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I’m having a bit of a moment with paper recently. Being a personal obsession of mine, I do love finding a new stationer that makes unique and pretty wedding invitations. Paperbird does exactly that, and I’m really excited to be introducing you to their gorgeous origami stationery – something I think guests would love to receive and that is perfect for setting the tone for a contemporary wedding…

How pretty? I love

Of course, Paperbird don’t just create Origami invitations but there is something really special about the lightness of these designs and the clear effort that goes into origami, that just makes them stand out massively amongst the sea of often uninspiring invitations available.

And it’s not just invitations that Paperbird offer – the range extends to place cards, menus and everything you could need to set the tone for a beautiful day. I’m thinking they would look stunning in an all-white scheme punctuated with super bright accents… soft and modern all at once.

Eve, the creative genius behind Paperbird, told me a little bit more about her designs…

We make each origami invitation by hand in the UK. Each design is created from a crisp cotton organza and hand folded, we then stitch a ribbon to each and add a personalised tag. We can create some bespoke ideas as well which have ranged from microphones to boats!!

We actually also have a very broad range of clients with many from abroad – Australia, France, Italy and America. Our laser cut wish tree has proved very popular since we launched it and is available in wood, card and acrylic starting from £100 for just the tree.

We love wish tree’s here at Rock My Wedding – they’re such a great way of getting your loved ones to leave a message and we think this one is particularly pretty.

Paperbird are currently in the running for an award at the County Brides Awards and if you love them as much as we do, you can cast a vote for them (or your preferred wedding supplier – there are lots of categories!) before June the 7th.

Have you found something unique for your invitations? Do tell, we always love to hear about new paper pretty!

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P.S. Paperbird don’t just do origami – they actually make stunning laser cut invitations too, so do head on over to the site and have a look round at all their bespoke creations!

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

9 thoughts on “Folded Paper Pretty

  1. My Boy makes me an origami animal in each of my birthday, valentines, Christmas, ‘because’ cards (in 10 years I’ve enough for a ruddy zoo). We’re personalising our ‘information’ cards using origami and a tutorial I found on eatdrinkchic which you’ve featured on here before. There is an ancient Chinese (I think) tradition that the bride and groom should make 1000 origami cranes before the wedding to teach them perseverence and working together. We won’t be making 1000 but it will probably feel like we are….

  2. We have just sent out origami heart invitations! We made them ourselves though 🙂 Took a long time to do and hurt our fingers a lot but well worth it, the end result was gorgeous. Definitely taught us something about perseverance. xx

  3. So pretty! I’ve made 40 of the origami hearts for our menus, they look so cute and really aren’t that tricky. I used the tutorial from eatdrink chic too

  4. Kate, quick question. How did you arrange the typeface so it wasn’t seen from the front of the invite?

    They are amazing and these are perfect for brides with not much time on their hands (e.g. me).

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