Flutter Appeal……Part 1

There is something decidedly unique about Joanna Brown’s photography style, she somehow manages to capture so many emotions and moments in just one frame. To the point where I look back time and time again and realise I have missed something. And for a girl who seeks out the images that feature the beautiful bride or the delicious details I can’t help but be drawn to Joanna’s shots of the guests and general frivolity.

Jenny and Justin were married At St Mary’s church in Worplesdon with a reception at Clandon Park in Guilford, I am yet again uber impressed with the shoe candy this week – this pair are seriously cool.

Paul Smith Peep Toes

I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous pair of Paul by Paul Smith shoes that were almond, gold and black sling backs with red trimmed insoles. I love my shoes and wanted to go for a pair that I would definitely wear again.

Extending The Flutter Appeal

Before the wedding I had a makeover at Mac to get some ideas but on the day I applied my own make up. A couple of days before the wedding I had some lash extensions put in, that way I didn’t need to worry about my mascara running if I cried and they made my eyes look much fuller. The extensions lasted all through my honeymoon too which was an extra bonus!

I’m very lucky to have a sister that is a hairdresser so she made mine and my bridesmaid’s hair look fabulous. I didn’t want to have my hair up as I think it suits me better down so I decided to have two plaits down the sides and then have the rest of my hair wavy and the bridesmaids had their hair in a side bun.

Unique Chic

Our wedding car was a 1950’s Austin Healy. It was a 2 seater convertible so my dad drove us to the church and then Justin drove to the reception, we thought rather than pay someone to drive us around, why not hire an amazing car and drive it ourselves! We hired the car from Vanilla classics based in Barnham.

My auntie made us some beautiful willow hearts with our initials on which we put on the tables and had them hanging from the pew ends in the church; this helped to give a personal touch to the wedding.

A Sweeping Statement

I brought my dress from the bridal centre in Farnborough, the designer was Maggie Sottero. It was the exact style I was looking for with the material coming round to the side and then sweeping down to the floor.

I didn’t get that ‘wow this is the one’ feeling that I thought I would get when I put it on but I had looked around so many shops that I knew I wanted it because it was the only dress that I had really liked!

On the day though I was so glad I chose it because I did love it!

A Real Bride

When I first started wedding dress shopping I was adamant that I didn’t want to wear a veil until one of the assistants in the shop suggested I just tried a veil to see what it looked like. When I put it on it just completed the look and made me feel like a real bride!! I kept my hair simple with just a small clip from Westwood rocks to give it that little something as I didn’t want to wear a tiara.

I kept my jewellery to a minimum wearing only my engagement and wedding ring.

Teal And Grey

The bridesmaids were wearing gorgeous one shoulder teal dresses from Monsoon. The groomsmen were in dark grey suits with a light grey waistcoat hired from Moss Bros, we decided not go for tails as we wanted a more relaxed day and Justin felt more comfortable in a normal suit. We searched for such a long time for teal ties but it was so difficult to find any that we decided to get purple ties to match the flowers that were purchased from M&S.

Car Hire – Vanilla Classics

Brides Gown – Maggie Sottero at The Bridal Centre

Hair Accessory – Westwood Rocks

Maids Dresses – Monsoon

Brides Shoes – Paul Smith

Groomsmen Attire – Moss Bros

Photography – Joanna Brown

Venue – Clandon Park

Can we talk about Jenny’s lashes please?

I love the look of individual falsies and I’ve heard (on many occasion) that they are a safer bet than strips for W-day – less chance of one falling off and landing on your cheek caterpillar style.

A friend of mine had hers done pre W-day and they looked A.mazing. It was very much a case of “is she/isn’t she”, like Jenny’s they stayed on all Honeymoon, no streaky mascara for her!

I was wondering if anyone had had them applied/if you are considering it and if so have you heard it takes 3 hours ? (!) I wasn’t sure if this was a rumour or fact….

Big Fluttery Love

Charlotte xxx

22 thoughts on “Flutter Appeal……Part 1

  1. I think individual lashes are effective, but applied as lash extensions as Jenny did means you get the added bonus of longevity. I considered getting them on my w day but my hairdresser had a horrible experience with them (pulled all her actual lashes out -eek) and they ended up being too expensive for me anyway! I think her experience was a one off (she didn’t look after them very well) and other people I know who have them swear by them… They’re addictive though!

    Pretty, pretty wedding. I love a cute smiley bride! And the car is bad ass!


  2. I’ve had my lashes done quite a few times, mostly for special occasions but sometimes just “because I’m worth it” 🙂 They are great, take about 1-1.5 hours for a full set to be put on and 30-45 mins for ‘flicks’ (just the outside half). I’ll definitely be having them for my W-day for all the reasons Jenny lists. Mine usually last 4-5 weeks so although they are expensive, you do get your money’s worth. Best of all, they make you look like human when in reality you’ve just dragged yourself out of bed and are still mostly asleep. Bonus in my book!

  3. You could go for lash extensions which don’t last quite as long. I had mine done for my engagement party the other week and they lasted 7 days, these took 20 minutes to apply, look just as effective as the longer lasting ones, and only cost me £16 for the full set. Probably worth looking into for brides who just want the look for their big day, without the hefty price tag or needing to spend hours in a salon!

  4. Loving the gorgeous couple shots! And it looked a gorgeous day! LOVE the shoes too!

    On the lash front, I have been also thinking about it for wedding day but hadn’t any ideas on cost or which were the best to go for. Someone I work with has had hers done but not a full set and they still look good and last a fair few weeks! I will have to shop around to see where they do them nearby x

  5. I have had the individual lashes done. They are amazing. It does take a couple of hours but I found it quite relaxing. The best bit is not having to wear mascara. For me this is great as I think I will be doing slot of bubbling on my big day. Second benifit for me is not looking like an albino on my honeymoon ! Defo get it done x x

  6. I had mine done as a trial for W-day for my Hen night which was 3 weeks ago now and although some are now falling out, they still look fab! I’m getting them filled in or renewed (depending how they are) the day before the wedding! Mine are ‘Hollywood’ Lashes and it took 1 hour to get a full top set applied (very relaxing, I fell asleep!!) and it cost me £55 (usually £75) at City Beach in Glasgow, bargain for the amount I have saved in make-up and time – haven’t worn any eye make up since as I just don’t need it with these babies on!! LOVE THEM! I can see how they might be addictive.

    Loving those Monsoon dresses again! Such a gorgeous colour!

  7. Loving the relaxed feel of this wedding-that car is amazing!

    Never had individual lashes but have heard very good things about them and would definitely consider wearing them. If anyone can recommend anywhere good in the Cheshire area to get them done let me know!


  8. Wow… loving all the info on the lashes ladies, keep it coming!

    I too have been thinking seriously about them for W-day… but with 10 months to go I think i’ll definately trial them first.

    We plan to have an engagement shoot end October/ start November so it could be a good idea to have them as a trial then!!

    Beautiful Wedding… loving the car, make-up (clever lady!!) and those super sweet pew ends!

  9. The lashes are amazing. I’m lucky enough to have a very talented friend who applies them for a living. It took around an hour to get them done, and even though I’m really squeamish with eyes and I thought I was going to hate it, I didn’t at all. I would however definitely recommend that anyone thinking about it to go for a trial, as some people don’t like them when they’re on. I had a few moments where they drove me crazy, and they do feel a bit weird at first, but on the whole I absolutely loved them, and am definitely getting them for my wedding next month (eeeeek!).

    Most people didn’t notice I had super long lashes, but I got lots of compliments on my eyes, and a few people saying ‘Ok, so whats the deal with your eyelashes?! Are they real?!?!?!’ which is exactly the response I was going for. Pretty pretty!! I definitely recommend. And they lasted 3 weeks – so will do me right through my honeymoon.

    And for anyone in the Edinburgh area, Brown Sugar (my friend Amanda) is just amazing. I had an optician appointment the following week and even when looking down the 40x microscope at my eyes he said he couldn’t see where they were applied and was in total awe of her.

    Penny is right though, be careful because they are really addictive!!!


  10. I’ve had them done before and would definitely recommend them!! They looked stunning! Mine cost £60 for a full set, it sounds expensive but they lasted a good 2months! The only down sides are that you really do have to be careful with them. You can’t rub your eyes or use oil based make-up remover as this breaks down the glue.
    That being said I am having them done for my wedding as they do add the wow factor. I won’t have to worry about mascara and they will last through my honeymoon.

  11. Hmmmm lashes, I am constantly in pursuit of the perfect set of lashes. Long and luscious, quite the opposite of my natural stubby ones. I have had a disaster with a strip of falsies before so I would never touch them again. They were basically hanging off my face for a very long time – and NO ONE TOLD ME!!! Grrrrr.

    However I am a blubber. At EVERYTHING. I even cried at Mean Girls – how is that sad??? And after last week’s Notebook inspired eshoot I rewatched the film and was hyperventilating much to everyone in the room’s panic. So mascara on my wedding day is a big NO NO. Not unless it is 100% waterproof and I have tried and tested it for streakiness and clumpiness. But then you are left with make up that takes FOREVER to remove; sometimes I genuinely contemplate paint stripper! …Not actually before people start panicking – I don’t want my face to fall off!…

    So for the big day i think I definitely would consider individual lashes. I mean if one falls off it is going to look natural, not like there is a centipede running across my face (which, in reference to the aforementioned disaster, I suffered for A WHOLE HOUR!!!!!!! Oh how I love being the joke for the evening…) But i shall definitely be doing a trial or 2 before it just to be sure!

    Oh and I just so want to be zooming about in that car today! It is so gloriously sunny!

    The brides hair makes me insanely happy – I love a plait or two! Really lovely and relaxed wedding! Teal and purple is a gorgeous colour scheme.


  12. Hee hee Jules – i too look like an albino without mascara! Recently have been wearing false lashes (but just the strip ones) and love the effect but i’m a bit rubbish at putting them on myself. I definitely want to try the lash extensions for W-day!

    This is such a pretty wedding, love the shoes and the vintage car!

    Rachie xo

  13. Love the shoes and the maids dresses and the VERY minimal make up!
    Re the lashes I am a huge fan of falsies…I get Nouveau lashes applied they take about an hour and a half and look FAB – just had in fills and they are lasting well – although the lying down for an hour + is a tad uncomfortable in my opinion (think its the therapists bed as its very flat!) but worth it! xoxo

  14. I have trialled them for my wedding also and I am OBSESSED!!!! They are great!!! Really makes a difference for all those photographs!!!

    Leckie x

  15. Lovely wedding post and gorgeous lashes!
    I get married on saturday and am having individual lashes applied on wednesday, I love them and cant wait! My trial took 2.5 hours well worth it (Depends on each person and how many lashes they have apparently?) x

  16. Just a word of warning!! I had lash extensions applied for my wedding last September and loved them so much that I decided to keep going with them and got them infilled every 3 weeks. However, after 4 months I noticed that when the lashes fell out (as they do), they were actually taking my own lash with them and leaving a gap, meaning there wasn’t anything to apply the new lash extensions too. I ended up with 1 millimetre stumps – very harrowing!! I had to become an expert at applying strip lashes as I looked so damned weird!

    I do think it was where I had them applied and the technician who did them though so my advice would be to go somewhere recommended by someone else. It took a good 2 months to get my lashes back to somewhat normality………

  17. im having the individual fake eyelashes, they are a expensive but so worth the pennies as they do last a few weeks and look absolutley FAB! i’v had them before and it only took about 2 hours to do both eyes so not too long but i guess it depends how experienced your technician is to how quickly they do it. i would definately recommend!

  18. I trialled lash extension, but I didn’t get on with them at all! I couldn’t rub my eyes if water got in them in the shower, and they only lasted a week (well, after a week one or two were sticking out at odd angles so then I got so infuriated I got some oil-based remover and took them all out!).

    Plus, I had them at a party and when I look back at the photos I don’t look like me! I can see my eyelashes in the pics and I know they’re just too long.

    Muchos waterproof mascara on the day for me, plus I made use a few of the eyelure individual clumps on the day – will ask them to be put in at my make up trial and see what I think.

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