Forever Starts Here.


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s wedding combines many, many things that I love…the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside, an outdoor ceremony, Temperley, floral crowns, oversized candles, silver votives…seriously it’s stunning.

The grey ‘altar’ you see in images was a project undertaken by the couples family and it looks truly awesome. It’s amazing what you can create with some Pinterest inspiration, a piece of wood and a paint brush!

Also, if you’re worrying about occupying lots of little ones at your wedding, have a look at Emma and Andrew’s ideas – they filled one of the teepees with fancy dress costumes, games and DVDs and gave each child a picnic style hamper filled with treats. It’s a long day for grown ups sometimes, let alone the kids and you can see from the images how much fun they had!

I love that Emma choose to have two hairstyles as well. Any excuse to increase the amount of accessories is fine by me.

Emma totally rocks a floral crown and veil with her hair long and wavy…then pins it up for the evening and adds a very pretty headpiece.

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Emma The Bride: We agreed to have the wedding in a paddock at my Dad’s home in Raywell, East Yorkshire. If we were to be married in the UK then Raywell was the only place I could imagine it.

I rarely wear my hair up but it seemed a shame that the back of my dress would go unnoticed if I wore it down all day. So just before dinner, one of my best friends quickly put it up and added the headdress which was made by By Harriet.

My Mum’s very talented friend made my veil. The fabric was silk tulle so it hung nicely and went with my vintage-inspired dress perfectly. I wore my Mum’s Tiffany diamond bracelet as my ‘something borrowed’ and the diamond ring my Grandmother left me as my ‘something old’.

We had lots of white pompoms and white lanterns hanging over the tables and we used my paternal grandmother’s cut glass carafes and filled them with wine for the table. She was the most glamorous woman I have ever known so it was another nice way of having a little piece of her on the day as well as her ring my Grandfather had given her. The amazing flowers were done by Florist Kirsty Wordingham at The Flower Outlet 07572 502035.

We wanted the day to be just as special for our children and their friends, so one of the tepees was a kids tent during the day and it turned into a chill out tent in the evening with another fire pit and chill out furniture.

Our gorgeous friend Sophia who came over from Australia, held the ceremony at the other side of the paddock to where the tepees were. She wrote a beautiful heartfelt service and we wrote our own vows.

One of the highlights of the day for me was pulling up in the car and seeing the long aisle leading from the gate all the way down to the homemade alter with all my friends, family and husband-to-be all waiting, drinking champagne! We had the radio on loud in the car and the kids were dancing in the back all excited. I had never felt more happy and excited in my life!

My friends surprised us by getting up to make a speech after the best man, but instead of a speech they had re-written the lyrics to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” They had printed the lyrics to match the rest of the stationery and stuck it under everyone’s seats so all the guests could follow it and sing along….it was hilarious!

The thing about a wedding that really stands out to me, is how much the setting up really brings families together. Your loved ones want to be involved and help you in any way they can to make your day perfect. It’s very humbling. A wedding really does fill your whole family with LOVE!

We cannot thank Dom and Liam, our photographers, enough for the beautiful photos. I was quite fussy about not wanting “cheesy and old fashioned” photos and we have had endless compliments about the photos. They really went above and beyond what we expected and I really appreciated the constant communication (you must be on your email 24/7)!! Also, the slideshow preview they did for us, made us cry within seconds!!

Photography by York Place Studios
Videography York Place Films | Teepee Hire Papakata | Dress Temperley | Headpiece By Harriet | Shoes Jimmy Choo | Make up Stacey Sanderson | Florist Kirsty Wordingham | Groom Reiss | Flowergirl I Love Gorgeous | Pageboy J Crew | Bridesmaid Mango | Bowties Asos| Water The Ice Co | Catering Saunts Parties & Events

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

24 thoughts on “Forever Starts Here.

  1. What a wedding! Full of fashionitas and gorgeousness!! I ADORE Emma’s headpiece. Wish I could pull something like that off, love the colours – beautiful! x

      1. You could most definitely!!
        I do know what you mean though, sometimes I put statement headpieces on my head and think I look like a total plonker, but I think if you get the hair and make up right they do work on everyone 🙂
        Fern x

        1. Haha, thanks both, but you are totally right Fern, sometimes those statement pieces are like POW – amazing! I have just found, they make me look silly, I think petite frame works best for these. I would totally steal these colourings for a bouquet though – love the blues greens and pinks!! xx

  2. I have pinned away to my hearts content with this beautiful wedding! I absolutely love the bride’s style. And tepees are such an awesome reception venue, I particularly love how they used one of the tents for children’s entertainment!! It looks like an amazing day xx

    1. Emma just looks so effortless doesn’t she? The Temperley gown is BEAUTIFUL.
      Agree on venue, I love weddings where it looks like the outside world has ceased to exist!
      Fern x

  3. Yuparoo – in tears! That film is fab, the florals are fab, love the Call Me Baby hijack, there must be video evidence of this? I would love to see Emma and Andrews little faces as it was unfolding! Brilliant!!! I am also loving the sunnies with the bridal look – not everyone could carry that one off.

    huge congrats 🙂

    Also, we are having a friend be our officiant so would love some tips and pointers on structure etc (there are lots of online sources that we are using too…)

    Love it all

    1. Hi Nicola 🙂
      Emma says that they used a combination of other people’s wedding vids online, Youtube and movies!
      They wrote their own vows and Sophia (who conducted the service) had written her own ceremony a couple of years before, so already had a foundation for it.
      Have you spoken to a celebrant / humanist ceremony person? I’m sure someone would be willing to give you some pointers.
      Fern x

  4. Oh my word – this is beautiful and so similar to how we are planning our day in terms of outdoors and tipis – stunning! Also has helped hugely in putting into pictures what we have been trying to get our families to understand! Absolutely love the alter idea….anyone know where to sourced these types of doors?? Xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      After having a closer look, I think you could achieve something similar using fence panels and hinges, which can be bought at DIY stores.
      You might be able to find second hand ones on Ebay too…I found lots when I searched for ‘wooden fence panels.’
      There will be some sanding, drilling and painting involved, but it would be fun 🙂
      And definitely worth it if you create something as amazing as Emma and Andrews!
      Fern x

  5. What a beautiful wedding! One of our directors at Bridesmaids Boutique is getting married in June and her chosen style is very similar to that of Emma & Andrew’s; country feel, DIY decorations, boho chic, garden wedding. I love the tipi too, almost gives an exotic feel to the wedding as if it could have been abroad. Thank you for sharing with us! xx

  6. Awwww it’s so lovely seeing all the comments coming through about Emma and Andrew’s wedding! Thanks so much to Rock My Wedding for featuring our photography, we had the best time being a part of this wedding :))) Love Dom xx

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