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Flower Centrepieces & Pampas Grass at Romantic Italian Wedding

BUDGET £32.5-40K

An colourful Italian celebration with stunning wedding breakfast decor complete with bright flower centrepieces, pampas grass and festoon lighting! This elegant but fun day was filled with love from the emotional ceremony in the impressive historic building, where there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, to the outdoor wedding reception in the picturesque gardens of Villa Antona Traversi. The bride looked beautiful in a button back dress with jewel wedding shoes clutching a bright bouquet, while the groom opted for a traditional tail suit. This cool couple decided they wanted the day to be more party vibes than wedding, which was definitely delivered!


“This wedding was special because it was inspired by the Byzantine and Norman Empire. The venue was a private house built on a cloistered convent with a very strong Byzantine Style so we decided to keep the style and replicate it in every design element to create harmony and give guests the impression of traveling between time and space (space because Byzantine and Norman Empire buildings are typical of Sicily, south Italy, instead we were close to Milan, in the very north Italy). Everything was super colourful, from blown glass to tassels, from flowers and pampas to handmade wicker baskets, to intertwined woods to the lights atmosphere created by the arabesque lanterns.” – Cinzia & Giancarlo

Flower Centrepieces

The decoration at this wedding definitely shouts fun – which is exactly what this couple wanted – positive vibes, from the pampas grass to the photo booth area! The bright flower centrepieces on the wedding breakfast tables were combined with candles and festoon lighting. And have you seen the cake?! Surrounded by trees which were decorated with 500 bright hanging tassels that were lovingly made by their wedding planner herself, Danila Stella, dedication that definitely paid off, it was a real show stopper!


“The message and soul of this wedding were 100% positive vibes! The colours give energy and positivities. We wanted a color explosion to put everyone in a good mood. Beauty, harmony and colour help to make everyone feel good and want to celebrate and enjoy the day! We have rock souls and we wanted to have a party not a wedding and this was the message we want to pass onto our guests. Live and enjoy life to the full!” – Cinzia & Giancarlo

There is something very romantic about an Italian wedding don’t you think? If you love it as much as us, then we know you will like this Italian celebration with stunning red flowers and the views are just incredible! Or if you simply just want more real wedding inspiration wherever that may be then of course we have that right here too!

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Photography by MarryMi Wedding Photography
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