Foliage Wedding Décor for an Outdoor Wedding at Micklefield Hall with Bench Guest Book and Bride in Enzoani, Shot by Poppy Carter Portraits Pin Image

Foliage Wedding Décor for an Outdoor Wedding at Micklefield Hall with Bench Guest Book

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’d muddled up our dates when we tell you that this outdoor ceremony took place in October, but we speak the truth (the whole truth, and nothing but the truth): this foliage wedding, blessed with the most incredible light, was held outside in the autumn. Every detail of the day is exceptionally stylish, with a stunning couple, gorgeous Dessy bridesmaids dresses, fantastic foliage and florals – and that poolside ceremony setting. The involvement of friends and family helped to make the day even more special and personal, with the bride’s mum designing a lot of the decorative details and her aunt rustling up homemade rhubarb gin favours for 135 people. Mmm!



“We dreamt of and hoped for an outdoors wedding however, being October, this wasn’t looking very likely and, in the run up to the day, the weather looked bad and it poured with rain hours before the ceremony. But, by the time the ceremony came around, the sky was filled with beautiful sunshine and it was even hot! We were able to have our dream wedding outside by the water – and no-one got stuck in the grass! The day also had a lot of personal involvement from those who are close to us, including a close family friend who is a registrar and conducted our ceremony.” – Poppy & Ben

Foliage Wedding

The colour scheme and styling behind Poppy & Ben’s beautiful wedding stems from the eucalyptus plant, allowing them to combine their favourite colours – blues and greens – with fabulous foliage décor that is used across so many touchpoints, from the bridal party bouquets and bride’s hairpiece, to the ceremony arch, table centres and wedding signage. Even the pool around which their ceremony is staged seems to have taken on a eucalyptus-green/blue hue. It works wonderfully as the iconography to tie everything together without anything feeling too staged or thematic. Stunning.



“The inspiration behind the styling was minimalist chic as the venue really speaks for itself and we wanted the day to be classic rather than focused on a season or theme. The styling was done by Poppy and her mum, who is an artist; she actually painted the table plan for us! A lot of inspiration came from Pinterest and Rock My Wedding, and the vibe of the day ended up being chilled, fun and ridiculously happy with a lot of love and warmth.” – Poppy & Ben

Getting your guests to sign a guest book is a tradition that many couples still like to keep. After all, what is better than a few (rhubarb-gin fuelled) endearments from your nearest and dearest to look back on long after your wedding day is done and dusted? The guest book, however, does not need to be a ‘book’ in the traditional sense of the word. Many couples today encourage their guests to leave them a message in innovative and interactive ways; Poppy & Ben’s bench guest book is a case in point! For ideas and inspiration about how to capture your own guests’ names and well wishes, have a read of our post, ‘Alternative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding Day‘. What catches your eye?

Photography by Poppy Carter Portraits
Author: Victoria Honan
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