Festoon Light Canopy and Indoor Trees for Humanist Wedding in St Andrews, with Bride in Anne Priscilla Bridal and Groom in Kilt, by Carla Blain Photography Pin Image

Festoon Light Canopy and Indoor Trees for Humanist Wedding in St Andrews

Heathcliff fans: rejoice! This sensational Scottish wedding has more than a hint of Wuthering Heights to it, with low-level lighting in the form of a fabulous festoon light canopy, foliage features reflecting the rugged rural coastline outside – and lashing wind and rain, which did not dampen Clare & Steven’s spirits, but in fact makes for the most mesmerising and magical couple’s portraits. Honestly, they’re spectacular. Add in a delicious drippy wedding cake, perspex signs, a tree-lined aisle and the groom in his family’s tartan kilt for a truly romantic treat. Ready, set, swoon.



“We had our full wedding day at Kinkell Byre, with a humanist ceremony conducted by Candice Dillen. We had two readings during our ceremony: an excerpt from ‘The Amber Spyglass’ by Phillip Pullman, and ‘Union’ by Robert Fulghum. One was quite serious and the other more light-hearted, which we found to be a perfect balance. We stuck with a few traditions during the ceremony, including a handfasting and exchanging rings (which we made for each other at The Wedding Ring Workshop in Hatton Garden). We thought the handfasting was a lovely way of bringing our two families together, and our mums were involved in placing the sashes over our hands, which symbolised the binding.” – Clare & Steven

Festoon Light Canopy

Nothing changes a space more than the lighting: it sets the atmosphere, accentuates important features, and creates both comfort and character. In short, lighting can make or break your ambience, so it should not be considered an extra – but an essential. Clare & Steven’s mood-lit wedding is a perfect case in point. The festoon light canopy works on so many levels, setting the tone whilst also being an amazing focal point: the centrepiece of their styling, rather than just a means to an end. I’m sure you agree that the effect is breathtaking? For more advice on lighting your wedding, take a look at this post, in which styling specialists – and RMW recommended suppliersMarble Private tell us everything we need to know about creating a magical atmosphere for your matrimony. Let there be light!



“My top tip for brides-to-be is not to stress over your dress! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love it and feel great in it that’s all that matters. Also, along the way, remember that the important thing is that you’re entering a marriage, not just having a wedding. If things don’t go to plan on the day, your guests won’t know; you will be the only ones who notice, so just enjoy your day, whatever happens.” – Clare & Steven

Can you get enough of these couple’s portraits? I think they are mesmerising, and make our gorgeous bride and groom look like movie stars. Finding a photographer you click with – just as Clare & Steven did in Carla Blain – is so important. You only have one opportunity to capture these precious moments, so have to trust that your photographer can work with all that is thrown their way – gales and rain included – to secure the very best shots for you. Not sure where to start when it comes to this most important supplier? Our wedding planning directory, The List, spotlights some of the best photographers in the country, whilst Episode 3, Series 2 of our podcast delves into all things wedding photography.

Author: Victoria Honan
Editorial Assistant Victoria fell in love with the world of weddings after planning her own (in only 6 months!) in 2018. She thinks being a bride – and a wife – are the best titles going (although is still getting used to her new name).

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