I can't get enough of Victoria Lamburn's soft fine art style - which is actually really unusual for me as I'm naturally drawn to a darker edit of photography. I think that's testament to the fact that Vicky always manages to capture raw emotion which personally I think the fine art style can sometimes lack. Franziska & Sebastian look truly at ease wondering the beautiful streets of Venice. This pair actually booked Vicky for a shoot because they didn't feel like they captured enough images of them together during their wedding day. This is a blessing in disguise, as it's so lovely for them to have these couple portraits, not wearing their wedding outfits and with no pressure or expectation on their shoulders. And Venice. Venice Venice Venice. I don't think there's a city that looks better on film. It's just so dreamy and romantic...
Franziska & Sebastian: We were married in northern Germany the previous year at a small intimate wedding but we didn't have a great deal of photos taken of the two us together that day, So we had really wanted to find somewhere where we would be able to capture our love together. We were also very keen to find a film based photographer or someone who shot film because Franziska is a wedding photographer herself who uses film. We love the tones of film, it cinematic, it glows. It's not pin point perfect like digital can be, it was a must. We didn't want to recreate the wedding but instead wanted relaxed photos of us enjoying a city. We found Victoria Lamburn based in the UK and after a bit of chatting we realised her ideas for the shoot matched ours perfectly - we wanted a relaxed day in Venice, with someone we could get along with as well as someone who took photos on film! We chose Venice because it was one of the most romantic destinations we could dream of, and because it can be so special when the light is right. And it was! We knew it would be an early start to beat the crowds but we were so glad we did. Victoria knew all the key sights and spoke Italian which helped us navigate our way around. It was an early start but no sooner had we met we were taking photos with the sun coming up over the Doge's Palace, it was magical. Over the course of the day we took in some of the nice sights of Venice, drunk coffee, ate Pizza, took vaporetto trips; it was ideal. At the end of the afternoon we relaxed over a glass of Prosecco and went out separate ways. A few weeks later we had our photos back and were just so happy with the photos, the light, the warmth of the day really shines in them. The beautiful glow of real film with Venice. The photos are intimate and close, just the style we love. We never felt like we were being rigidly posed, just relaxed into feel comfortable with each other. We now have some very special memories of our day in Venice, but also a very happy memory of having met Victoria. She's not just a great photographer, it's wonderful to spend time with her!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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