Favour Me

This week’s inspiration post is a contentious one.

Contentious because what I’m about to show you has often divided folks into two camps – those that believe and those that don’t.

I’m talking about wedding favours folks.

For some of you, these dinky gifts are a sweet (and essential) way of demonstrating your thanks to your guests as well as continuing/supporting your wider wedding theme. For others they represent an unnecessary waste of a precious wedding budget that could really be more wisely spent elsewhere or donated to charity.

I can appreciate both sides of the argument. Honestly I really can.

I’ve attended several weddings this year – some bedecked with favours and some without. Whilst it was exciting to discover customised offerings left at our place settings, I didn’t feel that there was something missing at those weddings where they weren’t provided.

Perhaps this is because I understand the financial reasons behind not offering a favour. Maybe a favour-less wedding is swiftly becoming the norm with modern weddings. Either way I don’t feel bereft when I come away from a wedding without a little gift.

As a girl steeped in tradition and who has a penchant for Time Team however (incidentally I’m happy to accept any box-sets of the series if there’s any going spare) there was no doubt that I was going to include favours in the wedding budget. I’ve enjoyed hunting the most perfect examples of these gifts down and they’ll look amazing as part of the wider wedding decor.

In fact I spent much of yesterday sourcing the final touches for the favours and I’m confident that they’ll look fabulous; I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime I wanted to show you gorgeous lot the variety of options available to you on the favour front.

It’s not just about sugared almonds you know…

Foodie Heaven

The majority of favours that I’ve been the lucky recipient of have been food-related. You name it, I’ve had it – we’re talking macaroons, sweets, jam and honey, even sloe gin. All utterly delicious of course.

Hell, I even toyed with the idea of giving our guests one of those tea flowers that blooms when you pour water over it just because they look so pretty at a place setting. The boy put his foot down (AGAIN!) so we haven’t ventured down this path. Shame really – they would have looked epic!

The fact remains, I love a good food favour…

So, it seems, do a lot of modern brides.

Lately I’ve seen everything from flavoured salts, savory popcorn, cookies and milk, pears and even specially picked tea.

I so would have liked to have been a guest at each of these weddings.

Perhaps you’re having your nuptials at Christmas, if so why not provide your nearest and dearest with a homemade favour with a tin of a mulled wine mix and an individual mince pie. Alternatively if you’re having a summer affair, a tiny punnet of fresh strawberries would look adorable in a customised paper bag.

Foodie favours look particularly striking when stored en mass and can actually help form part of your overall wedding decor. Don’t feel obliged to place these treats at guests’ place settings, instead display them wherever you feel they will be shown off to their maximum advantage.

For example why not encourage your guests to sign your guestbook by placing your gifts for them next to it. They can express their love for you and pick up their token of affection in return, all at the same time.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

Created With Love

We’ve established that wedding favours are not necessarily top of every bride to be’s agenda. When you consider the financial cost involved in providing a gift to every guest at an average wedding then we’re looking at a fairly sizable sum of money so we understand why some prefer to by-pass this tradition altogether.

At RMW we’ve noticed that more couples are opting for double duty wedding favours, creating personalised treats for their guests that double up as a place name too. Not only is this kind on the pocket but folks then feel honoured that you’ve taken the time and effort to really provide something special for them on your big day.

For a truly unique and DIY approach think about customising the packaging of your favour or creating a unique twist on a classic such as a bespoke scented candle custom made by you and your beau.

If your wedding budget doesn’t quite stretch to providing a little something to each and every attendee why not assemble bespoke welcome packs for your most treasured guests particularly if they have travelled a long way.

You could include edible treats, a map, a bottle of something special and a list of recommended places to visit/ things to do all bundled together in a customised cotton bag and leave it in their hotel for them to discover on their arrival.

Exciting or what?!

Sweet Tooth

Whilst we’ve covered the food favour already in this post, I did want to dedicate a special inspiration board to sweet and baked goods purely because there’s just so blinking many of them.

Cookies, cakepops, mini versions of the wedding cake, macaroons, lollipops, sweeties, cupcakes and chocolate bars, the list goes on and on and on.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, then I’m sure that you will have let out a little squeal of glee when you discover a confectionery treat glinting at you as you take your seat at the wedding breakfast.

Ladies there are just so many options available to you that you’ll drive yourselves round the bend trying to choose just one. So take my advice, why not have them all…

No I’m serious. Here at RMW HQ we’ve noticed an increasing number of brides hosting a ‘food station’ on their big day as their gift to their guests. I love the idea of a ‘make your own midnight snack’ which could range from anything from s’mores to a popcorn bar.

Alternatively a dessert table is a wonderfully modern take on the traditional wedding favour too. I’d suggest stacking pre-wrapped cellophane packages of treats for guests to take away in case they’re still feeling a little full from earlier indulgences.

Treasured Memories

I think I’ve said in previous posts that I am the type of guest that keeps not only the invites but also the place name, order of service and any other paraphrenalia from the weddings I attend.

Yes I am a little bit odd.

Eccentric you might say, but the fact remains that I like to hang on to those things that have sentimental value, so that in years to come I can rediscover and relive the memories from the day.

You can see why then, my favourite gifts are those that you can keep forever or that at least possess a little longevity. We’re talking vintage hankies, miniature enameled pots and even tiny silver toys for those of you with a larger budget.

Modern brides are on the whole more socially conscious than their forebears. And with this improved moral compass comes a raft of eco-friendly wedding favour ideas. We’re seeing an increased use of recycled materials and natural components such as seed gifts in brown paper packages customised with a sweet message from the couple themselves.

My favourite keepsake though is of little plants bedded in terracotta or antiqued pots, lovingly placed at each table setting. Not only will they live on after the wedding day is long over but they’ll add interest and a vibrancy to the tablescape at the reception itself.

If that isn’t a reason to integrate favours into your day then I don’t know what is.

Beautifully Wrapped

I’m a girl that loves details.


So I LOVE it when a couple really take time over how they choose to package a favour as much as the gift itself. In fact the key to a really successful gift owes a great deal to how it is presented because of the part this plays in the overall experience. The suspense, the intrigue, the care; we love it all.

So I implore you folks to really let your creative juices flow.

If your gift is a boxable or baggable affair, consider choosing a more unusual container to store it in. Using customised cotton pouches or even mini brown paper bags tied with raffia and string really take a conventional gift to the next level.

Alternatively, wrapping penny sweets or mini chocolate bars in luxurious paper and finishing them off with coloured string is a fantastic way of introducing a dollop of luxury to an everyday offering without breaking the bank – you can even colour code the packing materials so that it matches your wedding scheme too.

Lastly use decadent fabric and ripped strands of thick silk ribbons, interesting textures and colours for a luxe effect; contrast is always good too. Think about introducing your monograms in a sticker format as if you have one as a final touch.

So what do you think?

Are you giving your guests favours? Will they be food related or a DIY affair?

Or are you completely non-plussed by the favour agenda? Perhaps you think it’s all a waste of time.

As always lovelies, we want to hear your opinions on the matter.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

43 thoughts on “Favour Me

  1. We only favoured the girls at our wedding. I’d heard somewhere that was the ‘traditional’ thing to do – I hadn’t heard it from any sort of reliable source though but it got me thinking. Typically, I don’t think men tend to be that fussed about receiving a favour. And I didn’t get any complaints for not providing any.

    My girls all got flower corsages so I had 50 bridesmaids by dinner time instead of 3 🙂

    Favours that are practical are the best in my eyes – the ones you can plant, the ones you can use/re-use or ones you can scoff down on the night after a little too much dancing.

    Its difficult to please everyone with favour choices but ultimately your guests will be over the moon to be at your big day they probably wouldn’t notice if there wasn’t any favours anyway 🙂

    I wouldn’t feel hard done by if I turned up and there wasn’t a little gift waiting for me…after all the day isn’t about me, its about taking part and watching my friends celebrate their love in which ever way they feel is most fitting.

    Love all the inspirational ideas Lolster. Looks fab and tonnes of ideas for brides who do want to give some lovely favours away.

  2. Some gorgio ideas in here as always @Lolly – I’d be made up to get a little aloe vera-ish plant or full on coffee based hamper at my place setting!

    I LOVE favours and I always look forward to seeing whats on the table at weddings. Partly because I love pressies, but also because I find it so nice when people actually spend some time and thought giving you a little memento of your day – it doesnt have to cost the earth, just something with a little thought.

    As I’m well known amongst most of my friends as the mixtape queen, turning up at every occasion with a home made gift of a compilation CD (even to the birth of my nephew), it seemed only right that we carry on this tradition with our wedding favours. Especially as music is a central theme at our big day. Not only is it a keepsake, but I have happy thoughts of people popping it on during a car journey and having fond memories of our special day.

    I’m also a sucker for a badge and ever since seeing the RMW genius ‘Jar of Hearts’ idea i’ve been set on adapting it for our day too.

    I just wish badge making machines weren’t so darn expensive!

    Another keepsake ideas that I picked up from RMW is the little basket of vintage handkerchiefs at the ceremony. Such a cute touch and I’m building a very lovely selection myself on the run up to the big day (washed in dettol of course!!)


  3. Like Karen, we had CDs too – for similar reasons as well. Music played a key part in our day, and each track on the CD was either played at a significant part of our wedding, or was one of the table names.

    I still absolutely love it when I see our favours in the CD racks of friends and family, or when they still tell me (over a year on) that they’ve been listening to it.

    My mum couldn’t get over the fact that we weren’t having edible favours, and pushed and pushed for us to have something sweet for guests to eat! In the end we compromised, and had sweetie jars placed on the bar at our reception venue.

    I have to admit – they went down a storm. They quickly needed refilling again and again, and we ran out of supplies before the end of the drinks reception! (We had canapés too, so it’s not like they were hungry 😉 )

    And don’t worry – I keep little things from all of the weddings that I attend – place names, invites, favours, order of service etc!


  4. I’m going to town a bit with our favours, but more in an effort to reinforce elements of the mood of the day and enhance the visual impact.

    @Karen, we’re going to make mix CDs too. Music is pretty much the most important aspect of our day too and I know that it’s something our guests will all definitely appreciate.

    I also really wanted to have a jar of chutney as a favour too, my Mum’s chutney just won first prize at our village show and she managed to pick up a shedload of kilner jars at a closing down sale for 10p each. I’ve decided it would be nice to put alternate chutney/CDs at each place setting. Every guest bar one is coming as a couple, so they will have a CD and a jar of chutney to share between them. That will also take the pressure off my Mum and the need for so many CDs to be burned/printed!

    Also, I’m making a napkin for each place setting from various fabrics I’ve collected that fit with the colour theme. I’m going to free-embroider each person’s name on the napkin so these will double up as a placename. I intend for the guests to take these with them as well.

    Finally I thought it would be nice to have a small paper bag for each couple with their names on and a checklist of the various bits and pieces which make up the favours.

    None of this is going to cost very much and will hopefully be a really personal way to thank everyone and give them lasting mementoes.

  5. @Karen – My friend hired a badge making machine from our local craft centre, I remember it was really affordable and she had it for almost a week. If you’re in the East midlands I could get the details for you, or if you’re further afield you could ask at your local craft centre….

  6. Ooh cheers @Philippa! I’m up in Liverpool but i’m sure I’ll find one somewhere. I’m tempted to just buy one off ebay as a Christmas pressie to myself.

    @Katie @Philippa – who knew CD favours were so popular! Thank God my guests are none the wiser! xxx

  7. Also, I hope none of my friends who read my post on tomorrow’s blog scroll back and read this one! There goes the ‘surprise’ x

  8. @Karen – we had CDs and a photobooth and was convinced that they had been done lots… not one of our guests had seen either at a wedding!

    I think it’s easy to forget when looking at wedding blogs that these personal touches/quirky things aren’t really the norm…


  9. So many fantastic and beautiful ideas!!

    We are going for edible favours – ‘scotish tablet’ a kind of sweet, brittle fudge. It is very tasty and will help bring through my fiance’s scottish heritage which otherwise has been side-lined in our west country wedding. Plus, and the best thing about this choice for us, is that it is going to be made by my mother-in-law to be. She is excited to contribute to the day in this way and we like it that the favours will now have an extra personal touch.

    This post is excellent timing though as I have been frantically researching how to present the fudge (scottish tablet) as I really want it to add to the presentation of the table. There are pratical considerations to bear in mind – such as keeping it fresh and keeping it in something that can be kept post initial un-wrap. It is so hard to find something chic, simple and good quality (but not v expensive). So many little boxes out there are really not v good quality.

    Does anyone have any fabulous ideas for fudge packaging? In addition to those outlined in the post of course…

  10. Very true! Not everyone in the world is obsessed with wedding blogs, I often need to remind myself. (God knows why though, why spend time doing normal boring things when you can look at endless wedding pics and obsess continually for 8 months about whether you can have a long table runner on a round table.) xx

  11. I love this post Lauren full of such original ideas and I love the mini balls filled with popcorn – was this one especially for me? 🙂

  12. I love a favour too! Our budget didn’t cover some of the pretty things we found in magazines so instead we invented a favour where each bit could be bought in bulk from an everyday place

    We had a spice mix that we use at home all the time so we filled little flasks and plugged them with champagne corks. We wrote our favourite recipes on tags, which took hours but I did it on my work flights on the tiny table (some of them have wonky handwriting 🙂

    The spices were bought in bulk (amazingly cheap if you ever need half a kilo of cumin!), the flasks from a lab supplier, the tags from an office supplier and the champagne corks were kindly donated by a local champagne bar (our family discussed how many bottles we would have to drink per person per week and well, it was more than we could handle!!). in total cost just over a pound a head

    @phillipa, I wish I had the talent (and the patience) to embroider our guest’s names…that would have been amazing!

  13. We went for awesomeness when it came to favours, I’ve been obsessed for a long time with Laura Long from NotOnTheHighStreet and received a box of her little knitted mice for Christmas one year. We had the same mice made for all the ladies, I provided Laura with the material for their tummies, which featured in other areas of our wedding and they were perfect. I am slightly obsessed with the few I had left over and they’re dotted around our home as little reminders.
    On the day they quickly became cleavage mice as girls hunted for somewhere to keep them on their often pocketless dresses, bags having been discarded hours earlier!
    Men were given bottle openers in the style of vintage keys to tie in with the day.
    Whilst we were planning out wedding my mum and I read somewhere that gents generally won’t bother taking anything that doesn’t fit in the palm of their hand or their pocket so we kept it small and balanced out the budget by spending more on the girls and less on the guys! (Totally worth it)

  14. I can’t decide!!! I like the cd idea 🙂 and may go down this route, although i keep contemplating either making jam (to make it a cornish cream tea?!!), which i’ve never done or doing the wildflower seeds. decisions!

  15. Fab post Miss Lolly!
    I love a cute favour & yes I also ALWAYS save my place names, order of services, invites etc
    My favourite favour so far has to be a lego figure – my best friends bought massive amount of lego people and then we all sat down the day before and assigned each person on every table their own lego person & then broke them up and put them in a little box for all the guests to find! So much fun was had with them (and lots of photos of lego people doing naughty things!!!) My only dissappointment was that my pink space girl was cleared away by venue staff when I wasn’t looking and so I never got to keep it 🙁

    As for us, we will definitely be doing some sort of favours –
    I love the CD playlist (I love making playlists for road trips & parties!) but other half is not so keen. I started to make candles a couple of years ago so I may take that back up & make all the girlies a cute little candle.
    I have a feeling though that, as I am forever making cupcakes or cakepops, my guests are expecting a sweet treat waiting for them at their table!

    So maybe there is my answer……..give the people what they want….let them eat cake!!! ha ha 🙂

    ps. Philippa – you are amazing….hand embroidered hankies?! Can I come to your wedding please!!?!! ha ha

  16. Go for something edible and sweet every single time. Yes, yes, yes, your guests will be spending the day eating themselves into oblivion but seriously, I’ve always eaten my favour before the flipping meal arrives.

    I did go to one wedding where instead of actual favours the bride and groom had written personalised little tags to everyone about all the wedding and general friendship favours they had done for them in the run up to the big day and then on the other side was a little ‘IOU a favour…’ CUTE

  17. What we are doing is Charity favours. That way we are thanking our guests for coming and giving a memento of the day, but are giving money to charities in the process. We are giving to a cancer charity and a childrens charity. 🙂

  18. @Phillipa I’m from EM and would love to know where your friend hired a badge machine! 🙂

    I’m thinking about having a full on sweetie buffet with brown paper bags with doilies on them with hand written name of the person that could double up as a name place. Also this way no one will nick each other’s bags!

  19. @Jo, I haven’t done them yet, they might look like a dog’s dinner!

    @Karen & Katie I’m exactly the same when it comes to fretting that the things we’re having at the wedding are too commonplace. I’m constantly shocked when people look at me like I’ve arrived from another planet when I suggest something that to me is as common as cake and they’re like WTF?

    Equally, People have been ‘helpfully’ suggesting to me their ‘novel’ ideas such as photobooths (who knew?!) and… wait for it… cakes, but made of CHEESE! Aren’t I lucky to have these mavericks in my midst?! Seriously though – you’re right, not everyone is a blog obsessive!

  20. We didn’t have favours at all – instead what I did was sponsor a teenage boy through a teen music therapy course which Winstons Wish charity run as a special gift from me to Rog. As Rog’s dad died in front of him when he was 13, it was a poignant way of remembering and involving his dad in our day whilst doing something worthwhile with the money. The charity kindly recorded a special video message for us which I played as part of my speech and there were tears from Rog as well as several of our guests.

    In lieu of actual favours on the table, I wrote a handwritten personal message to each of our guests on the back of their name cards (took me blinking ages but they all loved it and took them home).

  21. Oooh I love favours….well most of them anyway – do think the sugar almonds are just a bit unimaginative!

    So – we had CDs that we sent out with the invites to everyone to set the tone of the wedding and then for the actual day, we made fimo moustaches for all the men & boys which caused lots of amusement and for the women, myself and bridesmaid made fabric stuffed lavender hearts on a ribbon and all of the women also had a personalised wine glass (post plastic!!) as we were only allowed plastic in the venue.

    They all added to the colour and decoration of the table and the hot pink glasses matched the bridesmaid dresses. Everyone loved them and they were also a fab idea as no-one lost their drink!!

  22. I’m not doing favours… I feel bad now seeing that most people have commented are! My reasoning is that we’re doing as much as possible to keep the wedding inexpensive for people; a coach to and from the hotels, a free bar, fab food… As a guest I’m much more chuffed with the the free booze than anything else. But then again I’m also a total lush.

  23. We have made 10 litres of Sloe Gin from sloes that we picked from my grandmother’s garden last autumn. We get married next May so it’ll be nicely infused by that point.
    We have bought miniature bottles and designed our own labels in line with the rest of our stationary, and then the boy ones will have an orange ribbon and the girls a pink one to finish them off.

    We are also doing a dessert/sweet bar so there will be plenty of goodies there for taking in terms of sweets and cakes, with little stripey bags and personalised stickers.

    For the few little’uns that will be at the wedding there will be a fun bag – colouring books and pens, stickers, sweets… enough to keep them entertained throughout the wedding breakfast hopefully.

    I think favours are a very nice touch, but we will have spent a fair amount on them by the end. I love that we made them ourselves, they are a reminder of my fiance’s love for sloe gin, and that they are a bit different!

  24. Ooh, I love a favour! Another great post.
    I thought about the CD idea because me & the mister both love music but i decided on something else.
    We’re getting married at Easter so each guest is getting a porcelain egg cup that I’m handpainting with their name and the date of the wedding. I’m then going to put a kinder surprise in it (who doesn’t love those right? Chocolate and a toy!) that I’m wrapping in tissue the same as our colour scheme on, tied up with ‘thank you’ ribbon. I’m hoping that our guests will like them as it’s something they can take and reuse as well as something a bit fun.
    We’re also going to give each guest a lottery ticket as the other half plays religiously! And obviously they’d have to share!!
    We’ve managed to do all this very cheaply- comes in at about 2 pounds each!

  25. We’re doing Unicef favours – wee cards with things like blankets for babies, clean water for families and preventative jags for kids on them. I’m never that fussed with favours, so we figured even if no-one takes them home then at least the money has gone towards something nice for someone else. It also helps with my “we are spending so much money on one day” guilt! x

  26. Oh my gosh! I love favours! I think they can really help set the tone of the day. I have spent hours and hours picking strawberries and cherries to make little pots of jam for our favours, and I am currently lovingly cultivating several chilli plants so I can make chilli jam favours too! All the little pots are going to have little luggage tag labels tied on saying “spread the love”. homemade and inexpensive, just time consuming! 🙂

  27. Deciding on favours has been really hard! We’re having custom scratch cards printed which give guests the chance to win a star prize (still to be decided!), a drink from the bar, a dance floor prop and a song choice from the DJ. They’re designed in the same style as our invitation and should entertain guests when they first sit down for dinner!

  28. NO favours for us either @Sama – but I can’t bring myself to feel bad about it. Other than one favour which was edible (cookies that were also place names, even then my fiancee took his home and never ate it!) I’ve never been to a wedding where the favour has lasted more than a month. That’s if I even remember to pick it up at the end of the night!
    All money saved going towards the booze – which I’m sure our guests will appreciate!

  29. I’m a big fan of favours at weddings. I love to see the little ways the bride and groom choose to thank their guests. I know sometimes it can seem like the least important thing when looking at the budget but as we had guests who had flown from the other side of the world for our big day we felt it was important that they all had a little token of thanks.

    For our wedding we combined our favours and place cards. We had little packages of Love tea (Pukka tea with rose, chamomile and lavender) tied up with ribbon that matched our colour scheme. To these we tied a luggage tag with the guests name on it and on the back I handwrote a quote about love from a song, a film, a book, a poem etc – in most cases choosing one that would mean something special to the person receiving it. This also helped to get guests mingling on the tables as they discussed what quotes they each had. And lastly we attached a RAFA pin badge – little enamel pins in the shape of various aircraft as hubby is in the RAF and we wanted some of the favour money to go to charity.

    We had many guests coming up to us after the meal to say how much they’d loved their quote (we had a few people in tears as it had meant something very special to them), and most people were wearing their pins in the evening (one family member replaced his earring with his) and several people have said afterwards how much they enjoyed the tea. I think they ended up coming out at no more than £1.20 per guest which in the grand scheme of things didn’t seem so bad for the amount of joy they created 🙂


  30. @Anna K I want a cleavage mouse!

    We didn’t want edible favours as they’re usually gone in a flash which makes all the effort seem wasted. We also didn’t want to spend a lot so I sewed little fabric hanging hearts for the ladies and we had lottery tickets for the guys-both tied with jute twine and with a name tag (double the fun). I have since gone to friends houses and seen the hearts hanging from door handles, on pin boards and one on a fridge which is so lovely to see little reminders after the day.

    Lovely ideas posted here- I want to be a guest at all! xx

  31. I’m a bit late commenting but we hired a badge machine from our local craft centre for £4 for a whole weekend. We then made everyone a cute badge with their name (or nickname!) and that then doubled as a place setting. It was brilliant seeing everyone wearing their badges, and this helped with everyone getting to know each other. We also made some extra badges with awards (eg. Furthest Travelled, Best Dressed etc) and gave those out at the end of the meal.

    In the months leading up to the wedding I also collected 60 teacups from car boot sales and made teacup candles with soy wax, wrapped them nicely and gave them to the ladies as favours. Super cheap – worked out at less than £1 each and looked like a really nice gift. Boys got mix CDs.


  32. I love favours!!!! And I also always, always, always keep place names!!! And this was a perfectly timed post as we’re just in the middle of planning ours!! We’ve gone for different ones for boys and girls, and they’re both a DIY job by my Mum and I. For the girls (more likely to take things home with them!!) we’re making teapot fridge magnets with our names and wedding date on (our fridge at home is covered in magnets from places we’ve been together!) and for the boys we’re making tea bag biscuits which look super cute (I figured boys would prefer an edible favour!) … we’ve got a bit of a tea theme, as we got engaged over afternoon tea!! Hopefully people will like them, and appreciate the effort … I always do, and I like to see what people have come up with!!! On a related note, my Mum has told me that Kirstie Allsopp is making a programme called Kirstie’s Vintage Home Wedding, which I couldn’t be more excited about!!!! xx

  33. For our favours we books for the girls: Edward Monkton’s ‘A Lovely Love Story’, and personalised Italian football shirt keyrings for the boys (as we got married in Italy!). Went down a storm………

  34. There’s a lot of fabulous wedding favour inspiration here and I’d agree that the best favours are the ones with purpose. Practical mementos of the day, like a sapling or a beautifully presented packed of flower seeds like the ones highlighted, are a delight for guests to take home!

    I privately groan when I see bombonieres (white sugared almonds) as a wedding favour these days…there’s nothing original about it and I think the fact it represents the bitter sweetness of a marriage is a little outdated!

    Traditionally, wedding favours were about coming together. The women of the family would spend an evening being inventive with spare/old pieces of cloth in the hope that female wisdom of marriage could be bestowed on the young bride-to-be! It’s not a bad tradition.

    Today wedding favours are simply a nice touch to offer the guests who’ve attended the wedding! We all know the price to go to a wedding adds up by the time you book accommodation, transport, buy a wedding gift and a new outfit!

  35. As someone who sells the wherewithal for people to make their own favours I just love seeing what fabulous and unusual ideas some of them come up with. I’ve always felt that it’s the thought that’s gone into them and the effort made that sets a good favour above the others, not just what’s been spent on them. This post certainly backs up that thought – thoroughly enjoyed reading it:-)

  36. I like all these favour ideas! I am a big fan of them, and I always keep such little things of the weddings – invites, favours and so on.
    But, I love the most – cookies, its really like a mini version of wedding cake. At my sister’s wedding the guests have had the fortune cookies. If you are interested in more ideas like that – see my latest article –

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