ‘wedding experience’ under my belt – I’ve blogged them, I’ve done talks at wedding shows, I’ve attended them, I’ve helped shoot them and I’ve even been on an episode of Don’t Tell The Bride so you’d think I’d know exactly what I want to wear now that I am finally saying “I do”. You’d be wrong. The trouble is there are so many cool options for grooms that I change my mind every five minutes, and now that I am actually getting married I’ve got to consider all that other wedding stuff that might have an impact on my W day threads, the time of year, the venue we choose, the colour scheme to name a few.

All that planning is still way ahead so for now I’m concentrating on putting all my groom inspiration into order and here is my brain dump, I hope you enjoy it.

In 2015 we’ve seen the continuation of groom fashion reflecting the high street style and stepping further away form the formal wedding attire traditions of the past. The result is a veritable sea of fashion in which to cast your inspiration net. Brilliant news but where do you begin? I’ve started by looking at a selection of well dressed A-listers who have got their fashion look down.

Famous Faces

Inspiration for him, eye candy for her! Men do look good in suits, my informant was correct – although I guess it helps to be Ewan MacGreggor or Daniel Craig for the full effect. What I like most about the images here is that the formality of the suit has been softened with styled accessories – rolled up sleeves, a loose tie knot or by removing the jacket entirely. These are great ways to add your own personality and it’s something you can think about incorporating into the different parts of your wedding day. I’m guessing it’ll be jacket on for the ceremony right? But maybe you could do jacket off and roll your sleeves up for some less formal portrait shots.

Suit Style

Here we have two of my favourite current looks for groomsmen. Tweed… The Holland Esquire tweed jackets are some of my favourites, the tailoring is superb and the details like contrasting buttons, lining and stitching will really make you stand out of the crowd on your big day. I love that slightly less formal style that a thicker more wooly suit provides too.

In total contrast the my other current groom fashion fave is the super smart black DJ and skinny black tie combo. Just as I said earlier, the formality of this look can be softened, as you can see in the gallery above, in a number of ways – a disheveled haircut, a pair of sun glasses or perhaps a vintage bicycle! Maybe forget that last one. I’ve snuck in a few blue suits for groomsmen too… Blue is my all time favourite colour and if, like me, you much prefer brown shoes to black then a blue wedding suit is the way to go. Burgundy is a really bold colour for a wedding, I like the contrast of the burgandy and cloth check, you can purchase or hire these suites from Jack Bunneys.

Ace Accessories

How you choose to accessorise your suit is another way to inject personality and can really lift your look to the next level. A moderately priced off the peg suit can look a million dollars if accessorised in the right way. One of the most simple additions is the waistcoat. Three piece suits are really popular at the moment and there is a reason for this, they look smart and sophisticated but also allow you to play with combinations and colour contrasts. The pocket watch chain (remember you don’t actually need to have an actual pocket watch!) is another subtle accessory that adds grandeur and with so many chain colours styles and thicknesses you can find one that reflects you.

Braces are great for jacket off groomsmen photo antics, as is the classic colour pop sock shot. Hats are great if they suit you – I love the idea of wearing a hat but you do have to consider what happens to your barnet. Hat hair is not a good wedding day look but if you’ve got short hair it’s a very cool statement. Scarves are cool for a winter wedding and waistcoats… Did I mention waistcoats? 😉 (p.s not sure how Kate Moss ended up in my gallery but I’ve let her stay because she is dressed appropriately).

Final Thoughts

Think about the day in question, what time of year will it be? Your probably don’t want a thick tweed suit for a summer soirée for instance. Think about you – what clothes do you normally wear? If you live your life in Converse maybe you want that to be your wedding day fashion statement… Equally though if you wear sneakers every day you might want to pull the stops out and get a hand made pair of brogues! Are you going to buy and if do are you going to hit the hughstreet or visit a tailor? Hiring from reputable tailors like Jack Bunneys is also great option if you want super suits without breaking the bank

Ultimately there are no rules, I’d suggest discussing your plans with your other half, and also a couple of your groomsmen but the Rock My Wedding mantra is it’s Your Day Your way, remember that.

Are there any grooms-to-be reading today who are embarking on their fashion journey? How are you going to inject the personal touch into your groom wedding suit or your groomsmen fashion? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Please do pin any single images from the gallery above (just click on them for sharing options) or you can pin these full mood boards… Can I call them dudeboards?


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You’re welcome.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

15 thoughts on “Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

  1. Congratulations Adam! You are certainly approaching your big day from a different direction compared to the average groom, but I agree a choice so vast is mind-boggling. Just wait until it’s time to pick a first wedding dance song…

    1. Thanks Amy… I’m taking the planing process one tiny little step at a time 🙂

      Although I think we already have a first dance song in mind 😮

  2. Congratulations! We’re getting married in August, my fiancé will be wearing jeans (yes jeans!) with a white shirt and grey/blue waistcoat (with a pocket watch of course!) and blue tie. He was going to wear converse, but he’s not 100% sure yet. At the end of the day, he wanted to feel like himself, and be comfortable on the day. And I want him looking like him! We’re having a relaxed, fun day but he still looks so handsome in his outfit!!

    1. Hi Eugenia – Thank you and massive congratulations to you too. I can imagine that when you tell people you fiancé will be wearing jeans you get some mixed responses but I’m glad you are both sticking to your guns, it’ll look fab.

      I’m double glad that I snuck some denim onto my dudeboards now!

  3. Hi Adam, this won’t sound good, but I’m getting married in a couple of months time and my groom hasn’t sorted his suit yet! Restricted budget means we need to hire, and he’s dead set on a navy blue morning suit, but he’s extremely tall and we are struggling to find something to accommodate – You mention Jack Bunneys but they don’t have much left for 2015, are you able to make some more recommendations for hire wear, PLEASE!

    1. Hi Saz,

      I’m just jumping in here, try Moss – they have really upped their game in recent years and have some great choices. I’ve heard really good things about their customer service too.

      It’s a shame that Jack Bunneys haven’t got anything appropriate for your groom as they are great, have you tried Marc Wallace?

      Really hope you find something and don’t worry too much, you have time!

      Fern x

  4. hi Adam,
    i am getting married next April,theme colours being purple and green.however i am a bit confused about the colour of my fiance’s suit.i was thinking white jacket with a black collar,purple waistcoat,white shirt and a purple tie.however the suit jacket that i just mentioned is now trending yet,i want something unique.oh the wedding will be an evening ceremony.

    please advise.

  5. You’ve got amazing collection of two and three piece suits in various styles for groom, best man, or father of the bride, and the distinctive accessories for the big day. Really liked your ideas and trending concept.. 🙂

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