Fields Of Love.


Right then….where on earth to begin with what I love most about Lucy and Andrew’s sunshine filled outdoor wedding.


The mis-matched floral maxi dresses for maids are a winner especially when combined with cute shrugs and cardi’s for the evening reception. Lucy also designed her own gown – a shining example of timeless simplicity.

And to accompany the many delicious food offerings guests were given a lunch time “set” which included cutlery, a napkin and an envelope which contained a request for favourite recipes….so the bride and groom could make them during their first year of marriage.

How cute is that?


Festival Vibe

Lucy The Bride:Our wedding was on the 15th September 2012. As soon as we started planning we both knew we wanted a wedding outdoors with a ceremony that reflected our Christian faith. It was so much fun imagining our ideal day and as our tastes are quite similar planning our festival style wedding was easy. We are fortunate enough to have a friend who owns some land, and he let us use the whole of Coulbeck farm, in Hutton Rudby, for our big day!

We hired two large tipis and a yurt to give it that festival feel.


Maximum Impact

Andrew’s suit was hand picked and tailored by our amazing brother in law at Brigdens, Derby. We asked the groomsmen to wear grey suits, navy braces and brown shoes. Dressing the bridesmaids was a bit more tricky. Having been a bridesmaid five times I knew how important it was to accommodate peoples tastes as far as possible. My sister was pregnant at the time so I needed to find dresses that everyone felt comfortable and beautiful in while walking through a field!

I decided to choose different floral maxi dresses. We pulled them all together with a high waisted tan belt and a three quarter length navy cardigan to cover shoulders, as the ceremony was outside! Our wedding had a festival vibe and the maxi dresses and braces suited it perfectly.


Dream To Reality

I always knew I’d be creating my own dress, I’m too fussy and always want to alter clothes to make them right for me anyway! I got to know Helen just as she was setting up her dress making business ‘Awake at last’. We clicked and started working on ideas straight away.

She is brilliant to work with, I described my ideas using images of bits of dresses I liked and she was able to make it into a reality.


We’d been looking at quite a few florists in the North East but when we found Cinnamon Rose we knew they would be perfect. They got our vision and were able to work to our budget. We chose white Hydrangea heads in threes for bridesmaid bouquets and table decorations in vintage green and white glass vases. The bouquets were wrapped with dyed cotton in our colours.

My bouquet was mixed whites and greens with rosemary, eucaluptus and David Austin roses, it had the most amazing scent. One of my favourite details were the button holes, a flash of bright blue feather, rusty reddish brown leaf, rosemary and small pine cones that they had collected for us on their walks in the woods. I would highly recommend Cinnamon Rose.


Hay Now

My entrance involved walking over a hill and into the small valley where we held the ceremony. It was amazing to see all the guests and Andrew waiting for me in the midst of the crowd and the hay bales. Andrew looked gorgeous in his suit. The preparation had been quite intense, so to finally arrive, stand with him and be in that moment felt so good- we did it! (but he did have hay stuck to the back of his trousers!)


The One

The one area we wanted to get right was the photographer, we met James Melia at a wedding fair, and immediately knew we wanted to use him. He was excited about our ideas and it was refreshing to have someone just get it all.

The way he works is so subtle and so much fun. His images are amazing and we can’t rave about him enough!


Pudding Club

We decided not to have a cake; we looked carefully at the traditions in a wedding and questioned why we would be doing them, we made it our day, and cutting a cake together didn’t really make sense to us, we preferred to spend money on lots of pudding for everyone!

For the ceremony we wanted songs that reflected our Christian faith whilst also expressing our love for music, and our ceremony band, led by my brother and some good friends, did just that- think Mumford and Sons singing hymns! a bunch of other folks also came prepared to do a song or two in the evening open mic. We are blessed to have so many talented friends!


The Greatest Space

We were looking for a venue with a difference. We are big fans of camping, tents and nomadic living. That sort of thing! So when we found Papakata we had to hire two of their Katas. The environment inside was beautiful, it really transported people into a magical atmosphere. Our wedding was very international, with many African, Middle Eastern, and European guests… It was a space that everyone felt at home in.


Go With The Flow

We ended up not dancing to our chosen song as it didn’t quite work in the moment (Tom Traubert’s Blues by Tom Waits) but instead went with the flow of the evening and started dancing to our friend’s set instead (an electronic duo called Foura). After that everyone was up dancing to a brilliant playlist Andrew had made on Spotify. We continued late into the night with drumming and dancing round the fire.


Do It Your Way

We used palm leaf plates and created a lunch time set for each person, with a napkin, wooden cutlery and an envelope on each one. Inside the envelope we placed a recipe card, asking people to post us a favourite recipe for us to try during our first year of marriage. We love sharing food with friends, there were picnic boxes down the centre of the tables and everyone shared food together, it was a great atmosphere.

Our friend Karl made us some amazing wooden signs which we had all over the farm, and a Chuppah which we got married under (He sells his signs through Etsy). We loved our day, it was personal to us and the weather was incredible!! Our advice would be, look at tradition, question why your doing something, and then do it your way!


Click here & view all images from this wedding

Venue – Coulbeck Farm
Brides Gown – Awake At Last
Grooms Suit – Brigdens
Florist – Cinnamon Rose
Photography – James Melia

I still haven’t attended a wedding where the reception is in a tipi – have you?

Loving all of the portraits amongst the hay bales… romantic.

Big Festival Love

Charlotte xxx

9 thoughts on “Fields Of Love.

  1. What a wonderful day that was. Definitely highlighted on God’s personal calendar with a massive gold circle around it!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I really really would like to go to a tipi wedding and to also sit on haybales somewhere 🙂

    What is the name of Kar’s etsy shop please? xx

  3. ‘A space that everyone felt at home in’ – my favourite line from the whole report. And what a wonderful way to consider your venue.

    The confetti shots are immense. Biggest smiles ever or what! And the maxi dresses are kist perfect aren’t they? The most comfortable maids ever but still so elegant.

    And I have to point out the shot of the baby with the hanky tied on his head? My Dad used to do this to me all the time when I was little. It cracks me up! Very very cute.

    Epic day. Congratulations x

  4. The bridesmaids dresses work so well.. I really love the mixed floral fabric – really summery and relaxed but still co-ordinating with the belt and cardies – perfect! I went to a tipi wedding in 2011 and it was the best wedding I’ve been to – lovely the chilled out. 🙂

  5. Wow. Such a beautiful day!
    We are starting to plan our wedding, well at least think about what it is we want to do but feel restricted by having to be married in a registry office… I thought there were only certain places marriages could take place? It would be amazing to be married outside on the Downs.

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