Flower Crown For Wedding Ceremony Outdoors at Walcot Hall with Afternoon Tea Wedding Breakfast & Glitter Bar by Olivia Moon Photography Pin Image

Flower Crown For Wedding Outdoors at Walcot Hall with Afternoon Tea & Glitter Bar

BUDGET £10 – 12.5K

I am completely and utterly in awe of Kayleigh and James’ laid back wedding at Walcot Hall, especially as they managed to do it in under £12.5K. They had an afternoon tea wedding breakfast, there was DIY wooden pallet signs, archery and glitter! Plus, Kayleigh’s amazing flower crown finishing off her bridal look beautifully. They also offer some amazing advice, so make sure you read to the very end.


“Matt, James’ best friend, was our celebrant. We wrote a very personal ceremony script together, and we were able to get references to the UFC and Mad Max’s Thunderdome in it, which pleased James a lot! My Maid of Honour, Julia, played ‘What a Wonderful World’ on the piano as guests made their way to the ballroom for Afternoon Tea. This was my late Grandad’s favourite song and was my way of making sure he was there with us on the day. We chose a midweek wedding so most people stayed the whole week, it was like a mini-festival! Walcot Hall has some amazing and quirky accommodation. We arrived at Walcot on Monday, spent the evening in the pub at the bottom of the drive and visiting various people in their accommodation, catching up. We hired Walcot’s magnificent Ballroom and Gardens for the wedding and spent the day before decorating it with family and friends. One of my favourite memories was seeing my mother-in-law and her sister along with my friend Rhea arrange all the flowers together. It was great to see all of our friends and family, some of whom had not previously met, all get along and have fun. Seeing everyone we love all together in the same place was a very special moment for me and one I’ll never forget.” – Kayleigh & James

Flower Crown For Wedding

A flower crown can literally be the crowning glory to your bridal look. It’s certainly the case with real bride Kayleigh’s wildflower crown, matching the laid back vibes of their wedding day perfectly. Would you believe that the morning before the wedding it had rained, but as soon as Kayleigh left the house to go to the gardens the sun started shining? I love that she was accompanied by her Mum down the aisle and the circle wedding ceremony set up ensured every one of their guests had front row seats to the adorable nuptials.


“We’re both big fans of the outdoors so we knew we wanted to get married outside come rain or shine! The gardens at Walcot Hall are absolutely stunning, with the Shropshire hills in the background, it was the perfect location for us!
We wanted a relaxed, summer garden party vibe and something that reflected our personalities, so of course, there was archery and afternoon tea! In the way of styling, we didn’t really have to do much as the venue looked the part. We had a ceremony circle in the gardens which was made up of hay bales and in the centre of the circle, we had a custom made ceremony arch which was created by our talented friend Sue & her family the day before the wedding.
The stunning Georgian ballroom is where we had afternoon tea, laid out in vintage crockery. The vibe was our love of nature with beautiful wildflowers in jam jars on centrepieces made up of wood slices (from our tree surgeon friend, Alex) and photos of our travels dotted about the place.”
– Kayleigh & James

“Don’t let comparison steal your joy! Pinterest and Instagram are great for finding inspiration but it can be overwhelming. Make a choice and stick by it, be true to what works for you and trust that you made a decision for a reason.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Kayleigh, in fact, we’ve dedicated a whole Podcast episode to self-worth. Believe in yourself and your vision.

Photography by Olivia Moon Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
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