Flutter Appeal…..Part 2

You know how I mentioned the guest images yesterday? Well. There are some really special ones in part 2.

I am also more than a little bit in love with the favour and name place ideas. Oh and that whole late afternoon/early evening sunshine that makes everything look so dreamy….

Enjoy Lovelies.

Zesty Florals

I got my flowers from Gill Pike. She is a superb florist and I felt that she really understood what I wanted even though I was quite vague as I don’t know much about flowers! I wanted the bouquets and the table arrangements to look more handpicked and slightly messy rather than a neat round posey and Gill had the interesting idea of lining glass vases with limes and then putting the flowers in the middle. I loved this idea as it was different to anything else I had seen and they looked stunning. As you can’t really get teal coloured flowers I decided to go for purple as there is much more variety to choose from and it went well with the teal.

The flowers we had were avalanche roses, purple anemone, veronica and eucalyptus. My bouquet was wrapped up in the spare material from my dress as I had to have it taken up.

Completely Natural

Our photographer was the amazing Joanna Brown who I cannot praise enough! Looking through the photos on her website was enough for us to know that she is a fantastic photographer and exactly the person we wanted. We loved her unique style, she captures brilliant natural shots as well as many quirky others (like peoples feet!) and the different shades of lighting she uses are just stunning! Not only that but she is a fab person and so easy to be around.

In the evening we all had so much fun in her photo booth dressing up in silly outfits and the pictures were hilarious!

Easter Treats

As our wedding was a couple of weeks before Easter we had Cadburys crème eggs as our favours-everyone loves a crème egg!! And I found some cute little nests to put them in.

We Heart This Cake Topper

Our favourite flavoured cake is lemon sponge so there was no other choice for us on our wedding day. We decided to go for something a bit different with a topsy turvy style cake that was made by a friends mum, and it tasted delicious!

D.I.Y Decor

Our place names were scrabble letters as we love a good game of scrabble on our iPods and we thought it would be something a bit different, our guests had a lot of fun re-arranging the letters to make various different words!

We made our own stationary from the invitations to the order of service on the computer; this meant that we could put our own wording on them and make them more personal.

For Lovers

We are big fans of music and love going to watch bands live so instead of having a DJ we hired a fantastic band called the Hype. They played a range of music and the dance floor was never empty with everyone commenting on how good they were.

Our first dance was ‘For Lovers’ by Wolfman featuring Pete Doherty. It is a beautiful song and one that we have always listened to together since the beginning of our relationship so it meant a lot to us both.

The Perfect Day

Everything about my wedding day felt perfect to me, the day went smoothly and the weather was gorgeous and sunny, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I would advise any bride to always be open to change. There may be things that you always thought you wouldn’t want at your wedding but when you begin planning it and exploring different ideas you may find that your views will change about a lot of things.

But most of all enjoy yourself, it only happens once and it goes by so quickly you have to try and savour every second.

Florist – Gill Pike

Live Band – The Hype

Photography – Joanna Brown

So then.

Now let’s talk capturing moments. Are gorgeous images of your guests, speeches and dancing just as important as the decor and details?

They were to me. If not more so.

And I think Jenny and Justin had just the right balance of both.

Big It’s Capturing the WHOLE day that’s important Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

18 thoughts on “Flutter Appeal…..Part 2

  1. I love the lying down on the grass shots. And the one of the guests looking at their feet. I think it captures the day.

    LOVE the scrabble tiles, where are they from please?

  2. There are so many things I love about this wedding-the couple shots (they are so dreamy!), the scrabble tiles (love them!), the blooms, the limes, the cake topper, that couple sign (where can I get one of those from please?!), and, of course, the creme eggs!

    Gorgeous wedding-this has brightened up my day no end xx

  3. Those flowers are stunning!!! The lime slices were such a good idea.

    Also, I love the picture with the little girl trying to pull the bridesmaid’s dress – so cute!

    Beautiful wedding – congratulations! xxx

  4. i love these photos, the light, the colours, everything!

    and is it just me or do this couple have some super-cool and super-stylish friends?!

    mrs r.now x x x

  5. That guy with the mahoosive mohican is just plain awesome!

    I see what you mean about the guest shots Charlotte, I shall make sure to ask my tog to get some also.

    I’m with Rebecca also, the lying in the grass shots are sooo cute!


  6. Totes adore the lying down in the grass shots, and the one of Jenny and her maids with no shoes on. What a beautiful set of photos, from a beautiful wedding!

  7. I agree the guest shots are amazing and its lovely to see them all having a great time!
    And er…cream egg!? I would have been running round stealing as many as I could find for a giant “how do you eat yours?” fest by myself!

    Lovely day, it also looks really relaxed and chilled out which is sooo nice! Love the purple anemones and the limes in the vases! xx

  8. Wow this is beautiful! I’m also with Rebecca – i’m a board game fiend and NEED some scrabble tiles for place names! Where to get so many?!

    Looks like a super fun day, congrats Jenny and Justin – that last shot is just fantastic x x

  9. Jo is awesome! This wedding is so beautiful and you can’t beat some sunset kisses really can you? PS. I’m with Mahj, the mohican boy is too cool, every wedding should have one x

  10. You can buy bags of Scrabble tiles from Ebay for about £4 for 100 (just don’t invite people with super long names!!) and you could probably buy the stands on there too. Some of these photos I thought were absolutely beautiful – like everyone else I loved the laying in the grass shots and the couple shots with the Sun starting to set behind them. I’m not so sure about the picture of the backs of the legs of the two ladies in coral (to me it looked like a photo that had been taken by accident – am I just really non-arty?) but the wedding itself looked beautiful, and I love the flowers!

  11. Man I would seriously love to be munching on a creme egg (or errr 3) right now!!!!

    I love photos of guests and random little details, I think you can really get a feel for the atmosphere of the wedding.

    And this wedding just appears to have been so much fun! Beautiful and relaxed!



  12. Its the bride here!!

    Thank you for all your comments its so nice to hear people say such lovely things about your wedding especially when you put so much effort into trying to make it the best day ever!!!

    Just thought i would let you all know I got all of the scrabble bits (Tiles and racks) from ebay. It took a long time to collect all of the bits but it was worth it in the end. I brought them all from different sellers all of the time and I found every single one to be reliable.

    I brought the couple sign from ‘not on the high street’, I love that website!

    Happy wedding planning ladies 🙂

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