For The Love Of Pretty.

The wedding of RMW reader Emily and Nick is one of the loveliest I have ever seen. Small, intimate, unquestionably stylish yet at the same time both simple and informal.

Everything about the brides look is perfection, the gown, the hair, the earrings …. I put in an extra large image just so you gorgeous lot could see them in all of their delicate glory.

And as for the photography well….I don’t know how on earth Emily and Nick ever chose what to put in their album, I was in raptures over the shots of the ruddy velcro rollers and the bus driver before I even got to the delicious details and all important portraits.

There is blue hydrangea. There is a table plan idea that is immense. There is laughter and sunshine and guests having the time of their lives. There is a whole LOT of pretty people, all courtesy of Lee Robbins.

Elegant Beauty

After a bit of googling I found a very talented hair and make-up artist called Vikki Lawson. I quite wanted to have some simple white flowers in my hair and also wanted to show off the lace detail of the dress so knew that it would have to be up. During the trial we played around with a few styles and agreed on a simple chignon that was decorated with flowers down one side. I liked the relative simplicity of my hair and felt it complimented rather than detracted from the detail of the dress. I felt it looked relaxed as it wasn’t too fussy and was a classic style too which I was really pleased with.

Make-up wise my main request was for slightly smokey eyes which I really like – Vikki worked out the rest and it worked. I felt the make-up just really brought out my features rather than significantly altered my appearance which was ideal.

Era Accessories

I’m terrible at walking in very high heels and comfort was paramount. The length and style of my dress also meant that the shoes weren’t on show so I didn’t really splash out on shoes. I found a very sweet pair of gold sandals from Monsoon with a small wedge heel. They had a slight 1920s feel to them which I liked as my engagement ring is from that era. They were ever so easy to walk in which was key.

Amazing Grace

My dress was called Grace Kelly by David Fielden (from the flagship store in South Kensington). I didn’t have a particular dress in mind when I started searching but as the hunt developed I realised I was attracted to lace and v-necks rather than strapless dresses. Finding a dress with both elements proved to be quite difficult and Grace Kelly was the first and only one I found that fit the bill. I absolutely loved the top half the dress – I felt so elegant in it and also more comfortable than in strapless dresses.

I felt slightly daunted by the size of the tulle skirt which was bigger than others I’d tried on but the lace top won me over and I decided to go with it. By the time of the final fitting I was still a little unsure about the skirt but on the day it just worked and was so much fun to run around the garden in! I was very lightweight and felt like I was floating in it.

Sticking With What You Know

I have lots of jewellry, particularly necklaces, which feature bluebirds and swallows so it seemed only fitting to incorporate birds into my wedding outfit. I didn’t want to detract from the beautiful lace neck-line of the dress so I opted for earrings. I eventually found a perfect pair on Etsy that had been handmade by a lady called Karen from America. They were freshwater coin drop pearls with brass bird charms – very pretty and delicate. I really loved them and was pleased to have stuck with my favourite bird motif.

The Perfect Couple

I had one bridesmaid (Laura) and Nick just had a best man (Hanno) – they are our best friends and a wonderful couple. We wanted them both to be very comfortable with what they were wearing and were not set on everyone matching perfectly. As the wedding was relatively small and very low-key there was no question of hiring tails etc. The best man had free reign to wear whatever he wanted and he opted to wear a really nice navy suit he already owned with a maroon tie. I only requested that Laura’s dress was blue (which was emerging as the main colour of the wedding) and she wanted to be able to twirl in it! We went shopping together and found a lovely dress from Coast that fit the bill and was so flattering – we then ordered a white sash to top it off – she looked lovely. They made a very handsome couple!

Small But Perfectly Formed

Nick and I got married at Southwark Register Office in September 2011 (with 50 guests). The reception took place in a marquee in Nick’s mum’s beautiful garden in Purley, Surrey (a further 15 guests arrived for the evening).

A Clear Vision Of Blue

I had quite a clear vision for the flowers early on – I wanted them to look liked they’d just been picked from a meadow or garden, and arranged with that ‘thrown together’ together look. We had them in lots of jam-jars on the tables for the centre-pieces and not overly constructed bouquets for me and my bridesmaid. After getting a really wide range of quotes – most of which were completely out of our price range – I finally found a lovely guy called Tim who owned a florist shop in Clapham (called Birksen). He immediately understood what I was after and we discussed lots of different flowers that would work.

I was particularly keen for blue hydrangeas to be incorporated as they’re a favourite of mine – on the day when I saw them on the tables for the first time I was absolutely blown away by the rich colour and size of them – I’d never seen any like that before! Mine and my bridesmaid’s bouquets were just beautiful and the buttonholes were simple white roses with a extra dash of colour on Nick’s. The flowers in the marquee looked wonderful and were so much better than we’d ever imagined – they worked so well with all the jars and other bits and bobs we’d collected – we were just so pleased with them.

Found Via RMW

Our photographer was Lee Robbins who we found on Rock My Wedding actually – we both liked the style of his photos and so we got in touch. We met up in Brighton and hit it off immediately. He put us both at ease and felt he completely understood what we were after – we were confident that it was going to work well and that we’d get some great photos. But on the day we were both absolutely blown away. Lee is not just an amazing photographer – but a wonderful person to have around you on the day. So calm and good humoured – he put everyone around him at ease.

So many guests commented on how great he was but equally how they didn’t really notice he was there! He effortlessly disappeared into a crowd to capture super photos of unsuspecting guests but then instantly appeared whenever needed. We originally decided against getting a photo album made as a money saving measure but I’m so glad we changed our minds! The album is just amazing – it really captures the feel of the day and strikes the perfect balance between quite arty and very relaxed shots. There are so many highlights – choosing Lee to be our photographer was the best decision we made during the whole planning process I think!

Sharp, Crisp and VERY Handsome

Nick brought a very smart and well cut Richard James suit – it was a lovely shade of bluewhich looked very fresh and summery. It fit ever so well and was topped off by a crisp white shirt and flowery blue tie from Autograph. His outfit was not fussy by any means – he looked sharp and very handsome. Seeing him when I first entered the Register Office was a very intense moment. He looked so serious and it was clear that he was just so aware of the magnitude of what we were about to do. We held hands immediately and for the duration of the ceremony as we were both so nervous – but in a good way!

Cake Keeps You Calm

We decided to go for a cupcake tower and a friend recommended a lovely company called Crumbs and Doilies. They were ever so patient, accommodating and very talented. We ordered some mini cupcakes for the journey on the old Routemaster bus (from the ceremony to reception) which were sweetly decorated in gold. And for the reception cupcake tower I just explained the feel we were going for and left the designing to them – they got it spot on with a mixture of cupcakes in white, pinks and different shades of blue -decorated with sprinkles and flowers etc. The tower looked really impressive and the cakes were a real hit with the guests.

Honey Love

Nick and I had long been aware of the dramatic decline of the honeybee and had donated to the Co-Op’s campaign to help save the bees. Our friends had rightly found this interest a little odd and amusing so we decided to feature it in the wedding somehow. Our favours were small brown envelopes full of seeds for flowers that attract bees – I used a rubber stamp with a bee design to decorate the envelopes and they looked quite sweet. They went down very well!

The marquee itself was decorated entirely white (apart from the tables) – we decorated it with a small amount of plain white bunting and lots of white paper lanterns. The tables were covered with jam-jars filled with flowers (including the stunning hydrangeas) and tea-lights and small pretty vases and other items (a large amount of which were blue) that we’d been collecting all year. It looked so pretty and exactly as we’d envisaged – quite quirky with lots of attention to detail.

The table numbers for example, were luggage tags tied round the neck of large cobalt blue vases – these were decorated with the jam-jar rubber stamp I’d used to make our invitations and table plan. Designing and decorating the garden and marquee was one of my favourite parts of planning the wedding – we were so thrilled to see the finished article on the day – it just all came together.

The Perfect Playlist

We kept the entertainment very simple with a dancefloor in the marquee and an i-pod (and no DJ). We spent a long time devising a play list full of songs that we knew our friends and family would like. And Nick’s cousins very generously supplied the equipment, such as the speakers, as wedding gift from them. It was really good fun as the night progressed our guests high-jacked the i-pod and became the DJs.

We decided against a first dance because Nick isn’t a confident dancer and would have hated that sort of attention – so the dancing just started without a formal opening dance by us. However, very bizarrely and unexpectedly much later in the evening when ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ came on there was a spontaneous stampede towards the dance floor. Nearly all our guests were enthusiastically dancing and Nick and I were thrown together by the Best Man. We took centre stage with a very over the top dance full of swirls and power ballad moves. I had never really liked the song that much but for some reason it became our first dance – it was such a surreal moment and it is now very much ‘our song’.

Stick To Your Guns

The day itself went just as we’d planned so we were very lucky on that front. I don’t think we’d really anticipated the overwhelming sense of good will from all our guests – it was amazing to have everyone we cared about in one place and on top form.

We just made sure that we stuck to our guns and had the small and informal we both wanted. We invited only people we really wanted there and the main aim of the day was for all our guests to have fun and think we achieved that!

Ceremony Venue – Southwark Registry Office

Brides Dress – David Fielden “Grace Kelly”

Brides Earrings – K Garner Designs

Bridesmaid Dress – Coast

Grooms Suit – Richard James

Blooms – Birksen

Cake – Crumbs and Doilies

Photography – Lee Robbins Photographic

Did you get a bit teary after seeing the way Nick looked at Emily in that black and white portrait? I did.

And who is going straight over to Etsy to get some of those cute birdy earrings? (I have already been and there is plenty of gorgeous jewellery to pick from) I swear, this job causes me serious plastic damage.

Big Making Your January BLUE But Not Actually Blue Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

27 thoughts on “For The Love Of Pretty.

  1. What a beautiful wedding- simple but with so many fabulous details! Emily can I ask a question!? I love the hanging lanterns- how have you hung these as they look like they are floating and can’t see any wires!? Also how have u lit them in the evening?! I’m looking at this but just trying to work out the best options!? Any tips would be great!! Thanks!
    Wishing you both lots of happiness in married life x

  2. Table plan a go-go. Flipping bob on!

    Loving that lovely lady guest’s top knot / ballerina bun. And her peek-a-boo back dress…

    Bride is incredible. My fringe MUST look this good on our wedding day. Did she have a comb popped down her dress?


  3. oooh I love that hair! must know where the flower clips were from as they are simple but so pretty!

    Also…who did that table plan?! 🙂 Lucy x

  4. Serious respect on the honey bee front! What a wonderful idea – now all the guests can have bee-friendly gardens =D

  5. I love love this wedding, gorgeous bride, simple and elegant details. I have serious hair envy mine!

    Oh and the black and white pictures are stunning so much emotion. xx

  6. My fav ever RMW wedding so far, intimate and beautiful…. We will be saving this post for plenty of inspiration! Love the grace Kelly dress just stunning x

  7. Morning early risers, I knew this was going to be a popular one…

    @Jem – We’ll see if we can get Emily to advise, they do look so beautiful!

    @Pamela – I know! and a make-up bag?! flawless ALL DAY.

    @Lucy – I love them too, I’l upload a full picture on FB a bit later which shows the detail.

    @Jules – I thought of you as soon as these images landed in my inbox 😉

    @Christina – I know I loved it, especially the brown paper with actual bee print.

    @Maddi – I would have them blown up BIG.

    @Sarah – You are clearly a lady with very good taste indeed!

    Charlotte xxx

  8. My fave Fielden dress. It is stunning.

    @Jem for hanging anything for a floating look can i suggest fishing line, it’s strong and mostly invisible 🙂 you can get it in some pound shops…. for a pound!

  9. I’m with Charlotte – the way that Nick looks at Emily made me go all melty (TMI?!), awwww.

    Love the back of her dress – that elegant lacy back looks so chic. And the bridesmaid’s dress is lovely too – gorgeous shade of blue.

  10. This is the only dress that gives me proper wobbles… I love it so so much!!

    And yes would love to know about the hair clips?

  11. Hello everyone – thank you so much for your kind works about our wedding. Reading everyone’s comments has been such a lovely way to start the week!

    @Jem – glad you liked the lanterns. We had eyelets punched into the lining of the marquee and fishing line threaded through them to attach the lanterns. They were then lit with battery operated LEDs.

    @Lucy – the hair flower pins are from and I made the table plan myself (along with our invitations). I really enjoyed making them and have actually carried on with the crafting since the wedding (along with a friend – @pamela you complemented her dress and hair!). We’re just starting out making hand-made cards and stationary – certainly filling that huge space in my post-wedding life! Hoping to be on Folksy etc soon (if interested we’re on Twitter @staggeredink).

    Thanks again for all your lovely comments.

    Emily x

  12. @Peridot – melty… couldn’t have put it better myself pet.

    And for all those who want to see/copy the hair I’ve put an extra close up pic on our Facebook page (hope Emily doesn’t mind inspiring the land of social media!)

    Charlotte xxx

  13. It’s so nice to see a simple yet beautiful wedding on here we are also having 50 for our ceremony and around 70 in total for the evening reception. I was worried that we had cut the numbers down by too many, by seeing this it has just reassured me.
    I love the dress it’s gorgeous, and the brides hair-I may even have my fringe cut back in for our wedding! x

  14. How exciting I have the same bridesmaids dresses 😀 Just out of interest where did you get the sash from as was looking at just using ribbon but yours looks much better 🙂 Fantastic wedding thanks for the blue inspiration!

  15. @emily thanks for the tips we will give that a try! one other quick question where did you get the lanterns from!? we have seen lots about but of varying quality x

  16. Loving this wedding-what a great start to the week!

    The bride looks gorgeous-I have serious fringe envy 

    Love the black and White pics and all the little details-especially the lanterns and the bees-what a lovely idea!!


  17. I love everything about this wedding, and I mean everything! And um, hello, is that not the most beautiful bride you’ve ever seen? That dress is just magical and really does look like it floats, and I’m so there with the fringe love!

    Oh and the pictures are amazing, so so good! Lee is a genius. I went back to find the b&w shot you mentioned Charlotte and I was thinking ‘which one did she mean’, until I saw it and was all ‘oh hell yea!’ So lovely.


  18. Hi Emily, such a beautiful day! Major hair envy. I know I am a little late to the convo here but I am also wearing David Fielden’s Grace Kelly for my own big day next month. I am undecided on whether to have a petticoat underneath or not. In your pictures the dress falls perfectly and is just the balance of poof versus…well not too poof that I am hoping to create. Did you have an underskirt? Thanks! x

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