A couple of weeks ago we shared a video with you created by The Wedding Present Company and Chenai Bukutu of ByChenai Events. It explained all the reasons that Chenai advises her clients to have a gift list. It was really useful so make sure you go and watch that if you haven't seen it already. Today we're sharing with you four different tablescapes that Chenai created with The Wedding Present Company to show you how to use your wedding gifts at home. You've unboxed all the potential but how can you make the best use of all your fancy new stuff? Keep reading for four ways of using your tableware at home. They're also ideas that can be used in your wedding too. What better place to have a trial run of the things you love than at the biggest dinner party you'll ever throw.

Fine China

You know how people save their fancy fine china for best? Why? Get it out every weekend we say! Chenai shows you how to style your fine china wedding gifts for every occasion. You know, even just for a Tuesady night. Mix cut glassware with rich linens and delicate china and cutlery. Compliment your fresh, light linens with darker accents, such as candles.

Go Green

It's been a hugely popular colour in interiors this year. All those dark racing greens and fresh botanical vibes. We love the rattan placemats that are really in keeping with other interiors trends too. Andthose sprigs of rosemary that Chenai has used on the plates too? That's another styling tip for your wedding tables. They look lovely and smell great too. You can also be green from a sustainable angle with many of the wedding gifts you can add to your gift list at The Wedding Present Company. For example, the table cloth used here from Himla is 100% linen which is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly textile. Linen facts: It requires very little water and is grown in cooler climates and is therefore exposed to fewer pests. Flax is, therefore, less water-intensive and smaller quantities of chemicals are used in its cultivation compared to cotton. Himla also develops high-quality products in natural materials that are fully biodegradable. So you can feel confident that every time you wipe your breadcrumbs off it you have been thoughtful to the environment as well as having a gorgeous looking table cloth. 

Fresh And Summery

If you prefer a lighter, more summery feel to your table then check out what Chenai used alongside this cool blue tablecloth for this setup. We love how she placed the three bud vases in the centre of the table. This is a styling tip you can steal for decorating your wedding tables too. Sometimes, less is more. Also, the twirly candles? That's probably not the official name for them, but we love them. Can you spot the sustainable times in this set-up? It's the white plates come from Costa Nova. Costa Nova stoneware products are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable; The use of local natural resources minimizes their ecological footprint; Single-fired production saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere; Products are made with a high % of recycled materials (clays and glazes), decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources.


If your home style is more casual then you could add some of these ideas for your wedding gift list. Simple white linen with classic cutlery and a more muted colour palette. Mix the colour of your glassware to add texture and depth and you can add in wooden elements to your table set up for a softer aesthetic.

You can add all of these wedding gifts to your wedding gift list with The Wedding Present Company. If you're not quite ready to compile a gift list yet then you can save any of the images to your gift list Pinterest board and also to your table decor boards because there is so much here you can implement into your day. Thanks to The Wedding Present Company and Chenai for sharing these great ideas with us.

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