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Five Things We Learnt From The Royal Wedding…

Is anyone else feeling a little sad this morning? Post wedding blues are one thing, but post Royal Wedding blues have completely floored us. What a wedding guys! WHAT a wedding!!! As expected, Harry and Meghan’s big day was gorgeous to look at, but I don’t think any of us realised it would be quite so moving and poignant. There were so many moments from the big day that we loved such as the dress and flowers. There were moments that literally moved the world to tears, it felt like a global celebration of love and there’s nothing more magical than that. Here are five things we’ve taken to heart from the Royal Wedding that we think you, as Brides-to-be, should too…

#1 Make your ceremony personal

It’s easy to forget about the ceremony when you’re planning a wedding – so often the reception takes priority but Harry and Meghan’s beautiful, personal wedding ceremony is a reminder of how important this part of the day is! It is the ACTUAL getting married part, so make sure you’re giving it the attention it deserves. Consider your hymns, readings and music, there truly wasn’t a dry eye in the house as The Kingdom Gospel Choir sang ‘Stand By Me’ and Bishop Michael Curry’s address will go down in history as a message of hope and positivity not only to our gorgeous couple, but also to the world. Whatever your religious beliefs, the spirituality of a wedding ceremony can’t be contained and should absolutely represent both people getting married. Harry and Meghan’s ceremony did this and then some. It was incredible.

#2 There will always be family drama

Not even future Princesses get to avoid family drama and poor Meghan probably went through the mill in the run up to her big day. Weddings can bring out the worst in people, so just prepare yourself for it, make sure you’re confiding your feelings in your other half and try not to let other peoples issues affect your happiness.

#3 Just be you

Meghan Markle’s bridal look was utter perfection – elegant, tailored and minimal and completely true to her everyday style, with a shoulder-framing bateau neckline, simple A-line silhouette, and slim three-quarter sleeves.

Meghan Markle wore a Givenchy Wedding Dress that suited her style and the occasion

Never lose sight of your own style when choosing your dress. I know we don’t all have dresses made for us by Claire Waight Keller for Givenchy, but just like Meghan, your wedding dress should make you feel like a million dollars. Claire designed the gown with Meghan’s style in mind – modern and fresh. The wedding dress was meant to not only represent Meghan as a person and make her feel incredible, but also reflect the grandness of the occasion. The fabric is a double silk caddy which gives shape and helped to create those gorgeous clean lines.

Don’t overlook the power of symbolism in making your look completely personal too, the trim of Meghan’s 3m wide x 5m long veil was embroidered with the flower of every country in the Commonwealth, along with Wintersweet, which grows in the grounds of Kensington Palace in front of Nottingham Cottage, and the California Poppy, the State flower from Meghan’s place of birth, California. Making her veil not only look beautiful, but also a strong statement of the things that are important to her and Harry, a compelling and thought provoking touch.

#4 When it comes to flowers, more is more…

This one, we’ve always known 😉 There is nothing more impactful for a wedding ceremony than a floral arch and the work of Philippa Craddock and her team was just beautiful. You can only imagine the scent those stunning flowers gave off and despite being completely huge, the soft colour palette and wild, organic arrangement style kept them from being ostentatious. Show stopping yet demure – an extremely difficult balance to strike, but Philippa did it! Expect to see this dreamy, natural style of flower arranging at weddings across the land for some time.

#5 A statement car is always a good idea

Meghan Markle chose a second wedding dress for the evening by Stella McCartney

If budget allows, book the car. Harry and Meghan looked like total movie stars when they emerged from their Windsor Castle lunch dressed to the nines and drove into the sunset in an E-Type Jaguar. Meghan wore a slinky halter neck gown from Stella McCartney, along with a stunning aquamarine ring that belonged to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. Like many moments from the day it’ll go down in history and will have made for THE BEST wedding photographs.

But most importantly, Meghan and Harry most definitely had their day, their way. This was a wedding day that reflected the couple’s personalities, both as individuals and together. It’s a wedding we’ll remember forever – magical, inspiration and full of love. Huge congratulations to this gorgeous couple for reminding us what it’s all about – love is the way.

Images via Getty Images, The Sun and The Telegraph.

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

16 thoughts on “Five Things We Learnt From The Royal Wedding…

  1. I loved everything about the Royal Wedding! Oh those floral arches were to die for! I also think your point about there will always be drama is a great one. We’ll be posting about how to deal with this next week on the Creative Wedding Co blog so watch this space!

  2. I was totally bowled over by how emotional I felt about it! I thought I would just be looking at all the pretty but actually, the reality is that we were watching two people in love getting married. I had tears in my eyes basically the whole time. Also, I LOVED the gospel choir and the Bishop. It felt in keeping but so true to them xx

  3. Eugh I just loved it, loved it! Every detail was perfection. It obviously felt very formal and grand but still incredibly intimate, I am sure because of the personal touches like you say Fern. I will never listen to Stand by Me in the same way, magical xx

  4. Gosh, what a wedding it was! I think for me, the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel felt so incredibly personal and intimate, which is a huge success in such a venue with that number of guests. So representative of them as a couple and focussed on love, it was pure magic x

    1. A huge success and testament to them as a couple for sure! For me they are the most relatable Royals and I’m SO excited to watch the incredible things they’ll no doubt do together to help people xxx

  5. Argh so gutted it’s all over! What a day. The Gospel choir singing Stand By Me will stay with me for a long, long time. x

  6. It was just the loveliest day. So romantic and beautiful, I thought both of Meghan’s dress choices were perfection and her hair, make-up, tiara…..everything just WOW. Can we also talk about the flowers?!

    And “Stand By Me”. I cried. A lot.

    1. Both of her dresses were just incredible weren’t they?! The simplicity reminded me of the Meghan quote about being ‘enough’ – she oozed confidence and natural beauty xxx

  7. I enjoyed every minute of it – from seeing that first glimpse of Meghan and her Mum to watching the whole nation enjoy the celebrations in the sunshine.
    The stand out moment for me was Stand By Me. To choose such a romantic yet political song was an incredible choice by the couple. What an amazing day.

    1. It gave me goosebumps! I don’t know how some of guests didn’t cry…I was bawling at home, so I can only imagine how electric it must have been in the chapel! xxxx

  8. My heart was fit to burst all day Saturday, I was giddy with excitement to see Meghan’s dresses (both were simply stunning) and overcome with emotion during the ceremony. It was all just pure perfection. What was apparent above all else was although this was a wedding to be viewed by millions of people all around the world they really made it personal. Harry’s face when he saw her coming down the aisle, and the little wink he gave her when he put on her ring were just off the chart adorable, not to mention them holding hands during the whole of Michael Curry’s sermon. I could literally gush about it forever. A.MAZ.ING xxx

    1. Their looks, smile and exchanges were just so lovely weren’t they? I loved it when everyone giggled at Harry saying ‘I will’ – it felt like everyone was routing for them! xxx

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