Floral Headband Pretty – D.I.Y Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Phew! been a long week this one and I’m so ready for a nice glass of vino tonight!

Welcome to DIY Friday and I am happy to say that my DIY posts will be a more regular feature from now on… woop woop!!!

So, Charlotte and I were thinking how nice it would be to be able to make your own headband floral pretty (or for your best girls…), so I set to work and here it is. And it’s so very easy……..enjoy and please let me know of anything you want me to have a go at for future posts.

You will need:

  • Some material of your choice
  • Some fabric scissors
  • Needle and cotton
  • Some beads of your choice
  • A pen/ pencil
  • Plain plaited headbands (H & M are great and only £1.99 each)
  • Mini safety pins

Step 1.

Fold your fabric into squares ( think about how many layers of petals you want)

Step 2.

If you fancy it you can draw a flower shape or alternatively just use our downloadable template

Step 3.

Cut the flower shape out

Step 4.

Layer the flower petals and arrange as you wish to (neat or a bit haphazard, we prefer the latter)

Step 5.

Load up your needle with cotton and stitch through the centre of the flower and attach beads and/or buttons of your choice.

Step 6.

Ruffle the petals and if you want a more shabby-chic looking flower then you can pull away the edges of the petals to losen the weave to give a frayed effect

Step 7.

Use a mini safety pin to attach to your headband

Other ideas…

You can use multiple flowers on a band for a more statement effect or glue to kirby grips and use as hairslides. I also like the idea of using these flowers (mis matched fabrics would look cool!) to decorate favour boxes or even added to string to make unique chair back decor.

And if you want a non-wilting (and personalised) buttonhole then these make a great alternative.

I have already told Charlotte I am making loads and having them all the way up my W-day ailse (she just doesn’t know she’s the one helping me make them all yet….)

Top Tips.

Spray starch will help stiffen the petals and you can also use your iron to give the petals some creases in the right places. Also don’t forget to look in your wardrobe for unwanted clothes as these can be useful, the green ones are made from a summer dress I don’t wear anymore.

Finally for those that like a bit of sparkle why not get some flitter (extremely fine glitter) and give the petals a touch of glitz!!

Voila…………please excuse my rubbish hair, I’m going through the “too long too short” stage AND trying to grow out my fringe so at the moment every day seems to be a bad hair day.

Lots of Friday love



click the icon to download the template for this tutorial:

19 thoughts on “Floral Headband Pretty – D.I.Y Friday

  1. I quite fancy making headbands for my bridesmaids in floral fabrics, I really like the design of the last pictures with lots of them altogether so think I will try that! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi

    Jenny – its a Jessica colour called Midnight Affair – its my ultimate fav!

    Sarah – they would look lovely in floral fabrics and bunched together, also in all different sizes and the tiny ones look great scattered about in a hair do.



  3. oooooh this is how I can get matching to what I want! (Did you really cut up a dress? would never have thought of that but I have so many unworn clothes!)

  4. Hiya, yep! it was a ditzy print summer dress that I just dont wear but also, I didn’t want to throw it away ( I dont throw any clothes away) Sometimes its really hard to find materials that are perfect and it may just be at the back of the wardrobe! Plus, I will get far more use of the flowers than the dress. I’m having a dinner party next Saturday with the girls and I’m going to use them to dress the table as the white ones have a winter / Christmas feel.

  5. Hi! Love this post! Thanks a lot. 🙂
    About ideas… I’m a bit stuck about the order of service/order of the day, any DIY ideas on this subject?

  6. Oh wow thats going to look wicked – Im well jel! 😉

    What about square/circle shaped thick card, cover in dotty/striped fabric or pretty paper, then stick to a lollypop stick or a stripy straw, you can then print out your order of service and stick it onto it (almost like a fan) you can cover the handle with dotty ribbon or………………..
    you could use circle shaped cards, layer them on top of each other and attach with a split-pin so the layers fan out, you can have a different part of the day on each layer? you could then attach that to dotty / striped ribbon?

    Hope this helps – let me know


  7. I like both of the ideas, but as the wedding is in February the second one would probably be better! I’ll give it a try this weekend.
    Thanks for the ideas,

  8. how gorgeous!! thats definitely going on our DIY list! with 6 bridesmaids this one would be a real money saver too! for any future posts, a DIY photobooth would be amazing! x x

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