Flower Girls And Fruity Flavours.

There are quite a few things I’d like to discuss this morning, turns out I have my Brummy gob on (meaning: talks a lot, usually too fast, doesn’t come up for air etc etc) so bear with me whilst I ramble on a bit.

(For those of you bored already feel free to just look at the pretty pictures instead.)

So anyways, the other day Adam and I accidentally attended the wedding reception of some completely unknown folk. Yes that’s right, we gatecrashed the partaay.

There we were, awaiting the Temperley launch at Miss Bush Bridal in Surrey, enjoying some chunky chips and coca cola in a very pretty near by pub garden, only to slowly become surrounded by various people in a range of rather splendid attire.

Turns out the W-day reception was in the pub garden and we’d sat on their tables.

It made for some very interesting viewing. And various big day subjects came out of the people-watching activities.

Photography by Lillian and Leonard, styling by Jillian Nicole.

Following the bride ( strapless, ruffle layered full princess skirt, delicate gold jewellery – C’mon you wanted to visualise right?) and her various maids (deep purple chiffon) were a selection of ridiculously cute flower girls. Or at least we think so. A few were in pretty ivory ruffled numbers similar to the bride’s gown and a few were in a jumble of florals and brightly coloured awesomeness.

And there came the discussion, as per maids sometimes wearing different colours/dress styles, what is the deal with flower girls? give or take a few I think I have only ever seen them in typical traditional garb. Absolutely nothing wrong with this of course – they look gorgeous. But I was just wondering….is anyone considering something a bit different?

Our favourite of the mini-rabble was the small wavy haired blonde, flowers in her hair, crumpled beige linen sundress with delicate daisy print and jesus-esque sandals.

Could have been the daughter of a guest for all we knew but still, she was so refreshingly and naturally lovely.

And then there was the teardrop bouquet. As per the differently dressed flower girls we rarely see this shape on these pages, you lovelies seem to favour an oversized circular spectacular or a just-picked-from-the-garden bunch of mis-matched loveliness.

I wonder if that is because the teardrop shape became somewhat traditional? And perhaps as with any W-day related accessories we are all moving towards what is considered more contemporary – more “now”.

It was fitting then that not only did stylist and event planner Jillian Nicole send me an inspiration shoot featuring some lovely flower girl ideas but also a truly modern take on the traditional teardrop using a variety of bold colourful blooms.

Jillian Nicole: I’m so thrilled to be sharing this collaborative shoot with you all! The inspiration really came from my Wedding Plan B. I was a Summer bride and really went back and forth between having a soft, romantic look or a bright, colourful, classic wedding. In the end, soft and romantic won, but I always wondered what a bright, colourful wedding would have looked like, so we brought my Wedding Plan B to life!

Cara and Nye, the super duo behind Lillian and Leonard Photography, were my first point of contact. I’d admired them and their immense talent for years and once they were on board, I knew it was going to be a stunner! They even lent us their cutie pie daughters to play our little flower girls!

I had worked with Sophie on an earlier shoot and we just became really good friends, so I knew right away who I’d be calling to do the floral arrangements. And, oh my goodness, she did such a wonderful job! I described to her how I wanted the flowers to pop against the classic blue and white pallette and she created such beautiful blooms that did just that! And can you even get over the cuteness of the sweet, little floral headbands she made for the twins? So precious!

A huge inspiration all along was Mae Mae Paperie run by the super sweet and kind Megan Gonzalez. Her stationery is so bright and fun! And they’d recently launched a new line, which included one suite in particular, Winston, which was perfect for our classic blue and white wedding with pops of colour!

Butler + Taylor supplied all of the rentals for the day. They have such an expansive list and their props always add in the perfect touch of whimsy! Bon Bon Balloons provided us with the prettiest balloon. The kids loved the fun tassle on the balloon and the bright confetti showed in beautifully in the pictures! They are a must at any party!

Lamesley Bridal, based in Edinburgh, supplied the dress, shoes, and flower head piece. Lamesley Bridal has a gorgeous selection of vintage and new gowns and their shop is just the cutest, pink wedding haven! You could seriously spend all day in there! And our lovely model for the day, my friend Megan from the blog Across the Pond, totally rocked the tea-length, lace dress and fascinator! She was so great and professional the whole day, and it was so much fun to work with her!

Photography: Lillian and Leonard Photography

Planning + Design: Mimi Nicole Event Design

Flowers: I Heart Flowers

Stationery: Mae Mae Paperie

Venue: Greenbank Garden, Glasgow, Scotland

Dress + Shoes + Flower Head Piece: Lamesley Bridal

Rentals: Butler + Taylor

Balloon: Bon Bon Balloon

Model: Megan Stern from Across the Pond

So then lovelies, having flower girls? or page boys? considering dressing them in non-weddingy fashions?

Perhaps you are a fan of the teardrop bouquet already? or maybe this has changed your mind…..?

Um…ever accidentally crashed someones wedding reception?

Cara and Nye, you have the cutest children in the whole of the world.

Big Gate-crashing Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S It’s 3 post Wednesday Yay!

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

21 thoughts on “Flower Girls And Fruity Flavours.

  1. Hi Charlotte! Love that you crashed the wedding party and stayed to watch and discuss!
    On flower girls – yep. I’d love to see flower girl dresses for sale with a little more thought put into the advertising images sometimes too. It’s always a bit dull – and yet, imagine being three again and getting to dress up in whatever, and play, and do a creative photoshoot. There’s so much potential for amazing fashion photography when it comes to flower girls!
    The little cutie just above looks very thoughtful, bless her – looking after the balloon very carefully, when I want to see what happens to the stuff inside if you give it a good shake!
    (You’ve awoken my inner toddler. Could be an interesting day!)
    Claire x

  2. I got married in July and along with my 2 bridesmaids I had three flower girls. When I went shopping for their dresses I had I clear idea in my mind of what I was looking for, Ivory dresses with a teal sash to match the bridesmaid dresses because that’s what I always pictured flower girls in.

    BUT then I saw some gorgeous little pink floral print summer party dresses in Monsoon while I was in there looking for cute accessories. The floral pattern was in pink and teal, perfect to go with my teal and hot pink colour scheme and after seeing them I just couldn’t get them out of my head! So that was that I HAD to get them!

    I am so glad I went for them in the end, there was very little about our day that was traditional but for some reason I had always just thought “flower girls wear little ivory dresses” once I’d seen the alternative though it just made so much sense! And most of all the girls looked adorable in them and everyone commented on how nice they were!


  3. I had 5 flower girls (yes, 5 – we couldn’t leave any of the little ones out!) but no adult bridesmaids. They ranged in age from 18 months to 7, and one of them had to be carried up the aisle by our wedding co-ordinator because she was more interested in the wishing well outside than the sweets we had placed at the altar! 🙂

    They were all dressed the same, in little indigo dresses from Monsoon with tulle skirts and sequinned birds on the front. I didn’t want to be TOO wedding-y, and those ivory structured flowergirl dresses wouldn’t have fitted the style of our day. But they weren’t exactly UNtraditional either. It is really hard to find nice flowergirl stuff that’s a bit different though – and I found that if you have an age range of a few years it can be difficult to get dresses that come in all sizes. We had to buy larger sizes and alter them for the littlest ones. I did consider having 2 different styles, but in the end thought it would be nicer to keep them all the same. Interested to hear what others did/are planning to do!

    PS I WANT THAT BALLOON!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Like Debbie I suppose I had always thought of flower girls
    in a traditional ivory/cream, but this has really got me thinking about alternatives now…great article! I’m not having page boys (only because there are no little boys in the family!) but I wish I was was as now imagining them in little waistcoats or something really fashionable.

    I guess this is another area where it’s important to remember ‘your wedding, your way’!

  5. Two things (actually three) – There are literally NO small child female children in my family and friends group so I’m gutted about the lack of flower girls. Im so jealous of the pretty dresses and flower wands and hair garlands.

    However, I cannot WAIT to see my tiny nephew strut his stuff up the aisle, he’ll be 20 months by then and fully stealing the show in whatever epic outfit we choose for him (it will involve baby brogues and tweed)

    Finally, and totally unrelated but spurred on by catching sight of another amazing balloon shot. At some point are we going to acknoweldge the full on wedding-world drama that there is a global shortage of helium?

    It’s dominating my life at the moment.


  6. I’d love to have pretty florals and fabulous fabrics, but my 3 flowergirls are wearing the cheapest dresses I could find. I want them to be able to run about, get mucky, tip party food down themselves if needs be without anyone worrying about their dresses.

    I’m a childrenswear designer, and have to be constantly aware of everything on the market, so I knew where to go to for pretty, good quality but BARGAIN ivory dresses (Tesco, in case you were wondering 😉 ). I bought some contrasting sashes in the Monsoon sale to tie in with the bridesmaids dress colour. Job done 🙂

  7. Sounds like that could have been The Talbot Inn which is where I got married last November 🙂

    Beautiful photos! LOVE the balloon!!!

  8. Morning folks!

    Love a bit of early discussion 🙂

    Great that so many of you didn’t feel you had to go the traditional route with flower girl fashions, it seems Monsoon is a bit of a favourite – I do admire the cute kids clothes they have in their window displays.

    @Melissa – Do let us know what you decide on!

    @Karen – baby brogues and TWEED? add some braces and you will have my boy child dream right there.

    @Phillipa – Tesco is awesome for children’s wear, I have purchased a few items for my friends from there. Besides they grow out of stuff so quickly and as you say – you don’t want to worry about it getting trashed in the sand pit (!)

    @Clare B – I think it was The Talbot?! on the high street literally a minute walk from Miss Bush?

    Charlotte xxx

  9. I have one lovely flower girl, my gorgeous niece/goddaughter 😀
    I will definitely be going down the non-ivory route, I kind of didn’t realise until recently that an ivory type dress was the traditional way! (hadn’t been to many weddings with flowergirls before this year)
    I think I’ll probably be looking for more of a sparkly party dress, can’t wait to go shopping for it! 🙂

    @Karen, loving the baby brogues & tweed!! 🙂

  10. I love this post, the flowers are just stunning – although I might be a little biased as Sophie is also doing our wedding flowers! She has some fantastic ideas and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for us 🙂

  11. Beautiful pictures – I love the colours of the flowers in particular, and that bouquet is gorgeous!

    I accidentally crashed someone’s reception the other week when I went to look at a venue (oops!). We’d stopped off at a hotel to get their wedding brochure as the website didn’t have much info and we don’t live in the town where we’re planning to get married, and ended up getting a look in the room set up for the reception whilst the guests were having drinks on the terrace outside. Whilst we were looking out at the terrace it started raining and all the guests were coming in to drink at the bar indoors, so we had to make a hasty getaway!

    No flower girls or page boys for me, but I am having a ring bearer (my eldest nephew, who’ll be seven when we get married).

  12. @Charlottte – yep, that’s the one. It’s an old coaching inn with a really gorgeous courtyard. Lovely place – and has just been bought by Marco Pierre White too 🙂

  13. We had our toddler daughter and niece as our flower girls, I found some fab grey leggings with an Asian floral design on then from a Australian designer Vixen and my mum made tutus with tons of sequins floating about in the layers! Love Lillian and Leonard …. They did a fantastic job of capturing our wedding!!

  14. @Miss Fox – oooh lucky you!

    @Laura – We were not as socially adept as you and hung around 😉

    @Clare B – Oh lovely! the food was great actually – I love Marco Pierre White’s in Bham.

    @Melanie – Sequins you say? Immense.

    Charlotte xxx

  15. Woo! I’m getting married in 2 weeks and this is my venue and florist…nice to see it on my favorite wedding blog so close to the big day! xxx

  16. This is my florist too 🙂 so excited!

    I have a page boy who is going to be 21 months when we get married, and one of my bridesmaids is currently “growing” another small person who will be 5 months at the time. Is it wrong to pray for a wee girl so I can have one of each?! 5 months may be too small for doing much, except looking cute x

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