First Crush.

Charlotte: As I was saying earlier, sometimes you’ve got to give yourselves a wee break. Be it from wedding planning (hell wedding blogging) house type chores, stressing about Christmas (has anyone bought anything yet?!) or just general every day stuff.

So just for the craic and/or banter I thought we could discuss our first crush… no matter how embarassing.

And yes as it was my idea I guess I need to be the first to share.

Ahem. Mine was Commander William T. Riker off of Star Trek.

And for all you whipper snappers out there (basically anyone under the age of thirty) who don’t have a clue who I’m on about, he was the tall, dark and beardy one from the Next Generation series.

Don’t judge me. MY. MUM. MADE. ME. WATCH. IT.

Anyway, I thought it was uncanny how he and Mr O’Shea look a bit similar (don’t you think?) which just goes to show, maybe we knew what we expected “the one” (at least from an aesthetic perspective) to be like from the age of…eleven.

Commander Riker was my idea of the perfect man because he was so very brave and strong and intelligent. And maybe a bit posh too I think.

Mr O’Shea is also all of these things (except the posh bit).

Oh and just for clarity, I have never EVER asked my husband to dress up in some kind of polyester all in one.



Jenny: My youth can be summed up just by telling you who’s poster I had gracing the walls of my bedroom. Joey McIntyre from New Kids on The Block, Fred Savage from The Wonder Years, and Jason Donovan. The latter, my best friend Charlotte (of What Jenny Did – the Brides make up fame here on RMW) and I were so obsessed with we used to go and see him in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat as often as our parents could afford.

And don’t even get me started on him in that loincloth….Charlotte had a lifesize poster of him on her wall, which i was LIVID about and stropped over because I didn’t have one. And I am sure we probably even used kiss it, oh the embarrassment!

Our crushes meant we new every single word to Joseph. We used to listen to it on tape (because CD’s weren’t around then) and practice it over and over again, because for some reason I’m not sure of now, we probably thought we were cool? (we weren’t!).

Then we were hit with the utter devastating news that Jason Donovan was to be replaced with Philip Schofield THE HORROR!!!

I think there were even tears.

Schofe wasn’t the silver fox he is now, back then – He was just the guy from the broom cupboard with his hand shoved up Gordon the Gophers arse.

Fred Savage from The Wonder Years, I think I used to fancy the character Kevin Arnold more than anything – that cute little smirk he’d pull every five minutes.

Then there was Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. Oh how I used to luurrrrrrve him. That baby face, tall stature, big hands. He was my dreamboat.

So not that disimilar to my current crush, Mr O. Tall, blonde, baby face, blue eyes, big hands…

I married my dreamboat. My lovely Mr O.

Vix: My first proper crush was back in the day of ‘Saved by The Bell’ the beautiful Zack Morris / Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I actually used to record the show I was so in lust over him, I think I can still recall the lyrics of the theme tune too. I was sooooo ridiculously jealous of Kelly – she had everything, including two hunks swooning over her!! ahhh bless me 🙂

When Charlotte asked me who my first crush was I immediately thought of one that I’m too embarrassed to mention because it’s just too weird but I’m sure I’m not the only one who had a small crush on a cartoon character???? eeek! please say I’m not the only one!! Not saying which one though – EVER.

Thankfully Malc is no cartoon, he is real life and wonderful and looking at Zack Morris nowadays, there are some similarities – tall, dark and handsome, swoon swoon!

Charlotte: So you gorgeous lot….who was your first crush and why?

And do they look anything like your future husband?

Come on now – don’t be shy!!!

Big Red Faced Love

Team RMW xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

85 thoughts on “First Crush.

  1. Haaa! I had soo many embarrassing crushes I’ve long lost count! My first crush though was fairly respectable – Morten Harket of Aha fame. I think I was about 5 and I had a poster of him on my wall from my sister’s copy of Smash Hits! My husband is gorgeous but looks nothing like him, although he does own a distinctly Nordic-looking jumper. Fate then, obviously!

  2. Hehehehe – mine was Dec of Ant and Dec fame! But back in the days of PJ and Duncan 🙂 I was properly obsessed, and learnt all the lyrics to their album and choreographed dance moves to go with it (I am going quite red at the thought of my “performances” to family and friends…) I think the romance ended after I’d spent several days crafting a valentine’s card, only to get no reply, I was crushed!
    Thankfully the only resemblance my future husband bears to Dec is dark hair and a funny accent, he’s considerable taller!

  3. A cartoon character can’t be worse than a puppet- when I found out Scott Tracy from Thunderbirds wasn’t real at the age of 3 apparently I had a mahoosive diva strop.

    My first crush was a footballer from Norway who played for Chelsea called Tore Andre Flo. I named my hamster after him. I had a million posters. I adored him in his 6 foot 4 scandinavian glory.. and now I’m married to a similarly lanky lad with uncannily similar cheekbones and the blue-grey eyes I once dreamt of…

    So maybe there is something in this!!! Great post! Looking forward to everyone’s responses- I wish I could post photos 🙂 xxxxx

  4. That’s just plain SPOOKY!!! There might be something in this! I think you guys have just cracked a psychological theory – that our life partners are dictated by the posters on our walls when we were 17! Yikes!

    My first crush was Brad Pit….hmmm, in my eyes my Mr. W is just as good!

    Now I just need to work on looking like Angelina Jolie….!


  5. I used to fancy boys in books! And not even contemporary ones – ones which were hand me downs from my Mum! So Dion from Punchbowl Farm was my first crush, he was so wise and strong and responsible and man could he ride a pony – so although I have no idea what he ‘looked’ like, he’s rather like Mr D (apart from the pony riding fact but in London that’s a bit of a wasted skill!). To continue on the NERD front my first TV crush Dickon from The Secret Garden – so yup, still a book, I guess, and see Dickon could ride a pony too!

  6. I thought I was the only one who fancied a cartoon character! Mine was Back-to-Front from The Raggydolls! Having lived in shame for 28 years, it feels great to get that off my chest! Spill, Vix! X

  7. I didn’t have a crush on any celebs/fictional characters until I was nearly in my teens and even then it was ALL of Take That. I didn’t care which one as long as it was one of them!

    I do remember as a child thinking the female character from Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers was rather good looking. Seriously she’s very pretty, those chipmunks were lucky sods!

  8. My first crush was Shane Richie around the time he toured in Grease, I’ll come back when everyone’s stopped laughing!

    And he in no way resembles the Mr, thankfully!

  9. At the age of 5 I walked into my very first school. One of the first things I saw was a little boy with the blondest hair I’d ever seen. I was captivated and my crush on him lasted all the way through infants school and all of the way through junior school. I loved him ardently (or I thought I did at the time) for six long years and for six long years I was too shy to tell him.

  10. What a great post! Perfect for those of us who should be working but need a break and a fun distraction! Well mine was George Michael, I had a great book about Wham and I ripped all the pictures of him in his string vests and swimwear and put them up on my wall, I can remember kissing my pillow and pretending it was him, whilst my sister’s was Andrew Ridgely! I can still remember vividly the day my sister burst in to tell me that George Michael was gay…it was almost like the moment you hear that Father Christmas doesn’t exist!
    My husband is NOTHING at all like George Michael, I am rather pleased to say.

  11. Oh good lord. This is excruciatingly embarrassing.

    My first crush (aged seven) was Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees. I think there must have been a re-run of the TV show sometime in the late eighties, before you all assume I’m currently collecting my state pension…. This was followed by the blonde guy from Perry Mason (Ken something or other). I have no means of justification, but am increasingly wondering if I was dropped on my head as an infant…

    Thankfully Mr N resembles neither and fits in with my post-pubescent ‘type’ of tall, dark, funny and beardy…. 😉

  12. Honestly, I am proper killing myself laughing right now! You guys are ACE.

    @Abi – Oh my yes, he was HOT.

    @Lynsey – Lets get ready ready let’s get ready ready let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

    @Lucy S – you can include a link to a pic pet if you like? and I so wanted to be Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds!

    @Sophie – I’m guessing everyone is wishing they had your crush – he still looks gorgeous and he’s nearly 50!

    @Jessie – What Jenny said 😉

    @JanieP – I am trying so hard to make her admit!!! if she doesn’t I might on her behalf – but then she would KILL me.. ha ha ha

    @Geek Bride – Mwah ha ha ha ha, I used to like the Cheetah lady off of Thundercats (!) and Mark Owen….

    @K – I think that is quite a respectable first crush pet – not too embarassing….ok maybe a bit.

    Charlotte xxx

  13. Mine was also Jason Donnovan! And I can remember being particularly upset when my brother managed to ruin it by spilling orange juice all over it, and particualarly amazed that when a thief broke into our car, they took everything BUT my Jason Donnovan tape. What thief wouldn’t want to steal that?!

  14. Mine was Torville and Dean. Yes, both of them. Hmmm, not sure what that says about my man..OR me….(Come on Vix, your cartoon crush surely can’t be more embarassing than this?!)

    Also snap with Lynsey – Dec, as a short, Geordie millionaire, was my ideal man for yonks until I met my “real” ideal man (who is Geordie, so 1 out of 3 aint bad I guess :))

    PS Love this post – Jen, the Gordon the gopher’s arse comment made me snort!

  15. Ah Mark Owen, how I loved him. My poor mum had to cope with my bedroom being wallpapered in Take That (although not the ceiling, I was banned!). I used to carry a little picture of him everywhere and used to write my diary to him!!! When the band split up i think my mum was ready to call the Samaritans!!!

  16. @Miss Vix – I used to have a friend who had to have a week off school when Take That split up – no joke! For her birthday she asked her Dad to take her to Mark Owen’s house just so she could sit outside….


    Charlotte xxx

  17. ummm….eerrrrr….I was 3 and my first crush was (oh the shame) Noel Edmonds!!!!! Apparently, my Mum found me sitting in the hallway with the telephone “speaking” to Noel and then getting very upset and angry with her when she tried to pull me away from the phone!!

  18. In my defence, I was EXTREMELY young and I promise you I’m not a crazy weird person. But.

    I *may* have really liked one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michelangelo to be exact. Yep, the cartoon animal with an orange mask thing.

    I just liked that he loved pizza and said “cowabunga dude”. I was even a member of the fan club – oh the shame.

    However, I then moved on to Jason Donovan… looking at him on Strictly now, I’m not actually sure which one is worse!!


    P.S. Vix – who was your cartoon crush? I’ve admitted mine… you can’t leave me hanging!

  19. Noel Edmunds????? As in crinkly bottom????!!! Rahaahahaa ha

    I’m dying here 🙂

    And I wasn’t allowed to put posters on my ceiling either, although if I had been they would have been of Jared Leto, or Dieter Brummer!

  20. Haha I remember mine so well… Aaron Carter.. he sang ‘crazy little party girl’!

    The best part of this crush was that, remember Live’n’Kicking on a Saturday morning? Presented by Zoe Ball? Well they did a section called cloud9.. where they would make someones dream come true by phoning them that very morning and whisking them off on their dream. MY dream was that Aaron Carter would take me out on a date, boohoo to my horror someone else got the chance, right in front of my very eyes on tv! He held her hand and they did cartwheels in the park. Man, heart broken…..! It makes me laugh so much now thinking about that little obsession. And now I’ve just played his music while my fiance looks at me with a very raised eyebrow.. haha!

  21. I’m showing my age, but he was on Saturday Swap Shop – I just googled to see if he was actually a passable crush…nope he was not!
    I hasten to add that I quickly moved on to a series of appropriate crushes including the Bros brothers, Jason Donovan (although he is bugging me on Strictly) Joey from NKOTB, Robbie Williams, Jared Leto etc etc! My room was covered in Take That posters. However, my weird crushes still crop up… Peter Kay anyone!?!

  22. My first HUGE crush was Jesse Spencer, aka Billy Kennedy in Neighbours!! Eeek, I loved him so much I was determined that when I was 16 I was going to emigrate to Aus and marry him!! ha ha!! Actually, he is still rather hot…House isn’t the same without him!!
    My husband does have the eyes/hair colour, and the sexy stubble..but that’s about all!

    Also, have always had a real girl crush on Libby Kennedy, and in fact still do. Kim Valentine is gorgeous and I love her tattoo!

  23. Hugh Lawrie FOREVER. Also, I was totally mad for Jared Leto and the guy with the horse in the Never Ending Story. Neither of the latter two are ANYTHING like my man. However, his Dad bears a slight Hugh resemblance…which I suppose is a (major) bonus?!


  24. As previously mentioned on your ‘So called life’ post mine was Jared Leto, and it was baaaaaad! I was 12, and seriously though that one day he would come by and sweep me off my feet!!

    I also quite fancied one of Hanson…. yes I said it Hanson!! And now after 14 years since Mmm Bop, my Maid of Honour and I went to see them at the o2 last week, and yes I still fancy him!!! 😉 xx

  25. @Katie – OMG I’ve got to get Vix on here to admit!!! you will KILL yourself!!!

    @Lydia – Just started watching series one of House… He’s now left? GUTTED.

    @Jeanie and Emma – Jered Leto 4 Eva. As I type I am listening to 30 seconds to Mars.

    @Abi Lady Ha Ha – Henry!!!! it was the dungarees pet – he ROCKED them.

    Charlotte xxx

  26. OK OK OK!!!

    Katie – Thank you for not letting me be the only one – I LOVED Raphael (the red one)…………..There I said it CRINGE!!!!! 🙂 lol – I always wanted to be April O’Neil and have a yellow jump suit.

    Lucy S – loving that you had a crush on a puppet! that’s wicked!
    Janie P – lol brilliant!!!!!


  27. I might as well offer up my first crush(es) seeing as we’re sharing… I can’t really remember which one came along first but both Kylie Minogue and Debbie McGee played an important part in Adam’s life as an 8 year old boy.

    As a big fan of anything with Paul Daniels in (If you’ll excuse the crude pun,) whether it was the obvious “Paul Daniels Magic Show” (check her out at 1 minute and 6 sec), the less obvious “Every Second Counts” or the darn right obscure “Wizzbit“, Debbie McGee was usually hanging around in the background somewhere… And she was all sparkly and distracting. 😉

    1988 Kylie, was something special too… I remember having that debut album on bright yellow cassette and listening to it on my mum and dads stereo in the front room (with big headphone cans on because they were trying to watch Eastenders or Casualty or something) and secretly hoping that all the songs were about me.

    I may well be in the minority of people who have posted today…. but I STILL have a crush on one of my first crushes.

    I’ll let you decide which one I’ve been carrying a torch for now for 23 years…


  28. I’m with Christine!!!!
    ‘ Crazy little party girl’ was the first single I ever bought, I made my mum play it on repeat in the car…. It was LOVE!!! X

  29. Oh shit, no ones is as bad as my first crush.
    When I was six years old i had a crush on two men. Shakin Stevens and wait for it…….Cliff Richard. Not Cliff Richard in the eighties but Cliff Richard in the film “Summer Holiday”. Now that is embarrassing!!!

    To make you all jealous, I saw Mr Gary Barlow of Take That on Monday and he touched my arm. And Mr Jason Donovan was there and he sang ‘Too Many Broken Hearts..’

    Oh and when I was a little girl my cartoon crush was Prince Adam, He-Man, I preferred him with clothes on and I desperately wanted to be She-Ra.

  30. I moved around all of the men in the lord of the rings films, I was a bit of a daydream slut : s I think it was the swords — @Jessie, I also fancied men in books, although I was of the historical novel type.

    Unfortunately my man can’t wield a sword and doesn’t own a cloak 🙁 does however have BEAUTIFUL hobbit curls and blue eyes so maybe there’s something to the theory ?

  31. Ooh ooh – @Caroline – YES! And who was the cousin at the seaside in the one about the dolphin? Was it Meryon? Such good names huh?! Anyway, the seaside one was so blonde and flashy and, shame on me, he did displace Dion just momentarily!

  32. My first real crush was Joey Lawrence in Blossom I used to rush home from swimming to watch that! Loved him so much I even bought his album – which was not very good!!Nobody said ‘whoa’ like him!

    Before that is was He-Man I loved him I am with @Teresa really wanted to be She-Ra! He was hot for a cartoon!

  33. Oh dear, confession time! I think one of my very earliest crushes was Tommy Steele (look hiim up if you must, if you’re not as ancient as me).

    I obviously had a thing for blondes, as I then moved onto Dennis Waterman, in his ‘Minder’ days. I even joined the fanclub. Oh, the shame, the shame.

  34. oooh go on then, here he is…

    I love love love all these crushes! I remember Aaron Carter- I loved his hair but not a lot else… and Hugh Laurie was gorgeous to my 11 year old eyes in Blackadder Goes Fourth… Jesse Spencer remains gorgeous now though 😉

    Robin Hood (the cartoon fox) was another incredibly hot animal cartoon character- and what was with Maid Marian’s eyelashes???!!!

    Did anyone else think that they’d “NEVER” ever find anyone who’d marry them and be doomed to crushes for the rest of their lives?? I’m sure each crush I had had that dark shadow of unattainability… that I’d never find someone that wonderful who’d want me. It’s such a lovely feeling to look back at all these silly crushes and know that you have 🙂 (smug married smiley insert here!) xxxx

  35. Mine was a boy called Sebastian – when I was 4. We had naked swimming at our mixed school!

    Famous crush wise it was Noel Edmonds/John Travolta/Simon Le Bon.

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Ponch from CHiPs! You lot are all very young 🙂

  36. My first Crush was Macauley Culcin in the film and book My Girl..oh I thought he looked so yummy in those glasses! I read the book and watched the fil over and over and cried my eyes out when the bees got him! I also CRINGE to remember the odd song I’d practise on his poster on my door! Oh god- the shame!

    After him I think it has to be Paul Nicolls, on Earthfast – he played the 18th century drummer! I had a little tricket box with his picture on it from Shout magazine and I carried my lucky charms in it to all my exams through high school – I still have it in my secret shoebox!!!

    And then of course I was head over heels in lust with the curettes mark Owen. When they split up i remember sitting in my room in the dark, crying while listening to a particularly part of ‘Babe’ where his voice made me all weak, over and over!!!

  37. Just noticed the silly iPad corrections- I practiced snogs not songs on my macauley poster, I carried a Paul Nicolls trinket tin and mark Owen was (still is) CUTE!

  38. Cartoon crushes are making me snort tea at my desk. How about ‘Dogtantian’ from Dogtanian and the Three Muskerhounds?!!! (Does anyone remember that?!) Odd little child I was. x

  39. oh this is entertaining.

    When i was super young i think my first crush was Boris Becker! The tall angry gingerness. I also LOVED Zach from saved by the bell i watched it ALL the time.

    But how has no one mentioned Happy Days! I totally fancied Richie Cunningham and Chauchi! (spelling?!)
    So cute! #Sunday Monday Happy days, #

  40. My first crush was Ian Botham of cricket fame, and David Seaman of football fame, haha!! I’m so embarassed. And I don’t even do sport. God only knows how I knew of these two, my dad was never really a sports fan.

    And does my boy look anything like these two?! Erm… no! But, One Jolly Girl, he does look a bit like Boris Becker!! We went on holiday to Spain one year, walked past a restaurant, and the waiter actually shouted out “heyyyy, it’s Boris Becker!”. Want to borrow him for a day?!

  41. Okay, I don’t remember the order these came in but: Stephen Gately, the boy from Free Willy and Jesse Spencer!

    And @Vix – I totally get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I was a Raphael girl too!

    Loving this post – am cracking up here!


  42. Oh gosh… ok here goes… Shredder. Yes the guy in the mask off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He may have worn a face mask but even at 10 I suspected there was a hottie underneath. 😉

  43. @Vix – yeah I think he was…all I knew was he was hot and wanted to go and swim with whales with him! I’m going to google him now….. xxx

  44. @Ceri and Vix mine was Paul Nicholls too!! I had a whole load of pictures of him cut out of magazines and scrounged off other 11 year old girls with better magazines!! Shamed!! Was totally addicted to ‘The Biz’!

    Also was very much ‘in love’ with Prince William around the same time! Did lots of dreaming about what I’d do when I was the Queen!!


  45. Oh God – I’ve just got home from meeting with 40 sets of parents (devastating) and this is exactly what I needed… Been wetting myself!

    Zack Morris was one of mine too! And Robbie from ‘Dinosaurs’. Yep – that would be a Jim Henson puppet. Oh the shame! Good to get it off my chest at last though…I’ve not noticed any similarities between the large foamy carnivorous marionette and J, but I’ll have a closer look when he gets in from the pub…


  46. I love today’s post ladies!!!

    My first crush…Garry Barlow…when he was blonde!!!

    My hubby looks nothing like him, but he is from Manchester, it must be that northern drawl!! xx

  47. I love today’s post ladies!!!

    My first crush…Garry Barlow…when he was blonde!!!

    My hubby looks nothing like him, but he is from Manchester, it must be that northern drawl!! xx

  48. Prince William!! I wonder if that’s why I named my first born after him, I love both the princes actually, and was obsessed with Princess Diana too.

    Still laughing at the shakin Stevens admission…..!

    My longest running crush, Keanu Reeves.

    I’d like him for tea please, and breakfast ;o)

  49. Ha ha ha ha ha I can’t believe I couldn’t get on line yesterday to join in this is hilarious!!

    Mine was Todd in Neighbours, anyone remember him?!

  50. I’m gutted i missed this yesterday, what a great post!

    My first crushes (in no particular order) were Ryan Giggs, Zack from Saved By The Bell, and Cody from Baywatch. Thie first two hin particular have lovely eyes (amongst other attractive attributes, obviously!).

    Coincidentally, my fiancee looks a weeny bit like Zack, and has the surname Screech. Spooky huh?!

    I also had a girl-crush on Jessica Rabbit and the Caramel Bunny…


  51. can’t believe no-one has mentioned edward furlong of terminator fame, man i had so many posters of him, most of them had lip prints on them (in dubious ‘free with just 17 magazine’ lipgloss colours!)

    boy is this thread bringing back some memories

    mrs r x x x

    oh and @ adam – there was a bonkers plastic surgery programme on a while ago and there was a woman who’d had a TON of surgery to make her look like jessica rabbit!!

    and no, she didn’t look anything like her (quel surprise!)

  52. OMG, Mr N totally looks like my first crush who is Christopher Egan, who played Nick Smith in Home and Away! Totally obsessed…and i like Peter Andre too! But i dont think i can live with that one…!

    OMG…Charlotte,….Cody from Baywatch…i loved him too!

  53. I’m LOVING this thread haha. @ Emma Davenport- Russ Abbot walked past me recently and winked at me! My first crush was….Sid James. Shameful admission- i still fancy him. Should mention as well that i’m 21 so fancying someone who was born approx 99 years ago is kinda wrong but oh that laugh…..and no the boy looks nothing like him, theres not a wrinkle in sight!

  54. OMG hilarious post, sorry I missed this one! Mine was Morten Harkett from A-Ha, Donatello from the teenage mutant ninja turtes, PRINCE VALIANT (interesting fact: did you know that the bloke that does his voice also did the Prince in the disney film of Beauty and the Beast? rarrr), the bloke from Strictly Ballroom (Think his name is Paul Mercurio , hes a famous aussie chef now. and fat.) and Joey from Blossom! x

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